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Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Albion Park


Albion Park
Page 7
Distance 81 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 6 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 3.45 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Campbelltown, coach Albion Park, or steam Wollongong, and coach to Albion Park.

AITKEN David innkeeper Albion-Park
ALLEN William farmer Albion-Park
BALL Richard farmer Albion-Park
BARRS Thomas farmer Albion-Park
BARTLETT Whendham grazier Albion-Park
BUCKLEY Daniel farmer Albion-Park
BUCKLEY Timothy farmer Albion-Park
CLARK Samuel grazier Albion-Park
FOWLER Henry farmer Albion-Park
FRAZIER Alexander farmer Albion-Park
FRAZIER John farmer Albion-Park
FRYER William farmer Albion-Park
GREY James storekeeper Albion-Park
HAWYARD Thomas farmer Albion-Park
JORDON James farmer Albion-Park
LEATHES Nathaniel farmer Albion-Park
MARKS Samuel farmer Albion-Park
MCCLEARY James coach builder
and mail contractor
MCGILL Duncan farmer Albion-Park
MCGILL James farmer Albion-Park
MOTES William farmer Albion-Park
NORRISS William farmer Albion-Park
RASIN Levy farmer Albion-Park
ROGAN James farmer Albion-Park
RUSSELL John grazier Albion-Park
STAPLETON James farmer Albion-Park
SWAN James butcher Albion-Park
SWAN William grazier Albion-Park
TIMBS Gabriel farmer Albion-Park
TORRINS William farmer Albion-Park
TURNER George farmer Albion-Park
WESTON Edward grazier Albion-Park

Page 8
Distance 364 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 5.45 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 4 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route: Rail Goulburn and Cobb's coach to Albury.

ADAMS George printer Guinea St. Albury
AFFLECK Thomas printer Dean St. Albury
ALCOCK Thomas teacher Olive St. Albury
ALLEN George farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
ALLEN Charles farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
ALPEN Hugo teacher of music Swift St. Albury
ANDERSON William gardener Davis St. Albury
ARTHUR John M. carpenter Davis St. Albury
ARTHUR Michael carrier Kiewa St. Albury
BARBER Henry saddler Hume St. Albury
BARCLAY Thomas bailiff Davis St. Albury
BARKLEY George wheelwright Davis St. Albury
BARNETT Joseph K. surgeon Doctor's Point Albury
BARRINGTON John P. saddler Townsend St. Albury
BEATT John overseer Seven Mile Ck. Albury
BEESENBURGH William vigneron Davis St. Albury
BELL David snagger Townsend St. Albury
BELL James farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
BELL James farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
BELL Benjamin farmer Ashfield Albury
BELL Angus farmer Rookmount Albury
BENNETT John farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
BERMINGHAM Rev. William R. C. (priest) Olive St. Albury
BIBBY Thomas miner Black Range Albury
BIDDLECOMBE John com. traveller Hume St. Albury
BLACKIE John chemist Townsend St. Albury
BLACKLOCK Charles miller Townsend St. Albury
BLACKMORE Samuel F. solicitor Dean St. Albury
BLAIR Henry F. gardener Macauley St. Albury
BLOWERS John bricklayer Wilson St. Albury
BOHR Francis labourer Kiewa St. Albury
BOLAM John grocer Wodonga Place Albury
BOMER Valentine farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
BOUNDES Edward bootmaker Townsend St. Albury
BRADFORD George lodging house Townsend St. Albury
BRADLEY George B solicitor Dean St. Albury
BRADY Fredk T. storekeeper Townsend St. Albury
BROOKES George letter carrier Dean St. Albury
BROUGHAM James labourer Hume St. Albury
