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Grevilles 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Nimitybelle Nowendoc Nowra Numba Numeralla Nundle

Page 390
Distance 282 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Sunday 9 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday 10 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, coach Cooma, 25m. Nimitybelle; or steam Merimbula -Eden, coach Nimitybelle.

ALEXANDER James shepherd Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
ALLCOCK Jonas overseer Doolondondo Nimitybelle
ARMSTRONG James bootmaker --- Nimitybelle
AYLING Cornelius farmer Granny's Flat Nimitybelle
AYLING John farmer Granny's Flat Nimitybelle
BARBER Catherine --- Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
BARBER John shepherd Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
BEBERICK Adam selector --- Nimitybelle
BELL David farmer Spring Flat Nimitybelle
BENNET John E. farmer Bummyumbla Nimitybelle
BENNETT Miss --- Bummyumbla Nimitybelle
BLAKE James labourer Square Range Nimitybelle
BLAKE William farmer One Tree Hill Nimitybelle
BRIGHT William labourer --- Nimitybelle
BROOME James carpenter Glen Bog Nimitybelle
BRYAN Henry constable --- Nimitybelle
BULGARY George labourer Ando Nimitybelle
BULGARY Jiger farmer Ando Nimitybelle
BULGARY William labourer Ando Nimitybelle
BURKE Edward labourer Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
BURKE Francis storekeeper --- Nimitybelle
BURKE John labourer --- Nimitybelle
BURKE Martin farmer --- Nimitybelle
BURKE Michael farmer --- Nimitybelle
BURKE Robert teamster Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
CAMPBELL Catherine servant Curry Flat Nimitybelle
CAMPBELL Donald squatter Thistlebrook Nimitybelle
CASSILIS Mrs. shepherdess Boco Nimitybelle
CLARKSON John labourer --- Nimitybelle
CLOHESSY Timothy labourer --- Nimitybelle
CLOHESSY Timothy shepherd Summer Hill Nimitybelle
COLLINS Cornelius shepherd Boco Nimitybelle
CULLY James labourer --- Nimitybelle
DELVES David carrier --- Nimitybelle
DENNETT Mrs. housekeeper Curry Flat Nimitybelle
DRISCOLL John stock-keeper Glen Bog Nimitybelle
DRISCOLL John squatter Summer Hill Nimitybelle
DRISCOLL Mrs. H. --- Summer Hill Nimitybelle
FARRELL John farmer --- Nimitybelle
FARRELL Patrick farmer --- Nimitybelle
FITZGERALD John shepherd Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
GAABIE James stockman Spring Flat Nimitybelle
GAITS Mary --- Glen Bog Nimitybelle
GAITS Thomas selector Glen Bog Nimitybelle
GELDMACHER John carpenter --- Nimitybelle
GERAGHTY Christopher labourer --- Nimitybelle
GERAGHTY Thomas farmer --- Nimitybelle
GRACE James shepherd Spring Flat Nimitybelle
GRAY Charles labourer --- Nimitybelle
GREEN Mrs. Bridget housekeeper --- Nimitybelle
HARRIS James splitter --- Nimitybelle
HAYES Charles farmer --- Nimitybelle
HAYES William carrier --- Nimitybelle
HERBERGER Charles mason Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
HIGGS Joshua shepherd Ando Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH Catherine --- --- Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH James labourer --- Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH John carrier --- Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH Mary --- --- Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH Mrs. Mary housekeeper --- Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH Thomas labourer --- Nimitybelle
