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HAWPESVILLE was founded on January 1, 2005. It is is our little town on the internet. It was formed with the idea of telling the "Hawpe Family Story." There is much information on the internet which is erronious and misleading about the Hawpe family. We are here to set the record straight. After years of researching the Hawpe family, dating back to 1978, we are now providing the information we have found on our family. Each bit of information has been well documented. Nothing here is made up or what we want you to believe, like so many others have done. If we don't know, we will tell you. This is our family, our surname is "Hawpe," it is in our blood. By visiting our little town, we will tell you our documented story on the Hawpe family.

The town of Hawpesville started out with four members of the Hawpe family. We have worked hard in building this little town. We hope to grow in the future as our many relatives learn about our location. If you are a Hawpe descendant or married into the family, and would like to become a resident of Hawpesville, apply below and we will have a vote through the town council. Nothing is automatic! You will have to convince the members of the town council that you are dedicated to the family and have the motivation to help build this town with information. If you happen to be a freeloader, stay out of our town! Don't even stop to water your horses.

The following four members of the Hawpe family are the charter members who dug the first shovel of dirt and hammered the first nails in helping build this town.

  • Dwayne A. Hawpe - Saloon Keeper at the Howlin Hole.

  • Gary R. Hawpe - Town Sheriff.

  • Michael W. Hawpe - Chinese Eatery and Laundry service.

  • George M. Hawpe - Town Mayor....also owns the local Blacksmith and Livery Stable.

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