BROWN Robert brickmaker Olive St. Albury
BROWN John gardener Kiewa St. Albury
BROWN Edward C.P.S. Dean St. Albury
BROWN Francis clerk Kiewa St. Albury
BROWNRIGG Marcus F. P.M. Dean St. Albury
BUCKLAN Daniel blacksmith Townsend St. Albury
BURGESS James P. clerk Wilson St. Albury
BUTT Joseph carrier David St. Albury
BUTT John carrier David St. Albury
BUTT James carrier Rosenberg St. Albury
BUTT Samuel carrier Rosenberg St. Albury
BUTT George farmer Macauley St. Albury
BUTT Robert carrier Macauley St. Albury
BUTT Stephen carrier Sydney Rd. Albury
CAMPBELL James storekeeper Townsend St. Albury
CAPMAN Henry storekeeper Townsend St. Albury
CAREY Benjamin --- Townsend St. Albury
CARLISH Robert labourer Kiewa St. Albury
CARSON Matthew gardener Wilson St. Albury
CASS Arthur billiard marker Kiewa St. Albury
CHANCELLOR Thomas A. teacher Ellerslie Albury
CHEEVERS Patrick labourer David St. Albury
CHRISTIE John --- Townsend St. Albury
CLARK Edward carrier Townsend St. Albury
CLARK Michael dairy Wise's Lane Albury
CLARK Thomas dairy Wise's Lane Albury
COCHRANE John bricklayer Swift St. Albury
COHEN Henry draper Townsend St. Albury
COLLINS James brickmaker The Flat Albury
CONNOR John labourer David St. Albury
CONRAY Daniel labourer Olive St. Albury
CORBETT Alexander farmer Seven Mile Ck. Albury
COSTIN George J. R. butcher Kiewa St. Albury
CREW Charles farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
CRISP Charles farmer Suburbs Albury
CRISP John bricklayer Kiewa St. Albury
CROWLEY Denis labourer Dean St. Albury
CULLEN Peter teacher Olive St. Albury
CULLEN Simon teacher Olive St. Albury
CURLY Thomas labourer Kiewa St. Albury
DALLENGER Conrad farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
DANIELS Nicholas blacksmith Black Range Albury
DANIELS George farmer Day's Dale Albury
DANIELS Cyrus blacksmith Kiewa St. Albury
DARKE William carpenter David St. Albury
DARWELL Charles L. carter Doctor's Point Albury
DAVIDSON George cordial maker Townsend St. Albury
DAVIS Thomas S. boatman Dean St. Albury
DAVIS James bricklayer Olive St. Albury
DAY George miller Dean St. Albury
DAY John farmer Day's Dale Albury
DAY James farmer Day's Dale Albury
DAY William farmer Day's Dale Albury
DENNY Robert labourer Seven Mile Ck. Albury
DEVERELL William T. editor Kiewa St. Albury
DEVINE Francis groom Townsend St. Albury
DICK John farmer Newtown Albury
DICK Jacob sen. farmer Newtown Albury
DICK Frederick farmer Newtown Albury
DICK Joseph farmer Newtown Albury
DICK Jacob Jun. farmer Newtown Albury
DIGHT John Thomas farmer Howlong Rd. Albury
DIGHT Charles H. farmer Howlong Rd. Albury
DIGHT Hamilton H. farmer Howlong Rd. Albury
DIGHT William G. farmer Howlong Rd. Albury
DINAN David labourer Townsend St. Albury
DONOVAN Jeremiah groom Splitter's Ck. Albury
DOOLEY John farmer Black Ck. Albury
DOUGHTON John bricklayer Dean St. Albury
DOUGHTY William miner Black Range Albury
DOUGLAS Andrew farmer Lester's Gully Albury
DOUSE William J. labourer Townsend St. Albury
DOWLAN James farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
DRAPER William carrier Black Range Ck. Albury
DRISCOLL Daniel innkeeper Wodonga Place Albury
DWYER Joseph solicitor Dean St. Albury
DWYER John --- Kiewa St. Albury
ECK Frederick farmer Vineyard Lane Albury
EDMONDSTONE Wm. manager store Townsend St. Albury
EISENHARDT Henry farmer Kiewa St. Albury
EISENHAUR George farmer Newtown Albury
ELLIOTT Charles --- Swift St. Albury
ELLIOTT Francis B. storeman Kiewa St. Albury
ELLIOTT Alexander --- Thurgoona St. Albury
ELLIOTT Henry S. Registrar D. C.
