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Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Merrendee Merriwa Michelago Millamurra Miller's Forest Millfield Milton

Page 323
Distance 178 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday via Mudgee, Friday via Ironbarks 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday via Mudgee 11 a.m., Sunday via Ironbarks noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Thursday noon via Mudgee.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Saturday via Mudgee 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydl, Cobb's coach Ironbarks, 11m. Merrendee.

BARTLETT John miner --- Merrendee
CANENY John selector Leang Oak Ck. Merrendee
CASEY Thomas shepherd --- Merrendee
COLENCE William shepherd Ben Long Merrendee
DAW William shepherd --- Merrendee
DAY Thomas shepherd --- Merrendee
ENDCOTT James selector --- Merrendee
EVERINGHAM William selector World's End Merrendee
FETELL Henry drover World's End Merrendee
FETELL Joseph storekeeper World's End Merrendee
FETELL Robert miner World's End Merrendee
FITZPATRICK Matthew selector --- Merrendee
FLETHER Henry sheepowner Vlenglare Merrendee
FLINN John miner --- Merrendee
FLINN Patrick miner --- Merrendee
FRAYSOR Andrew selector --- Merrendee
FRAYSOR George miner --- Merrendee
FRAYSOR John miner --- Merrendee
FRAYSOR James miner --- Merrendee
GLASS Thomas miner Mudgee River Merrendee
GREEN Thomas selector --- Merrendee
HOGAN John miner --- Merrendee
HOGAN Patrick miner --- Merrendee
HOGAN Thomas sheep-owner Mudgee River Merrendee
HOGAN Timothy selector Yarby Ck. Merrendee
JOHNSTON Geo. sheep-owner Mudgee River Merrendee
JOHNSTON William miner --- Merrendee
JONES Michael innkeeper --- Merrendee
KELLY William miner --- Merrendee
LAWSON John shepherd Yarby Ck. Merrendee
MARTIN George sheep-owner Vlenglare Ck. Merrendee
MARTIN Robert sheep-owner Vlenglare Ck. Merrendee
MARTIN William sheep-owner Vlenglare Ck. Merrendee
MILLS Sydney innkeeper --- Merrendee
MORROW Richard miner --- Merrendee
MULLENS William miner --- Merrendee
MCCLONE John farmer Mudgee River Merrendee
MCGRATH James bootmaker --- Merrendee
MCGRATH John selector --- Merrendee
POLDING James selector Bruce Ck. Merrendee
ROSS Frederick miner --- Merrendee
SASSITY Stephen blacksmith --- Merrendee
SHORT Henry shepherd Vlenglare Ck. Merrendee
SILVER T. selector Leang Oak Ck. Merrendee
TAYLOR Daniel overseer --- Merrendee


Page 323
Distance 198 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday via Scone, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday via Muswellbrook 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday via Scone 4 p.m., Thursday, Saturday, Monday via Muswellbrook 2.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday via Scone 9 a.m., Sunday, Tuesday, Friday via Muswellbrook 12.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Friday via Scone, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday evenings via Muswellbrook.
Route - Steam Newcastle, via Muswellbrook, coach Merriwa.

ALLWOOD Geo. bootmaker Bettington St. Merriwa
ANDREWS R. photographer Bettington St. Merriwa
ASSER William storekeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
BARNES J. shepherd Mountain Station Ck. Merriwa
BECKETT William baker Bettington St. Merriwa
BELL Frank teacher Collaroy Merriwa
BENNETT G. blacksmith Brindley Park Merriwa
BENNETT James labourer Bettington St. Merriwa
BENNETT Joseph teamster Bettington St. Merriwa
BENNETT Oliver overseer Gilli Gilli Merriwa
BENNETT T. innkeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
BETTINGTON J. B. squatter Brindley Park Merriwa
BETTINGTON W. squatter Coolie Cottage Merriwa
BLAKE Michael teacher McKenzie St. Merriwa
BLAXLAND Charles squatter Cullingral Merriwa
BOURKE Thomas selector Krili Ck. Merriwa
BOURKE Thomas shepherd Brindley Park Merriwa
BROWN James cook Cullingral Merriwa
BURKE J. selector Cream of Tartar Ck. Merriwa
CAFÉ James greengrocer Bettington St. Merriwa
CAMERON Alex. selector Oxley Park Merriwa
CAMERON Alex. selector Oxley Park Ck. Merriwa
