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Grevilles 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Canberra Candelo Canonbar Canowindra Canterbury

Page 99
Distance 193 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 4.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, 4.00 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 7.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, coach Canberra, on road to Queanbeyan.

ABERNETHY James teacher --- Canberra
ALLAN James farmer Majura Canberra
ANDERSON David farmer --- Canberra
AUSTIN Ambrose dairy Duntroon Canberra
BAINBRIDGE Elijah --- --- Canberra
BELL Johnston groom Duntroon Canberra
BLUNDELL Abraham farmer Roundhill Canberra
BLUNDELL John farmer Uriarra Canberra
BLUNDELL Joseph farmer --- Canberra
BLUNDELL Richard farmer Roundhill Canberra
BOOTH Ebenezer farmer --- Canberra
BRADBURY William J. farmer Limestone Canberra
BRUNNING John farmer Roundhill Canberra
BRYANT Thomas farmer --- Canberra
BUCKPITT George E. farmer --- Canberra
BURTON James farmer --- Canberra
CAHALAN Peter --- Duntroon Canberra
CAMERON Allen farmer --- Canberra
CAMERON Angus farmer --- Canberra
CAMERON John farmer --- Canberra
CAMERON Samuel farmer --- Canberra
CAMPBELL George squatter --- Canberra
CAPPIN John farmer --- Canberra
COLEMAN Frederick miner --- Canberra
CRAIG Dugald machinist Duntroon Canberra
CRINIGAN John farmer --- Canberra
CURLEY James --- Duntroon Canberra
DARMODY James farmer Majura Canberra
DARMODY John farmer Majura Canberra
DARMODY Michael farmer Majura Canberra
DARMODY Thomas farmer Majura Canberra
DUNN John farmer Narrabunda Canberra
FELL Josiah gardener Duntroon Canberra
FLANAGAN C. --- Majura Canberra
FLANAGAN Matthew farmer Limestone Canberra
GIBBES Augustus squatter Tarralumla Canberra
GIBBES John --- Tarralumla Canberra
GIFFORD George farmer Majura Canberra
GINN William farmer --- Canberra
GLYNN John farmer --- Canberra
GRADY Corneilus farmer Tarralumla Canberra
GREGORY John miller --- Canberra
HARDY Phillip farmer Uriarra Canberra
HARMER Thomas farmer Majura Canberra
HEFFER Richard --- Duntroon Canberra
HELLMAN Saunders carpenter Duntroon Canberra
HODGSON Henry mason --- Canberra
HOPE Thomas W. farmer --- Canberra
JOSLYN Thomas farmer --- Canberra
KAYE Joseph farmer --- Canberra
KEALMAN John squatter --- Canberra
KINLYSIDE James farmer Roundhill Canberra
LANDER Henry coachman Duntroon Canberra
LEWIS Frederick gardener Duntroon Canberra
LONG Richard farmer Tarralumla Canberra
MATHIESON William farmer Roundhill Canberra
MAYO Alfred overseer Duntroon Canberra
MITCHELL James farmer Majura Canberra
MOLONEY Robert farmer --- Canberra
MONK Alfred painter Duntroon Canberra
MOORE William shepherd --- Canberra
MORAN James shepherd --- Canberra
MORRISON John farmer --- Canberra
MULQUEENY Michael shepherd Majura Canberra
MCDONALD Donald shepherd --- Canberra
MCDONALD Finley farmer --- Canberra
MCDONALD John squatter Uriarra Canberra
MCINTOSH Alexander farmer Majura Canberra
MCINTOSH James farmer Majura Canberra
MCINTOSH James shepherd Narrabundi Canberra
MCINTOSH John farmer Majura Canberra
MCLACHLAN Allan superintendent Duntroon Canberra
MCLAUGHLAN Patrick farmer Black Hill Canberra
MCPHERSON John stockman Duntroon Canberra
MCPHERSON L. shepherd Mugga Mugga Canberra
NAUGHTON Patrick --- --- Canberra
O'CONNOR James farmer Uriarra Canberra
O'ROURKE Michael farmer Limestone Canberra
PHILLIPS Henry farmer Uriarra Canberra
PLUMMER George farmer --- Canberra
ROBERTSON Duncan farmer --- Canberra
ROBERTSON John farmer --- Canberra
ROLFE Edward farmer --- Canberra
ROLFE William farmer Tarralumla Canberra
ROTTONBURG George farmer --- Canberra
SALTERS Alexander farmer --- Canberra
SHANAHAN James farmer --- Canberra
SHEEDY Michael shepherd Tarralumla Canberra
SHUMACK Joseph farmer --- Canberra
SHUMACK Peter farmer --- Canberra
SHUMACK Peter sen. farmer --- Canberra
SHUMACK Richard farmer --- Canberra
SIMPSON Henry --- Duntroon Canberra
SMITH James brickmaker --- Canberra
SMITH Rev. Pierce G. C.E. minister --- Canberra
SULLIVAN William farmer --- Canberra
WEBB Arthur farmer Tarralumla Canberra
WEBB George --- Uriarra Canberra
WEBB John farmer --- Canberra
WEBB Joseph farmer Uriarra Canberra
WEBB Thomas farmer --- Canberra
WEBB William farmer Uriarra Canberra
WILLIAMS Francis blacksmith --- Canberra
WOODS Edward --- --- Canberra
YATES Thomas fencer Duntroon Canberra
YOUNG James farmer --- Canberra
YOUNG William farmer Roundhill Canberra


Page 100
Distance 258 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office by Merimbula steamers
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Monday
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday, one hour after arrival of mail
Mail arrives at Sydney by Clyde and Merimbula steamers
Route - by Merimbula steamers

ALLEN John farmer --- Candelo
ANDREWS John farmer --- Candelo
BARRETT James S. plumber & tinsmith --- Candelo
BEARD Joseph labourer Tantawanglo Candelo
BIRD John labourer Tantawanglo Candelo
BRENNAN James farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
CHIGWIDDEN James butcher --- Candelo
COLLINS James farmer Sandy Ck. Candelo
COLLINS John jun. farmer Rocky Water Hole Candelo
COLLINS John sen. farmer Rocky Water Hole Candelo
COLLINS Phillip farmer Sandy Ck. Candelo
DARRAGH Felix farmer Bateman's Ck. Candelo
DAVIDSON J. & W. blacksmiths --- Candelo
EWING Robert farmer --- Candelo
GOLDSMITH H. M. teacher --- Candelo
GRANT John farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
HAMMOND Arthur blacksmith --- Candelo
HAMMOND Henry blacksmith --- Candelo
HEFFERNAN Patrick farmer --- Candelo
HUNT William dairy Sergeant's Swamp Candelo
IVILL George labourer --- Candelo
IVILL John carrier --- Candelo
JAMIESON George farmer --- Candelo
JOHNSTON James labourer --- Candelo
KENNEDY W. contractor Tantawanglo Candelo
KERESON John farmer Spring Gully Candelo
KEYS John farmer --- Candelo
KIRBY Roger T., JP farmer Spring Vale Candelo
LIEPLAW David farmer Ryan's Swamp Candelo
LOCKHART David carrier --- Candelo
LUCAS Henry farmer --- Candelo
LUCAS Thomas farmer --- Candelo
MCCARTHY Eugene farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
MCCARTHY William farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
MCCAULEY Philip farmer Bateman's Ck. Candelo
NADIN John farmer Ryan's Swamp Candelo
ROBERTSON Alexander farmer --- Candelo
ROBERTSON George farmer Sandy Ck. Candelo
SHARPE E. B. farmer Spring Gully Candelo
SHARPE John W. storekeeper --- Candelo
SOLOMON John farmer --- Candelo
STAPLETON Thomas shepherd --- Candelo
STUDDERS James labourer --- Candelo
TAPPER Thomas farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
WENT William farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
WILSON David carrier --- Candelo
WILSON Joseph farmer --- Candelo
WILSON Robert farmer --- Candelo
WILSON William farmer --- Candelo