Swift St.
Swift St. Albury
EPPEL Peter farmer Newtown Albury
EVANS Hugh miner Black Range Albury
EVANS Joseph --- Wodonga Place Albury
FALLON James T. wine merchant Kiewa St. Albury
FALLON Patrick storekeeper Dean St. Albury
FALLON Bernard --- Townsend St. Albury
FERRY Bryan servant Macauley St. Albury
FIELD Thomas farmer Olive St. Albury
FINCH Adam labourer Olive St. Albury
FINCH William labourer Olive St. Albury
FINLAY Walter farmer Seven Mile Ck. Albury
FISHER Samuel farmer Gerogery Albury
FISHER John farmer Gerogery Albury
FITZEL Julius farmer Sandy Ck. Albury
FITZEL Peter farmer Sandy Ck. Albury
FLEINER Francis lodging house Olive St. Albury
FLEMING George T. solicitor Dean St. Albury
FORD Thomas servant Maryvale Albury
FOSTER Edward J. --- Olive St. Albury
FOSTER Edward J. H. --- Olive St. Albury
FOSTER Charles --- Olive St. Albury
FRAUENFELDER John sen. farmer Newtown Albury
FRAUENFELDER Charles butcher Newtown Albury
FRAUENFELDER John P. farmer Cemetery Rd. Albury
FRAUENFELDER Frederick farmer Cemetery Rd. Albury
FRAUENFELDER Peter farmer Newtown Albury
FRAUENFELDER Sebastian farmer Cemetery Rd. Albury
FRAUENFELDER Otto farmer Cemetery Rd. Albury
FRAUENFELDER John vigneron Sydney Rd. Albury
FREW Alexander builder Townsend St. Albury
FREW William builder Townsend St. Albury
GAHIN John carrier Atkins St. Albury
GARBRAITH John farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
GARRETT John blacksmith Kiewa St. Albury
GARVEY James farmer Dead Horse Ck. Albury
GEHRIG Philip blacksmith Wilson St. Albury
GEHRIG Frederick farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
GEHRIG Christopher --- Macauley St. Albury
GERLACH Gottfried farmer Mount Pleasant Albury
GILES Henry draper Dean St. Albury
GILL William farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
GILL George farmer Table Top Albury
GILMORE Thomas farmer Hawk's View Albury
GLADOW Charles bootmaker Kiewa St. Albury
GORDON John architect David St. Albury
GRAY William H. labourer Townsend St. Albury
GRAY John C. newspaper proptr Dean St. Albury
GREEN John innkeeper Wodonga Place Albury
GREEN Daniel dairy Wodonga Place Albury
GREEN James --- Wodonga Place Albury
GREEN James farmer Splitter's Ck. Albury
GREENWOOD Christopher H. --- Dean St. Albury
GREGSON Robert limeburner Gerogery Albury
GREGSON John limeburner Gerogery Albury
GREGSON John plasterer Kiewa St. Albury
GRIFFITHS John --- Kiewa St. Albury
GRIFFITHS Peter --- Kiewa St. Albury
GULSON Luke brickmaker Olive St. Albury
GULSON Francis brickmaker Olive St. Albury
HADDLETON John bootmaker Kiewa St. Albury
HADDRELL George farmer Sandy Ck. Albury
HALLS Jacob teacher Swift St. Albury
HANLON Francis labourer Olive St. Albury
HARGRAVES William vigneron Olive St. Albury
HARNEY William hawker David St. Albury
HARRIS Henry labourer Wilson St. Albury
HARTZOG Charles farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
HATCH Robert labourer Ebden St. Albury
HATIGAN James hawker Olive St. Albury
HAWKINS Benjamin W. --- Hume St. Albury
HAYES George labourer Hume St. Albury
HEALY Matthew innkeeper Gerogery Rd. Albury
HEATH Andrew E. storekeeper Dean St. Albury
HELM Philip vigneron David St. Albury
HENSHAW John farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
HERIOT Aucrum squatter Thurgoona Albury
HERMAN George farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
