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Grevilles 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Icely Ilford Inverell Ironbarks

Page 245
Distance 142 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 1.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday 9.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, Cobb's coach Guyong, 14m. Icely

ADAMSON Robert carter Icely Mines Icely
ASHWORTH William saddler Icely Mines Icely
BARTIMOTE James carter Icely Mines Icely
BENNET James miner Britannia Mine Icely
BENNETT Edward miner --- Icely
BENNETT James carter Ophir C. Mines Icely
BENNETT John carter Ophir C. Mines Icely
BENNETT Thomas miner --- Icely
BRAY Henry miner Icely Mines Icely
BRAY John miner --- Icely
BROWN John carter Icely Mines Icely
BRYDON William farmer Lewis Pond Ck. Icely
BUCKLEY James miner Icely Mines Icely
CATHER John farmer Icely Mines Icely
CAUSE Charles L. --- Icely Mines Icely
COLE Frank smelter Icely Mines Icely
CONNORS John settler Lewis Ponds Icely
CORNER Charles J. teacher --- Icely
DEBNAM Robert miner --- Icely
DOWER William miner Icely Mines Icely
EVANS Thomas smelter Icely Mines Icely
EWING Mrs. teacher Icely Mines Icely
FINCH John farmer Lewis Pond Ck. Icely
FIRENNA John miner Icely Mines Icely
FRENICKE F. squatter Lewis Pond Ck. Icely
GAYNOR Denis innkeeper --- Icely
GUNDRY James miner Britannia Mine Icely
HALL William miner Icely Mines Icely
HAMILTON John foreman --- Icely
HARRIS Simon miner --- Icely
HAWKINS John miner --- Icely
HAYWARD William miner Icely Mines Icely
HEATHERINGTON William carter --- Icely
JAMES Thomas T. fireman Icely Mines Icely
JENKINS Frank miner Icely Mines Icely
JOHNS George miner --- Icely
JOHNS John miner Icely Mines Icely
JONES Henry carter --- Icely
KENDAL Robert miner Icely Mines Icely
KERR Donald carter --- Icely
KERR Henry wood-cutter --- Icely
KERR John farmer Lewis Pond Ck. Icely
KERR Joseph smelter Icely Mines Icely
LAWRY William miner --- Icely
LESTER John storekeeper Lewis Pond Ck. Icely
LLOYD William smelter Icely Mines Icely
LUKE James miner --- Icely
MARTIN John miner --- Icely
MASLING Thomas carter --- Icely
MATHEWS Charles miner --- Icely
MAY Joseph miner --- Icely
MITCHEL Richard miner Britannia Mine Icely
MORGAN William smelter Icely Mines Icely
MCDONALD Donald contractor --- Icely
MCGREGOR Daniel fireman Icely Mines Icely
MCMAN Patrick wood-cutter --- Icely
NICHOLAS William miner --- Icely
NOBLE John miner Icely Mines Icely
PACKHAM George miner --- Icely
PETERS James miner --- Icely
PRICE Thomas sawyer --- Icely
RAE James storekeeper Icely Mines Icely
REMBERT Henry butcher Icely Mines Icely
REMBERT H. storekeeper Ophir C. Mines Icely
REYNOLDS Charles carter --- Icely
REYNOLDS William miner Icely Mines Icely
RICHARDSON Thomas fireman --- Icely
ROBERTSON James innkeeper Icely Mines Icely
SMEE George miner --- Icely
STEVENS Edward miner Icely Mines Icely
STURT John settler --- Icely
THOMAS Thomas miner --- Icely
THOMAS William miner Britannia Mine Icely
TOM John farmer Dollamite Mine Icely
TOM Nicholas farmer Dollamite Mine Icely
TOM William farmer Dollamite Mine Icely
TREYANZA John miner --- Icely
WHITLEY James carpenter --- Icely
WILLIAMS Alfred miner Britannia Mine Icely
WILLIAMS Edward miner --- Icely
WILLIAMS Thomas miner Icely Mines Icely


Page 246
Distance 133 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 8.10 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 2.45 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Wallarawang, Cobb's coach Ilford - Keen's Swamp

ASHCROFT Henry labourer --- Ilford
BAMALEY Samuel farmer Round Swamp Ilford
BAMALEY Thomas farmer Round Swamp Ilford
BESANT William squatter Tara Ilford
BROWN David farmer Running Stream Ilford
BUSH Robert farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
CAIN James --- --- Ilford
CAIN John --- --- Ilford
