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Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Moonbi Mooroowoolen Moorwatha Morangarell Moree Morpeth Moruya

Page 342
Distance 262 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 6.20 a.m
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 10 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobb's coach Moonbi.

AH Ching shepherd --- Moonbi
AH Tong shepherd --- Moonbi
AITKEN William carrier --- Moonbi
ANNIS Edmund carpenter --- Moonbi
BAILEY Samuel P. teacher --- Moonbi
BARBER William butcher --- Moonbi
BARNES Richard farmer --- Moonbi
BARNES William farmer --- Moonbi
BATES Thomas shepherd --- Moonbi
BAZIE George labourer --- Moonbi
BEGGS Samuel blacksmith --- Moonbi
BELL William farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
BELL William shepherd --- Moonbi
BERGIN Thomas shepherd --- Moonbi
BETTERSON Edward farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
BRADY John shepherd Neminga Moonbi
BROWN Robert shepherd --- Moonbi
CALLAGHAN John labourer --- Moonbi
CAMPBELL James farmer --- Moonbi
CHAFFEY William farmer Cockburn Ck. Moonbi
CLARKE John miner Swamp Oak Moonbi
CLARKE Michael labourer --- Moonbi
COLEMAN Michael shepherd --- Moonbi
COOKE James H. teacher Cockburn River Moonbi
COOKE William carrier Cockburn River Moonbi
COOPER Thomas labourer Swamp Oak Moonbi
DALYIER Henry shepherd --- Moonbi
DANSON Edward C. shepherd --- Moonbi
DONNELLY Patrick carrier Cockburn Ck. Moonbi
DOUGHERTY John shepherd --- Moonbi
DUFFY Thomas miner --- Moonbi
DWYER James farmer --- Moonbi
FAULKNER Alexander shepherd --- Moonbi
FLANAGAN Hugh shepherd --- Moonbi
FLANAGAN John constable --- Moonbi
GARDINER Christopher labourer --- Moonbi
GARDINER John labourer --- Moonbi
GILL John grazier --- Moonbi
GRAHAM Henry overseer --- Moonbi
GREEN Michael carrier --- Moonbi
GREEN William H. storekeeper --- Moonbi
HAYNE Thomas farmer --- Moonbi
HILL Thomas blacksmith --- Moonbi
HOWELL John miner Swamp Oak Moonbi
HYSON John labourer --- Moonbi
HYSON Samuel cook --- Moonbi
IRELAND Alfred carrier --- Moonbi
IRELAND Henry labourer --- Moonbi
JACOB John farmer --- Moonbi
JEFFREY Samuel labourer --- Moonbi
JUDD David farmer --- Moonbi
KAIN Thomas shepherd --- Moonbi
KALY Thomas labourer --- Moonbi
KENDALL William overseer --- Moonbi
LANGEUS Joseph shepherd --- Moonbi
LANGSTON William shepherd --- Moonbi
LENNON James shepherd --- Moonbi
LYONS George labourer --- Moonbi
MILLER Andrew farmer --- Moonbi
MOLLOY Michael labourer --- Moonbi
MORRISON Alexander farmer --- Moonbi
MURPHY Edward labourer --- Moonbi
MCARTHUR Mark carrier --- Moonbi
MCCUE Alexander miner Swamp Oak Moonbi
MCDONALD Thomas labourer --- Moonbi
MCDUFF John miner Swamp Oak Moonbi
MCGILL Samuel labourer --- Moonbi
MCKEEN William innkeeper --- Moonbi
MCKINNON Lachlan farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
MCLELLAND William farmer --- Moonbi
O'GRADY John farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
ORMAN Daniel carrier Cockburn River Moonbi
ORMAN George carrier Cockburn River Moonbi
PALMER William farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
RAINGER Jacob farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
REID James carpenter --- Moonbi
REVEGE George labourer --- Moonbi
REYNOLDS James shepherd Swamp Oak Moonbi
RHEUL James shepherd Moor's Ck. Moonbi
ROBSON John farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
ROSEBOURNE John miner Swamp Oak Moonbi
RUSS Thomas farmer Neminga Moonbi
SAFE William farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
SALFORNANDORS John shepherd --- Moonbi
SAUNDERS Henry labourer --- Moonbi
SIMMONDS Charles farmer Armidale Rd. Moonbi
SIMMONS Henry farmer Neminga Moonbi
SIMMONS Mrs. H. farmer Neminga Moonbi
SINCLAIR Walter labourer --- Moonbi
SINOS Sebastian shepherd --- Moonbi
STACE Edwin farmer --- Moonbi
STAPLETON Thomas labourer --- Moonbi
STEPHENS William H. gardener --- Moonbi
STRAUNDT Asmus shepherd --- Moonbi
STREETING William farmer --- Moonbi
SWAIN Mrs. H. innkeeper --- Moonbi
WATKINS Jesse labourer --- Moonbi
WEAVER Charles farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
WEAVER David farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
WEST John overseer --- Moonbi
WEST William labourer Armidale Rd. Moonbi
WILBOW George farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
WILBOW John labourer --- Moonbi
WILKENDON William labourer --- Moonbi
WILLIAMS Thomas labourer --- Moonbi
WILSON Frederick farmer Cockburn River Moonbi
WILSON Henry storekeeper --- Moonbi
WILSON William sawyer --- Moonbi
WISEMAN Laban overseer --- Moonbi
WRIGHT Joseph shepherd Moor's Ck. Moonbi
WRIGHT William carrier --- Moonbi
WYE FONG James shepherd Neminga Moonbi
YESSAR George shepherd Neminga Moonbi


Page 343
Distance 111 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8.30 a.m. and daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 2.43 p.m. and daily (Sunday excepted) 10.39 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 1.48 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m
Route - Rail Marulan, 2m. Mooroowoolen.