CARTER George shepherd Collaroy Merriwa
CLIFTON Mary --- Brindley Park Merriwa
COAKLEY James drover --- Merriwa
COLLINS William overseer Collaroy Merriwa
COOPER Joseph squatter Cullingral Merriwa
CROFOOT George carpenter Marquate St. Merriwa
CRONIN Patrick carrier Bow St. Merriwa
CROSSDALE J. G. carpenter Brindley Park Merriwa
CURTIS I. shepherd Hall's Ck. Merriwa
CURTIS R. shepherd Hall's Ck. Merriwa
DELFORCE G. carpenter Bettington St. Merriwa
DENNY George labourer Collaroy Merriwa
DIXON James shepherd Collaroy Merriwa
DOYLE James labourer Brindley Park Merriwa
DOYLE Philip labourer Bow St. Merriwa
DRAY Edward shepherd Collaroy Merriwa
DRAY Henry woodman Collaroy Merriwa
DRAY John woodman Collaroy Merriwa
EGAN Edmund innkeeper Bow St. Merriwa
ELL James carpenter --- Merriwa
ELLIOTT Robert labourer Blaxland St. Merriwa
FARRELL Richard shepherd Collaroy Merriwa
FLOOD John shepherd Bobbialla Merriwa
FORD Michael carpenter Bettington St. Merriwa
FORD Richard carpenter Bettington St. Merriwa
FOSTER John labourer Bettington St. Merriwa
FOWLER J. jun. selector Coulson's Ck. Merriwa
GALLAGHER D. butcher Bettington St. Merriwa
GALLAGHER Mrs. W. innkeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
GALLAGHER William butcher Bettington St. Merriwa
GAMBLE George engineer Collroy Merriwa
GIBBON Alexander carpenter Collaroy Merriwa
GILLELAND David labourer Kellick Ck. Merriwa
GLASSCOCK A. S. laundress Bettington St. Merriwa
GRANT Lewis carpenter Blaxland St. Merriwa
HALL Frederick squatter Gundebri Merriwa
HALL James labourer Happy Valley Merriwa
HALL William carrier Bow St. Merriwa
HARRIS Mrs. S. laundress Bettington St. Merriwa
HARVEY Joseph shepherd Brindley Park Merriwa
HAWKER Bibe selector Ginghi Collaroy Merriwa
HAYS Arthur squatter Cullingral Merriwa
HAZELL Edwin blacksmith Bettington St. Merriwa
HERON James storekeeper Cullingral Merriwa
HEWITT Henry selector Minivale Merriwa
HILL William shepherd Brindley Park Merriwa
HOGAN John constable Vanagher St. Merriwa
HOGAN M. shepherd Ginger Beer Springs Merriwa
HOWARD Henry labourer --- Merriwa
HOWARD Thomas labourer --- Merriwa
HOWARD Thomas overseer Brindley Park Merriwa
HOWE Thomas shepherd Collaroy Merriwa
HUNT Joseph labourer Kellick Ck. Merriwa
HUNT Samuel labourer Kellick Ck. Merriwa
ISAACS John H. storekeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
JOHNSTON Charles overseer Collaroy Merriwa
KNIGHT John selector Eden Grove Merriwa
LAIRD J. selector Mt. Terrell, Coulson's Ck. Merriwa
LAIRD John --- Coulson's Ck. Merriwa
LAIRD William farmer Coulson's Ck. Merriwa
LAWLER James selector Tara Hall Merriwa
LAWLESS John selector Bobialla Ck. Merriwa
LAWLESS Owen selector Bobialla Ck. Merriwa
LAWLESS Patrick storekeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
LEGGETT William carrier Oxley's Ck. Merriwa
LOGAN Patrick shepherd Brindley Park Merriwa
LOGAN Patrick stockman Collaroy Merriwa
LONDON James surveyor Bow Ck. Merriwa
LONDON John surveyor Bow Ck. Merriwa
LOWSON George surgeon Terragong Merriwa
LYONS Isaac shepherd Gilli Gilli Merriwa
MALONE Charles tailor Bow St. Merriwa
MARGETTS Henry constable Vanagher St. Merriwa
MARSH John shepherd Gilli Gilli Merriwa
MEAD David selector Poggy Forest Merriwa
MORAN James drover Rosenthorne Merriwa
MORTAL James bootmaker Bettington St. Merriwa
MUNRO William carrier Bettington St. Merriwa
MURPHY John labourer Blazland St. Merriwa
MURRAY Edward cook Bettington St. Merriwa
MCDONALD Farquhar overseer McCartney St. Merriwa
MCDONALD Philip jun. carpenter Tanks Merriwa
MCDONALD Philip carpenter Tanks Merriwa
MCKENZIE Charles blacksmith Collaroy Merriwa
MCNAUGHT John carrier Bettington St. Merriwa
MCNAUGHT William stockman Cullingral Merriwa
MCRAE Alexander storekeeper Collaroy Merriwa
MCRAE Allen grazier Mountain Station Ck. Merriwa
MCRAE C. grazier Mountain Station Ck. Merriwa
MCRAE Robert selector Middle Ck. Merriwa
MCRAE William labourer Middle Ck. Merriwa
NELSON William saddler Bettington St. Merriwa
NIXON William labourer Coolie Cottage Merriwa
NOBLE Isaac overseer Collaroy Merriwa
O'BRIAN James carrier Blaxland St. Merriwa