HIGGINS James draper Dean St. Albury
HILL Arthur H. gardener Dean St. Albury
HILL Alexander farmer Seven Mile Ck. Albury
HILLE Christopher farmer Gerogery Albury
HODGES George farmer Lester's Gully Albury
HOOKINS Charles teacher Olive St. Albury
HOPGOOD Charles farmer Gerogery Albury
HOPKINS Henry labourer Hood St. Albury
HORAN Thomas labourer Olive St. Albury
HOULAHAN James servant Kiewa St. Albury
HOUSE Charles labourer Kiewa St. Albury
HOUSE Samuel --- Kiewa St. Albury
HOWARD Richard farmer Mungabareena Albury
HUDSON Thomas farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
HUSING Frederick watchmaker Kiewa St. Albury
HUTCHINSON Barkley surgeon Swift St. Albury
HYNES Timothy farmer Sandy Ck. Albury
INTEN Martin brewer Dean St. Albury
IRIVIN William farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
ISAACS Sydney labourer Wodonga Place Albury
JACKSON Alexander carpenter Kiewa St. Albury
JACKSON William sen. farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
JENNERS Thomas --- Dean St. Albury
JENNINGS William farmer Sandy Ck. Albury
JERREMS Charles --- Woomargama Albury
JOHNSON Richard butcher Kiewa St. Albury
JOHNSON Frederick farmer Hamilton's Gully Albury
JOHNSON Robert farmer Doctor's Point Albury
JONES Lewis innkeeper Townsend St. Albury
JONES William J carpenter Dean St. Albury
JONES John W. bank manager Townsend St. Albury
JONES Rev. David E. minister Kiewa St. Albury
JONES Thomas --- Wilson St. Albury
JORDAN Samuel painter Kiewa St. Albury
JOYCE Patrick tide waiter Townsend St. Albury
JUNG George farmer Atkins St. Albury
JUSTICE Matthew tailor Dean St. Albury
KALBRUMUR Valentine farmer Atkins St. Albury
KEATINGE Jeffrey J. surgeon Townsend St. Albury
KEENE Patrick --- Thurgoona St. Albury
KEIGHRAN James --- Wilson St. Albury
KELLY Michael H. station master Dean St. Albury
KELLY Charles carpenter Townsend St. Albury
KELLY Michael butcher Sydney Rd. Albury
KEMP Robert painter Kiewa St. Albury
KENNA Thomas labourer Hume St. Albury
KENNEDY John A. poundkeeper Townsend St. Albury
KENNEDY Richard farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
KENNEDY Henry farmer Gerogery Albury
KERR Charles farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
KILO Johann farmer Gerogery Albury
KING Thomas innkeeper Kiewa St. Albury
KING John --- Wodonga Place Albury
KING Joseph --- Wise's Lane Albury
KLEIN John M. farmer Seven Mile Ck. Albury
KLOS Martin farmer Gerogery Albury
KNOBEL Jacob farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
KNOBEL Michael farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
KNOLES Simon labourer Olive St. Albury
KNOWLES Robert W. farmer Armfield Albury
KOEHN Adolph F. farmer Gerogery Albury
KOLB Valentine farmer Cemetery Rd. Albury
KUTZEN Martin farmer Gerogery Albury
LAIRD James saddler Hume St. Albury
LAMBOURNE Jacob blacksmith Kiewa St. Albury
LAMPLOUGH Jeremiah miller Olive St. Albury
LANE Samuel hairdresser Townsend St. Albury
LAYTON William farmer Sergeant's Flat Albury
LEEHY William --- Townsend St. Albury
LENEHAN John --- Townsend St. Albury
LEVIE Alexander D. mason Dean St. Albury
LEWIS Francis --- Kiewa St. Albury
LIDDLE James brewer Dean St. Albury
LINCH Patrick labourer Wilson St. Albury
LIPSETT John labourer Hoovell St. Albury
LISTER John S. --- Kiewa St. Albury
LIVERMORE William labourer Black Range Albury