ARDLEY William labourer --- Mooroowoolen
BATES William carpenter --- Mooroowoolen
BEAZLEY William farmer Cawarra Mooroowoolen
BERESFORD Obadiah farmer --- Mooroowoolen
BERWICK George labourer --- Mooroowoolen
BLAXTER John farmer --- Mooroowoolen
CAPON Charles teacher --- Mooroowoolen
CASBURN Charles farmer Wingelo Mooroowoolen
CHAPMAN Richard innkeeper --- Mooroowoolen
CLARK George carpenter --- Mooroowoolen
CLAWTON Henry baker --- Mooroowoolen
CLOUT John labourer --- Mooroowoolen
COCHRANE John labourer --- Mooroowoolen
COLEMAN John labourer --- Mooroowoolen
COOK Stephen labourer --- Mooroowoolen
COOMBES James storekeeper --- Mooroowoolen
CRAWFORD William farmer Bombarlo Mooroowoolen
DAWSON George blacksmith --- Mooroowoolen
DOBYNS William labourer --- Mooroowoolen
DOWNS John carrier --- Mooroowoolen
FARRER Walter carpenter --- Mooroowoolen
FENNING John sawyer --- Mooroowoolen
FERGUSON John butcher --- Mooroowoolen
FERGUSON Robert farmer Bombarlo Mooroowoolen
FERGUSON Thomas farmer Bombarlo Mooroowoolen
FERGUSON William contractor --- Mooroowoolen
FITZGERALD W. squatter Shelley's Flats Mooroowoolen
GREEN Thomas innkeeper --- Mooroowoolen
GREEN William carpenter --- Mooroowoolen
HADDEN Walter labourer --- Mooroowoolen
HATER George farmer Cawarra Mooroowoolen
HOPKINS Jacob farmer Bosworth Mooroowoolen
JENNINGS William carrier --- Mooroowoolen
JONES Charles bootmaker --- Mooroowoolen
JONES Henry carrier --- Mooroowoolen
KILPATRICK Henry carrier --- Mooroowoolen
LEAP James labourer --- Mooroowoolen
LIARDET Frederick railway porter --- Mooroowoolen
MAHER James butcher --- Mooroowoolen
MONTGOMERY Hugh storekeeper --- Mooroowoolen
MORRICE David squatter Glenrock Mooroowoolen
MUNDAY William carrier --- Mooroowoolen
OSLINGTON James carrier --- Mooroowoolen
PAYTEN Edward farmer Wingelo Mooroowoolen
PENNY Thomas labourer --- Mooroowoolen
PETTINT George labourer --- Mooroowoolen
PHILLIPS James labourer --- Mooroowoolen
POLLARD James carrier --- Mooroowoolen
PROSSER George contractor --- Mooroowoolen
RANKIN John squatter Lockyer's Leigh Mooroowoolen
RIPPON John labourer --- Mooroowoolen
ROBINSON Thomas mason --- Mooroowoolen
ROBOTHEM Isaac butcher --- Mooroowoolen
RYAN John farmer Wingelo Mooroowoolen
SHEPPARD James farmer --- Mooroowoolen
SHEPPARD John farmer Mount Otway Mooroowoolen
SIMPSON George tanner --- Mooroowoolen
STACE Henry labourer --- Mooroowoolen
STALL Joseph labourer --- Mooroowoolen
STEPHENS William labourer --- Mooroowoolen
WADE John contractor --- Mooroowoolen
WARBURTON Isaac sawyer --- Mooroowoolen
WARBURTON John sawyer --- Mooroowoolen
WELSH John labourer --- Mooroowoolen
WRIGHT Charles labourer --- Mooroowoolen


Page 343
Distance 378 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, Wednesday 8 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Tuesday 11 a.m
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7.15 p.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, coach to Albury via Howlong, 8m. Moorwatha.

BLAKELY Samuel farmer --- Moorwatha
BROWN George farmer Hovel Moorwatha
BROWN William shepherd --- Moorwatha
BURROWS Burrows farmer One Tree Hill Moorwatha
BURROWS Robert farmer The Olives Moorwatha
BURROWS Thomas farmer The Olives Moorwatha
BURROWS William farmer The Olives Moorwatha
CLAYTON Edward farmer --- Moorwatha
CLAYTON Emma --- --- Moorwatha
COLLISS John farmer --- Moorwatha
COWAN John shepherd Major's Waterhole Moorwatha
DORAN James farmer Howlong Rd. Moorwatha
DOUBLEDAY George farmer Howlong Rd. Moorwatha
DUNNE George farmer --- Moorwatha
ELLIS William farmer --- Moorwatha
FANNING James farmer --- Moorwatha
GELATELY John farmer --- Moorwatha
GLYNNE Frank farmer --- Moorwatha
HALL Charles farmer --- Moorwatha
HALL Thomas farmer --- Moorwatha
HARRISON William farmer --- Moorwatha
HUGHES John farmer --- Moorwatha
KEENE Joseph farmer One Tree Hill Moorwatha
LESTER Joseph farmer --- Moorwatha
MALONEY Denis farmer --- Moorwatha
MALONEY Michael farmer --- Moorwatha
MALONEY Patrick farmer --- Moorwatha
MATTHEWS James farmer Howlong Rd. Moorwatha
MERKEL Louis farmer --- Moorwatha
MUXLOW John farmer Howlong Rd. Moorwatha
MCNEAL Peter labourer Major's Plains Moorwatha
NEILL James carpenter --- Moorwatha
PEARD Elizabeth postmistress --- Moorwatha
PEARD Henry farmer --- Moorwatha
PEARD Richard farmer --- Moorwatha
REID David vigneron The Vineyard Moorwatha
REID Evelyn farmer --- Moorwatha
REID George farmer --- Moorwatha
ROWE John farmer Reingebien Moorwatha
ROWE Roderick famrer Reingebien Moorwatha
ROWE William jun. farmer Reingebien Moorwatha
ROWE William farmer Reingebien Moorwatha
SEBASTIAN James farmer Major's Waterhole Moorwatha
SPROTT Agnes nurse --- Moorwatha
SPROTT William bootmaker --- Moorwatha
THOMAS William blacksmith --- Moorwatha
THOMPSON Henry farmer --- Moorwatha
THOMPSON William jun. farmer --- Moorwatha
THOMPSON William blacksmith --- Moorwatha
VILE Joseph farmer --- Moorwatha
WELLS James carrier One Tree Hill Moorwatha
WHITEMAN Andrew farmer --- Moorwatha
WHYTE James farmer --- Moorwatha
YOUNG John farmer One Tree Hill Moorwatha


Page 344
Distance 292 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Saturday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday 10 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday 6 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, Cobb's coach Young, 46m. Morangarell.