PAGE Luke --- Brindley Park Merriwa
PAGE Peter shepherd Brindley Park Merriwa
PARFIT John shepherd Judy Kelly's Ck. Merriwa
PARFIT Mrs. Maria --- McKenzie St. Merriwa
PEARSON George storekeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
PEBERDY James innkeeper Hall's Ck. Merriwa
PENSON James stockman Terragong Merriwa
PITT George farmer Bow Ck. Merriwa
POTTS Edward storekeeper Brindley Park Merriwa
PRICE John labourer --- Merriwa
PRING George labourer Terragong Merriwa
PRIOR Owen shepherd Gundebri Merriwa
RAY William shepherd Brindley Park Merriwa
READ William post & telegraph master Bettington St. Merriwa
ROCHE Thomas shepherd Krui Ck. Merriwa
RONAN John shepherd Cullingral Merriwa
ROPER John sheep inspector Bettington St. Merriwa
SAVAGE John shepherd Judy Kelly's Ck. Merriwa
SEYMOUR John stockman Middle Ck. Merriwa
SIMMONS James selector Spring Ck. Merriwa
SIMMONS John jun. selector Cream of Tartar Ck. Merriwa
SIMMONS John carpenter Bow St. Merriwa
SMALL James W. constable Vanagher St. Merriwa
SMITH Mrs. Ann storekeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
SMITH Thomas teacher Smith's Rivulet Merriwa
SOTTER Fred. selector Cream of Tartar Ck. Merriwa
SPRATT Charles selector High Park Merriwa
THOMPSON Mrs. Ann innkeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
THORLEY Wm. selector Wappinguy Ck. Merriwa
TRAILL Rowland squatter Collaroy Merriwa
TUITE Mrs. Bridget innkeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
TUITE Henry carrier Bettington St. Merriwa
WALKER John storekeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
WALMSLEY Wm. blacksmith Bettington St. Merriwa
WATSON William selector Collaroy Merriwa
WEAVER H. horse breaker Bettington St. Merriwa
WHITE James contractor Bettington St. Merriwa
WHITE John poundkeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
WICKS Nathaniel stockman Cullingral Merriwa
WINTER Michael labourer Blaxland St. Merriwa
WITNEY Henry storekeeper Bettington St. Merriwa
WORRELL Mrs. Martha --- Vanagher St. Merriwa
YOUNG Frederick mason Bettington St. Merriwa
YOUNG Mrs. Abigail dairy Bettington St. Merriwa


Page 325
Distance 216 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7.1 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Tuesday, Friday 2 a.m
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.15 a.m
Route - Rail Goulburn, coach Michelago

BALDWIN Daniel farmer Tindra Vale Michelago
BAMFORD Charles constable --- Michelago
BAMFORD Mrs. --- --- Michelago
CAMERON Donald shepherd Waterholes Michelago
CAMERON Hugh shepherd Waterholes Michelago
CAMERON Kenneth squatter Waterholes Michelago
CAMERON Robert squatter Burra Michelago
CARROLL Anne --- --- Michelago
CARROLL Michael constable --- Michelago
COSGROVE Eleanor --- Billingree Michelago
COSGROVE Ellen --- Billingree Michelago
COSGROVE John squatter Billingree Michelago
COSGROVE John jun. squatter Billingree Michelago
COSGROVE Mary --- Billingree Michelago
COSGROVE William squatter Bulimamang Michelago
COTTER Ann --- --- Michelago
COTTER Catherine --- --- Michelago
COTTER Garrett squatter --- Michelago
COTTER James farmer Demanelering Michelago
COTTER Michael farmer --- Michelago
CRIMMINS Denis blacksmith --- Michelago
CRUICKSHANK John shepherd --- Michelago
CULLEN John innkeeper Bunyar Michelago
CUMMINS John farmer --- Michelago
CUMMINS Michael farmer Burra Michelago
DOYLE Morris barman --- Michelago
EAGAN Thomas farmer --- Michelago
EDWARDS --- overseer --- Michelago
FERGUS Charles farmer Tamwood Michelago
FERGUS James farmer Glen Fergus Michelago
FERGUS John farmer Bredbo Michelago
FERINGSTON Mrs. Ellen --- --- Michelago
FERRIS Bernard shepherd --- Michelago
FOREST James gardener --- Michelago
FOREST Mrs. --- --- Michelago
HANAFRORD --- contractor Bredbo Michelago
HARMAN Henry farmer --- Michelago
HARMAN Thomas farmer --- Michelago
HAYES Michael storekeeper --- Michelago
HAYES Mrs. Ellen postmistress --- Michelago
HIGGINS Edward --- --- Michelago
HOLDEN James farmer Burra Michelago
JACKSON Michael farmer Mt. Welcome Michelago
JACKSON Robert squatter Spring Ck. Michelago
