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Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Jacqua Jamberoo Jembaicumbene Jereelderie Jerry's Plains

Page 249
Distance 135 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday 11.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday 11 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Marulan via Bungonia 15m. Jacqua

ANDREWS Edward --- --- Jacqua
BADHAM George --- --- Jacqua
BARRY George --- --- Jacqua
BOLT William --- --- Jacqua
BOLTON Charles --- --- Jacqua
BOLTON James --- --- Jacqua
BOWEN William miner --- Jacqua
BOYD John --- --- Jacqua
BOYD William --- --- Jacqua
CANNON George --- --- Jacqua
CARROLL Charles --- --- Jacqua
CARROLL Joseph --- --- Jacqua
CUCKNAN Robert --- --- Jacqua
DEANE William --- --- Jacqua
DUNN John --- --- Jacqua
ECSLUSLEY John --- --- Jacqua
EDWARDS James --- --- Jacqua
ELLIS John --- --- Jacqua
FOWLER Henry --- --- Jacqua
FOX Alfred --- --- Jacqua
FOX Thomas --- --- Jacqua
FROST Frederick --- --- Jacqua
FROST William --- --- Jacqua
GOODWIN Hugh --- --- Jacqua
GOODWIN John --- --- Jacqua
GOODWIN Thomas --- --- Jacqua
GORDON Charles --- --- Jacqua
GOWEN Francis --- --- Jacqua
GYLARD Samuel farmer --- Jacqua
HARDIE John --- --- Jacqua
HEADE John --- --- Jacqua
HICKEY Charles --- --- Jacqua
HICKEY John --- --- Jacqua
HICKEY Samuel --- --- Jacqua
HIDDEY James --- --- Jacqua
HILL William --- --- Jacqua
HINSHING Thomas --- --- Jacqua
HOCKEY Robert farmer Yomas Springs Jacqua
HOCKEY William --- --- Jacqua
HUGGINS Mrs. --- --- Jacqua
HUGHES John --- --- Jacqua
HUNT Edward --- --- Jacqua
JOHNSON James --- --- Jacqua
JOHNSON Lewis --- --- Jacqua
JOHNSON Thomas --- --- Jacqua
KAVANAGH Garrett --- --- Jacqua
KELLY Garrett --- --- Jacqua
KELLY John --- --- Jacqua
LODGE Thomas --- --- Jacqua
MADDEN John --- --- Jacqua
MALCOM Peter --- --- Jacqua
MANNING Peter --- --- Jacqua
MARTIN Henry --- --- Jacqua
MAYHEW William --- --- Jacqua
MOORE John --- --- Jacqua
MORTON George --- --- Jacqua
MURRAY John --- --- Jacqua
MURRAY Richard --- --- Jacqua
MCANN John --- --- Jacqua
MCLENNON William --- --- Jacqua
MCMAHON Bryan --- --- Jacqua
NEWMAN William --- --- Jacqua
NOBLE George --- --- Jacqua
NOBLE John --- --- Jacqua
O'NEIL John --- --- Jacqua
O'NEIL Michael --- --- Jacqua
OWEN William butcher --- Jacqua
PHILLIPSON James --- --- Jacqua
PIGG John --- --- Jacqua
PRESTON Christopher --- --- Jacqua
RENNY Henry --- --- Jacqua
ROPE George miner Spring Ck. Jacqua
SCOTT Walter --- --- Jacqua
SLOAN Robert --- --- Jacqua
SPENCE Joseph --- --- Jacqua
SPICER Thomas --- --- Jacqua
SWEENEY John --- --- Jacqua
SWEENEY Thomas farmer Black Springs Jacqua
SWEENEY William --- --- Jacqua
SYLES Arthur --- --- Jacqua
SYLES Charles householder --- Jacqua
TIGHE Patrick --- --- Jacqua
TORPHY John --- --- Jacqua
TRUEMAN John --- --- Jacqua
WALLEN Samuel --- --- Jacqua
WEBSTER Richard --- --- Jacqua
WHITTEN John farmer Yoman Springs Jacqua
WILLIAMS John --- --- Jacqua
WOODYN J. squatter --- Jacqua
WOODYN Robert --- --- Jacqua
WOULLOGHBY Hugh --- --- Jacqua
WOULLOGHBY John --- --- Jacqua
WOULLOGHBY William --- --- Jacqua
WRIGHT William farmer Yoman Springs Jacqua
YOUNG William --- --- Jacqua


Page 250
Distance 86 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 7.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 2.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Steam Kiama, 5m. Jamberoo; or steam Wollongong, 20m. Jamberoo; or rail Campbelltown, coach Jamberoo.