HOLLISS Thomas woodman Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
HOLMES Daniel labourer Greenland Nimitybelle
HOLMES Mrs. housekeeper Greenland Nimitybelle
HOLMES Robert farmer Greenland Nimitybelle
HYAM Isaac telegraph clerk --- Nimitybelle
JAMES James blacksmith --- Nimitybelle
JAMES James carrier --- Nimitybelle
JAMES Mrs. --- --- Nimitybelle
JAMES Sarah --- --- Nimitybelle
JARDINE Mary --- Curry Flat Nimitybelle
JARDINE Mrs. William --- Curry Flat Nimitybelle
JARDINE Robert squatter Curry Flat Nimitybelle
JARDINE William squatter Curry Flat Nimitybelle
JARDINE William jun. squatter Curry Flat Nimitybelle
JARVISS John farmer Cross Ck. Nimitybelle
JARVISS John labourer Cross Ck. Nimitybelle
JOHNSTONE Mrs. Sarah --- --- Nimitybelle
JOHNSTONE Thomas storekeeper --- Nimitybelle
KIRWIN Mrs. Thomas --- --- Nimitybelle
KIRWIN Thomas householder --- Nimitybelle
LAWS Richard labourer --- Nimitybelle
LEWISS George labourer Curry Flat Nimitybelle
LEWISS Richard labourer Curry Flat Nimitybelle
MALONEY Mary servant --- Nimitybelle
MILSON Peter labourer --- Nimitybelle
MORRIS Mrs. William --- Glen Bog Nimitybelle
MORRIS William carrier Glen Bog Nimitybelle
MULHEARN John farmer --- Nimitybelle
MULHEARN Mary --- --- Nimitybelle
MULHEARN Mrs. J. --- --- Nimitybelle
MULHEARN Patrick labourer --- Nimitybelle
MULHEARN Sarah --- --- Nimitybelle
MULHEARN Thomas labourer --- Nimitybelle
MYERS David shepherd --- Nimitybelle
MYERS Paul carrier --- Nimitybelle
MYERS Samuel shepherd --- Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Alexander farmer Tom Groggin Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Alexander labourer Glenfinnon Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Alexander shepherd Curry Flat Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Agnes shepherd Glenfinnon Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Angus squatter Mohawk Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Donald squatter Glenfinnon Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Flora --- Glenfinnon Nimitybelle
MCDONALD H. shepherd McLaughlan River Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Hugh storekeeper --- Nimitybelle
MCDONALD John labourer Curry Flat Nimitybelle
MCDONALD John labourer Glenfinnon Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Margaret --- Glenfinnon Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Mrs. --- Tom Groggin Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Mrs. A. --- Curry Flat Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Mrs. S. --- --- Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Peter shepherd Glenfinnon Nimitybelle
MCDONALD Samuel poundkeeper --- Nimitybelle
MCHARG John teacher Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
MCKECHIE Andrew overseer Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
MCKEE Joseph innkeeper --- Nimitybelle
MCKEE Mrs. Mary --- --- Nimitybelle
MCPHERSON William overseer Curry Flat Nimitybelle
NOWLAN James bootmaker --- Nimitybelle
O'BRYAN Thaddeus teacher --- Nimitybelle
O'MARA Bridget --- --- Nimitybelle
O'MARA Denis carrier --- Nimitybelle
O'MARA Julia --- --- Nimitybelle
O'MARA Mrs. D. --- --- Nimitybelle
O'NEILL John farmer Glen Bog Nimitybelle