APPS William shepherd --- Morangarell
BARRETT Charles grazier Euroka Morangarell
BARRETT Thomas jun. farmer Euroka Morangarell
BARRETT Thomas sen. squatter Euroka Morangarell
BETHUNE Alexander labourer --- Morangarell
BRENNAN John labourer Bland Morangarell
BROWN George labourer Back Ck. Morangarell
BUTLER Andrew labourer --- Morangarell
CALDWELL Steel jun. grazier Bungabulla Morangarell
CALDWELL Steel sen. squatter Moonbocca Morangarell
CALDWELL William grazier Moonbocca Morangarell
CHAFFURIOR --- teacher --- Morangarell
CHISHOLM Charles squatter Bland Morangarell
CHURCH Charles W. superintendent Bland Morangarell
DAVIS Harold surveyor Mandamar Morangarell
DEMPSEY John labourer Barmedman Morangarell
DOWER John labourer Back Ck. Morangarell
EASTLAKE --- clerk Cooriberrima Morangarell
FINLAY Thomas constable --- Morangarell
FULLER Alexander labourer Narrabarra Morangarell
GARDENER William squatter Curamby Morangarell
GOODALL James labourer --- Morangarell
GUEST Charles innkeeper Rock Morangarell
GUEST Frederick labourer Barmedman Morangarell
HOPWOOD Richard labourer Bland Morangarell
JAMIESON John squatter Back Ck. Morangarell
JAMIESON Philip squatter Nobby's Lagoon Morangarell
JAMIESON William squatter Back Ck. Morangarell
JOKES A. G. squatter Barmedman Morangarell
KANE Robert constable --- Morangarell
KELLY James labourer Moonbarra Morangarell
KESHAN John teacher --- Morangarell
KILTHORP William storekeeper Bland Morangarell
LARKINS Thomas labourer Moonbarra Morangarell
LEHANE William squatter Narrabarra Morangarell
LEWIS William labourer Curamby Morangarell
LIGHT John stockman Mandemar Morangarell
MAHER Michael superintendent Wyalong Morangarell
MARSHALL William storekeeper --- Morangarell
MARTIN James labourer Back Ck. Morangarell
MAYNE William labourer --- Morangarell
MORISETT --- superintendent Back Ck. Morangarell
MUSGROVE John dairy Cooriberrima Morangarell
MUSGROVE William dairy Cooriberrima Morangarell
MCCOLL Angus labourer Back Ck. Morangarell
MCGREGOR Donald superintendent --- Morangarell
MCGREGOR Donald C. squatter --- Morangarell
MCGREGOR John poundkeeper --- Morangarell
MCKENZIE John squatter Narrabarra Morangarell
MCNAMARRA James superintendent Wyalong Morangarell
MCNAMARRA Michael squatter Wyalong Morangarell
MCNAMARRA Thomas grazier Wyalong Morangarell
MCNAMARRA Timothy labourer Bland Morangarell
NOONAN Edward stockman Mandamar Morangarell
NOWLAN J. jun. squatter Wentworth Gully Morangarell
NOWLAN J. sen. squatter Wentworth Gully Morangarell
O'KEEFE Daniel labourer Curamby Morangarell
O'KEEFE William superintendent Curamby Morangarell
O'SHAUGNESSY M. labourer Narrabarra Morangarell
PAWSEY Samuel squatter Mandamar Morangarell
PICKERING Richard farmer Balaballa Morangarell
REGAN William squatter Cooriberrima Morangarell
REYNOLDS A. M. teacher Narrabarra Morangarell
ROBINSON B. storekeeper Barmedman Morangarell
SMITH Francis labourer Barmedman Morangarell
STEWART Robert labourer Nobbie's Lagoon Morangarell
TAIT James labourer Back Ck. Morangarell
THOMAS F. superintendent Narrabarra Morangarell
VAUGHAN Thomas labourer Balaballa Morangarell
WOODHOUSE C. squatter Merool Springs Morangarell
WOODHOUSE E. squatter Merool Springs Morangarell
WOODHOUSE G. squatter Merool Springs Morangarell


Page 345
Distance 415 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday via Narrabri; Thursday via Cobbadah 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday 10 p.m. via Narrabri; Monday 3 p.m. via Cobbadah.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday 6 a.m via Cobbadah; Sunday 4 a.m. via Narrabri; Sunday 3 p.m. via Barraba.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday evening via Cobbadah; Wednesday via Narrabri; Friday via Barraba.
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, via Barraba, 104m. Moree.
ADAMS A. A. squatter Ginerdi Moree
ADAMS Frank overseer Caidmurray Moree
ALLISON H. stockman Currangindi Moree
ARNDELL John squatter Rocky Ck. Moree
BARTON R. D. overseer Gurby Moree
BENSON Alexander squatter Mitkin Moree
BERNCASTLE Oscar stockman --- Moree
BERRIE J. overseer Wirrah Moree
BLAKE J. J. saddler --- Moree
BOUGHTON Chas. poundkeeper Pallmallawa Moree
BOURKE Edward teamster Welbon Moree
BRAND John horse breaker --- Moree
BRAND Robert H. teamster --- Moree
BRAND W. G. mail contractor --- Moree
BROWN D. squatter Millie Moree
BUCKNELL A. W. squatter Yarawah Moree
BUCKNELL F. N. squatter Yarawah Moree
CANVIN J. R. poundkeeper Meroe Moree
CARRIGAN J. N. innkeeper Pallmallawa Moree
CARRIGAN John squatter Banghet Moree
CHAMBERS Henry innkeeper Meroe Moree
CHRISTIE W. H. surveyor --- Moree
CLAYTON O. P. overseer Welbon Moree
COLLINS Robert saddler --- Moree
CONNATTY Michael constable --- Moree
COOPER George drover Welbon Moree
CORY J. E. overseer Terry Hie Hie Moree
CULLEN F. H. squatter Tarelari Moree
DALLY Charles overseer Mungibundi Moree
DANIEL Edward bushman --- Moree
DAVIS Joseph overseer Gravesend Moree
DOBBIE Robert innkeeper --- Moree
DOYLE A. J. squatter Waland Moree
EATON George overseer Bineguy Moree
EATON John squatter Bineguy Moree
EATON Thomas stockman Bineguy Moree
ECKFORD J. squatter Malaraway Moree
EDWARDS John fencer --- Moree
ELLIOTT --- overseer Gurah Moree
FICKLING Robert carrier Bumble Moree
FLANAGAN T. carrier Ginerdi Moree
FORRESTER G. W. storekeeper Meroe Moree
FRASER C. --- Telaraga Moree
GALL Samuel overseer Tycannah Moree
GORDON William poundkeeper Millie Moree
GREACEN John overseer Weebullabulla Moree
GREENAWAY James builder --- Moree
HARTNETT John carpenter --- Moree
HASSALL Thomas H. butcher --- Moree
HILL Alfred overseer Mungyer Moree
HOLDEN W. F. overseer Derra Moree
HOOK J. squatter Derra Moree
ISRAEL Lewis storekeeper Meroe Moree