CASLIN John teamster Vincent's Mount Ilford
CONDON John farmer Worimgumah Ilford
CONDON Thomas squatter Worimgumah Ilford
CONDON Patrick farmer Worimgumah Ilford
CORDEROY John blacksmith --- Ilford
DREW George bootmaker --- Ilford
DREW James ostler Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
DUNBAR Daniel mason --- Ilford
EBBS Michael farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
ENRIGHT Cornelius farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
ENRIGHT John farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
ENRIGHT Michael farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
ENRIGHT Thomas farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
FERRY John constable --- Ilford
FLEESTONE David blacksmith Round Swamp Ilford
GARSED John storekeeper --- Ilford
GILES Edward farmer Worimgumah Ilford
GILES Edward squatter Worimgumah Ilford
GILES John farmer Worimgumah Ilford
GRINLING George carpenter --- Ilford
GULIVER Alfred bootmaker --- Ilford
HARRIS George carpenter --- Ilford
HARRIS William storekeeper --- Ilford
HARRIS William teacher Tara Ilford
HEYDON F. W. road contractor Cherry Tree Hill Ilford
HOGAN Michael farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
HUBBARD George farmer Tabrabuce Swamp Ilford
HUBBARD Henry farmer Tabrabuce Swamp Ilford
HUBBARD Wm. farmer Tabrabuce Swamp Ilford
KEEFE George teamster Cherry Tree Hill Ilford
KEEFE Henry farmer --- Ilford
KEEFE John farmer Cherry Tree Hill Ilford
KEEFE William farmer Cherry Tree Hill Ilford
LARICEY Philip farmer Tabrabuce Swamp Ilford
LEADER Reuben farmer --- Ilford
LEADER Robert farmer Tabrabuce Swamp Ilford
LEIGHTON David innkeeper Running Stream Ilford
LEIGHTON William farmer Black Springs Ilford
LILLY David farmer --- Ilford
MALONEY J. farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
MALONEY Michael farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
MANIEL John gardener --- Ilford
MANSFIELD E. innkeeper Round Swamp Ilford
MANSFIELD F. farmer Running Stream Ilford
MARTIN Robert cabinet maker --- Ilford
MARTIN William storekeeper --- Ilford
MILLER Alexander farmer Running Stream Ilford
MITCHELL James farmer Round Swamp Ilford
MITCHELL Joseph sawyer --- Ilford
MOORE Daniel blacksmith --- Ilford
MOORE Frederick farmer Tara Ilford
MOORE Richard innkeeper --- Ilford
MOORE Thomas farmer Tara Ilford
MORISON Neil farmer Black Springs Ilford
MURRAY P. road superintendent Round Swamp Ilford
MCCAFFERY A. teamster Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
MCCULLY J. teamster Cherry Tree Hill Ilford
MCCULLY Robert farmer Cherry Tree Hill Ilford
MCCULLY Samuel innkeeper Cherry Tree Hill Ilford
MCCULLY S. jun. teamster Cherry Tree Hill Ilford
MCCULLY William farmer Cherry Tree Hill Ilford
MCGUIRE Richard teacher --- Ilford
O'BRIEN Thomas constable --- Ilford
O'DONNELL Dominick labourer --- Ilford
OLIVER John farmer Black Springs Ilford
PHEEPS George squatter Vincent's Mount Ilford
READFORD J. innkeeper Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
RUSSELL William road contractor --- Ilford
RYAN Philip farmer --- Ilford
SHERBY G. farmer Tabrabuce Swamp Ilford
STOCK John farmer --- Ilford
TURLEY E. farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford
TWEED J. George clerk Round Swamp Ilford
WALTON William farmer Running Stream Ilford
WETHERLY G. farmer Cunningham's Ck. Ilford


Page 247
Distance 383 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday via Armidale, Tuesday, Saturday via Bendemeer 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday 8 a.m. via Armidale, Friday, Tuesday noon via Bendemeer.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Wednesday 10.30 a.m. via Bendemeer, Friday, Tuesday 9 a.m. via Armidale.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday evenings via Armidale, Tuesday, Saturday evenings via Bendemeer.
