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Olaf Haraldsson1
b. circa 877, d. 934, #35650
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   Harald I "Fairhair" King of Norway1 b. 850, d. from 933 to 936
Mother   Swanhild of Upplands1 b. circa 855

Birth* circa 877 Olaf was born circa 877 at Olso, Norway.1 
!AInfoNew* According to medieval historian, