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Grevilles 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Marengo Marsden's Marulan Maryland Mathoura

Page 315
Distance 239 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Friday via Burrowa 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Saturday 8.30 a.m. via Burrowa.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Sunday 3 p.m. via Burrowa.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Tuesday via Burrowa 7.15 a.m.
Route - rail Goulburn, and Cobb's coach Young, 14m. Marengo

BAILEY Stephen farmer --- Marengo
BALL George labourer --- Marengo
BATKIN William farmer --- Marengo
BEATSON Josiah innkeeper Bendick Morrell Marengo
BENDLE John farmer --- Marengo
BRENNAN John farmer --- Marengo
BROUGHTON John grazier --- Marengo
BROUGHTON William grazier --- Marengo
BUTTENSHAW Henry blacksmith --- Marengo
CHEW Elizabeth innkeeper The Gap Marengo
CHEW Henry grazier The Gap Marengo
CHEW John grazier The Gap Marengo
CHURCH Walter jun. grazier --- Marengo
CROW Michael farmer --- Marengo
CULLEN Cornelius farmer --- Marengo
CUMMINGS Thomas farmer Calabash Marengo
D'ARCY Michael storekeeper --- Marengo
DRUM James constable --- Marengo
EADY James farmer Calabash Marengo
EADY Nathaniel farmer Calabash Marengo
EADY Thomas farmer --- Marengo
FAIRWEATHER James farmer --- Marengo
FANNING James farmer Calabash Marengo
FISHER Frederick labourer --- Marengo
FOSTER James grazier Bendick Morrell Marengo
GREEN George innkeeper Bang Bang Marengo
GREENWOOD Henry teacher --- Marengo
GROUNDS William --- The Gap Marengo
GUNNER James carpenter --- Marengo
HADDON John farmer --- Marengo
HANDCOCK Daniel farmer Bendick Morrell Marengo
HANDCOCK Joseph farmer Bendick Morrell Marengo
HARCOMBE George farmer --- Marengo
HARCOMBE James farmer --- Marengo
HARDMAN John farmer Bendick Morrell Marengo
HAYDEN James blacksmith --- Marengo
HAYDEN John farmer Calabash Marengo
HENLEY George farmer --- Marengo
HILL Edward labourer --- Marengo
HILL James labourer --- Marengo
HILL William labourer --- Marengo
KELLY Thomas grazier Calabash Marengo
KELLY William grazier Calabash Marengo
KERRINS Michael farmer Calabash Marengo
KERRINS Patrick farmer --- Marengo
LENNANE John farmer Calabash Marengo
LOWE James labourer --- Marengo
LYNCH Denis farmer --- Marengo
MARSDEN Thomas farmer Calabash Marengo
MEAGHER William teacher Calabash Marengo
MOLLOY James farmer Calabash Marengo These two belong to me and I only had to wait until halfway thru the alphabet!!! (web master taking liberties - Helen Castle (nee Malloy) ggrandaughter of James Molloy)
MOLLOY Michael farmer Calabash Marengo
MORGAN Edward butcher --- Marengo
MURRAY Thomas shepherd Calabash Marengo
MCGILL Andrew farmer --- Marengo
MCGRATH Michael farmer --- Marengo
NEAL John farmer --- Marengo
OAKES William storekeeper --- Marengo
O'BRIEN Henry labourer --- Marengo
O'CONNOR Michael farmer Calabash Marengo
O'CONNOR Patrick farmer --- Marengo
O'CONNORS Michael innkeeper --- Marengo
O'DEA Michael farmer Calabash Marengo
O'DEA Peter farmer Calabash Marengo
PARKMAN Ann grazier Calabash Marengo
PARKMAN James grazier Calabash Marengo
PECKHAM George gardener --- Marengo
PIKE Theodore farmer Calabash Marengo
PIKE William farmer Nine-Mile Crossing Marengo
POIGNAND James blacksmith --- Marengo
PRING John grazier Crowther Marengo
PRING Thomas grazier Crowther Marengo
QUIRK James farmer --- Marengo
ROBINSON James farmer Calabash Marengo
ROWAN Andrew farmer Bendick Morrell Marengo
RUSH Patrick farmer Calabash Marengo
RYAN Michael farmer Calabash Marengo
SAXON Jonathan carpenter --- Marengo
SCARR Richard grazier --- Marengo
STEVENS Robert S. postmaster --- Marengo
STONEHAM William farmer --- Marengo
SUTHERLAND William grazier The Gap Marengo
TAYLOR Charles labourer --- Marengo
TAYLOR George labourer --- Marengo
TENKINS James farmer Calabash Marengo
TINGEY George farmer Calabash Marengo
TOUT Samuel grazier Calabash Marengo
TROTH George shepherd Calabash Marengo
WEST William blacksmith --- Marengo
WHITE Patrick constable --- Marengo
WILLIAMS Edward farmer --- Marengo
WILSON Charles bricklayer --- Marengo
WOODBRIDGE James grazier Bang Bang Marengo
YUILL William bootmaker --- Marengo