JACKSON William farmer Spring Ck. Michelago
JACOBS John teacher --- Michelago
KELLY Ann --- Spring Ck. Michelago
KELLY Jane --- Spring Ck. Michelago
KELLY John --- --- Michelago
KELLY Mary --- --- Michelago
KELLY Patrick farmer --- Michelago
KELLY William farmer Spring Valley Michelago
KENNEDY Thomas innkeeper --- Michelago
KLUSE Koopman farmer Rocks Michelago
LARGE Thomas farmer --- Michelago
LAWLER James farmer Burra Michelago
LEACH John labourer Tindra Vale Michelago
LEACH William farmer Tindra Vale Michelago
LENAN F. farmer --- Michelago
LIVINGSTON William storekeeper --- Michelago
LLOYD William shepherd --- Michelago
MAGUIRE Mrs. --- --- Michelago
MAGUIRE William carpenter --- Michelago
MARES Margaret servant --- Michelago
MOOR James farmer Burra Michelago
MCTERNAN Hugh grazier Mt. Alen Michelago
MCTERNAN Thomas farmer --- Michelago
ORR Andrew farmer E;;erslee Michelago
ORR David farmer Ellerslee Michelago
ORR Peter farmer Ellerslee Michelago
ORR William farmer --- Michelago
POPHAM Richard --- --- Michelago
REDDON Patrick farmer --- Michelago
ROACH Catherine --- Jingra Michelago
ROACH John farmer Jingra Michelago
ROACH Margaret --- Jingra Michelago
ROACH Thomas --- Rocks Michelago
ROSS Edwin --- Tindra Vale Michelago
ROSS Elizabeth --- --- Michelago
RYRIE Alexander --- --- Michelago
RYRIE Mrs. Alexander --- --- Michelago
RYRIE Edith --- --- Michelago
SHANAHAN Denis --- --- Michelago
SHANAHAN Mrs. Ann --- --- Michelago
SHANAHAN Thomas --- --- Michelago
THOMAS John --- Bredbo Michelago
WARE Alfred --- --- Michelago
WARE Elizabeth --- --- Michelago
WARE Patrick --- --- Michelago


Page 326
Distance 141 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday 1 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday 7.30 a.m
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday 7 a.m
Route - Rail and Cobb's coach Bathurst, 16m. Millamurra

BAAR James miner Quartz Ridge Millamurra
BELL Sarah teacher --- Millamurra
BENNETT John miner Dam Ck. Millamurra
BOARD James grazier Willow Glen Millamurra
CAREY Patrick farmer --- Millamurra
CONURDINE John farmer Duramana Millamurra
CRANTON John innkeeper Duramana Millamurra
DALEY James farmer --- Millamurra
DILLON James shepherd --- Millamurra
DITHON Catherine grazier --- Millamurra
DODD George farmer --- Millamurra
DODD Samuel farmer --- Millamurra
FITZGIBBONS Catherine housemaid --- Millamurra
FITZGIBBONS Simon --- --- Millamurra
FORMULL William miner Quartz Ridge Millamurra
GODFREY Joseph farmer Duramana Millamurra
GOFFNEY Bryne miner Dam Ck. Millamurra
GREEN Elizabeth farmer --- Millamurra
GREEN Henry farmer --- Millamurra
GUN Alfred shepherd --- Millamurra
HALL Joseph farmer --- Millamurra
HALL Martha farmer --- Millamurra
HALL William farmer --- Millamurra
HARTLEY James --- --- Millamurra
HEALEY Catherine housemaid --- Millamurra
HEALEY Daniel farmer --- Millamurra
HORN Richard miner Dam Ck. Millamurra
MEED William labourer --- Millamurra
MINAN Charles miner Pool Fornor Millamurra
MINAN Walter miner Pool Fornor Millamurra
MURPHY Edward shepherd --- Millamurra
MYERS Sarah storekeeper Duramana Millamurra
MCGARRY Esther S. farmer --- Millamurra
MCGARRY John --- --- Millamurra
O'SULLIVAN James teacher --- Millamurra
RAMPH John miner Dam Ck. Millamurra
SMITH Charles shepherd --- Millamurra
SMITH William farmer --- Millamurra
SPARKES Urban innkeeper --- Millamurra
STACEY Robert miner --- Millamurra
SUTTOR Edward farmer --- Millamurra
SUTTOR John G. farmer --- Millamurra
TACKER George miner Winburndale Ck. Millamurra
TAYLOR John miner Quartz Ridge Millamurra
THOMAS William miner Winburndale Ck. Millamurra
TUKUP James miner --- Millamurra
TUKUP John miner --- Millamurra
WHEELER William shepherd --- Millamurra


Miller's Forest
Page 326
Distance 97 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily (Sunday excepted) 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted)
Mail leaves for Sydney, daily (Sunday excepted)
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route - Steam Raymond Terrace, punt across river, 4m. Miller's Forest; or via steam Morpeth, 4m. Miller's Forest.