O'NEILL Mrs. J. --- Glen Bog Nimitybelle
OSLINGTON William splitter --- Nimitybelle
PEISLY C. stock-keeper Kybean Nimitybelle
PENNY Henry labourer --- Nimitybelle
PETERS John carrier --- Nimitybelle
PETERS John selector --- Nimitybelle
PETERS Mary --- --- Nimitybelle
PETERS Mrs. John --- --- Nimitybelle
PETERS Mrs. Thomas --- --- Nimitybelle
PETERS Richard shepherd --- Nimitybelle
PETERS Thomas selector --- Nimitybelle
PETERS Tobias carrier --- Nimitybelle
QUIRK James labourer Curry Flat Nimitybelle
RANKIN A. labourer Native Dog Flat Nimitybelle
RANKIN Angus squatter Native Dog Flat Nimitybelle
RANKIN John shepherd Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
RANKIN Mary --- Native Dog Flat Nimitybelle
RANKIN Mrs. Samuel --- --- Nimitybelle
RANKIN Samuel carpenter --- Nimitybelle
READ John labourer --- Nimitybelle
REID Bryce shepherd --- Nimitybelle
REID Mrs. B. --- --- Nimitybelle
RODDAM James contractor --- Nimitybelle
RODDAM Mrs. James --- --- Nimitybelle
RODDAM William labourer --- Nimitybelle
RUTHERFORD Ellen --- Lilly Vale Nimitybelle
RUTHERFORD Isabella --- Lilly Vale Nimitybelle
RUTHERFORD James sawyer Lilly Vale Nimitybelle
RUTHERFORD Mrs. James --- Lilly Vale Nimitybelle
RUTHERFORD Robert squatter Lilly Vale Nimitybelle
RUTHERFORD William woodman Lilly Vale Nimitybelle
SEARS George blacksmith --- Nimitybelle
SEARS Henry blacksmith --- Nimitybelle
SILK Joseph overseer Boco Nimitybelle
SILK Mrs. Joseph --- Boco Nimitybelle
SILK Mrs. William --- Boco Nimitybelle
SILK Owen stock-keeper Boco Nimitybelle
SILK William carrier Boco Nimitybelle
SIMMS Mrs. Ann laundress --- Nimitybelle
SMITH Elizabeth --- --- Nimitybelle
SMITH John carrier --- Nimitybelle
SMITH John labourer Glen Bog Nimitybelle
SMITH John innkeeper --- Nimitybelle
SMITH Joseph farmer Glen Bog Nimitybelle
SMITH Mary Ann --- --- Nimitybelle
SMITH Mrs. John --- --- Nimitybelle
SMITH Sophia --- --- Nimitybelle
STANLEY George splitter Lilly Vale Nimitybelle
STEWART Thomas labourer Spring Flat Nimitybelle
STOKES Mary squatter Kydra Nimitybelle
SUNNERS John sawyer --- Nimitybelle
SWEETMAN Richard shepherd Mount Cooper Nimitybelle
THOMPSON James carrier --- Nimitybelle
THORNTON Catherine --- --- Nimitybelle
THORNTON Cecelia --- --- Nimitybelle
THORNTON John labourer --- Nimitybelle
THORNTON Morgan labourer --- Nimitybelle
THORNTON Mrs. M. householder --- Nimitybelle
THORNTON Patrick shepherd --- Nimitybelle
TINDALL Arthur labourer --- Nimitybelle
TINDALL Oliver squatter --- Nimitybelle
TIVEY Alfred squatter Kybean Nimitybelle
TIVEY Miss Ellen --- Kybean Nimitybelle
TIVEY Mrs. A. --- Kybean Nimitybelle
TIVEY Mrs. S. --- Kybean Nimitybelle
TIVEY Samuel squatter Kybean Nimitybelle
TIVEY Samuel squatter --- Nimitybelle
TRACEY James selector Tom Groggin Nimitybelle
TRACEY Thomas squatter Kydra Nimitybelle
TRACEY Timothy squatter Kydra Nimitybelle
TRIGGLE John stock-keeper --- Nimitybelle
WHYTE J. J. teacher --- Nimitybelle
WHYTE Mrs. J. J. --- --- Nimitybelle


Page 392
Distance 222 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, alternate, 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, alternate, 3 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, alternate, 10 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday morning, alternate.
Route - Steam Raymond Terrace, via Gloucester, 9m. Nowendoc.

