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Rev John Lathrop1     11th great grandfather
b. 20 December 1584, d. 8 November 1653, #50631
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Father   **Thomas Lathrop b. 19 June 1536, d. 30 August 1630
Mother   **Mary Howell b. circa 1556, d. circa 6 January 1587/88

Birth 20 Dec 1584 John was born on 20 December 1584 at Etton, Yorkshire, England. He may have been the 12th child of Thomas and Mary Howell Lathrop.1,2

He was educated in Queen's College in England, was ordained about 1610. John spent 2 years in Clink Prison in England, 1632-1634. He is an ancestor of Ancestor of:
Joseph Smith (LDS), Eli Whitney, Presidents Bush, Dr Benjamin Spock, J P Morgan, H W Longfellow, Pres Franklin D Roosevelt, Benedict Arnold, Thomas E Dewey, Sen. Adlai Stevenson, John and Allan Dulles, Marjorie Meriwether Post, Dina Merrill, Oliver Wendell Holmes, President U S Grant and Sarah Palin.

Marriage #1 10 October 1610 Rev John Lathrop, 25 years old, married Hannah Howse/House, daughter of John Howse/House and Alice Lloyd, 10 October 1610. They were married in either London or Eastwell, County Kent England.1

Their children are said to have been:
Joseph Lathrop b: 1624 in Lambeth, London, England c: 11 APR 1624 in Eastwell, Eastwell, Kent, England
Thomas Lathrop b: 21 FEB 1611/12 in Ashford (East), Kent, England c: 21 FEB 1611/12 in Eastwell, Ashford, Kent, England
John Lathrop b: 22 FEB 1616/17 in Egerton, Kent, England c: 22 FEB 1616/17 in Edgerton, Kent, England, England
Barbara Lathrop b: 31 OCT 1619 in Egerton, Huddersfield, Yorks, England c: 31 OCT 1619 in Edgerton, Kent, England, England
Benjamin Lathrop b: 11 APR 1624 in London, Middlesex, England c: 24 DEC 1626 in Eastwell, Eastwell, Kent, England
Jane LATHROP b: 29 SEP 1614 in Egerton, Kent, England c: 29 SEP 1614 in Egerton, Kent, England
Samuel LATHROP b: ABT 1623 in Egerton, Kent, England

The list of children given in Wikipedia includes an ANNE that is not included in the above list.

Jane Lothropp, born 29 September 1614 in Egerton, Kent, England
Anne Lothropp, born May 1616 in Egerton, England
John Lothropp, born February 1617/18 in Egerton, England
Barbara Lothropp, born October 1619 in Egerton, England
Thomas Lothropp, born February 1620/21 in Eastwell, Kent, England
Samuel Lothropp, born 1622 in Egerton, England
Captain Joseph Lothropp, born April 1624 in Eastwell, Kent, England
Benjamin Lothropp, born December 1626 in Eastwell, Kent, England.3

1623 He was ordained in the Church of England and appointed curate of a local parish in Egerton, Kent. In 1623 he renounced his orders and joined the cause of the Independents. Lothropp gained prominence in 1624, when he was called to replace Reverend Henry Jacob as the pastor of the First Independent Church in London, a congregation of sixty members which met at Southwark. Church historians sometimes call this church the Jacob-Lathrop-Jessey Church, named for its first three pastors, Henry Jacob, John Lothropp and Henry Jessey.

They were forced to meet in private to avoid the scrutiny of Bishop of London William Laud. Following the group's discovery on April 22, 1632 by officers of the king, forty two of Lothropp's Independents were arrested. Only eighteen escaped capture. They were prosecuted for failure to take the oath of loyalty to the established church. They were jailed in The Clink prison. All were released on bail by the spring of 1634 except Lothropp, who was deemed too dangerous to be set at liberty. While he was in prison, his wife Hannah House became ill and died. His six surviving children were according to tradition left to fend for themselves begging for bread on the streets of London. Friends being unable to care for his children brought them to the Bishop who had charge of Lothropp. The bishop ultimately released him on bond in May of 1634 with the understanding that he would immediately remove to the New World.

While he was in prison, his wife died and finally he was released on the condition that he would leave England. Accordingly he sailed with his children, and in 1634 arrived in New England. He founded a church in Scituate, Massachusetts, and with many of his congregation moved to Barnstable.3
Lathrop accepted the terms of the offer and left for Plymouth, Massachusetts. With his group, he sailed on the Griffin and arrived in Boston on September 18, 1634. He married Anna Hammond (?) (1616-1687) shortly after his arrival. (She was a widow, it is said. First husband not known.)

Lothropp did not stay in Boston long. Within days, he and his group relocated to Scituate where they "joyned in covenaunt together" along with nine others who preceded them to form the "church of Christ collected att Scituate."The Congregation at Scituate was not a success. Dissent on the issue of baptism as well as other unspecified grievances and the lack of good grazing land and fodder for their cattle caused the church in Scituate to split in 1638.

Lothropp petitioned Governor Thomas Prence in Plymouth for a "place for the transplanting of us, to the end that God might have more glory and wee more comfort."Thus as Otis says "Mr. Lothropp and a large company arrived in Barnstable, October 11, 1639 O.S., bringing with them the crops which they had raised in Scituate."There, within three years they had built homes for all the families and then Lothropp began construction on a larger sturdier meeting house by Coggin's (or Cooper's) Pond, which was completed in 1644. This building, now part of The Sturgis Library in Barnstable, Massachusetts is one of John Lothrop's original homes and meeting houses, and is now also the oldest building housing a public library in America.3

Marriage #2 27 Sept 1634 Rev John Lathrop, 49 years old, married Hannah Anna Hammond 27 September 1634 in Etton, York, England. This marriage MAY have occurred in Plymouth colony. Since John arrived in Boston on 18 Sept 1634.

Their children were:
Barnabas Lathrop b: 6 JUN 1636 in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts c: 6 JUN 1636 in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Abigail Lathrop b: 1639 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts c: 2 NOV 1639 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Bathsheba Lathrop b: 27 FEB 1640/41 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts c: 27 FEB 1640/41 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts
John Lathrop b: 3 FEB 1644/45 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts c: 9 FEB 1643/44 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Lathrop b: 1646.1

Death 8 Nov 1653 John died on 8 November 1653 at Barnstable, at Barnstable county, at Plymouth colony, Massachusetts at age 68. While Lathrop's fame may not have lasted much beyond his life, famous descendants continue to influence the world through this day. His direct descendants in America number more than 80,000. .1,3

He is buried in Lathrop Hill Cemetery in Barnstable, MA.  The memorial mounted in cemetery wall fronting on Rte 6A reads,
 1584 - 1653 
 SOUTHWARK, LONDON, 1624 - 1632
 SCITUATE, 1634 - 1639 / BARNSTABLE, 1639 - 1653


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Family 1 **Hannah Howse/House   b. circa 1590, d. 16 February 1633/34
Child  1. **Jane Lathrop+ b. 29 Sep 1614, d. 1658

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