ANDERSON William mason Duckenfield Miller's Forest
BISBY George farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
BISBY John farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
BOWEN Cornelius farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
BOWLES Richard blacksith Duckhole Miller's Forest
BRODERICK Patrick farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
BULL Daniel farmer Nelson's Plains Miller's Forest
CAMPBELL John farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
CARMEY Simon farmer --- Miller's Forest
CARMEY Thomas farmer --- Miller's Forest
CARMODY Michael farmer Nelson's Plains Miller's Forest
CARPENTER Edward farmer --- Miller's Forest
CARPENTER Henry S. farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
CARPENTER James farmer --- Miller's Forest
CARPENTER Tristan D. farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
CASEY Denis farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
CASEY John farmer Alnwick Miller's Forest
CHAFFE Peter farmer Duckenfield Miller's Forest
COCHRANE John H. farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
COOK John farmer --- Miller's Forest
COOMBES William farmer --- Miller's Forest
COOTE Edward farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
COOTE Frederick S. farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
COOTE James farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
COOTE John farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
CORBET William farmer --- Miller's Forest
CRIDLAND Henry farmer --- Miller's Forest
CUNNINGHAM Patrick farmer --- Miller's Forest
DALBY Patrick farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
DAVIS Daniel farmer Woodbury Miller's Forest
DEAN William farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
DENNETT John farmer Nelson's Plains Miller's Forest
DODKIN William farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
DOHERTY Patrick farmer --- Miller's Forest
DOWNING William wheelwright Berry Park Miller's Forest
DUNN David farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
EAGAN Richard farmer --- Miller's Forest
ELKIN James farmer --- Miller's Forest
FRASER Alexander farmer Garve Miller's Forest
FRASER Hugh farmer Viewfield Miller's Forest
GALLON James farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
GARNER Edward farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
GILLIES Donald farmer --- Miller's Forest
GILLIES Malcolm farmer --- Miller's Forest
GILLIGAN Patrick farmer --- Miller's Forest
GREAVES John farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
GREEN John farmer Portree Miller's Forest
GREEN John teacher Lidney Miller's Forest
GRICE Matthew farmer --- Miller's Forest
GRICE William labourer --- Miller's Forest
HARROLD Michael farmer Osterley Miller's Forest
HAVILAND Francis poundkeeper Duckhole Miller's Forest
HAWKINS Phillip farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
HEASLIP John farmer Duckenfield Miller's Forest
HICKEY Allen landholder Duckhole Miller's Forest
HICKEY Allen R. farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
HICKEY John farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
HICKEY William farmer Duckenfield Miller's Forest
HILL John farmer Alnwick Miller's Forest
HILL Martin farmer Alnwick Miller's Forest
KENEDY Patrick gardener Duckenfield Miller's Forest
KING William farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
LANCASTER George D. farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
LAW Thomas farmer --- Miller's Forest
MACAULIFFE P. grazier Nelson's Plains Miller's Forest
MALONEY Michael farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
MANARA David farmer Duckhole Miller's Forest
MARKHAM Helen farmer Osterley Miller's Forest
MARKHAM Patrick farmer Green Rock Miller's Forest
MARTIN William farmer --- Miller's Forest
MONKLEY Joseph farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
MORROW William farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
MOY James farmer --- Miller's Forest
MOY Patrick farmer Alnwick Miller's Forest
MULQUEENEY Michael farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
MCALPIN Michael dealer Lidney Miller's Forest
MCCRIMMON Kenneth farmer --- Miller's Forest
MCDONAGH Adam farmer --- Miller's Forest
