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[S9100] McKnight family of Wisconsin, Typed notes Written by Marie E McKnight , no date on papers, Stored as B60, E53, BK1 .

[S9148] 1850 US census for Lafayette co. WI. Duplicated from a copied source and therefore may not be accurate or complete. . Hereinafter cited as 1850 US census. Sheets filed as B184, E127, BK1.

[S9163] "Brockway wills in Ohio before 1850.". Notes stored as B236, E161. Hereinafter cited as "Brockway Will OH before 1850".

[S9196] Hannold and Eastman, U.S. Census for Ohio Stored as B300, N38-32.

[S9201] Carol Willsey Bell, Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850 BROCKWAY, AKEY, EASTMAN done. Lots of BORDENS to do Filed as B316, N1-57 . Hereinafter cited as Ohio Wills Index.

[S9244] "Gravestones in cemetery West of Monroe Wis on ST.RT 81. Done in 1991". Notes stored as B437,N10-2.

[S9250] "Cemetery, Hartford Center, Trumbull co Ohio. Not all stones readable. Done in Sept 1991.". Notes stored as B444,N10-27.

[S9293] "1800 U.S. Census for CT. Extracted list for FOBES.". Notes stored as B532,E305.

[S9345] "1920 U.S. Census of Wayne, LaFayette, WI. MFHC #1821993. Only Wayne done.". Notes stored as B783, N11-14.

[S9346] "Photos of gravestones of Eliza Borden and Joseph and Lucinda Parks McKnight, in Eastman cemetery in South Wayne, WI. Taken summer of 1990 by Leslyn C. Black.". Notes stored as B789, E456.

[S9348] "1840 WI census for IOWA co. MFHC #34498. Done for Eastman and Mcknight.". Notes stored as B797,N19-1.

[S9355] "1910 U.S. Census Wayne town, LaFayette, WI. A very poor copy of this census. Most of Wayne was readable, many of the other towns and twps. in LaFayette were not. May need to find a better copy. MFHC #1375730.". Notes stored as B805, N19-7.

[S9356] "1900 U.S. census Wayne, LaFayette, WI. MFHC #1241796. May need to do further on this. Only Wayne done.". Notes stored as B806, N19-8.

[S9425] "1840 Trumbull co OHIO U.S. Census.". Notes stored as B1053, N23-26.

[S9469] "Royalty series from Brian Thompsett via internet.", online unknown url; Compiled by Brian Tompsett, Date of file 1997; Filed as B1185, R1-71. Hereinafter cited as Royals.

[S9470] "Robert II of Scotland and children.", online www.dc.hull; Compiled by Brian Tompsett, Date of file Spring 1998; Filed as B1186, HD. Hereinafter cited as Robert II of Scotland.

[S9602] DeBrett, DeBretts Peerages of Great Britian and Ireland, Part 1. Genealogy of Forbes in England and Scotland. P. pp318, 319 Filed as B1574, E787 . Hereinafter cited as Peerages.

[S9603] Burke Pedigree #CCVII Royal Families of England, Scotland and Wales, Vol 2. and the Ancestry of the Royal House of Stuart. Filed as B1575, E788 . Hereinafter cited as Burke.

[S9683] Compiled by e-mail address, George Gordon in "5 Generation AT for George Gordon.", listserve message to Medieval-L, 8 Oct 1998. Printout dated 8 March 2000 . Stored as B1765, N40-16. Hereinafter cited as George Gordon.

[S9684] Compiled by e-mail address, Comyn, Gordon & Keith Fraser in "AT for John Hamilton of Cadzow", listserve message to Medieval-L, 15 Sept 1998. Printout dated 8 March 2000 . Stored as B1766, N10-17. Hereinafter cited as John Hamilton.

[S9687] "James I of Scotland. From Brian Tompsett, Version 19 Aug 1997. Also See N38-5". Notes stored as HD 1777. Hereinafter cited as "James I Scotland".

[S9721] Encarta Encyclopedia produced by Microsoft, 1999, CD-ROM (Redmond, Washington: Miscrosoft). Hereinafter cited as Encarta.

[S9754] "European Continental Dynasties from BlueTooth.", online; Compiled by UK government, Date of file Aug 1998; Filed as 2080 HD. Hereinafter cited as Continental.

[S9755] Tom Cain e-mail address Compiled by Kenneth Harper Finton e-mail address, Aethelstan in "Aethelstan in two parts.", listserve message to soc.genealogy.medieval, 3 May 1998 . Stored on HD as Aethelstan in two parts. Hereinafter cited as Aethelstan.