LOBBE Reimer farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
LOCKHART Norman P. scab inspector Olive St. Albury
LOEBEL Edward storekeeper Townsend St. Albury
LONG John labourer Vineyard Hill Albury
LUSTIG Joseph bootmaker Olive St. Albury
MADINE Felix T. Kiewa St. Albury
MANGAN William groom Kiewa St. Albury
MANGELSDORF John C. farmer Gerogery Albury
MANN Joshua labourer Wodonga Place Albury
MANNING Robert dairy Suburbs Albury
MARTON Lambert --- Wilson St. Albury
MARTON Robert tailor Townsend St. Albury
MASSON David B musician Olive St. Albury
MATTHEWS Charles --- Sydney Rd. Albury
MATTHEWS John H chemist Kiewa St. Albury
MATTHEWS Frederick labourer Macauley St. Albury
MATTHEWSKA Martin farmer Gerogery Albury
MCALROY Rev. Michael (R.C.) Olive St. Albury
MCCARTHY John farmer Gerogery Albury
MCCORMACK Thomas labourer Townsend St. Albury
MCCREADIE Andrew --- David St. Albury
MCDARRA Henry plasterer Suburbs Albury
MCDONALD Edward --- Sergeant's Flat Albury
MCDONALD James --- Sydney Rd. Albury
MCDONALD Hector farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
MCDONNELL John --- Sydney Rd. Albury
MCDONNELL Alexander --- Sydney Rd. Albury
MCEACHERN John blacksmith Dean St. Albury
MCEACHERN Donald farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
MCEACHERN Neil carrier Suburbs Albury
MCFARLAND John labourer David St. Albury
MCGOVERN Thomas soapmaker Townsend St. Albury
MCHENDRY Neil --- Olive St. Albury
MCINTOSH Donald contractor David St. Albury
MCINTOSH Eneas contractor David St. Albury
MCKENZIE John labourer Suburbs Albury
MCKENZIE Robert labourer Suburbs Albury
MCLENNAN Kenneth --- Dean St. Albury
MCMEEKIN John farmer Maryvale Albury
MCPHERSON Duncan farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
MCVITIE James labourer Townsend St. Albury
MEECHAM William carrier Sydney Rd. Albury
MEELLETT Michael --- David St. Albury
MEENAN James T --- Newtown Albury
MEHAN Joseph --- Eight Mile Ck. Albury
MEHAN Joseph --- Olive St. Albury
MELLETT James --- Atkins St. Albury
MERKELL Peter farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
METCALF Arthur T. carrier David St. Albury
MINCHIN Robert --- Townsend St. Albury
MITCHELL Thomas squatter Woomargama Albury
MITCHELL John F. squatter Hawk's View Albury
MITCHELL Edward squatter Elleralie Albury
MITCHELL James baker Townsend St. Albury
MITSCH Otto farmer Newtown Albury
MOFFITT William storekeeper Kiewa St. Albury
MOFFITT Hugh storekeeper Kiewa St. Albury
MOFFITT Thomas labourer Black Range Albury
MOHR Jacob carter Splitter's Ck. Albury
MOLLER John farmer Gerogery Albury
MONTAGUE Patrick carrier Smollett St. Albury
MOODY John carpenter Smollett St. Albury
MOORE William horsebreaker Sydney Rd. Albury
MOTT William carpenter Olive St. Albury
MOULDER William H. saddler Townsend St. Albury
MUDGE Samuel town clerk Olive St. Albury
MULLER Otto labourer Macauley St. Albury
MULLER Peter farmer Cemetery Rd. Albury
MULLER William carpenter David St. Albury
MULLER Moritz interpreter David St. Albury
MURRAY James labourer David St. Albury
NASH John servant Olive St. Albury
NASH William labourer Macauley St. Albury
NELSON Thomas storekeeper Dean St. Albury
NEWMAN Julius labourer Murray Valley Albury
NICHOLLS Robert butcher Kiewa St. Albury
NORRIS James squatter Black Ck. Albury
NORTH Samuel agent Olive St. Albury
O'BRIEN Daniel carrier Kiewa St. Albury