MCDONAGH Charles farmer --- Miller's Forest
MCGUIRE Robert farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
MCKEE Patrick farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
MCPHERSON Alexander farmer --- Miller's Forest
MCPHERSON Archibald farmer --- Miller's Forest
NALLY John farmer --- Miller's Forest
NEALE Henry farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
NEALE John carrier Berry Park Miller's Forest
NOONAN Patrick farmer --- Miller's Forest
NORLEY Charles farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
O'BRIEN John farmer --- Miller's Forest
O'BRIEN Michael farmer --- Miller's Forest
O'BRIEN Thomas farmer --- Miller's Forest
O'BRIEN Thomas farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
O'HEARN Patrick farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
O'SALLAGHAN Timothy teacher --- Miller's Forest
OSBORN Richard farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
PARNELL Charles squatter Edithville Miller's Forest
PEACOCK Henry farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
PEACOCK Isaac farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
PHILPOT Richard farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
PULVER John W. farmer Osterley Miller's Forest
PURCELL Edward farmer Duckenfield Miller's Forest
RICH William dealer Berry Park Miller's Forest
REAVELL Henry farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
ROBINSON Helen farmer --- Miller's Forest
ROURKE John grazier Booroora Miller's Forest
RYAN Jeremiah farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
SANDERS James farmer Alnwick Miller's Forest
SAUNDERS James farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
SHANNON Patrick farmer Green Rock Miller's Forest
SHEILDS Matthew farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
SIMONDS John farmer Alnwick Miller's Forest
SMITH Matthew farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
SMITH Patrick farmer --- Miller's Forest
SPENCE John farmer Lidney Miller's Forest
SULLIVAN Thomas farmer Duckenfield Miller's Forest
TROY Michael farmer Woodberry Miller's Forest
TYNAN Michael farmer Duck Hole Miller's Forest
WHITE Benjamin farmer Alnwick Miller's Forest
WORBOYS Jabez farmer Edithville Miller's Forest


Page 327
Distance 122 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 3.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings.
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail West Maitland, coach Millfield.
ARKINSTALL Abraham farmer --- Millfield
BAKER Henry farmer --- Millfield
BAKER John F. farmer --- Millfield
BRIDGE John farmer --- Millfield
BRIDGE Thomas farmer --- Millfield
BURNAGE William A. teacher --- Millfield
CABAN Francis farmer --- Millfield
CABAN James sawyer --- Millfield
CABAN Thomas farmer --- Millfield
CAMERON Colin farmer Ellalong Millfield
CLARKE James farmer --- Millfield
CLARKE John farmer --- Millfield
CLARKE John sen. farmer --- Millfield
CODY John carrier --- Millfield
COLLYER Thomas jun. farmer --- Millfield
COLLYER Thomas sen. farmer --- Millfield
CRAFT John farmer --- Millfield
CRAFT William farmer --- Millfield
CROTHERS Alexander miller --- Millfield
CUMMINS James farmer Ellalong Millfield
DUNCAN John farmer --- Millfield
EDMUNDS Edward farmer Congewai Millfield
EDMUNDS Isaac farmer Congewai Millfield
EDMUNDS Stephen E. storekeeper --- Millfield
ELLEM James farmer --- Millfield
EVANS Evan W. innkeeper --- Millfield
FERNANCE Joseph farmer --- Millfield
GALLAGHER David blacksmith --- Millfield
HAVERTY Michael labourer --- Millfield
HAVERTY Patrick farmer --- Millfield
HAYES Michael farmer Ellalong Millfield
HEWIN Samuel carpenter --- Millfield
HINCHCLIFFE Edwin storekeeper --- Millfield
HOWELL James farmer --- Millfield
LUMBY Jacob farmer --- Millfield
MASTERS James farmer --- Millfield
MITCHELL Charles farmer --- Millfield
MITCHELL George farmer --- Millfield
MITCHELL James farmer --- Millfield
MITCHELL William farmer --- Millfield
MORTON Andrew farmer --- Millfield
MORTON Samuel farmer --- Millfield
MCDONALD Charles farmer --- Millfield
MCDONALD Charles sen. farmer --- Millfield
PATTERSON Thomas farmer --- Millfield
REGAN John farmer --- Millfield
SPRING David grazier --- Millfield
STEARNS John labourer --- Millfield
SWEETMAN William farmer --- Millfield