BAILEY P. R. S. --- --- Jamberoo
BARBER Robert farmer --- Jamberoo
BARBER William farmer --- Jamberoo
BARNES Thomas grocer --- Jamberoo
BEANEY Richard farmer --- Jamberoo
BERNARD W. L. teacher --- Jamberoo
BOILE Edward bootmaker --- Jamberoo
BRADNEY John --- --- Jamberoo
BRANDON Thomas farmer --- Jamberoo
BREHAM Edward baker --- Jamberoo
BRENNAN John butcher --- Jamberoo
BRENNAN John farmer --- Jamberoo
BROWN James farmer Tonner Jamberoo
BRYANT Henry gardener --- Jamberoo
CLANCEY Edward farmer --- Jamberoo
CLANCEY Luke farmer --- Jamberoo
CLARKE Mory farmer --- Jamberoo
COLE James farmer --- Jamberoo
COLE John farmer --- Jamberoo
COLE Mrs. William farmer --- Jamberoo
COLLEY John farmer --- Jamberoo
COLLOQUHONE John farmer --- Jamberoo
CONDON James farmer --- Jamberoo
CONDON John J. farmer --- Jamberoo
CONDON Thomas farmer --- Jamberoo
CONNOLLY Michael farmer --- Jamberoo
COUSINS Charles bootmaker --- Jamberoo
CROMOND David wheelwright --- Jamberoo
CULLEN John farmer --- Jamberoo
DAVIS William farmer --- Jamberoo
DOILEY Patrick farmer --- Jamberoo
DOWNEY William farmer --- Jamberoo
DUGEON Simeon farmer --- Jamberoo
DUGRON Hugh farmer --- Jamberoo
DUGRON John farmer --- Jamberoo
DYMOCK David L. auctioneer & estate agent Jamberoo
DYMOCK John W. farmer --- Jamberoo
ELLIOTT James innkeeper --- Jamberoo
FAIRBURN George farmer --- Jamberoo
FLANNERY Lott farmer --- Jamberoo
FLEMING Robert farmer --- Jamberoo
FLEMING William farmer --- Jamberoo
FLEMING Wilson farmer --- Jamberoo
FREDERICK Thomas farmer --- Jamberoo
GORDON William farmer --- Jamberoo
GRAHAM David butcher --- Jamberoo
GRAHAM James farmer --- Jamberoo
GRAHAM Robert farmer --- Jamberoo
HAMILTON Robert farmer --- Jamberoo
HANCOCK John butcher --- Jamberoo
HANCOCK John farmer --- Jamberoo
HANCOCK John W. farmer --- Jamberoo
HANLEY Nicholas farmer --- Jamberoo
HANLEY Thomas farmer --- Jamberoo
HARRIS Frank farmer --- Jamberoo
HENRY William farmer --- Jamberoo
HORTIGAN Morris farmer --- Jamberoo
HUKINS James farmer --- Jamberoo
HUKINS James sen. farmer --- Jamberoo
HUKINS John innkeeper --- Jamberoo
IRVINE James farmer --- Jamberoo
IRVINE James sen. farmer --- Jamberoo
IRVINE William farmer --- Jamberoo
JACKSON Charles farmer --- Jamberoo
JOHNSTONE William farmer --- Jamberoo
JONES Jonas farmer --- Jamberoo
KEEF Con. farmer --- Jamberoo
KEEF David farmer --- Jamberoo
KEEF Frank farmer --- Jamberoo
KEEVERS George farmer --- Jamberoo
KEEVERS Henry farmer --- Jamberoo
KEEVERS John farmer --- Jamberoo
KEEVERS Richard farmer --- Jamberoo
KEEVERS Thomas farmer --- Jamberoo
KEEVERS William farmer --- Jamberoo
KEEVERS William --- --- Jamberoo
KELLY John butcher --- Jamberoo
KELLY John farmer --- Jamberoo
KING Frederick teacher --- Jamberoo
KING J. teacher --- Jamberoo
KING Moses butcher & farmer --- Jamberoo
KNIGHT Robert farmer --- Jamberoo
LEWIS William --- --- Jamberoo
LEWIS William farmer --- Jamberoo
LOWTHERS John farmer --- Jamberoo
MARKS James farmer --- Jamberoo
MARKS John --- --- Jamberoo
MENZIES Miss --- --- Jamberoo
MESSINGHAM David carrier --- Jamberoo
MONK Isaac farmer --- Jamberoo
MONK Thomas labourer --- Jamberoo
MOON Thomas gardener --- Jamberoo
MCCAFFEREY Charles farmer --- Jamberoo
MCCARTHEY Denis farmer --- Jamberoo
MCCARTHEY John farmer --- Jamberoo
NOBLE Henry farmer --- Jamberoo
NOBLE John dairy --- Jamberoo
NOBLE William farmer --- Jamberoo
PICKEMAN John farmer --- Jamberoo
PRICE Charles farmer --- Jamberoo
RANKIN William farmer --- Jamberoo
REID John blacksmith --- Jamberoo
RICKET George farmer --- Jamberoo
SCOTT Robert farmer --- Jamberoo
SINCLAIR J. G. farmer --- Jamberoo
STEWART William storekeeper --- Jamberoo
SWEINEY John bootmaker --- Jamberoo
TATE Edward J. farmer --- Jamberoo
TATE John storekeeper --- Jamberoo
THOMPSON Hugh farmer --- Jamberoo
THROWER Thomas bootmaker --- Jamberoo
TIMMS Henry farmer --- Jamberoo
TIMMS William farmer --- Jamberoo
TINDELL Miss --- --- Jamberoo
TRIMBLE Robert farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER Alfred farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER Edwin jun. farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER Edwin sen. farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER James farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER John sen. farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER Joseph farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER John jun. farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER Samuel blacksmith --- Jamberoo
VIDLER Stephen farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER William jun. farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER William sen. farmer --- Jamberoo
VIDLER William H. farmer --- Jamberoo
WALKER James farmer --- Jamberoo
WALLACE James farmer --- Jamberoo
WARD Brown farmer --- Jamberoo
WATSON Edward farmer --- Jamberoo
WATSON George farmer --- Jamberoo
WATSON John bootmaker --- Jamberoo
WATSON John dairy --- Jamberoo
WATSON John farmer --- Jamberoo
WAUGH David L. farmer --- Jamberoo
WAUGH Miss --- --- Jamberoo
WELSH John farmer --- Jamberoo
WRIGHT John dairy --- Jamberoo
WRIGHT John farmer --- Jamberoo
YOUNG John farmer --- Jamberoo