Page 101
Distance 330 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday, Wednesday, 2.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Tuesday, 7 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Saturday, 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, coach via Dubbo to Canonbar

AITKEN William storekeeper --- Canonbar
ARNOLD J. labourer --- Canonbar
ARNOTT John stockman --- Canonbar
ARNOTT John storekeeper --- Canonbar
ARTLETT William stockman East Canonbar
ASHCROFT James squatter East Canonbar
BAKER William carpenter --- Canonbar
BALFE John squatter Tabretong Canonbar
BARNETT W. H. --- Marra Ck. Canonbar
BENNETT Thomas overseer Colane Canonbar
BOLAND James bootmaker --- Canonbar
BOURKE Thomas labourer Willeroom Canonbar
BRADY Thomas selector --- Canonbar
BRIDGMAN R. overseer Murrawombie Canonbar
BROWN James labourer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
BROWN James storekeeper --- Canonbar
BROWN J. L. stockman Boxcowal Canonbar
BROWN John squatter --- Canonbar
BUIST George saddler --- Canonbar
CAMPBELL R. J. govt. surveyor --- Canonbar
CANT William labourer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
CARO Julius storekeeper --- Canonbar
CARROLL Dennis senior constable --- Canonbar
CHARLTON Charles stockman East Canonbar
CLARK --- labourer Nidgery Canonbar
CLARK F. labourer Marra Ck. Canonbar
CLEMENTS W. C. squatter Burdenda Canonbar
COLE Alfred bailiff --- Canonbar
COLEY W. H. superintendent Boxcowal Canonbar
CRANE Margaret servant --- Canonbar
CRAWFORD J. G., JP superintendent Colane Canonbar
CRAWFORD Samuel, JP squatter Burdenda Canonbar
CROWDER --- labourer Nidgery Canonbar
CUFFE John innkeeper --- Canonbar
DALEY William saddler --- Canonbar
DAVIS George cook Eenaweena Canonbar
DAWSON Edward labourer --- Canonbar
DAWSON Frank contractor --- Canonbar
DOMICAN Isaac labourer Eenaweena Canonbar
DOUGLAS Walter squatter Yarravin Canonbar
DOUSE William squatter --- Canonbar
DUFF John contractor No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
DWYER John mailman --- Canonbar
EUSTON Robert teamster --- Canonbar
EVANS G. H. labourer Marra Ck. Canonbar
FLYNN R. J. storekeeper --- Canonbar
FRANCO Mrs. dressmaker --- Canonbar
FRICKER William painter --- Canonbar
GEE Ah gardener --- Canonbar
GIBSON David constable --- Canonbar
GILMORE J. U. squatter Balgandramine Canonbar
GORDON George innkeeper --- Canonbar
GORMAN Patrick contractor --- Canonbar
GRAY James station master Marra Ck. Canonbar
GREENTREE George stockman Murrawombie Canonbar
GREENTREE Henry contractor Murrawombie Canonbar
HAGGAR Stephen squatter 14 East Bogan Canonbar
HALL Cedric squatter Willeroom Canonbar
HALL E. S. squatter Willeroom Canonbar
HAND G. T. stockman Trarangar Canonbar
HANNAN James mailman --- Canonbar
HARRISKY James squatter Marra Ck. Canonbar
HARTNETT --- labourer Marra Ck. Canonbar
HAYDON George carpenter --- Canonbar
HEATH W. H. superintendent Eenaweena Canonbar
HENNESSEY Mrs. Mary servant No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
HINDLE John superintendent Murrawombie Canonbar
HODGE Robert C. butcher --- Canonbar
HOLLAND Henry E. squatter Trarangar Canonbar
HYLAND H. A. labourer Marra Ck. Canonbar
ISAACS Henry innkeeper --- Canonbar
JONES John labourer --- Canonbar
JONES William labourer --- Canonbar
KANE Mitchell labourer --- Canonbar
KEENAN Thomas squatter --- Canonbar
KERR Andrew mail contractor --- Canonbar
KERR Robert labourer --- Canonbar
KEW John labourer --- Canonbar
KIPPIN John gardener --- Canonbar