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobb's coach Armidale, 70m. Inverell.

AINSWORTH William carpenter --- Inverell
AMBROSE & GILLESPIE butchers --- Inverell
AMBROSE Misses school --- Inverell
ANDERSON Mrs. Mary grazier Newstead Inverell
ANDERSON Patrick W. grazier Bannockburn Inverell
ARMSTRONG William accountant --- Inverell
AUSELL John labourer --- Inverell
AYRES James W. contractor --- Inverell
BAILEY Nicholas labourer --- Inverell
BARTLETT William farmer --- Inverell
BAYLAN John farmer --- Inverell
BAYLAN Patrick farmer --- Inverell
BELL Joseph carrier --- Inverell
BERCINI George cabinet maker --- Inverell
BIBEND Edward gardener Newstead Inverell
BLAIN William engineer --- Inverell
BLAKE James saddler --- Inverell
BRACKEN James innkeeper --- Inverell
BRADY James labourer --- Inverell
BRIDEKIRK William overseer Auburn Vale Inverell
BRYCE William brickmaker --- Inverell
BULL Edward farmer --- Inverell
BULL William farmer --- Inverell
BURNS William labourer --- Inverell
BUTLER George superintendent Auburn Vale Inverell
BYRNES John farmer --- Inverell
CALTHORPE Christopher cooper --- Inverell
CAMERON Robert overseer Waterloo Inverell
CAMPBELL C. grazier Apple Tree Gully Inverell
CAMPBELL D. A. grazier --- Inverell
CAMPBELL John grazier Apple Tree Gully Inverell
CANNON Dudley farmer --- Inverell
CANNON James carrier --- Inverell
CANNON John farmer --- Inverell
CASSIDY Robert sawyer --- Inverell
CHARTERS Thomas labourer --- Inverell
CHEADLE James innkeeper --- Inverell
CHISHOLM John mason --- Inverell
CLEBBURN Robert saddler Bukkulla Inverell
DALY Edward W. constable --- Inverell
DAVIS Charles farmer --- Inverell
DAVIS George labourer --- Inverell
DAVIS William farmer --- Inverell
DAVIS William H. carrier --- Inverell
DEAN & ROSS tanners, curriers &c. --- Inverell
DEAN George tanner --- Inverell
DITZELL John farmer --- Inverell
DOWSE John labourer --- Inverell
DRAKE W. H. manager, Commercial Bank, --- Inverell
DUFF Colin labourer --- Inverell
DUFF James labourer --- Inverell
DUNBAR George sawyer --- Inverell
DUNBAR Lewis labourer --- Inverell
EAMES John telegraph & postmaster --- Inverell
EHSMAN Albert labourer --- Inverell
ELLIS William farmer --- Inverell
ENGLAND Henry farmer --- Inverell
EVANS David sawyer --- Inverell
EVANS Thomas sawyer --- Inverell
FARNSWORTH John F. senior constable --- Inverell
FLYNN Cornelius bootmaker --- Inverell
FLYNN Hugh bootmaker --- Inverell
FLYNN John bootmaker --- Inverell
FRASER Colin A. grazier Bannockburn Inverell
FRAZER David carpenter --- Inverell
GENTZ Frederick farmer --- Inverell
GIBSON Arthur miller --- Inverell
GIBSON J. J. R. grazier Reedy Ck. Inverell
GILLESPIE John butcher --- Inverell
GLASS James A. accountant, Commercial Bank, --- Inverell
GLEESON Bartholomew farmer --- Inverell
GLEESON James carrier --- Inverell
GOLMAN William farmer --- Inverell
GORDON Hugh grazier --- Inverell
GORDON Rev. T. A. (Presbyterian) --- Inverell