Page 316
Distance 327 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Saturday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday 3 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday 9 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail and Cobb's coach Young, 82m. Marsden's

ATKINS James squatter --- Marsdens
ATKINS Mrs. S. freeholder --- Marsdens
ATKINS Thomas squatter --- Marsdens
ATKINS William squatter --- Marsdens
BARKER William labourer Humbug Marsdens
BROUGHTON A. H. B. squatter Humbug Marsdens
BURGE Daniel servant --- Marsdens
BURGE James servant --- Marsdens
BURGE William servant --- Marsdens
BURGE William sen. servant --- Marsdens
BUTLER Robert innkeeper --- Marsdens
CASE Henry labourer Humbug Marsdens
CLARKE Henry labourer --- Marsdens
COLLINS J. B. labourer --- Marsdens
COTTER Patrick labourer --- Marsdens
CULGAN A. labourer --- Marsdens
DALANEY John T. labourer --- Marsdens
DALTON John labourer --- Marsdens
DAVES H. G. labourer Humbug Marsdens
DAWER John labourer Bland Marsdens
DAY William labourer --- Marsdens
EARLE Edward labourer --- Marsdens
EASON George labourer Humbug Marsdens
ELLIOTT Richard labourer --- Marsdens
FLYN Thomas labourer --- Marsdens
FRASER Alexander labourer --- Marsdens
FRASER John labourer --- Marsdens
GIBSON F. F. squatter --- Marsdens
GIBSON W. T. squatter --- Marsdens
GLAYIER William labourer --- Marsdens
GRADY James servant Humbug Marsdens
GRADY M. labourer --- Marsdens
HARLAND Henry labourer --- Marsdens
HEIL William labourer Humbug Marsdens
HILL Samuel innkeeper Humbug Marsdens
HODGES John labourer Humbug Marsdens
HUNTER William labourer --- Marsdens
JAMIESON Phillip squatter Bland Marsdens
JOHNSON James labourer --- Marsdens
JONES Jones labourer --- Marsdens
JONES S. labourer --- Marsdens
KELLY James labourer --- Marsdens
KELLY James squatter Humbug Marsdens
KELLY John labourer --- Marsdens
KELLY Peter labourer --- Marsdens
LITHGOW Thomas labourer Humbug Marsdens
MARSDEN James squatter --- Marsdens
MARTYN Charles superintendent --- Marsdens
MILLER John servant Humbug Marsdens
MOLLOY D. labourer --- Marsdens
MOLLOY P. labourer --- Marsdens
MOSSY C. A. squatter --- Marsdens
MCFARLANE Thomas labourer Humbug Marsdens
MCNICOL David squatter --- Marsdens
MCNICOL William squatter --- Marsdens
NEWMAN Thomas squatter Humbug Marsdens
PHILLIPS E. A. squatter Humbug Marsdens
PHILLIPS Richard squatter Humbug Marsdens
POWEL Robert labourer --- Marsdens
RAY John servant Humbug Marsdens
RICHARDS George labourer Humbug Marsdens
RICHARDS Thomas --- --- Marsdens
RICHARDS W. jun. squatter Humbug Marsdens
RICHARDS W. sen. squatter --- Marsdens
RILEY John servant Humbug Marsdens
ROGERS James labourer --- Marsdens
SASKEY Michael labourer --- Marsdens
SHAW Samuel servant Humbug Marsdens
SHIRKEY James servant --- Marsdens
SINGLETON John labourer --- Marsdens
SMITH John selector --- Marsdens
SMITHERS John labourer --- Marsdens
STOUT George squatter Humbug Marsdens
TAYLOR James squatter Humbug Marsdens
TAYLOR Richard squatter Humbug Marsdens
TOUT James squatter Humbug Marsdens
TYNELL William labourer Humbug Marsdens
UMBLEBY William selector --- Marsdens
WALKER James labourer --- Marsdens
WALSH J. J. squatter Humbug Marsdens
WELLER John servant --- Marsdens
WELTON Benjamin labourer Humbug Marsdens
WHITE James squatter Humbug Marsdens
WHITE Thomas squatter Humbug Marsdens
WHITE William labourer --- Marsdens
WILLIAMS John labourer --- Marsdens
WILLIAMS Thomas innkeeper --- Marsdens
WOOD George squatter Humbug Marsdens
WOOD J. G. squatter Humbug Marsdens
WOOD Philip squatter Humbug Marsdens
WOOD Thomas squatter Humbug Marsdens
WOOD Thomas jun. squatter Humbug Marsdens
YOUNG John labourer --- Marsdens