KING Edward squatter Eulouri Moree
KING Frank squatter Boolooroo Moree
KING R. N. squatter Boolooroo Moree
KIRBY Frederick W. sawyer --- Moree
LIDINGHAM George storekeeper Walon Ck. Moree
LONG Rev. F. H. (Wesleyan) --- Moree
MACDERMOTT --- teacher Gurah Moree
MACMAHON J. A. blacksmith --- Moree
MADDEN --- overseer Meroe Moree
MALONE F. J. bootmaker --- Moree
MALONEY Thomas innkeeper Bimble Moree
MARRIOTT Samuel stockman Boolooroo Moree
MEELISH John stockman Mitkin Moree
MONTGOMERY John overseer Cowbale Moree
MORRISON G. --- Pond's Station Moree
MUNRO D. W. overseer Derra Moree
MUNRO James blacksmith Boggy Ck. Moree
MUNRO John H. squatter --- Moree
MUNRO John jun. poundkeeper --- Moree
MCANSH J. D. squatter Gurbey Moree
MCCABE Mathew mail contractor --- Moree
MCDOUAL R. squatter --- Moree
MCGARY John overseer Watigah Moree
MCGUIRE John overseer Bimala Moree
MCKENZIE David storekeeper --- Moree
MCKENZIE Hugh innkeeper Boggy Ck. Moree
MCKENZIE John carrier --- Moree
MCKENZIE Robert storekeeper --- Moree
MCLAUGHLAN Alexander innkeeper Gurah Moree
MCLAUGHLAN James storekeeper Gurah Moree
MCLEOD --- --- Terry Hie Hie Moree
MCRAE --- --- Terry Hie Hie Moree
NAIRN W. constable --- Moree
NEAVES Alfred labourer Tillaraga Moree
OLIVER Thomas, JP squatter Combadella Moree
PLESSNER L. shepherd Welbon Moree
PROUDFOOT J. carpenter Welbon Moree
REYNOLDS John stockman Meroe Moree
RICHARDS John storekeeper Bingerang Moree
ROSE Simon stockman Boomaldoon Moree
ROSS A. overseer Dobykin Moree
SEARL W. H. mail contractor --- Moree
SHARP Edward surveyor --- Moree
SINGLE John squatter Berriadool Moree
SINGLE Joseph squatter Tillaraga Moree
SKINNER --- drover Tycannah Moree
SMART J. R. squatter Combadella Moree
SMITH Edward overseer Tillaraga Moree
SULLIVAN M. stock-keeper Terry Hie Hie Moree
SWEETMAN George sawyer --- Moree
SWEETMAN Mary innkeeper --- Moree
TEYS Thomas sawyer Pallmallawa Moree
TOWN John squatter Bimala Moree
TULLOCH Alexander druggist --- Moree
WALL George fencer Tycannah Moree
WATT P. C. squatter Gooral Moree
WEST T. storekeeper Talelari Moree
WILLIAMS John squatter Tyreel Moree
WILSON --- overseer Bogamilde Moree


Page 346
Distance 97 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 9.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 7.45 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route - Steam Morpeth.
AITCHESON John farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
AITCHESON Robert farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
APPLEYARD William farmer Albion Estate Morpeth
APPS John carrier Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
ARNOLD J. S. dealer Northumberland St. Morpeth
ASHMEAD Rev. Jabez (Prim. Meth.) High St. Morpeth
BARNETT John mariner Northumberland St. Morpeth
BARTON Henry storekeeper Swan St. Morpeth
BAYLISS J. teacher High St. Morpeth
BELL Dalway post & telegraph master Swan St. Morpeth
BELL Julia farmer Swan St. Morpeth
BELLAMY William butcher Swan St. Morpeth
BLAKE William teacher High St. Morpeth
BLANDFORD Henry fisherman Narrowgut Morpeth
BLUNDELL George farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
BOGGIS Edward storekeeper Swan St. Morpeth
BOURKE Maurice labourer Swan St. Morpeth
BOURKE Patrick farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
BOURKE Thomas innkeeper Swan St. Morpeth
BOURNE C. mariner High St. Morpeth
BOW John farmer Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
BOYD Thomas farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
BOYLE Patrick farmer Box Hill Morpeth
BRANDT Christian labourer Swan St. Morpeth
BREENEY Michael carrier High St. Morpeth
BRENNAN Patrick saddler James St. Morpeth
BRODIE Jennette farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
BRODIE Mary teacher Tank St. Morpeth
BROOKS William labourer Princes St. Morpeth
BROWN Jessie dressmaker High St. Morpeth
BUBB H. W. MD Northumberland St. Morpeth
BUDDEN Edward saddler Swan St. Morpeth
BULL William H. blacksmith High St. Morpeth
BURGESS Charles blacksmith High St. Morpeth
BURKE Miss M. bookseller Tank St. Morpeth
BURKE Patrick labourer Berkely St. Morpeth
BURNS Thomas splitter Swan St. Morpeth
BUTTER John F. hairdresser Swan St. Morpeth
BUTTER Thomas engineer Tank St. Morpeth
BUTTER William labourer High St. Morpeth
CAHILL Edward butcher Swan St. Morpeth
CAIN Mrs. James charwoman James St. Morpeth
CALCOTT Thomas jun. labourer High St. Morpeth
CAMPBELL D. J. draper Swan St. Morpeth
CAMPBELL John jun. farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
CAMPBELL John sen. farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
CANAVAN Peter builder High St. Morpeth
CANTWELL J. labourer Swan St. Morpeth
CANTWELL Pierce labourer Green St. Morpeth
CAPPER W. S. banker Swan St. Morpeth
CARROLL James bootmaker Steamer St. Morpeth
CARTER N. G. --- Box Hill Morpeth
CASEY Michael farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
CAVANAGH John labourer Queen's Wharf Morpeth
CHAPMAN Margaret innkeeper Swan St. Morpeth
CHIDLAND Henry farmer Berry Park Morpeth
CHILD N. labourer Close's Swamp Morpeth
CHILD Rev. Coles (C. E.) Tank St. Morpeth
COLLINS James letter carrier High St. Morpeth
COOK William cabinetmaker Swan St. Morpeth
COXHEAD Benjamin labourer Swan St. Morpeth
COXHEAD Charles labourer Swan St. Morpeth
CRAMP Albert farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
CRAMP Edward jun. farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
CRAMP Edward sen. farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
CRICK William steward High St. Morpeth
CUSACK Edward farmer Berry Park Morpeth
CUSACK James farmer Brisbane Field Morpeth
CUSACK Patrick farmer Berry Park Morpeth
DARCY Cornelius carter James St. Morpeth