GOULD Benjamin splitter --- Inverell
GRANT Alexander farmer --- Inverell
GRANT W. baker & cordial manufacturer --- Inverell
GREENWOOD James drover --- Inverell
GRIFFIN Charles carrier --- Inverell
GRIMES Peter carrier --- Inverell
HAMMOND William currier --- Inverell
HANLON Thomas labourer --- Inverell
HARLAND Thomas teacher --- Inverell
HASHER Peter labourer --- Inverell
HATCHER James farmer --- Inverell
HEATH Henry overseer --- Inverell
HEFFERNAN John farmer Glen Patrick Inverell
HINDMARSH James H. solicitor --- Inverell
HOEY David labourer --- Inverell
HOUGHTON Daniel dam maker --- Inverell
HOWARD Henry farmer --- Inverell
HUMPHRIES Henry farmer --- Inverell
HUNT Jacob farmer --- Inverell
HUNTLEY Edgar overseer --- Inverell
HUNTLEY William A. MRCS --- Inverell
IRVING William boarding house --- Inverell
JACK David carpenter --- Inverell
JOHNSON John farmer --- Inverell
JOHNSON Michael farmer --- Inverell
JOHNSON Thomas farmer --- Inverell
JONES John labourer --- Inverell
JONES Robert B. hawker --- Inverell
JUDGE Jessie boarding house Bukkullu Inverell
KELLER Simon labourer --- Inverell
KENNEDY Alexander currier --- Inverell
KENNEDY Angus farmer --- Inverell
KENNIWELL George bootmaker --- Inverell
KENNIWELL Thomas labourer --- Inverell
KIRK Thomas farmer --- Inverell
KOINA Christopher farmer --- Inverell
LEGH Christopher grazier Newstead Inverell
LEHANE John farmer --- Inverell
LESLIE James farmer --- Inverell
LEWIN Ellen dressmaker --- Inverell
LEWIN Francis farmer --- Inverell
LIMBERG Caspar carpenter --- Inverell
LOCKREY Richard farmer --- Inverell
LOCKREY William farmer --- Inverell
LONG Francis carrier --- Inverell
LOWE Denis sawyer --- Inverell
LUNNEY James innkeeper --- Inverell
LUNNEY Robert innkeeper --- Inverell
MACKENZIE Alexander K. manager Byron Station Inverell
MAHONY Peter J. tinsmith --- Inverell
MAIDENS Elijah farmer --- Inverell
MANN John J. saddler --- Inverell
MARQUARDT Frederick bootmaker --- Inverell
MARTIN John A. poundkeeper --- Inverell
MARTIN William storekeeper --- Inverell
MATHER Thomas innkeeper --- Inverell
MEPHAM George vigneron Bukkulla Inverell
MILES Henry vigneron Bukkulla Inverell
MITCHELL Thomas farmer --- Inverell
MOORE Andrew farmer --- Inverell
MOORE John farmer --- Inverell
MOORE Michael currier --- Inverell
MOORE Samuel farmer --- Inverell
MOORE William currier --- Inverell
MOORE William farmer --- Inverell
MULLIGAN Francis B. storekeeper --- Inverell
MUNSIE George farmer --- Inverell
MURRAY Andrew grazier Hillside Inverell
MURRAY John baker --- Inverell
MCDONALD Alexander farmer --- Inverell
MCGREGOR John grazier Dunstaffunge Inverell
MCGREGOR Peter grazier Dunalpine Inverell
MCILVEEN Alexander farmer --- Inverell
MCINTYRE Margaret grazier --- Inverell
MCIVOR Angus shepherd --- Inverell
MCIVOR Donald currier --- Inverell
MCKAY Hugh builder --- Inverell
MCKECHNIE William farmer --- Inverell