[S9798] "GedCom via internet on Kings and Queens and other royality of Europe. On tape drive as "Internet". Some lines were printed to hard copy.". Notes stored as B2135, N33-34.

[S9890] Your Family Tree (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1929 and 1968) . Library of Congress Catalog #67-28625. Dayton Public Library GenR B97 J82. References to other works noted and entered. Filed as B2355, E1233 . Hereinafter cited as Your Family Tree.

[S9893] "Information downloaded from e-mail address Mon Jul 25 1994 Article: 3538 of soc.roots, concerning the Scottish Kings Kenneth II and Malcolm II and Kenneth II's queen.". Notes stored as B2360 HD.

[S9923] Entered directly from "The People's Chronology" " A year by year Records of Human Events from Prehistory to the Present" by James Trager. Library of Congress #0-03-017811-8Entered information directly to database.. Hereinafter cited as "Chronology".

[S9927] Compiled by Patrick Navin, Descendants of Woden. Notes on GedCom stored as B2447, N34-21. GedCom is AB09 at GenWeb..

[S9951] B2485, E1286 Clipping from the Dayton Daily News of 3 September 1996 p7A, Archaeolgy "Heart may belong to Scottish King, Robert Bruce, a 14th century hero..........", .

[S10006] "Notes from Corliss Collection, film 927696 done by Lois Streeter Corliss in early 1900's. Mosly cemeteries, but a few census extractions and maps.". Notes stored as B2567, N36-13.

[S10012] "Match to request for information on Robert Bruce on GenWeb.". Notes stored as B2575, N36-16.

[S10075] "George Douglas, 1st Earl of Angus from Brian Tomsett.", online unknown url; Compiled by Brian Tomsett; Filed as no hard copy.

[S10077] "Mary Stuart from Brian Tomsett.". Notes stored as B2675 HD.

[S10084] Unknown author, Rulers of England and Great Britian. The World Almanac and book of Facts 1995 Funk and Wagnalls Corp, (1994) Filed as 2693, N38-27 .

[S10085] "Direct from "Funk & Wagnalls Encycopedia" on CD rom provided by MS on Bookshelf 1995.". Notes stored as no hard copy. Hereinafter cited as "Encyc".

[S10092] "Elizabeth Douglas by Brian Tompsett via internet 19 Aug 1997". Notes stored as B2702 HD.

[S10093] "Annabelle Drummond FGS by Tompsett, 19 Aug 1997". Notes stored as B2703 HD.

[S10097] "Royal genealogies, part 31. Downloaded via the interent. No documentation or compilor. RoyalGenealogies". Notes stored as B2707 HD.

[S10109] "Biographies of Kings of England and Scotland by Joan Bos on Internet at Email: e-mail address. The Mad Monarchs series.". Notes stored as B2720 HD.

[S10130] "Royal Genealogies, Part 27 from Gen Web.". Notes stored as B2741 HD.

[S10135] "Irish Monarchs. Lineal Descent of the Royal Family of England. Source: Irish Pedigrees by John O'Hart, part I, ch. IV". Notes stored as B2746 HD.

[S10141] Big Kings of England Descendency chart., online www.. Compiled by Church Yard Genealogies. Hereinafter cited as BigKings Pedigree. B2752 HD. May not be totally accurate.

[S10162] "Brian Boru by Garaidh O Briain from "Clan O'Brian" pages on the Internet.". Notes stored as B2773 HD.

[S10171] "Henry I, Beauclerc, King of England by Brian Tompsett 23 Nov 1997". Notes stored as B2782 HD.

[S10178] "History of Dal Riada by Helen McSkimming copywrite 1992.". Notes stored as B2790 HD.

[S10179] "DalRiada Clan history by Frank MacEwen Owen First published in Dalriada magazine, November 1996". Notes stored as B2791 HD.

[S10202] "Bruce and Wallace information.," e-mail message from e-mail address to Pomala M. Black Filed as 2814 HD.

[S10203] "Truth 1. History of Scotland Copyright 1995/96 Catalyst (Highlands) Ltd. Highlander Web Magazine; Pages by Webspinner e-mail address". Notes stored as No hard copy.

[S10206] "No hard copy. Information directly entered and noted from GedIndex at GeneStarks' site. If contributors are know they are indicated. Any sources cited are also indicated.". Notes stored as B2818.

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