DARKE Mrs. J. farmer Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
DAVIS John farmer Brisbane Field Morpeth
DAVIS Stephen labourer Tank St. Morpeth
DAWSON Tracey dealer High St. Morpeth
DICKSON Samuel merchant Swan St. Morpeth
DINNIS James farmer Box Hill Morpeth
DOHERTY Patrick farmer Brisbane Field Morpeth
DONNELLY Edward farmer Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
DONNELLY Edward labourer Duckinfield Morpeth
DONNELLY John farmer Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
DORAS John farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
DORSAY John labourer Berry Park Morpeth
DOUGHNEY Mathew farmer Eales' Estate Morpeth
DOWRING William blacksmith Berry Park Morpeth
DUDLEY Charles builder High St. Morpeth
DUGGAN Robert farmer Moore Park Morpeth
DURIE John farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
DWYER Bridget --- Swan St. Morpeth
DWYER James carter High St. Morpeth
DYE Tilmouth agent, ASN Co. Swan St. Morpeth
EALES John jun. --- Duckinfield Park Morpeth
EALES William --- Berry Park Morpeth
EDMUNDS Mrs. John dressmaker James St. Morpeth
EDWARDS Isaac labourer High St. Morpeth
ENGLISH Mrs. Patrick --- Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
FALLINGTON David labourer James St. Morpeth
FERGUSON James carter James St. Morpeth
FIELD Charles carpenter Elizabeth St. Morpeth
FINDLEY Robert storekeeper High St. Morpeth
FITCH John moulder John St. Morpeth
FOOTE John blacksmith Duckinfield Park Morpeth
FOOTE John labourer Duckinfield Park Morpeth
FORD David farmer Brisbane Field Morpeth
FORD Elijah farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
FOREMAN William farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
FOX Elizabeth teacher Tank St. Morpeth
FRANCIS Mrs. Peter laundress James St. Morpeth
FRISCH Daniel bootmaker Swan St. Morpeth
GALLAGHER John farmer Eales' Estate Morpeth
GALLAGHER Maurice --- Eales' Estate Morpeth
GARDNER Mrs. housekeeper Morpeth Morpeth
GARNHEIM G. farmer Brisbane Field Morpeth
GARRATY Mrs. Ellen farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
GARRATY Thomas carter Narrowgut Morpeth
GEAR John householder Swan St. Morpeth
GEARY Henry butcher Swan St. Morpeth
GIBSON John dealer Close St. Morpeth
GILFOYLE Daniel farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
GILFOYLE Michael farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
GILLESPIE Peter farmer Brisbane Field Morpeth
GILLFILLAN John jun. engineer Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
GILLFILLAN John sen. poundkeeper James St. Morpeth
GILLFOYLE John blacksmith High St. Morpeth
GLEESON William farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
GOODWIN David baker Swan St. Morpeth
GOODWIN Samuel collector Swan St. Morpeth
GORDON John sergeant police Swan St. Morpeth
GORE Martin labourer Queen's Wharf Morpeth
GRADY Martin --- High St. Morpeth
GREAVES W. draper Swan St. Morpeth
GREEN Mrs. Frank --- High St. Morpeth
GRIFFIN Patrick carpenter James St. Morpeth
HAIN Charles farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
HAIN Eli farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
HAIN George farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
HALL Cornelius carter James St. Morpeth
HALL Henry fisherman Narrowgut Morpeth
HALL Thomas fisherman Narrowgut Morpeth
HALL Thomas N. teacher High St. Morpeth
HALLETT Thomas fruiterer Swan St. Morpeth
HALPIN Michael dealer High St. Morpeth
HANNAFORD Mrs. Ellen --- Swan St. Morpeth
HARDING Robert clerk High St. Morpeth
HARVEY James labourer High St. Morpeth
HAWLEY John farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
HAWLEY Michael farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
HAWLEY Thomas farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
HAYDON Patrick grocer Swan St. Morpeth
HAYNES John J. Town Clerk High St. Morpeth
HEANEY Edward farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
HEFFERNAN William farmer Swan Reach Morpeth
HICKEY Denis farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
HICKEY Michael farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
HICKS William farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
HINDS Mrs. John farmer Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
HOBAN Andrew farmer Moore Park Morpeth
HOBAN John farmer Moore Park Morpeth
HOGAN Michael farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
HOLLAND Edward labourer Duckinfield Park Morpeth
HOLLAND H. farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
HOLLAND James labourer Duckinfield Park Morpeth
HOOK Benjamin labourer High St. Morpeth
HOOLAHAN William carpenter Swan St. Morpeth
HOPWOOD Charles labourer Swan St. Morpeth
HORNE Charles farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
HORNE Samuel farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
HURLEY Michael teacher Swan St. Morpeth
JACOBS Jesse gardener Swan St. Morpeth
JACQUES Charles auctioneer Swan St. Morpeth
JARVIS James farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
JOHNSON Charles farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
JOHNSON Thomas blacksmith Swan St. Morpeth
JOHNSON W. blacksmith Northumberland St. Morpeth
JONES John boot warehouse Swan St. Morpeth
JONES Thomas tailor Swan St. Morpeth
JORY John farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
JUNOR J. T. farmer Brisbane Field Morpeth
JUNOR J. Y. farmer Eales' Estate Morpeth
JUNOR W. W. farmer Brisbane Field Morpeth
KANE John labourer Swan St. Morpeth
KEATING Abraham saddler High St. Morpeth
KEATING John --- High St. Morpeth
KEATING William saddler Swan St. Morpeth
KELLY William --- Swan St. Morpeth
KENNEDY Denis farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
KEPPIE Peter carpenter High St. Morpeth
