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My Williamson Family

This page is dedicated to the family of David WILLIAMSON who was born February 5, 1786 in Pennsylvania and died October 18, 1858 in Xenia, Greene County, Ohio and Catherine DUNCAN who was born 11 July 1788 in York County, Pennsylvania and died 8 May 1880. They were married 20 June 1809. Catherine was the daughter of Andrew DUNCAN and Anne SMITH. David and Catherine are buried in Woodland Cemetery, Xenia, Greene County, Ohio.

According to Rev. Robert Duncan Williamson's "Historical and Biographical Sketch One Branch of the Williamson Family from 1745 to 1906":

"David Williamson was the youngest son of a family, consisting of four sons and three daughters. All that can be learned at this date of father's ancestry is, that they were natives of the North of Ireland, of Scotch-Irish birth, and emigrated to this country about the year 1755, locating in the State of Maryland, not far from the city of Baltimore, and on the borders of southeastern Pennsylvania."

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Williamson GEDCOM File

First Generation

David's Brothers and Sisters

  1. William WILLIAMSON, who lived in the city of Baltimore, Md., and was by occupation a carpenter and builder, and came to his death by a fall from a church tower, which at the time was used both as a lookout and a place of defence. Passing around the outside of this tower, he caught hold of a lightning rod which pulled out of its fastening, thereby throwing him to the ground, a distance of some sixty feet, from the effects of which, after a lingering illness, he died, and was buried in the cemetery near that city. Nothing is known of his family.
  2. Samuel WILLIAMSON, who by occupation was a farmer, occupying a farm near Lancaster County, Pa., near the Maryland line, unmarried. The pricipal market at that time was the city of Baltimore, and it was while in company with some of his neighbors he was on his way to that city with a load of grain, the accident occurred which resulted in his death. His horses became frightened and started to run, and in his efforts to stop them he became entangled in the harness, was thrown violently to the ground, both wheels passing over him and killing him instantly. His body lies buried in the same burying ground as that of his brother William, awaiting the resurrection morn.
  3. John WILLIAMSON, of whom nothing is certainly known, but it is generally supposed that when young he emigrated to the West and settled there.
  4. Jane or Jennie (as then called) WILLIAMSON, was born 1 April 1781, was married to Francis GROVE, who was born 14 December 1777.They lived in Hopewell Township, York County, Pennsylvania. Francis was the son of Jacob GROVE and Elizabeth HEPBURN. Jane died 9 April 1841, and lies buried in a graveyard belonging to, but about two miles distant from the old Guinston Church, York County, Pennsylvania. Francis Grove, her husband, died 24 February 1838.
  5. Mary "Polly" WILLIAMSON was married 30 Mar 1813 at the York Presbyterian Church, York, York County, Pennsylvania to Thomas GROVE, who was born 6 Mar 1787. Thomas was the son of Jacob GROVE and Elizabeth HEPBURN. and a brother to Jacob, who married Mary's sister, Jane. Mary is buried in the Guinston Church Cemetery, Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania.
  6. Margaret "Peggy" WILLIAMSON married John SMITH Esq. John died 5 Aug 1834.