ANDREWS Joseph stockholder Tarabonella Nowendoc
ANDREWS John stockowner Tarabonella Nowendoc
ANDREWS Robert stockholder No. 1 Station Nowendoc
BARNES James stock-keeper --- Nowendoc
BARNES Richard sen. carrier --- Nowendoc
BARNES Richard jun. labourer --- Nowendoc
BARNES Stephen labourer --- Nowendoc
BERRY Thomas labourer Giro Station Nowendoc
CAVANAH Charles labourer Giro Station Nowendoc
CHILDS Thomas blacksmith Giro Nowendoc
DOBSON Alfred labourer Giro Nowendoc
FIELD Thomas sawyer --- Nowendoc
FULLER Christopher labourer --- Nowendoc
HALKENS John stockman --- Nowendoc
HAMILTON Patrick servant Tin Station Nowendoc
HANDS George stockman Giro Nowendoc
HINTON James jun. farmer --- Nowendoc
HINTON James sen. farmer --- Nowendoc
HOLMES John overseer Coupla Curripa Nowendoc
JOINER John labourer --- Nowendoc
KEELER Patrick labourer Coupla Curripa Nowendoc
LAURIE Joseph stockman --- Nowendoc
LOURIE Andrew stockowner --- Nowendoc
LOURIE James stockman --- Nowendoc
MACKEY & COBB stockowners Giro Station Nowendoc
MACKEY J. K. stockholder Coupla Curripa Nowendoc
MAHER P. K. stockman Giro Station Nowendoc
MARIN William stock-keeper Giro Station Nowendoc
MARTIN John labourer --- Nowendoc
MCMILLEN Donald resident --- Nowendoc
MCMILEN Renold resident --- Nowendoc
MCRAE Donald labourer --- Nowendoc
MCRAE Malcolm labourer --- Nowendoc
ROBINSON Joseph stockman Coupla Curripa Nowendoc
ROSS Donald stockman Coupla Curripa Nowendoc
RYAN Alfred stockman Coupla Curripa Nowendoc
SMITH Alexander labourer --- Nowendoc
SMITH Thomas overseer Tin Station Nowendoc
WATTS Samuel servant --- Nowendoc
WILLIAMS John stockholder Kanther Station Nowendoc
WILSON John labourer Coupla Curripa Nowendoc


Page 392
Distance 117 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday via Moss Vale; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday via Kiama 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday via Moss Vale 1.30 p.m.; Wednesday, Friday, Sunday via Kiama 4 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday. Tuesday, Thursday 3.15 p.m. via Moss Vale; Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.15 a.m. via Kiama.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday via Moss Vale; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday via Kiama 7.15 a.m.
Route - Steam Shoalhaven, 4m. Nowra.

ALDCORN Andrew surgeon Sassafras Nowra
ALDCORN James --- Kingston St. Nowra
ALDCORN John --- Nerriga Nowra
ALLERS Robert farmer Werrigee Nowra
ALLY G. M. farmer Burnt Wood Nowra
ATKINS W. farmer Cabbage Tree Ck. Nowra
BAINBRIDGE John farmer Sassafras Nowra
BARRON James --- Yatwah Nowra
BARRON Walter farmer Salt-water Ck. Nowra
BENNEY W. H. blacksmith Green Hills Nowra
BERRY David carpenter --- Nowra
BISHOP Charles butcher --- Nowra
BORN Joshua carrier Nowra Hill Nowra
BRAVEN Thomas farmer Fillibuster Nowra
BROERS Henry carpenter --- Nowra
BROWN Bernard auctioneer Nowra Hill Nowra
BROWN John carpenter --- Nowra
BROWN Martin stockman --- Nowra
BROWN William farmer Yellow Water-hole Nowra
CAMERON Frederick brickmaker --- Nowra
CARBERRY Felix farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
CARBERRY Francis farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
CARBERRY Joseph farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
CASHION Nicholas farmer Crookhaven Nowra
CHASETING James A. farmer Boomerang Nowra
CHASETING Thomas farmer Boomerang Nowra
COLEMAN Charles teacher --- Nowra
COLESON George innkeeper --- Nowra
COLLINS Joseph sawyer --- Nowra
COLLIS John C. teacher Carrowal Nowra
COLYER Joseph farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
CONDIE William farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
COOK Alfred miller --- Nowra
CORDWELL Joseph gardener --- Nowra
CRAWFORD Joseph farmer Cabbage Tree Ck. Nowra
CRITTLE James farmer Green Hills Nowra
CURRY Louis farmer Cabbage Tree Ck. Nowra
DICKSON Samuel joiner --- Nowra
DILLON Thomas carpenter --- Nowra
ELYARD Samuel --- --- Nowra
ELYARD Walter boatbuilder --- Nowra
EMERY John J. farmer Crookhaven Nowra
ETTEYHAM Anthony carpenter --- Nowra
GALLOWAY Alex. farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
GALLOWAY David farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
GALVIN James labourer --- Nowra
GARDENER Robert farmer Green Hills Nowra
GARDENER Robert farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
GERRETT James butcher --- Nowra
GLADSVILLE Maria farmer --- Nowra
GLANVILLE George farmer Long Reach Nowra
GLANVILLE John jun. farmer Woggamia Nowra
GLANVILLE John sen. farmer Mount Joy Nowra
GO Sang gardener --- Nowra
GRAHAM Christopher storekeeper --- Nowra
GRAHAM James farmer --- Nowra
GREEN Jeremiah storekeeper --- Nowra
GREY George farmer Bomadury Nowra
GRIFFIN William baker --- Nowra
HAMES Philip sawyer --- Nowra
HAMMOCK Walter blacksmith Green Hills Nowra
HAWKER Edmund farmer Green Hills Nowra
HAWKER Seth labourer --- Nowra
HENRY George farmer Long Point Nowra
HEWITT Owen blacksmith --- Nowra
HIBBARD Joseph quarryman --- Nowra
HODGKINSON John carpenter --- Nowra
HOLLAND John bootmaker --- Nowra
HUFFINGHAM Frank gardener Worriger Nowra
HUGHES John farmer Salt Water Hole Nowra
HYAM Dizley M. farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
HYAM Michael --- --- Nowra
ISAACS Elizabeth innkeeper --- Nowra
ISON Henry --- Salt Water Ck. Nowra
IVORY George carpenter --- Nowra
JAMIESON J. farmer Cabbage Tree Flat Nowra
JAMIESON James farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
JOHNSON William farmer Cabbage Tree Ck. Nowra
JONES Thomas sawyer --- Nowra
JONES William labourer --- Nowra
JUSTIN John W. farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
KEMP Ely labourer Green Hills Nowra
KENNEDY Andrew farmer Salt Water Hole Nowra
KINGSBURY Richard hawker --- Nowra
LARTER J. bootmaker --- Nowra
LARTER Thomas bootmaker --- Nowra
LEE George farmer Bewangle Nowra
LENNINGS Simon farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
LESSETT James sen. butcher --- Nowra
LOVEGROVE William CPS --- Nowra
MAHAN James labourer Mount Joy Nowra
MANSON David farmer Salt Water Ck. Nowra
MARRACK Melville teacher --- Nowra
MONIGHAN Mrs. Ann --- --- Nowra
MORRAGHAN James farmer Green Hills Nowra
MOORE Charles bricklayer --- Nowra
MOORE Frederick bricklayer --- Nowra
MOORE Joseph bricklayer --- Nowra
MOSS Henry innkeeper Green Hills Nowra
MULLEY Joseph farmer Salt Water Hole Nowra
MURPHY Michael labourer Bundaron Nowra
MURRAY George bootmaker --- Nowra
MCALWAN Joseph farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
MCALWAN Owen farmer Yellow Water Hole Nowra
MCBETH Elizabeth farmer Palmer Nowra
MCDONALD James tinsmith --- Nowra
MCDONALD William teacher Boomerang Nowra
MCGUIER James farmer --- Nowra
MCGUINNESS Alexander farmer --- Nowra
MCKAY Alexander K. --- Nowra Park Nowra
MCKAY Hugh farmer Cabbage Tree Ck. Nowra
MCKENZIE Hugh --- Bundarnon Nowra
MCKINNON Lachlan farmer --- Nowra
MCLARREN Peter farmer --- Nowra
MCMULLEN D. farmer Cabbage Tree Ck. Nowra
MCPHERSON Jane dressmaker --- Nowra
NEWTON Thomas farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
NICHOLSON Laurence carpenter --- Nowra
PATERSON William baker --- Nowra
RAYHART Martin gardener --- Nowra
REYNOLDS William farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
ROBSON Charles farmer Sassafras Nowra
ROBSON Thomas labourer Mayfield Nowra
ROLPH Joseph labourer --- Nowra
RUSSELL Henry teacher Nowra Hill Nowra
SCHADEL John carpenter --- Nowra
SEARSON John constable --- Nowra
SENKENBARG August bootmaker --- Nowra
SMITH John blacksmith Green Hills Nowra
SMITH John gardener --- Nowra
SOLWAY Richard farmer Nowra Hill Nowra
SPAIN Ann farmer Nowra Ck. Nowra
STAINS Joseph labourer --- Nowra
STAPLETON John jun. farmer Palmer Nowra
STAPLETON John sen. farmer Summer Hill Nowra
STREET Thomas farmer Sassafras Nowra
STRONG William farmer Long Point Nowra
SUMMERFIELD John carpenter --- Nowra
SUMMERVILLE John bootmaker --- Nowra
SWAIN Christopher bootmaker --- Nowra
THOMAS Joseph bootmaker --- Nowra
THOSBURN Isaac farmer Barengella Nowra
WADDINGTON James farmer Barengella Nowra
WARNE Thomas labourer Cabbage Tree Ck. Nowra
WATSON James farmer Camberton, Granger Nowra
WILSON Henry farmer Callala Nowra
WOODEN Benjamin farmer Salt Water Ck. Nowra
WOOLF Henry carpenter --- Nowra


Page 393
Distance 111 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m. and by steamer as opportunity offers.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 3 p.m. and by steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 6 a.m. and by steamer as opportunity offers.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 1.45 a.m. and by steamer.