KING John jun. farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
KING John sen. farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
KITE G. innkeeper Swan St. Morpeth
KNOX James farmer Swan St. Morpeth
LAIDLOW James labourer High St. Morpeth
LAIDLOW Matthew carter High St. Morpeth
LAMBERT Patrick labourer Close St. Morpeth
LANDRIGAN Timothy farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
LANE Rev. George (Wesleyan) High St. Morpeth
LARKIN Peter carpenter Dunmore Morpeth
LAWLOR John farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
LAWN William labourer Green St. Morpeth
LEE Benjamin MLA Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
LEE David jun. carpenter High St. Morpeth
LEE David sen. carpenter High St. Morpeth
LEE Miss Hannah dressmaker High St. Morpeth
LEE James W. agent High St. Morpeth
LEEK W. polisher Swan St. Morpeth
LING Ebenezer wheelwright High St. Morpeth
LING Henry boot warehouse Swan St. Morpeth
LING Samuel boot warehouse Swan St. Morpeth
LING William boot warehouse Swan St. Morpeth
LISH Mrs. Robert farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
LITTLE John labourer High St. Morpeth
LITTLE Robert labourer Princes St. Morpeth
LLOYD Robert puntsman Queen's Wharf Morpeth
LOWRY William butcher Swan St. Morpeth
MACLEOD William watchman High St. Morpeth
MAHER Daniel farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MAHER Denis farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MAHER James farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MAHER Jeremiah farmer Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
MAHER John farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MAHER Mathew farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MANSFIELD John labourer Princes St. Morpeth
MARSHALL Mrs. James dealer Swamps Morpeth
MARTIN James farmer Eales' Estate Morpeth
MARTIN Robert carter Close St. Morpeth
MASON Miss M. dressmaker Close St. Morpeth
MATTHEWS Thomas labourer James St. Morpeth
MAYNARD Sampson labourer James St. Morpeth
MEIKLEJOHN John householder High St. Morpeth
MILLMAN John labourer Steamer St. Morpeth
MOFFITT Robert draper Swan St. Morpeth
MOFFITT Thomas draper Swan St. Morpeth
MORISY John farmer Swan St. Morpeth
MORRIS William farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MOUNT William bricklayer Elizabeth St. Morpeth
MULACARNAE Mrs. Louis jeweller Swan St. Morpeth
MULQUEENEY James labourer Swan St. Morpeth
MUNSON N. engine driver Swan St. Morpeth
MUNT N. N. bricklayer Robert St. Morpeth
MURPHY Julia farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
MURPHY Matthew innkeeper Queen's Wharf Morpeth
MURPHY Michael farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MURPHY Patrick labourer Close St. Morpeth
MCCAFFREY Patrick farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
MCCANN Martin farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MCCANN Robert farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MCCARROLL Michael carter High St. Morpeth
MCCARTHY Daniel horse breaker High St. Morpeth
MCCARTHY Thomas horse breaker High St. Morpeth
MCCARTHY Timothy dealer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MCCORMACK Philip farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MCDONALD Arthur farmer Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
MCDONALD Mary seamstress Swan St. Morpeth
MCDONALD Thomas mason Steamer St. Morpeth
MCFADYEN James farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
MCFADYEN John farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
MCFADYEN Lachlan farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
MCFADYEN Roderick farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
MCFARLANE Francis butcher Swan St. Morpeth
MCGUINESS Sarah laundress Queen's Wharf Morpeth
MCKEE Denis innkeeper Swan St. Morpeth
MCKEE Patrick carter James St. Morpeth
MCLEAN John farmer Queen's Wharf Morpeth
MCMAHON Thomas farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
MCPHILLIPS John farmer Swan Reach Morpeth
NAMBY Frederick chemist Swan St. Morpeth
NEAT Thomas labourer High St. Morpeth
NEAVY John dealer Close St. Morpeth
NEILD William fireman Swan St. Morpeth
NICHOLL Laurence mariner High St. Morpeth
NICHOLSON Finlay tailor Swan St. Morpeth
NIXON Mrs. John --- High St. Morpeth
NOCTON Laurence labourer Close St. Morpeth
O'BRIEN John labourer Princes St. Morpeth
O'BRIEN Patrick puntman Hinton St. Morpeth
O'DILL Thomas collector Swan St. Morpeth
O'DONNELL Thomas farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
O'KEEFFE Margaret --- Northumberland St. Morpeth
O'KEEFFE Patrick storekeeper Swan St. Morpeth
O'KEEFFE Thomas --- Northumberland St. Morpeth
O'MEAGH William labourer Close St. Morpeth
OSBORNE James teacher Swan St. Morpeth
PEDEN Samuel baker Swan St. Morpeth
PERCY George blacksmith James St. Morpeth
PHELAN James clerk Swan St. Morpeth
PHELAN Samuel guard Swan St. Morpeth
PIKE Isaac butcher Swan St. Morpeth
PIKE James labourer Princes St. Morpeth
POOL James farmer Box Hill Morpeth
PORTUS Alexander --- Swan St. Morpeth
PORTUS Elizabeth householder Swan St. Morpeth
POWER Mrs. farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
PULLIN Richard groom Morpeth Morpeth
PULVER Frederick farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
PULVER Richard farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
QUINN James labourer High St. Morpeth
READ John builder Robert St. Morpeth
REDDING George farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
RILEY James storekeeper Swan St. Morpeth
RILEY Mary fancy bazaar Swan St. Morpeth
ROSS Mrs. W. dressmaker Northumberland St. Morpeth
ROURKE Terence gardener Duckinfield Park Morpeth
RUSH Frank draper Swan St. Morpeth