Page 252
Distance 193 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 12.15 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday via Crown Flat 12.15 p.m.,
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday via Braidwood, 10 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 7.15 a.m.
Route - Clyde steam, via Nelligen, coach Braidwood; or rail Goulburn, coach Braidwood, 7m. Jembaicumbene

BATTY John miner --- Jembaicumbene
BELL Mrs. farmer Bendora Jembaicumbene
BURKE John farmer --- Jembaicumbene
BURKE Paul farmer & innkeeper Jinglemoney Jembaicumbene
CULLEN Andrew miner --- Jembaicumbene
CULLEN Johnstone miner --- Jembaicumbene
DALEY Mary innkeeper --- Jembaicumbene
DALEY Thomas blacksmith --- Jembaicumbene
DONNELLY Thomas teacher --- Jembaicumbene
DRANSFIELD Charles E. miller --- Jembaicumbene
DUNSMORE David bootmaker --- Jembaicumbene
FEEHAN Matthew cattle dealer --- Jembaicumbene
FOWLES George miner --- Jembaicumbene
FOWLES Stephen miner --- Jembaicumbene
GENP Frank miner --- Jembaicumbene
GEORGE Jacob miner --- Jembaicumbene
GRAY William miner --- Jembaicumbene
HANSON Peter miner --- Jembaicumbene
HAPALL Rowland squatter --- Jembaicumbene
HAYES John farmer --- Jembaicumbene
INNES James miner --- Jembaicumbene
KEYS William miner --- Jembaicumbene
LAING James farmer The Oaks Jembaicumbene
LENNARD Bernard miner --- Jembaicumbene
LYNN Alfred horse breaker --- Jembaicumbene
MADDIGAN Mort blacksmith & wheelwright --- Jembaicumbene
MAY & PLUMB quartz crushers --- Jembaicumbene
MEAGHER James miner --- Jembaicumbene
MILLER Thomas innkeeper --- Jembaicumbene
MILLIGAN Patrick bootmaker --- Jembaicumbene
MCKELLAR John farmer The Hermitage Jembaicumbene
MCMANUS Mary innkeeper --- Jembaicumbene
MCPHAIL S. M. R. teacher --- Jembaicumbene
NAYLAN Francis farmer --- Jembaicumbene
O'BRIEN James storekeeper --- Jembaicumbene
PERCIVAL John baker --- Jembaicumbene
PLUMB John quartz crusher --- Jembaicumbene
ROBERTS Thomas J. squatter --- Jembaicumbene
RODD Ephraim farmer Highgate Jembaicumbene
ROEBNELL James saddler --- Jembaicumbene
SMITH & CASEY butchers --- Jembaicumbene
SMITH Sydney miner --- Jembaicumbene
STEWARD Thomas squatter Faringdon Jembaicumbene
STONE Joseph farmer --- Jembaicumbene
SUMMERS George storekeeper & Postmaster --- Jembaicumbene
WELSH Edward wheelwright --- Jembaicumbene