Page 317
Distance 112 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 2.10 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 7 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Marulan - Mooroowoolen

BELL William sawyer Terrera Marulan
BRENNAN Kate charwoman --- Marulan
BRENNAN Mary charwoman --- Marulan
BROWN John overseer --- Marulan
CARRIGAN Mary innkeeper --- Marulan
COOK Steven labourer --- Marulan
DEAKLY Ellen --- --- Marulan
DRINNAN William grazier --- Marulan
ELLIS Alfred farmer Jerera Ck. Marulan
FITZGERALD George W. grazier Shilly Flats Marulan
FLETCHER James labourer Jerera Ck. Marulan
FULJAMES J. & R. storekeepers --- Marulan
HUGHES George sawyer Terrera Marulan
JENNINGS Elizabeth farmer --- Marulan
JONES Harry labourer --- Marulan
KELLY George contractor --- Marulan
KELLY Thomas constable --- Marulan
LENNON Mary teacher --- Marulan
MARSH William farmer Jerera Ck. Marulan
NOWLAN Thomas bootmaker --- Marulan
O'BRIEN Cornelius sawyer Terrera Marulan
O'BRIEN Thomas farmer Terrera Marulan
O'NIEL Anne --- --- Marulan
O'NEIL Eleanor postmistress --- Marulan
O'NEIL John poundkeeper --- Marulan
OSLINGTHON John labourer --- Marulan
PATHER Joseph bootmaker --- Marulan
PAYNE Job overseer Shilly Flats Marulan
PEPPER Henry farmer --- Marulan
PEPPER William farmer --- Marulan
PHILLIPS James labourer --- Marulan
REID Ellen servant --- Marulan
RIPPON Henry farmer --- Marulan
SIMPSON George farmer Jerera Ck. Marulan
SMITH John labourer --- Marulan
SPRIGGS Robert labourer --- Marulan
TICKNER Edward farmer --- Marulan
WADE William blacksmith --- Marulan
WALCH Nicholas bootmaker --- Marulan
WHEATLY Ellen --- --- Marulan


Page 318
Distance 565 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Thursday noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday, Sunday 11 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings.
Route - Steam Grafton; or steam Brisbane, rail Warwick, 35m. Maryland.