RUTTER Isabella laundress Close St. Morpeth
RYAN John labourer Queen's Wharf Morpeth
RYAN Mrs. Patrick dairy High St. Morpeth
RYAN William labourer Steamer St. Morpeth
SANDERSON George porter High St. Morpeth
SANDERSON Joseph labourer Queen's Wharf Morpeth
SANDERSON William porter High St. Morpeth
SAUNDERS Robert carter The Swamps Morpeth
SELDON Elias labourer High St. Morpeth
SHOESMITH Edward farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
SHYMAN William baker Swan St. Morpeth
SIMS Duncan engineer Swan St. Morpeth
SIMS George farmer Phoenix St. Morpeth
SLACK W. E. butcher Close St. Morpeth
SMITH James constable Northumberland St. Morpeth
SMITH James wheelwright Swan St. Morpeth
SMITH William carpenter Swan St. Morpeth
SPENCE James engineer Swan St. Morpeth
SPINKS Thomas carter James St. Morpeth
STAPLEFORD John farmer Morpeth Rd. Morpeth
STEEL C. trooper Northumberland St. Morpeth
STEPHENS Alfred labourer Swan St. Morpeth
STEPHENS G. H. farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
STOKER Robert painter High St. Morpeth
STRACHAN Mrs. teacher High St. Morpeth
SUCKER John innkeeper Swan St. Morpeth
SUCKER Robert labourer Swan St. Morpeth
SWAN Margaret milliner Swan St. Morpeth
SWAN Robert porter High St. Morpeth
SWAN Sarah milliner Swan St. Morpeth
SWAN William blacksmith Swan St. Morpeth
SWINDEN Edward labourer James St. Morpeth
TAPP Miss nurse Duckinfield Park Morpeth
TATE Edward clerk James St. Morpeth
TAYLOR Charles carpenter James St. Morpeth
TAYLOR Frederick carpenter Princes St. Morpeth
TAYLOR James JP merchant Swan St. Morpeth
TAYLOR Richard labourer Queen's Wharf Morpeth
TAYLOR Mrs. Thomas farmer Swamps Morpeth
TAYLOR Thomas farmer Swamps Morpeth
TIERNEY Andrew teacher Robert St. Morpeth
TIERNEY Joseph saddler Swan St. Morpeth
TILBURY James clerk Swan St. Morpeth
TILLETT Arthur fireman High St. Morpeth
TOBIN Patrick farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
TOOHEY Thomas farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
TOOLE James farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
TRACEY John farmer Swan Reach Morpeth
TRACEY Martin farmer Brisbane Fields Morpeth
TRIMBLE Thomas customs officer Swan St. Morpeth
TULIP Andrew coal miner Swamps Morpeth
TURNER George librarian High St. Morpeth
TYRRELL Rev. William (C. E.) Palace House Morpeth
VOSPER Mrs. George --- Swan St. Morpeth
WAKELEY Joseph clerk James St. Morpeth
WAKELEY Mrs. Charles dressmaker James St. Morpeth
WALL John labourer Swan St. Morpeth
WALSH Michael labourer Elizabeth St. Morpeth
WEAVER Thomas farmer Swamps Morpeth
WEBB Richard mariner Princes St. Morpeth
WHITE Joseph cabinetmaker Swan St. Morpeth
WILKINSON William station master Swan St. Morpeth
WILLIAMS Charles farmer Narrowgut Morpeth
WILSON Charlotte boarding house High St. Morpeth
WINGRAVE John blacksmith High St. Morpeth
WISDOM Robert barrister James St. Morpeth
WRIGHT John jun. farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
WRIGHT John sen. farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
WRIGHT Joseph farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth
WRIGHT Mrs. Jane boarding house Swan St. Morpeth
WRIGHT Thomas jun. farmer Phoenix Park Morpeth


Page 349
Distance 198 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.; Friday by Clyde steamer, and by steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 11 p.m., Saturday 11.30 a.m.; or 4 hours after arrival of steamer at Bateman's Bay, and by steamer direct.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 1 p.m.; Monday 9.30 a.m. per Clyde steamer.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.; Tuesday per Clyde steamer.
Route - Steam Moruya; or steam Merimbula; or Clyde River.

ADAMS Frederick labourer Russian Flat Moruya
ADRIAN Margaret teacher Newstead Moruya
ANDERSON William carpenter Queen St. Moruya
BALDWIN Thomas farmer Old Man's Bed Moruya
BARNES Henry carpenter Moruya Moruya
BARTON Henry auctioneer Vulcan St. Moruya
BATE William labourer Gundary Moruya
BELL Michael gardener --- Moruya
BERRESFORD --- surveyor --- Moruya
BETTS A. C. surveyor --- Moruya
BISHOP William fencer Gundary Moruya
BONNYMAN John blacksmith Vulcan St. Moruya
BOOT Edward surgeon Carragee Moruya
BOOT Henry agent --- Moruya
BOULTON James musician --- Moruya
BROWN Catherine farmer Gundary Moruya
BROWN John farmer Gundary Moruya
BROWN Patrick farmer Gundary Moruya
BROWN Thomas --- --- Moruya
BROWN William farmer Gundary Moruya
BUCKLEY John bootmaker Campbell St. Moruya
BUCKLEY John jun. horse breaker --- Moruya
BURNS Robert --- --- Moruya
BYRNES Michael bricklayer Queen St. Moruya
CARDEN Frederick farmer --- Moruya
CARLAND Mary Ann laundress Race Course Moruya
CARRON Patrick --- --- Moruya
CARRON William farmer Mynora Moruya
CASWELL W. Stewart PM Mynora Moruya
CHAPMAN Henry labourer Mynora Moruya
CHAPMAN William labourer Gundary Moruya
CHAPMAN William tanner & furrier --- Moruya
CLEMENTS W. proprietor of "Examiner" Vulcan St. Moruya
COLE Thomas labourer Mynora Moruya
COLEFOX Charles farmer Russian Flat Moruya
COLLIER W. F. saddler Vulcan St. Moruya
CONSTABLE Charles labourer Gundary Moruya
CONSTABLE John jun. puntman Newstead Moruya
CONSTABLE John sen. --- Gundary Moruya
CONSTABLE Robert labourer Gundary Moruya
CONSTABLE William boatman --- Moruya
COPPIN John labourer Ninderra Moruya
COREW Michael butcher Queen St. Moruya
COSTEN Henry farmer Mynora Moruya
COUGHLIN James farmer Stoney Ck. Moruya
COUGHLIN Mary farmer Kiora Ford Moruya
COXON Edward innkeeper --- Moruya
CROSBY George labourer Mynora Moruya
CUNNINGHAM Patrick labourer --- Moruya
DANSEY D. J. chemist --- Moruya
DEFOSKI John farmer Mynora Moruya
DELANEY Thomas labourer Wamban Moruya
DOHERTY Thomas labourer --- Moruya