LAMPH R. innkeeper Monkey, Bogan River Canonbar
LARSEN --- labourer Murrawombie Canonbar
LEE P. S. shepherd Colane Canonbar
LINDSAY Mrs. dressmaker --- Canonbar
LYONS William butcher --- Canonbar
LYNCH Patrick stockman 7 West Bogan Canonbar
LYNCH Peter stockholder Wyngan Canonbar
LYNCH William stockman No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
MARTIN A. labourer --- Canonbar
MEADE Mathew labourer --- Canonbar
MITCHELL Hugh superintendent --- Canonbar
MONKS Charles stockman East Canonbar
MONAGHAN Thomas stockholder Nyngan Canonbar
MONAGHAN Timothy stockholder Nyngan Canonbar
MORGAN John storekeeper Murrawombie Canonbar
MURPHY John J. storekeeper --- Canonbar
MURRAY Mitchell labourer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
MCCALLUM Archibald storekeeper --- Canonbar
MCCAULEY James sawyer --- Canonbar
MCCULLOCH A. H. squatter Colane Canonbar
MCFARLANE Patrick teamster --- Canonbar
NASH --- labourer --- Canonbar
NAY Robert stockman Burdenda Canonbar
NAY William stockman Daronbel Canonbar
NEAL John junr. stockholder No. 6 West Bogan Canonbar
NEAL John senr. squatter No. 6 West Bogan Canonbar
NEAL Robert stockholder West Bogan Canonbar
NEAL William squatter No. 7 West Bogan Canonbar
NORTON John labourer Murrawombie Canonbar
O'BRIEN Thomas teacher Monkey Canonbar
O'NEIL W. stock & station agent
& mail contractor
--- Canonbar
O'SULLIVAN J. P. squatter Nidgery Canonbar
OIVEN Mary servant --- Canonbar
PARKER --- labourer --- Canonbar
PASCOE H. H. carpenter Monkey Canonbar
PATTERSON William labourer --- Canonbar
PAULL James contractor No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
PEASLEY Frederick labourer Colane Canonbar
PERKS Charles squatter Tabretong Canonbar
POTTER John labourer --- Canonbar
POTTS James stockman --- Canonbar
QUINN James labourer Mudall Canonbar
QUINN John stockman Willaroon Canonbar
RAINE B. J. squatter Mundaloo Canonbar
REEVES David stockman --- Canonbar
RICHARDSON John labourer --- Canonbar
RICHARDSON L. T. squatter Grah Weed Canonbar
RICHARDSON T. L. squatter Murrawombie Canonbar
RICHARDSON W. W. squatter Moonagee Canonbar
RIDGE Richard superintendent Moonagee Canonbar
RING Samuel butcher --- Canonbar
ROBINSON William cook East Canonbar
RYAN Michael labourer --- Canonbar
RYRIE J. C. squatter Eenaweena Canonbar
SAMUELS Charles painter --- Canonbar
SHAKESPEARE Victor contractor Nidgery Canonbar
SHAZ Stephen sawyer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
SIMPSON David labourer Monkey Canonbar
SKINNER J. S. stockman --- Canonbar
SLATTERY Thomas labourer Moonagee Canonbar
SMITH --- stockman Moonagee Canonbar
SMITH John innkeeper Tabretong Canonbar
SMITH John mailman --- Canonbar
SMITH Margaret servant --- Canonbar
SMITH William stockman --- Canonbar
SPILLSBERY H. squatter Marra Ck. Canonbar
SPREET --- labourer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
STUART Charles stockman No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
SULLIVAN Patrick squatter Cowga Canonbar
TOBIN James stockman Marra Ck. Canonbar
TRUDGETT George stockman 14 East Bogan Canonbar
TRUDGETT Robert stockman 14 East Bogan Canonbar
WALKER A. labourer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
WEBSTER W. labourer Yarrawin, Marra Ck. Canonbar
WELLINGS T. H. teacher --- Canonbar
WEST Annie servant --- Canonbar
WESTON Miss --- Marra Ck. Canonbar
WRIGHT --- overseer No. 17 West Bogan Canonbar
WRIGHT John labourer Eenaweena Canonbar
YATES --- stockman Monkey Canonbar
YEOMAN John A. squatter Marra Ck. Canonbar
YOUNG William mailman --- Canonbar