SWEETMAN William jun. farmer --- Millfield
WALMSLEY John farmer --- Millfield
WATSON Thomas labourer --- Millfield
WILLIS George farmer --- Millfield
WOODLAND Joseph storekeeper --- Millfield


Page 328
Distance 155 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 9 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Monday, Wednesday 2 p.m
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Steam Ulladulla, 4m. Milton

ADCROFT Saml. farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
ALCORN Mrs. farmer Woodburn Milton
ALLEN John farmer Avenal Milton
ALLEN Rev. C. (Congregational) Croobyar Milton
AVERY William sawyer --- Milton
BAMFIELD Jas. farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
BARTLETT Richard labourer Mount Airlie Milton
BAXTER Andrew farmer --- Milton
BAXTER Robert farmer Wandaree Milton
BEATTIE Charles farmer --- Milton
BERRY Myles farmer --- Milton
BICKNILL John farmer --- Milton
BICKNILL John jun. farmer --- Milton
BOAG David farmer Burril Milton
BOYLE Frederick farmer Conjola Milton
BOYLE Terence farmer Conjola Milton
BRODIE Thomas farmer Burril Milton
BROOKS Benjamin farmer Croobyar Milton
BROOKS Charles farmer Croobyar Milton
BROOKS Edward farmer Croobyar Milton
BROOKS Thomas farmer Croobyar Milton
BUDSON William farmer Kingaman Milton
BYRON William farmer Croobyar Milton
CAMRAGE John farmer --- Milton
CARROL James bootmaker --- Milton
CASHMAN William carpenter --- Milton
CHEADLE John carpenter --- Milton
CLARK John cooper --- Milton
CLAVEN Patrick sawyer --- Milton
CLAYDON Henry farmer --- Milton
CLAYDON Nathan farmer Little Forest Milton
COE Gabriel farmer Woodburn Milton
COLLIE Uriah farmer Wandaree Milton
CONLEY John farmer Conjola Milton
CORK James farmer --- Milton
CORK Robert farmer --- Milton
CORK William farmer --- Milton
CROFT John carpenter --- Milton
CURTISS James labourer Kendall Dale Milton
CURTISS John labourer Big Hole Milton
DAIRS Daniel farmer --- Milton
DAIRS Samuel farmer --- Milton
DARGIN John W. bank manager --- Milton
DIEL Jacob labourer --- Milton
DIEL Lenora farmer Kingaman Milton
DONAGHUE Patrick farmer Little Forest Milton
DOWNEY P. teacher Armstrong's Forest Milton
DOYLE John sawyer Corowa Milton
DUFFY Alexander farmer Conjola Milton
EGAN Edward labourer Ulladulla Milton
EGAN Patrick farmer Conjola Milton
EGAN Philip farmer --- Milton
EGAN William farmer --- Milton
ERSKINE --- labourer Croobyar Milton
EWIN William farmer Woodstock Milton
FAULKS John --- --- Milton
FAULKS William farmer --- Milton
FIELDS John labourer --- Milton
FITCH Henry labourer Woodburn Milton
FOWLER George blacksmith --- Milton
FOWLER John labourer --- Milton
FRANCIS William saddler --- Milton
FRY Edward sawyer --- Milton
GANED Daniel farmer --- Milton
GANED John farmer --- Milton
GANED Robert farmer --- Milton
GANED Samuel farmer --- Milton
GANED Thomas farmer --- Milton
GANED William farmer --- Milton
GARDINER James farmer Woodstock Milton
GINNLEY Henry farmer Croobyar Milton
GLANVILLE William farmer Kirmington Milton
GORDON Alexander labourer Woodstock Milton
GOULD Thomas farmer --- Milton
GRAYDON John farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
GREER Thomas labourer --- Milton
GUTHRIE John farmer Woodstock Milton
GUTHRIE Thomas farmer Woodburn Milton
HALL Fred. Storekeeper &
--- Milton
HAMON John labourer --- Milton
HANGHEY John farmer Conjola Milton
HAPGOOD William labourer --- Milton
HART Sarah farmer Bushy Park Milton
HARVEY Charles farmer --- Milton
HESSIAN John farmer --- Milton
HESSIAN Thomas farmer --- Milton
HESSIAN Thomas jun. farmer --- Milton
HINDMARSH William farmer Croobyar Milton
HOBBS Frank farmer Woodstock Milton
HOBBS Thomas farmer Avenal Milton
HUNT William farmer --- Milton
ILOTT George sawyer --- Milton
ILOTT Thomas farmer --- Milton
INGOLD John farmer Little Forest Milton
IVIRNY Thomas surgeon --- Milton
JACKSON Nelson labourer Narrawelly Milton
JARRARD John farmer --- Milton
JINKS William dealer --- Milton
JONES Richard farmer Abialbon Milton
JONES William farmer --- Milton
KELLY Gerald labourer --- Milton
KENDALL Edward farmer Kermington Milton
KENDALL John farmer Kendall Dale Milton
KENDALL Thomas farmer Whoppendaly Milton
KENDALL William farmer Mimosa Milton
KENNEDY Donald farmer --- Milton
KERR William tailor --- Milton