O'BRIEN Patrick farmer Lester's Gully Albury
O'CONNOR Daniel farmer Splitter's Ck. Albury
OGLE George printer David St. Albury
O'HANLON Peter labourer Kiewa St. Albury
O'KEEFFE Richard butcher Townsend St. Albury
O'KEEFFE John farmer Newtown Albury
O'MEALY Patrick --- Townsend St. Albury
ORMISTON Joseph carrier Olive St. Albury
ORTLAPP Peter farmer Splitter's Ck. Albury
OSBOURNE George --- Wilson St. Albury
O'SULLIVAN Francis P. lodging house Kiewa St. Albury
PAINE John H. clerk Kiewa St. Albury
PEARCE William farmer Bason Albury
PEARCE William farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
PEARD John blacksmith Kiewa St. Albury
PEARSON Charles --- Dean St. Albury
PENBROKE Henry labourer Black Range Albury
PERRYMAN Joshua --- Sandy Ck. Albury
PETTS George --- Sandy Ck. Albury
PETTS William --- Sandy Ck. Albury
PHELPS Robert L. farmer Valverde Albury
PLUMMER Thomas brickmaker Olive St. Albury
POHRT Carl teacher Gerogery Albury
POLACK Adolphus H. farmer Point Albury
POOL James carpenter Dean St. Albury
POPP Jacob farmer Gerogery Rd. Albury
PREHN Charles interpreter Townsend St. Albury
PUMPA Johann farmer Gerogery Albury
PUMPA Martin farmer Gerogery Albury
PYKE Samuel miller Hume St. Albury
QUAST Samuel farmer Gerogery Albury
QUATCHER Henry farmer Thurgoona Albury
QUATCHER Philip farmer Thurgoona Albury
RADWAY Collin --- Olive St. Albury
RAE George servant Swift St. Albury
RAE John --- David St. Albury
RAINEY Edward farmer Gerogery Albury
RAN Henry vigneron Kiewa St. Albury
RAN John farmer Racecourse Albury
REIF Adolph bricklayer Wilson St. Albury
REIS George undertaker David St. Albury
REIS John --- David St. Albury
REIS George farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
RENNIE Robert --- Olive St. Albury
RENS Henry farmer Atkins St. Albury
RICE Stephen farmer Gerogery Albury
RICHARDSON John H. assistant Post Office Dean St. Albury
RICHARDSON Samuel carrier David St. Albury
RICKERT George --- Macauley St. Albury
RIDGEWAY Thomas clerk Olive St. Albury
RILEY Lawrence contractor Newtown Albury
RINGWOOD Henry dairy Kiewa St. Albury
ROBERTS Owen --- Kiewa St. Albury
ROBERTS Samuel farmer Sandy Ck. Albury
ROBERTS George labourer Black Range Albury
ROBERTSON John mason David St. Albury
ROBERTSON George --- Day's Vale Albury
ROBSON George carrier Townsend St. Albury
ROGERS Thomas carpenter Townsend St. Albury
ROSBOROUGH Thomas --- Newtown Albury
ROSS Alexander carrier David St. Albury
RYAN Timothy --- Townsend St. Albury
SAGGERS Henry farmer Splitter's Ck. Albury
SAIVYER William --- Townsend St. Albury
SALTYKE Johann farmer Gerogery Albury
SARSONS John dairy Thurgoona St. Albury
SAUNDERS Thomas farmer Suburbs Albury
SCHNEIDER Ludwig blacksmith Kiewa St. Albury
SCHNEIDER Conrad farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
SCHOLTZ Ferdinand --- Gerogery Albury
SCHRODER John C. --- Kiewa Albury
SCHUBACH Sebastian vigneron Rosenberg St. Albury
SEMAN Robert miner Black Range Albury
SERONG Joseph farmer Seven Mile Ck. Albury
SEVERIN Augustus --- Hawk's View Albury
SEWELL Charles --- Kiewa St. Albury
SHAIN John labourer Atkins St. Albury
SHARP John carrier David St. Albury
SIMPSON James librarian Dean St. Albury
SKINNER John F. bank manager Townsend St. Albury
SLATTERY Patrick labourer Day's Vale Albury
SLATTERY Thomas labourer Hume St. Albury
SLOMAN George machinist Olive St. Albury