Page 103
Distance 209 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, 9 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, 2 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, Cobb's coach Cowra, 20m Canowindra

ALMANDINGIE Mrs. --- Rock Station Canowindra
BETTS Thomas selector Belabula River Canowindra
BOURKE Patrick shepherd Belabula River Canowindra
BOYDE James farmer Belabula River Canowindra
BRIDWAK Thomas miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
BROWN George shepherd Belabula River Canowindra
BROWN James farmer Belabula River Canowindra
CLEMENTS Joseph farmer Mogong Canowindra
CLIFFORD Michael miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
CLYBURN Thomas miner --- Canowindra
COADY Edward squatter Mogong Canowindra
COFFEE John farmer Belabula River Canowindra
DALEY Nicholas farmer Belabula River Canowindra
DAWS Henry farmer Mogong Canowindra
DENHAM Robert storekeeper Belmore Lead Canowindra
DOOLEY Matthew farmer Lock's Ck. Canowindra
DUFFY Edward farmer Belabula River Canowindra
DUFFY Matthew farmer Belabula River Canowindra
DUFFY Owen engineer --- Canowindra
DUFFY Thomas farmer Belabula River Canowindra
DWYER Michael farmer Belabula River Canowindra
ERQUART Henry farmer Mogong Canowindra
FLANAGAN John innkeeper --- Canowindra
FRETFALL Thomas miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
GINTZ Charles farmer Nardug Ck. Canowindra
GINTZ John farmer Nardug Ck. Canowindra
GLAZIER James innkeeper --- Canowindra
GRANT John squatter Belabula River Canowindra
GRANT Thomas squatter Belabula River Canowindra
GREEN John farmer Lachlan River Canowindra
GRIMSHAW Henry farmer Belabula River Canowindra
GRIMSHAW John farmer Belabula River Canowindra
HANNON Henry miner --- Canowindra
HOGAN James miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
HOWE Henry farmer --- Canowindra
HOWE Hubert farmer Belabula River Canowindra
HUXLEY Cyrus farmer Belabula River Canowindra
KING Robert farmer --- Canowindra
KING Rodrick farmer --- Canowindra
LACHLAN James farmer Mogong Canowindra
LORD Joseph shepherd Belabula River Canowindra
LYNCH Thomas farmer Lachlan River Canowindra
MILLS Joseph storekeeper Belmore Lead Canowindra
MURRAY Mrs. selector Belabula River Canowindra
NICHOLAS Gregory miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
O'TOOLE Francis miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
PIERCE John storekeeper --- Canowindra
PILKINGTON John miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
PILKINGTON Thomas miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
PODHAM James farmer Lachlan River Canowindra
POWER John farmer Belabula River Canowindra
QUINN Charles miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
ROBINSON William squatter --- Canowindra
RUE Robert miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
RYAN Patrick miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
SHARNOCK John miner Belmore Lead Canowindra
SMITH George farmer Mogong Canowindra
SMYTH James shepherd Belabula River Canowindra
SPARKS William blacksmith --- Canowindra
TERMON James shepherd Belabula River Canowindra
TYLOR Mrs. selector Belabula River Canowindra
WILLIAMSON Joseph farmer --- Canowindra
WILLIAMSON William farmer --- Canowindra