Page 252
Distance 428 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, 5.10 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Steam Melbourne, rail Echuca, coach Jereelderie.

BEVERIDGE Thomas mail contractor --- Jereelderie
BLACKWOOD Robert squatter Hartwood Jereelderie
BOTTERILL Edwin innkeeper Coree Jereelderie
BRENARA James carpenter --- Jereelderie
BRENNAN P. squatter North Yathong St. Jereelderie
BROWN Thomas labourer --- Jereelderie
BUTT P. R. poundkeeper --- Jereelderie
CAPEWELL William carrier --- Jereelderie
CURTIN Michael storekeeper --- Jereelderie
DAVIDSON William storekeeper --- Jereelderie
DENNIS Thomas blacksmith --- Jereelderie
DEREPAS Henry squatter Rulky Jereelderie
ERVINGTON Dr. William --- --- Jereelderie
FARSE John squatter Goolgumbla St. Jereelderie
FLETCHER Edward carrier --- Jereelderie
FOX James hawker --- Jereelderie
GREENAWAY Houston squatter Columba Ck. Jereelderie
HANLON John innkeeper --- Jereelderie
HARRIS Simon storekeeper --- Jereelderie
HOLLOND Simon sergeant police --- Jereelderie
KENNEDEY Edward squatter Barigan Jereelderie
KENNEDEY William squatter Gum Swamp Jereelderie
MACKIE James squatter Wannamera St. Jereelderie
MILLER W. T. squatter Nowranie Jereelderie
MITCHELL John innkeeper Surawah Jereelderie
MURRY Alexander innkeeper Columba Ck. Jereelderie
MCARD Thomas blacksmith --- Jereelderie
MCDOUGALL John innkeeper --- Jereelderie
MCDOUGALL Thomas carrier --- Jereelderie
MCLEAN John squatter Coree Station Jereelderie
OUTHWAIT Robert squatter Tangoboo St. Jereelderie
PHILLIPS John squatter Columba Ck. Jereelderie
POWELL John innkeeper --- Jereelderie
RAWLINS William squatter Yathong St. Jereelderie
SMITH Adam butcher --- Jereelderie
SMITH Aram labourer --- Jereelderie
SPILLER J. H. squatter Goree St. Jereelderie
SUTHERLAND John squatter Bundure St. Jereelderie
VAN DER MAAL Corneles storekeeper --- Jereelderie
WATT & THOMPSON squatters Cocketgedong Jereelderie
WEIR Joseph squatter Yanko St. Jereelderie


Jerry's Plains
Page 253
Distance 143 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 2 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings.
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Muswellbrook, coach Jerry's Plains.