MCKENZIE Alexander grazier --- Inverell
MCKENZIE Francis farmer --- Inverell
MCLAUGHLIN George engineer --- Inverell
MCLEAN D. W. shepherd --- Inverell
MCLEAN George farmer --- Inverell
MCLENNAN George farmer --- Inverell
MCLENNAN James farmer --- Inverell
NASH George farmer --- Inverell
NELSON Alexander farmer --- Inverell
NICHOLLS Thomas currier --- Inverell
NUGENT John labourer --- Inverell
O'DONNELL Francis tailor --- Inverell
O'MALLY Patrick farmer --- Inverell
OSBORNE Mrs. Allen farmer --- Inverell
O'SHAUGHNASSY Thomas farmer --- Inverell
PARSONS William farmer --- Inverell
PENNINGTON Benjamin fencer --- Inverell
PIGOTT Robert sawyer --- Inverell
PIGOTT William sawyer --- Inverell
PILCHER Ann grazier Auburn Vale Inverell
PRESTON Joseph farmer --- Inverell
RILEY W. R. fruiterer --- Inverell
ROBIN Albert B. draper's assistant --- Inverell
ROBINSON James auctioneer --- Inverell
ROLFE E. farmer --- Inverell
ROSS Colin storekeeper & miller --- Inverell
RYAN Michael blacksmith --- Inverell
SEITZ Christian vigneron --- Inverell
SEITZ Jacob vigneron --- Inverell
SELBY William storekeeper & miller --- Inverell
SINCLAIR John overseer Bannockburn Inverell
SMITH Thomas bootmaker --- Inverell
SOUTH William sawyer --- Inverell
SPEIGHT James O. Colonial Wine Depot --- Inverell
STENZ William farmer Paradise Ck. Inverell
STEWART Colin --- --- Inverell
STEWART Duncan overseer Reedy Ck. Inverell
SWEENEY Charles blacksmith --- Inverell
SWEENEY James farmer --- Inverell
SWINTON Edward grazier Cope's Ck. Inverell
THORN George sawyer --- Inverell
THORN John sawyer --- Inverell
TOMLINSON John carrier --- Inverell
TOMLINSON Samuel farmer --- Inverell
TOPPER Edward labourer --- Inverell
TRESTRAIL John labourer --- Inverell
TUCKER Sarah teacher --- Inverell
TURNER Edmond G. farmer --- Inverell
TURNER Edward farmer --- Inverell
TURNER Ezua farmer --- Inverell
TURNER George farmer --- Inverell
TURNER John farmer --- Inverell
TYLER Thomas farmer --- Inverell
WALSH John blacksmith --- Inverell
WALSH Thaddius lock-up keeper --- Inverell
WALSH Thomas clerk --- Inverell
WATERS Jeremiah dam maker --- Inverell
WELLS Philip farmer --- Inverell
WESTON John bricklayer --- Inverell
WHISKINS Edward farmer --- Inverell
WHITBY Joseph farmer --- Inverell
WHITE Charles grazier --- Inverell
WHITE Edwin farmer --- Inverell
WHITE George farmer --- Inverell
WHITE James farmer --- Inverell
WHITE John W. A. CPS --- Inverell
WHITE John labourer --- Inverell
WHITE Richard farmer --- Inverell
WHITE William carrier --- Inverell
WILLIAMSON James grazier Swan Vale Inverell
WILLIS Jeremiah farmer --- Inverell
WILSON Joseph bootmaker Bukkulla Inverell
WIXON Joseph sawyer --- Inverell
WOODS George storekeeper's assistant --- Inverell
WOODS William farmer --- Inverell
WYNDHAM Alword grazier Bukkulla Inverell
WYNDHAM Charles grazier Bukkulla Inverell
WYNDHAM Guy grazier Bukkulla Inverell
WYNDHAM Hugh grazier Bukkulla Inverell