Page 103
Distance 6 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 8.20 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 7 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily noon
Route - Bus. Or rail Ashfield, 1m Canterbury

BEAVOIS James householder George St. Canterbury
BOAD Adam farmer Belmore Forest Canterbury
BROUGHTON Charles householder Kingsgrove Canterbury
BROWN Orbel gardener --- Canterbury
BROWN William gardener Canterbury Rd. Canterbury
BURTON John fellmonger --- Canterbury
CARROLL John householder --- Canterbury
CARTER R. --- --- Canterbury
CASTLE William fellmonger --- Canterbury
CHARD Thomas farmer Kingsgrove Canterbury
CHIPPERFIELD Thomas householder --- Canterbury
CLISSOLD & HILL fellmongers --- Canterbury
COLEMAN James householder George St. Canterbury
COX James woolsorter --- Canterbury
CURTIS William householder Kingsgrove Canterbury
DAVIS James householder --- Canterbury
DAVIS Thomas A. abattoir George St. Canterbury
DEBELL E. B. teacher --- Canterbury
DEVINEY Timothy householder George St. Canterbury
DRAPER Thomas coal dealer --- Canterbury
FAUX Thomas --- Riverstone Park Canterbury
FORSTER A. gardener --- Canterbury
GORMAN John innkeeper --- Canterbury
GOULD James farmer Belhomber Canterbury
GUBB Charles householder --- Canterbury
HANNEN William farmer --- Canterbury
HAWTHORNE --- gardener Sinclair Farm Canterbury
HOMER Henry farmer Kingsgrove Canterbury
HURLEY --- woolsorter George St. Canterbury
KING J. tailor Kingsgrove Canterbury
LEES John householder Moorfields Canterbury
LUCUS John woolsorter --- Canterbury
MATHEWS Isaac householder --- Canterbury
MILLER Samuel --- --- Canterbury
MONK John householder --- Canterbury
MCBEAN John householder --- Canterbury
NIGHTINGALE John carpenter Highan Canterbury
NOLAN Mrs. householder --- Canterbury
O'NEIL James plasterer George St. Canterbury
O'NEIL John woolsorter --- Canterbury
PAGE A. W. teacher Belmore Canterbury
PARKES James farmer Moorfields Canterbury
PARKES Samuel gardener Canterbury Rd. Canterbury
PARKES Thomas sawyer Parkes' Camp Canterbury
QUIGG James farmer Northumberland Farm Canterbury
QUINLIVAN James householder --- Canterbury
REMBUILT Chris farmer Canterbury Rd. Canterbury
ROGERS William baker George St. Canterbury
ROSSITER Maria innkeeper --- Canterbury
SHARPE Albert --- Belhomber Canterbury
SHEPPERD Frederick butcher George St. Canterbury
SHUTTLEWORTH Mark householder --- Canterbury
SIMKINS Robert gardener --- Canterbury
SKELTON James tollkeeper --- Canterbury
SPALDING Mrs. storekeeper --- Canterbury
STOCKWELL W. B. fellmonger George St. Canterbury
STORES Walter householder --- Canterbury
STRANGE Joseph contractor --- Canterbury
SWANTON John gardener Cup & Saucer Ck. Canterbury
THOMPSON Frances farmer Saltpan Ck. Canterbury
TUCKER John blacksmith George St. Canterbury
WALKER David constable George St. Canterbury
WALLACE Joseph householder --- Canterbury
WARD Robert dairy Belhomber Canterbury
WARR John blacksmith Kingsgrove Canterbury
WEBB J. C. gardener Kingsgrove Canterbury
WEST Thomas contractor George St. Canterbury
WHALE --- gardener --- Canterbury
WILKINS Joseph fellmonger --- Canterbury
WILLIAMS A. --- Kingsgrove Canterbury
WILLIAMS Thomas builder --- Canterbury
WREN Myles carpenter George St. Canterbury


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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