ASPINALL John selector Parrot Gap Maryland
BAMBERRY William shepherd --- Maryland
BARLETT William shepherd --- Maryland
BEROLD Michael selector Rosenthat Maryland
BREEN James shepherd --- Maryland
BROWN John drover --- Maryland
BURTON Charles shepherd --- Maryland
BUTLER David carrier Rosenthat Maryland
BUTLER James carrier Rosenthat Maryland
BUTLER Job stockman Undercliffe Maryland
CATON Thomas shepherd --- Maryland
CHALMERS William --- --- Maryland
CHAPMAN Edmund shepherd --- Maryland
CHAPMAN Robert overseer --- Maryland
CRONAN George shepherd --- Maryland
CRONAN John shepherd --- Maryland
CULLEN A. R. squatter Undercliffe Maryland
CULLEN Mrs. A. K. --- Undercliffe Maryland
DAVIS James carpenter --- Maryland
DAVIS Mrs. J. --- --- Maryland
DWYER Martin carrier --- Maryland
DWYER Michael shepherd --- Maryland
DWYER William --- --- Maryland
EINAM William woodman --- Maryland
FAGG George innkeeper --- Maryland
FLINT John bushman --- Maryland
FLINT Mrs. R. --- --- Maryland
FLINT Robert stockman --- Maryland
FOGG Mrs. G. --- --- Maryland
FOLLARD John gardener --- Maryland
FREDERICK John woodman --- Maryland
GREEN Charles horse breaker --- Maryland
GREEN George horse breaker --- Maryland
GREEN William horse breaker --- Maryland
GREENUP A. superintendent --- Maryland
GRIER Joseph labourer --- Maryland
HARDLE William selector Rosenthat Maryland
HARDY John W. carrier --- Maryland
HARDY Mrs. W. --- --- Maryland
HARDY William storekeeper --- Maryland
HART Nicholas groom --- Maryland
HILL G. L. sub-collector Customs --- Maryland
IRWIN John shepherd --- Maryland
JOHNSTON John selector --- Maryland
JOHNSTON John sen. selector --- Maryland
JONES Henry overseer --- Maryland
KEMP Charles bushman --- Maryland
KEMP William shepherd --- Maryland
KEOGH James shepherd --- Maryland
KNIGHT John --- --- Maryland
LAKE Octavius blacksmith --- Maryland
LOMAX Mrs. --- --- Maryland
LOMAX Charles James shepherd --- Maryland
LOMAX John shepherd --- Maryland
MARSH George superintendent Acacia Ck. Maryland
MESTON Miss --- Undercliffe Maryland
MOHR John --- --- Maryland
MONAGHAN Patrick shearer --- Maryland
MOOR John blacksmith --- Maryland
NEEDHAM Charles --- --- Maryland
O'BRIEN Richard shepherd --- Maryland
PARK John shearer --- Maryland
REEVES George shepherd --- Maryland
REID Alexander stockman --- Maryland
REID Ralph overseer --- Maryland
RUBIE Charles stockman Undercliffe Maryland
RYLEY Charles --- --- Maryland
SMITH James Dunbar manager Korelah Maryland
SHUTTE Charles shepherd --- Maryland
SHWETTMAN John wool presser --- Maryland
SINYZERLING Henry shepherd --- Maryland
THUMPKIN James shepherd --- Maryland
WRIGHT William shearer --- Maryland


Page 319
Distance 512 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 11.45 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Steam Melbourne, rail Echuca, coach Deniliquin, coach Mathoura.

ALLEN Mrs. selector Yellow Water Holes, Moria Mathoura
ARTHUR William farmer Cornalla Station Mathoura
BARBOUR R. proprietor saw mills Cornella Mathoura
BERRILL George selector Cornalla Station Mathoura
BROWN Charles farmer --- Mathoura
BROWN Charles selector Cornella Mathoura
BURTON Henry postmaster --- Mathoura
BURTON Henry innkeeper & storekeeper --- Mathoura
CAMPBELL Duncan selector --- Mathoura
CAMPBELL D. W. farmer --- Mathoura
CARPENTER John W. --- --- Mathoura
CLARK Thomas selector --- Mathoura
COOPER Edward innkeeper --- Mathoura
COULTS Frank farmer Cornalla Station Mathoura
CRUMP Robert dairy --- Mathoura
CRUMP Robert selector Moria Mathoura
CRUMP William teamster --- Mathoura
EASTBURN James W. fishmonger --- Mathoura
FAHTMAN Henry selector --- Mathoura
FITZGERALD Michael baker Cornella Mathoura
GIFFORD S. manager Mathowra Station Mathoura
GRACEY Hugh vigneron Moria Mathoura
GWYDER John boundary rider --- Mathoura
HARTING John --- --- Mathoura
HUNT Richard fisherman --- Mathoura
INGRAM J. V. labourer Cornella Mathoura
IRONS Mrs. James farmer Tarragon Farm Mathoura
JOHNSTON George drover --- Mathoura
JOHNSTON G. J. overseer Mathowra Station Mathoura
MCLAURIN Alex. squatter Morocco Station Mathoura
MCLAURIN J. W. superintendent Cornalla Station Mathoura
MCLAURIN Robert squatter Cornalla Station Mathoura
MCMEEKEN P. J. manager Cornalla Station Mathoura
O'SHANNESSEY J. S. squatter Moria Station Mathoura
PETTY George superintendent Cornella Mathoura
PHILLIPS A. teacher --- Mathoura
REID Andrew blacksmith --- Mathoura
REID Matthew carpenter Cornella Mathoura
ROBERTS James G. selector Binyorka Mathoura
ROWE John carpenter --- Mathoura
SCHRIVER Henry labourer --- Mathoura
SUNTILLA John farmer Cornella Mathoura
WALTERS Robert farmer Tarragon Farm Mathoura
WALTHOUR John selector Morocco Station Mathoura
WEBB John carpenter --- Mathoura
WILLIAMSON David foreman Cornella Mathoura
WILLIAMSON James clerk Cornella Mathoura
WILLOUGHBY John selector --- Mathoura
WINTER Frederick boundary rider --- Mathoura


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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