SMITH Henry --- Dean St. Albury
SMITH Joseph --- Gerogery Albury
SMITH John --- Olive St. Albury
SMITH Patrick butcher Townsend St. Albury
SMITH Robert farmer Thurgoona Albury
SMITH William farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
SMITH James butcher Kiewa St. Albury
SMITH William R. --- Townsend St. Albury
SOLOMON Lewis storekeeper Townsend St. Albury
SOLOMON Mark storekeeper Townsend St. Albury
SPALDING Francis saddler David St. Albury
SPURR Anthony farmer Gerogery Albury
SPURR Jonathan engineer Dean St. Albury
STAPLETON Thomas labourer Townsend St. Albury
STASSEN Charles J. storekeeper Wilson St. Albury
STEELE William C. agent Kiewa St. Albury
STEPHENSON William labourer Townsend St. Albury
STEWART Hugh cooper Dean St. Albury
STOLWORTHY Edward H. farmer Gerogery Albury
STOLWORTHY Rupard saddler Townsend St. Albury
STONE Thomas H. postmaster Dean St. Albury
STOPS William --- Eight Mile Ck. Albury
STRAND William --- Back Ck. Albury
STRAUSS Wendelin farmer Newtown Albury
STUCHREY Henry --- Kiewa St. Albury
SULLIVAN Peter --- Smollett St. Albury
SUTHERLAND James --- Day's Vale Albury
SWAN John cordial maker Townsend St. Albury
SWANSTON Charles farmer Day's Vale Albury
SWYNEY John C. H. O. Hume St. Albury
TAYLOR Charles --- Olive St. Albury
TAYLOR John labourer David St. Albury
THOMPSON John saddler Townsend St. Albury
THOMPSON Henry farmer Back Ck. Albury
THOROLD George C. solicitor Kiewa St. Albury
THWAITES Percy labourer Black Range Albury
TRAGONING William labourer Thurgoona St. Albury
TRAINER Thomas farmer Point Albury
TRANTUM Richard labourer Townsend St. Albury
TURMAN John innkeeper Kiewa St. Albury
VALGER Martin --- Windmill St. Albury
VAUGHAN Henry labourer Suburbs Albury
VIPOND John --- David St. Albury
WAIN George labourer Kiewa St. Albury
WAITE Thomas farmer Olive St. Albury
WALFORD William B. clerk Townsend St. Albury
WALLACE George miner Black Range Albury
WALLS James --- Suburbs Albury
WALPOLE Thomas draper Kiewa St. Albury
WALSH Edward farmer Kiewa St. Albury
WALSH James builder Dean St. Albury
WALWORTH Arthur superintendent Hospital Thurgoona St. Albury
WARSLEY Thomas farmer Eight Mile Ck. Albury
WATSON Charles carrier Wodonga Place Albury
WATSON Samuel squatter Gerogery Albury
WEALANDS Thomas farmer Suburbs Albury
WEALE Frederick farmer Gerogery Albury
WEBB Thomas H. innkeeper Kiewa St. Albury
WEIDNER George farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
WEISZ John farmer Splitter's Ck. Albury
WELLS James carter Back Ck. Albury
WIGNELL Edward T. farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
WILCOX Russell M. farmer Dean St. Albury
WILLIAMSON Thomas --- Townsend St. Albury
WILSMORE George --- Olive St. Albury
WILSON James tailor Townsend St. Albury
WILSON James farmer Sydney Rd. Albury
WILSON William B. labourer Doctor's Point Albury
WINSLOW John labourer Kiewa St. Albury
WOOD James H. district surveyor Thurgoona St. Albury
WOODLANDS William farmer Seven Mile Ck. Albury
WORTZETHEIN Christian farmer Racecourse Albury
WRIGHT William J. labourer Thurgoona St. Albury
WULLFING Otto B. labourer Kiewa St. Albury
WYNACK Frederick butcher Olive St. Albury
YOUNG John G. --- Atkins St. Albury
ZELLER Joseph farmer Cemetery Rd. Albury

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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