Route - Steam Shoalhaven (Numba), or rail Campbelltown, coach Numba.
ALEXANDER John farmer Coolangatta Numba
ALEXANDER Peter baker --- Numba
ALLEN James fencer --- Numba
ALLEN John stockkeeper --- Numba
ALLISON James carpenter Coolangatta Numba
APPERLY John farmer --- Numba
ARANTZ Martin carpenter --- Numba
BELSHAM Mrs. farmer Upper Numba
BENNIE Robert bootmaker Upper Numba
BERRY David --- Coolangatta Numba
BERRY William --- Coolangatta Numba
BINDON John clerk --- Numba
BLAGDEN William farmer Crook Haven Numba
BOWLING James farmer Back Forest Numba
BRETTELL Cornelius surveyor Coolangatta Numba
CAFFREY Edward farmer Jindyandie Numba
CAFFREY John farmer Pyree Numba
CAFFREY Patrick jun. farmer Pyree Numba
CAFFREY Patrick sen. farmer Pyree Numba
CAMPBELL John jun. farmer Upper Numba
CAMPBELL John sen. farmer Upper Numba
CAPLE Henry farmer Back Forest Numba
CHAYTER Richard farmer Coolangatta Numba
CONDON James farmer Jindyandie Numba
CONDON Michael farmer Back Forest Numba
COURTNEY Michael farmer Back Forest Numba
CRUICKSHANK William labourer Coolangatta Numba
DANGAR Philip labourer Coolangatta Numba
DAVIS Arthur carpenter Coolangatta Numba
DAVIS Frederick mariner Back Forest Numba
DUNCOMBE George farmer Mayfield Numba
EBAT John labourer Greenwell Point Numba
EDDLE Francis labourer Coolangatta Numba
FOLEY John blacksmith Coolangatta Numba
FRASER Alexander overseer Coolangatta Numba
GREENAWAY William farmer Back Forest Numba
HEAVENS James labourer Coolangatta Numba
HOUGH Rev. W. --- --- Numba
HOUSTEN James overseer Coolangatta Numba
HOWARD John --- Upper Numba
ISON Winifred farmer Back Forest Numba
JACKSON Charles carpenter Coolangatta Numba
JUDSON William labourer Coolangatta Numba
JULIAN Patrick farmer Lower Numba
KELLY John farmer Upper Numba
KELLY Thomas farmer Upper Numba
LONGBOTTOM G. horse breaker Coolangatta Numba
MADDEN Andrew farmer Lower Numba
MAHONEY Jeremiah farmer Back Forest Numba
MATHEWS John mariner Coolangatta Numba
METHVIN Cathcart surveyor --- Numba
METHVIN Robert overseer --- Numba
MILLER George painter Back Forest Numba
MILLER William farmer Upper Numba
MONAGHAN John landowner Mayfield Numba
MORTON Henry agent --- Numba
MULLER Jacob farmer Back Forest Numba
MURPHY James carpenter Back Forest Numba
MURPHY Michael farmer Lower Numba
MURPHY Patrick farmer Coolangatta Numba
MURRAY Christopher bailiff Upper Numba
MCKINNON John farmer Upper Numba
MCNEILY James farmer --- Numba
O'KEEFE David farmer Lower Numba
O'KEEFE John farmer Lower Numba
PARK Andrew gardener Coolangatta Numba
QUILTY John farmer Upper Numba
ROLLO William teacher Back Forest Numba
RYAN James farmer Lower Numba
RYAN Patrick farmer Mayfield Numba
SCOTT William labourer --- Numba
SHEPHERD James farmer --- Numba
SHIPTON David farmer Lower Numba
SINCLAIR Frederick farmer Jindyandie Numba
SMITH George millwright --- Numba
SMITH John sen. farmer Back Forest Numba
SMITH William farmer --- Numba
STAFFORD John labourer Coolangatta Numba
SULLIVAN Patrick farmer Back Forest Numba
WARREN Thomas farmer --- Numba
WATTS John farmer Upper Numba
WEEKES John bootmaker Coolangatta Numba
WEIGAND Henry blacksmith --- Numba
WILLETT George farmer Back Forest Numba
WILLETT John --- --- Numba


Page 394
Distance 316 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday 11.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday noon.