WYNDHAM Reginald grazier Bukkulla Inverell
YOUNG William farmer Swan Vale Inverell


Page 249
Distance 189 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday via Orange; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday via Molong 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday via Orange 9 p.m., Wednesday, Friday, Saturday via Molong 10.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Tuesday, Thursday via Orange 2.30 a.m., Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday 10 p.m. via Molong
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday via Orange, Monday, Thursday, Saturday via Molong 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, Cobb's coach Ironbarks

AUSTIN Charles German storekeeper & postmaster --- Ironbarks
BAILEY James miner --- Ironbarks
BAILEY John miner --- Ironbarks
BANYLE Henry miner --- Ironbarks
BARKER James poundkeeper --- Ironbarks
BELCHER James bootmaker --- Ironbarks
BRADLY William gardener --- Ironbarks
BREEZ John miner --- Ironbarks
BROWN Edward miner --- Ironbarks
BROWN Robert innkeeper --- Ironbarks
BRYON W. R. miner --- Ironbarks
BYRNES Patrick miner --- Ironbarks
CHAMBERS William miner --- Ironbarks
CHARLTON John miner --- Ironbarks
CROXFORD Joseph miner --- Ironbarks
DEIGHTON William blacksmith --- Ironbarks
DIXON Thomas --- --- Ironbarks
DUTFIELD George farmer Stockyard Ck Ironbarks
GEARY Henry miner --- Ironbarks
GREEN Thomas storekeeper Stockyard Ck. Ironbarks
HANSFORD John miner --- Ironbarks
HARRIS James miner --- Ironbarks
HARRISON Thomas bootmaker --- Ironbarks
HAYNES John blacksmith --- Ironbarks
HERNFIELD Henry storekeeper --- Ironbarks
HURLE Henry miner --- Ironbarks
ILFORD Richard --- --- Ironbarks
JEWELL Lewis miner --- Ironbarks
KRAMA Peter innkeeper Muckrewa Ironbarks
LEWIN Adolphe innkeeper --- Ironbarks
MAY Walter G. storekeeper Omigal Ironbarks
MILLER Walter squatter Mumble Ironbarks
MILGATE George farmer Nubryggan Ironbarks
MOSTYN John farmer Nubryggan Ironbarks
MUNTZ Charles miner --- Ironbarks
MCCLYMONT James butcher --- Ironbarks
MCDOWELL Robert miner --- Ironbarks
MCGARITY John miner --- Ironbarks
MCGARITY Joseph miner --- Ironbarks
PALMER Robert miner --- Ironbarks
PETERS James farmer Nubryggan Ironbarks
PRIEST Jabez innkeeper Stoney Ck. Rd. Ironbarks
PRIEST James innkeeper Ironbark, Omigal Ironbarks
RIGBY James veterinary surgeon --- Ironbarks
SCOTT William quartz crusher --- Ironbarks
SMITH James missionary --- Ironbarks
SMITH James miner --- Ironbarks
SMITH John miner --- Ironbarks
SOUTER John baker --- Ironbarks
SPEARS George miner --- Ironbarks
SPEARS John miner --- Ironbarks
SHEET James householder --- Ironbarks
SUTTOR Frank B. squatter Natella Ironbarks
THOMPSON Samuel farmer Nubryggan Ironbarks
WEST Joseph storekeeper --- Ironbarks
WEST Joseph jun. innkeeper --- Ironbarks


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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