ALCORN Richard --- --- Jerry's Plains
ALCORN Richard jun. cattle dealer --- Jerry's Plains
ALFORD E. sheep inspector Birnam Wood Jerry's Plains
ALFORD J., JP farmer & grazier Maryville Jerry's Plains
ALLEN Daniel farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
ALLEN Matthew farmer Hampdon Park Jerry's Plains
ALLEN Robert farmer --- Jerry's Plains
BALE Charlotte farmer --- Jerry's Plains
BARREY Daniel farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
BAXTER Jesse W. farmer --- Jerry's Plains
BAXTER William farmer --- Jerry's Plains
BENNET James farmer --- Jerry's Plains
BOLTEN Lawrence farmer Chain of Ponds Jerry's Plains
BOWMAN James grazier Strachan Jerry's Plains
BOWMAN John W. grazier Arrowfield Jerry's Plains
BRANN David farmer --- Jerry's Plains
BRIDGER William blacksmith --- Jerry's Plains
BRIGGS Luke bootmaker --- Jerry's Plains
BROWN John grazier Ellerslie Jerry's Plains
BROWN John J. farmer Apple Tree Flat Jerry's Plains
BROWN Thomas butcher --- Jerry's Plains
CALLIBY Richard drover --- Jerry's Plains
CARROLL Richard teamster --- Jerry's Plains
CATTLEDINE Thomas farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
CHALKER Thomas drover --- Jerry's Plains
CHURCH James carpenter --- Jerry's Plains
COLLINS John farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
COX Jacob farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
DEWHURST William farmer --- Jerry's Plains
DILLON John farmer --- Jerry's Plains
DILLON Thomas farmer --- Jerry's Plains
DOYLE Edward grazier Montrose Jerry's Plains
DOYLE Edward A. grazier Carrington Jerry's Plains
DOYLE Robert A. grazier Eulongo Jerry's Plains
DUFF James farmer Oak Range Jerry's Plains
DUFF Peter farmer Hampton Park Jerry's Plains
DUNGERY W. Sanford bootmaker --- Jerry's Plains
EDWARD James farmer Chain of Ponds Jerry's Plains
ELLIS Joseph farmer --- Jerry's Plains
ELLIS Thomas poundkeeper --- Jerry's Plains
ELLIS William grazier Oak Range Jerry's Plains
FOAZER James grazier Dural Jerry's Plains
FRANCIS Emanuel bushman --- Jerry's Plains
FRAZER James jun. drover --- Jerry's Plains
FRAZER John drover --- Jerry's Plains
FREEMAN Robert drover --- Jerry's Plains
GEDDIES John labourer --- Jerry's Plains
GILBERT William farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
GRACE George grazier Oak Vale Jerry's Plains
GUYATT William teamster --- Jerry's Plains
HAM Henry farmer --- Jerry's Plains
HARDMAN James W. carpenter --- Jerry's Plains
HARDY Benjamin carpenter Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
HAURAHAN John farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
HAURAHAN Michael labourer --- Jerry's Plains
HOLDEN Richard farmer Great Lodge Jerry's Plains
HOLDEN Robert miller Great Lodge Jerry's Plains
HONORARY Edward farmer Apple Tree Flat Jerry's Plains
HOOKER William labourer --- Jerry's Plains
HOPKINS John farmer Pine Grove Jerry's Plains
HOWARD Anthony teamster Arrowfield Jerry's Plains
HOWARD John labourer --- Jerry's Plains
HOWARD Michael labourer Arrowfield Jerry's Plains
HOWARD Thomas farmer Chain of Ponds Jerry's Plains
HUXLEY Richard innkeeper --- Jerry's Plains
HYNES David drover --- Jerry's Plains
HYNES Owen blacksmith --- Jerry's Plains
HYNES Owen jun. teamster --- Jerry's Plains
JAMIESON Thomas labourer --- Jerry's Plains
JEFFERY John labourer --- Jerry's Plains
KIBBLE George drover --- Jerry's Plains
KILLEN William farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
KING John farmer Plashett Jerry's Plains
KRUST Carlos farmer --- Jerry's Plains
LANE James blacksmith --- Jerry's Plains
LANE James jun. blacksmith --- Jerry's Plains
MACMORROW Patrick constable --- Jerry's Plains
MOODY John carpenter --- Jerry's Plains
MURPHY Daniel farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
MURPHY Michael carpenter Maison Dieu Jerry's Plains
MYRES Henry drover --- Jerry's Plains
NEIBOUR Eugene vigneron --- Jerry's Plains
NEILSON Christian carpenter Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
O'DONNELL Thomas farmer Carrington Jerry's Plains
O'HARAH Christopher farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
OXFORD Henry mason --- Jerry's Plains
PEARSE William, JP grazier Plashett Jerry's Plains
POWERS David teamster Chain of Ponds Jerry's Plains
READMAN George tailor --- Jerry's Plains
READMAN George jun. farmer --- Jerry's Plains
REDMAN William shearer --- Jerry's Plains
REGAN Michael farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
ROSE Henry farmer Doyle's Ck. Jerry's Plains
SAUNDERS Oliver, JP storekeeper --- Jerry's Plains
SHAW Rev. Thomas Head Minister Parsonage Jerry's Plains
SHAW William farmer Great Lodge Jerry's Plains
SMAILE Henry farmer --- Jerry's Plains
STAIR Charles vigneron --- Jerry's Plains
STEPHENSON Jane teacher --- Jerry's Plains
STOKES Frederick farmer Plashett Jerry's Plains
TUDOR Henry drover Redbank Ck. Jerry's Plains
TURNER John sawyer --- Jerry's Plains
VIGORS John farmer --- Jerry's Plains
WILD William farmer Plashett Jerry's Plains
YORK Henry innkeeper --- Jerry's Plains


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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