DOWSON Rev. J. W. (Wesleyan) --- Moruya
DUNN Frank butcher --- Moruya
DUNNE Daniel farmer Wamban Moruya
DUNNE John farmer --- Moruya
EDMONDS W. teacher --- Moruya
ELLIOTT James farmer Stoney Ck. Moruya
ELLISON William miller Queen St. Moruya
EMMOTT Abraham storekeeper Queen St. Moruya
EMMOTT John storekeeper Vulcan St. Moruya
EMMOTT Thomas storekeeper Vulcan St. Moruya
FITZPATRICK B. farrier Church St. Moruya
FLANAGAN James farmer Wamban Moruya
FLANAGAN Peter labourer --- Moruya
FLANAGAN William farmer Queen St. Moruya
FLANAGAN W. T., JP landholder Gundary Moruya
FOOKS Robert bootmaker Gundary Moruya
FOREMAN Richard labourer Dyer's Ck. Moruya
FRY William woodcutter Long Swamp Moruya
GANNON John farmer Yarragee Moruya
GANNON Timothy butcher Church St. Moruya
GARVEY Rev. J. J. (R. C.) --- Moruya
GLEESON Michael labourer Queen St. Moruya
GLOVER George labourer --- Moruya
GORMAN Bridget nurse --- Moruya
GRANT Bernard labourer --- Moruya
GRAY Robert labourer Yarragee Moruya
GREEN John farmer Pleasant View Moruya
GREEN William labourer --- Moruya
HANDCOCK F. watchmaker Vulcan St. Moruya
HAY T. A. boatman Newstead Moruya
HAYES James labourer --- Moruya
HAYES Patrick labourer --- Moruya
HERDER Charles --- --- Moruya
HIBEL Joseph labourer Kiora Ford Moruya
HILLIARD Henry labourer Church St. Moruya
HITCH Nelson sergeant of Police --- Moruya
HOLROYD Abraham farmer Yarragee Moruya
HOOLAHAN John farmer --- Moruya
HURST George labourer Church St. Moruya
HUTCHINGS Charles farmer Old Man's Bed Moruya
JEFFERS Robert butcher Vulcan St. Moruya
JEFFERY James bootmaker Vulcan St. Moruya
JEFFERY Robert blacksmith Vulcan St. Moruya
JENNER Joseph --- Newstead Moruya
KELLY John labourer Mynora Moruya
KELLY Patrick farmer Mynora Moruya
KENNY Bridget innkeeper Queen St. Moruya
KNAPPETT Benjamin boatman Newstead Moruya
KURZ George saddler Vulcan St. Moruya
LEONARD James labourer --- Moruya
LINDO Alexander P. surveyor --- Moruya
LITTLE Robert labourer --- Moruya
LODGE H. J. proprietor "Telegraph" --- Moruya
LODGE T. C. post & telegraph master --- Moruya
LOUTITT Joseph labourer --- Moruya
LOVE Rev. J. G. (C.E.) --- Moruya
LUCK Jacob farmer Yarragee Moruya
LUCK John farmer Yarragee Moruya
LUCK John jun. farmer Yarragee Moruya
LUSTY Charles labourer Yarragee Moruya
LYNCH Edward farmer --- Moruya
LYNCH James farmer --- Moruya
LYNCH John farmer --- Moruya
LYNCH Patrick farmer --- Moruya
LYNCH William innkeeper --- Moruya
MANTON H. J. CPS --- Moruya
MARTIN James tanner Garlandtown Moruya
MARTIN James jun. tanner Garlandtown Moruya
MEPSTEAD Richard farmer Gundary Moruya
MITCHELL John farmer Gundary Moruya
MOONEY James --- Queen St. Moruya
MOONEY Michael carrier Queen St. Moruya
MOONEY Thomas carrier Queen St. Moruya
MORRIS Michael storekeeper Queen St. Moruya
MOYNE Thomas labourer --- Moruya
MUNROE Mrs. A. dairy Campbell St. Moruya
MUNROE William farmer Campbell St. Moruya
MURPHY John farmer Mynora Moruya
MYNEHAN Michael labourer Silver Mine Moruya
MCALISTER Donald farmer Garlandtown Moruya
MCALISTER Margaret storekeeper --- Moruya
MCCLELLAND John C. --- --- Moruya
MCINTOSH John carpenter Silver Mine Moruya
MCKEOWN John storekeeper Vulcan St. Moruya
MCKEW Patrick labourer --- Moruya
MCLEAN Archibald puntman Newstead Moruya
MCLEAN Dougal labourer Gundary Moruya
MCLEOD Donald grazier Buckerboura Moruya
MCMAHON Patrick --- Shannon Harbour Moruya
MCNULTY John cook --- Moruya
NELMES Alfred farmer Long Swamp Moruya
NEWMAN Richard labourer --- Moruya
NELSON Gustof tailor Queen St. Moruya
NOAD John farmer Old Man's Bed Moruya
NOCK Frank labourer Garlandtown Moruya
O'KEEFFE Timothy farmer Garlandtown Moruya
OLIVER Thomas constable Queen St. Moruya
O'MEARA Laurence farmer Mynora Moruya
PARBURY Henry fencer --- Moruya
PARBURY Richard labourer --- Moruya
PAYNE George labourer Gundary Moruya
POMPHERY Henrietta --- Gundary Moruya
RUSSELL --- surveyor --- Moruya
RUSSELL James labourer --- Moruya
RUSSELL John labourer --- Moruya
RUSSELL Thomas labourer --- Moruya
RYAN John farmer --- Moruya
RYAN William farmer --- Moruya
SHARPE James farmer Old Man's Bed Moruya
SHIEL Matthew tailor Queen St. Moruya
SHOTTEN John agent Yarragee Moruya
SISLEY Mrs. --- --- Moruya
SMALL Peter carpenter --- Moruya
SMETHURST Richard C. carrier --- Moruya
SMITH William --- --- Moruya
SRAHAN John farmer Mynora Moruya
SRAHAN John jun. farmer Mynora Moruya
SRAHAN Margaret dressmaker Vulcan St. Moruya
SRAHAN Michael farmer Mynora Moruya
SRAHAN Michael jun. farmer Mynora Moruya
STAUNTON James farmer Corgo Moruya
STAUNTON John farmer Corgo Moruya
STAUNTON Patrick farmer Corgo Moruya
STAUNTON Peter farmer Corgo Moruya
STAUNTON Thomas farmer Corgo Moruya
STAUNTON Thomas innkeeper Vulcan St. Moruya
STEED John farmer Russian Flat Moruya
SULLIVAN Mrs. storekeeper --- Moruya
SWAIN J. J. tanner Gundary Moruya
THOMAS William farmer --- Moruya
THOMPSON Jacob labourer Garlandtown Moruya
TIER Bernard --- Vulcan St. Moruya
TIER John storekeeper Vulcan St. Moruya
TIER Patrick labourer Vulcan St. Moruya
TRANENT R. M. pilot Moruya Heads Moruya
VAUGHAN Edward bootmaker Queen St. Moruya
VAUGHAN Michael bootmaker Queen St. Moruya
WALKER Anne teacher --- Moruya
WALTERS Edward carpenter --- Moruya
WALTERS William boatman --- Moruya
WEBB G. W. teacher --- Moruya
WHITE James painter --- Moruya
WHITE John bootmaker Vulcan St. Moruya
WHITFIELD Edwin labourer --- Moruya
WILLIAMS H. lock-up keeper Queen St. Moruya
WILLIAMS Peter blacksmith Vulcan St. Moruya
WRIGHT Alexander printer --- Moruya
WRIGHT George carpenter --- Moruya
WYATT E. W. R. puntman Moruya Heads Moruya
ZIEGLER Henry mason Pompey Point Moruya


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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