KENLIN Thomas labourer Woodstock Milton
KNAPP Stephen farmer Wandaree Milton
LANEY Thomas farmer --- Milton
LATTA John farmer Abialbon Milton
LEVER William labourer --- Milton
LIVINGSTONE James farmer Conjola Milton
LIVINGSTONE John farmer --- Milton
MALONEY John farmer Molymook Milton
MARTIN John farmer Croobyar Milton
MARTIN William farmer --- Milton
MASON Henry labourer Woodstock Milton
MASON Joseph farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
MATTHEWS W. H. storekeeper's assistant --- Milton
MILLARD Andrew farmer Little Forest Milton
MILLARD Henry farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
MILLARD Jesse farmer Little Forest Milton
MILLARD R. jun. farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
MILLER John farmer Narrawelly Milton
MITCHELL Thomas storekeeper Bushy Park Milton
MONTGOMERY James brickmaker --- Milton
MOON Henry labourer --- Milton
MOON John labourer Mount Airlie Milton
MOON William labourer --- Milton
MOORE John farmer --- Milton
MUDGE John labourer --- Milton
MUDGE Nicholas labourer --- Milton
MUNN Walter carpenter Milton
MURRAY C. farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
MURRAY Charles jun. farmer Avondale Milton
MURRAY James farmer Riss Mere Milton
MURRAY Philip farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
MCARTHUR Adam storekeeper Conjola Milton
MCGEE Charles farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
NCGEE N. farmer --- Milton
MCGEE Thomas auctioneer --- Milton
MCGUIRE James labourer --- Milton
MCGUIRE James sen. farmer Conjola Milton
MCGUIRE Patrick farmer --- Milton
MCLEAN A. farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
MCLEAN W. farmer Kendall Dale Milton
MCMAHON C. farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
MCMAHON Edward farmer --- Milton
MCMAHON Francis farmer --- Milton
MCMAHON T. farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
MCPHILLAMY Edward labourer Woodstock Milton
NEWTON Joseph farmer Kingaman Milton
NORRIS John labourer --- Milton
O'BRIEN Laurence farmer Croobyar Milton
OWEN Thomas farmer Burril Milton
PANTLIN James farmer Conjola Milton
PARSONS Rev. Adin (Wesleyan) --- Milton
PATTIMORE John farmer Conjola Milton
PEARCE John labourer --- Milton
PEARCE Solomon labourer --- Milton
PEARCE William labourer --- Milton
PENDER George farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
PENDER James farmer Conjola Milton
PENDER Thomas butcher --- Milton
PETTY Joseph farmer Little Forest Milton
PEZET John carpenter --- Milton
PIERMAN Daniel farmer --- Milton
POPS George labourer --- Milton
PORTER John carpenter --- Milton
PRICE George farmer Kingaman Milton
RILEY William builder --- Milton
ROBERTS David farmer --- Milton
ROBERTS John baker --- Milton
ROBERTSON William labourer Kingaman Milton
ROBINSON Frederick labourer --- Milton
ROBINSON George farmer Burrengee Milton
RUSSEL J. J. innkeeper --- Milton
RUTTER John J. teacher Woodstock Milton
SECCOMBE Roger farmer Eyrie Bourie Milton
SHAY Edward farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
SHEAFFE P. H. farmer Yattah Yattah Milton
SHIPTON Abraham farmer Little Forest Milton
SHRIBBS Mrs. farmer --- Milton
SMART James farmer Croobyar Milton
SMITH Thomas farmer Croobyar Milton
SOMERS John farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
SPARKES Thomas farmer Conjola Milton
STOKES George labourer --- Milton
TEMPLE M. farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
THISTLETON Towerby farmer Broomen Milton
TRAPP James labourer --- Milton
TUCKERMAN W. H. farmer Little Forest Milton
TYDEMAN Mrs. innkeeper --- Milton
VICK James W. teacher --- Milton
WARD Brian labourer Boolagatta Milton
WARD Patrick farmer Armstrong's Forest Milton
WARDEN James farmer Boolagatta Milton
WAREHAM John V. CPS Ulladulla Milton
WATTS Daniel bootmaker --- Milton
WHATMAN John farmer --- Milton
WHATMAN Joseph farmer Berrenger Milton
WHEATLY W. A. innkeeper Ulladulla Milton
WHITE Samuel labourer Armstrong's Forest Milton
WHITTIK Abraham bootmaker Ulladulla Milton
WILFORD William H. farmer Loch Leven Milton
WILLMOTT John labourer Woodstock Milton
WILLMOTT William labourer Croobyar Milton
WINDLEY William labourer --- Milton


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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