Mail arrives at Sydney Saturday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, coach Cooma, 22m. Numeralla.

AGNEW Adam farmer --- Numeralla
AGNEW Edward farmer --- Numeralla
AGNEW Henry squatter --- Numeralla
AGNEW Hugh postmaster --- Numeralla
AGNEW James farmer --- Numeralla
BOAG Robert miner --- Numeralla
BROSNAN Patrick farmer Good Good Numeralla
CLARKZ George blacksmith --- Numeralla
CLIFTEN George miner --- Numeralla
COOK William splitter Countaguina Numeralla
DAVIDGE Thomas sawyer Countaguina Numeralla
FLYNN Jeremiah squatter Countaguina Numeralla
FLYNN William farmer --- Numeralla
FORSTER William H. miner --- Numeralla
GLASS John farmer Jingra Numeralla
GLASS William shepherd Jingra Numeralla
GREEN Lewis miner --- Numeralla
HARVEY George farmer --- Numeralla
HARVEY Thomas squatter --- Numeralla
HASLINGDEN J. Edward overseer Big Badge Numeralla
HIGGS George farmer --- Numeralla
JOHNSTON Alfred miner --- Numeralla
KEMBEL E. Richard splitter Countaguina Numeralla
KING George bootmaker --- Numeralla
KING George stock-keeper --- Numeralla
KING William bootmaker --- Numeralla
LUCAS Samuel squatter Countaguina Numeralla
LUCY Daniel squatter --- Numeralla
MACKEY James shepherd Jingra Numeralla
MAHONEY Terence squatter Countaguina Numeralla
MOYLAN John farmer Countaguina Numeralla
MURPHY James farmer Black Spring Gully Numeralla
PARKER James farmer Good Good Numeralla
PARKER John farmer Good Good Numeralla
PARKER John jun. splitter Countaguina Numeralla
REDGRAVES John miner --- Numeralla
SEWELL James miner --- Numeralla
SMIRL James miner --- Numeralla
SMIRL Robert miner --- Numeralla
SMITH Henry stockman Big Badge Numeralla
SMITH John farmer Big Badge Numeralla
SMITH Michael farmer Big Badge Numeralla
STEVENS Ann squatter --- Numeralla
STEVENS Edmond farmer --- Numeralla
STEVENS George farmer --- Numeralla
THURPEN Richard squatter Good Good Numeralla
TINDALL Charles sawyer Countaguina Numeralla
WARD James farmer --- Numeralla
WARD Joseph farmer --- Numeralla
WARD Joseph jun. farmer --- Numeralla
WARD William farmer --- Numeralla
WILLIAMS David farmer Jingra Numeralla


Page 395
Distance 261 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday, Saturday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday, Monday 1 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings.
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurund, Cobb's coach Goonoo Goonoo, 20m.Nundle.
