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This site is maintained by Robert N. Hawkins, seven generations removed from the Hawkins of  Colonial North Carolina.  The saga begins with Capt. John Hawkins in Orange County County, North Carolina. It then follows his descendents into Georga, Indiana, and Mississippi. Finally it looks at the possible ancestors of John Hawkins in Maryland and the service of Capt. John Hawkins in the Revolutionary War. This information is provided for all Hawkins who are interested in researching their heritage.   It contains hyperlinks to documentation when possible, speculation in the absence of documentation, and just plain guesses when necessary.

Click on the door below; go in and take a look around, your missing piece of the puzzle might be here.  Conversely, I would appreciate any additional information which you might have to add to this site.  Feel free to send me any suggestions, questions, or comments and any additions or clarifications you might have.


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