ARNDELL George squatter Crowney Nundle
ARNDELL James squatter Crowney Nundle
BERTIMORE Henry blacksmith Happy Valley Nundle
BILLINGTON Henry saddler --- Nundle
BRENNAN John farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
BRENNAN Michael farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
BURR Joseph farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
COLLEN Robert miner Butcher Gully Nundle
COLLETT C. B. JP Oakenville Ck. Nundle
CROSS William sawyer Oakenville Ck. Nundle
DAVIDSON George carpenter & builder -- Nundle
EDWARDS David miner Oakenville Ck. Nundle
ELSON John carrier Oakenville Ck. Nundle
EMBLIN Joseph miner Mount Misery Nundle
EMBLIN Mark farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
EPPS Henry farmer --- Nundle
FALCK Julius storekeeper --- Nundle
FITZPATRICK James farmer --- Nundle
FOGARTY James farmer Back Ck. Nundle
FOGARTY John farmer Crowney Nundle
FOX Charles miner Oakenville Ck. Nundle
FULLER James miner --- Nundle
GALLAGHER M. inn & storekeeper -- Nundle
GOODYER William miner Oakenville Ck. Nundle
GRAHAM John saddler --- Nundle
HAIR John lock-up keeper --- Nundle
HARPER William blacksmith --- Nundle
HEYMAN William farmer --- Nundle
HOLLAND James farmer Back Ck. Nundle
HOMAN Frederick MD --- Nundle
HOWARTH John shepherd Bunker's Hill Nundle
HOWARTH J. miner Oakenville Ck. Nundle
HUNGERFORD A. W. squatter Bary Station Nundle
IRELAND Robert superintendent Callagan Swamp Nundle
ISSACONHSON Martin, DD storekeeper --- Nundle
JACKSON William farmer Back Ck. Nundle
JOHNSON Charles farmer --- Nundle
JONES Edward farmer --- Nundle
JONES George jun. farmer --- Nundle
JONES George sen. farmer --- Nundle
KERMODE Samuel miller Oakenville Ck. Nundle
LAMBERT Samuel inn & storekeeper -- Nundle
LEDGER Isidore innkeeper Happy Valley Nundle
LESLIE James Heydon poundkeeper --- Nundle
LING Lee storekeeper Oakenville Ck. Nundle
LOCOMB Robert farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
LOWE Andrew farmer Back Ck. Nundle
LOWRY John teacher --- Nundle
MOORE George superintendent --- Nundle
MCCLELLAND Alexander inn & storekeeper -- Nundle
MCCLELLAND Thomas farmer --- Nundle
MCCOY Michael farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
MCEWIN James miner Mount Misery Nundle
MCIRWIN Robert miner Mount Misery Nundle
MCPHERSON John miner Happy Valley Nundle
PARKINS Joseph innkeeper --- Nundle
POWELL James miner Mount Misery Nundle
PRING Elijah James MD --- Nundle
PYRKE Samuel miner Oakenville Ck. Nundle
RING Thomas senior constable -- Nundle
ROBSON William constable --- Nundle
RYAN John farmer Crowney Nundle
RYAN Michael farmer Crowney Nundle
RYAN William farmer --- Nundle
RYAN William farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
SCHOFIELD Thomas miner Oakenville Ck. Nundle
SCHOFIELD William carpenter --- Nundle
SIPPLE Frederick farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
SMITH John miner Happy Valley Nundle
SMITH William miner Batcher Gully Nundle
SPIRES Richard farmer --- Nundle
STEPHEN Thomas bootmaker --- Nundle
TADDY George farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
TADDY George MD --- Nundle
TAYLOR Ralph miner Mount Misery Nundle
THEWELL William bootmaker --- Nundle
THOMPSON William farmer --- Nundle
TOBY Michael farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
WALKER Richard innkeeper --- Nundle
WALTERS Joshua bootmaker --- Nundle
WARDEN Frederick farmer Nundle Ck. Nundle
WELLS Alfred miner Happy Valley Nundle
WELSH Thomas farmer --- Nundle
WETHERALL S. inn & storekeeper Oakenville Ck. Nundle
WISEMAN A. D. squatter Bary Station Nundle
WOLFENDEN John miner Mount Misery Nundle
WONG Yee storekeeper Happy Valley Nundle
WOODBY Edward miner Mount Misery Nundle
WOODBY Frederick miner Mount Misery Nundle
WOODLEY James H. farmer Back Ck. Nundle


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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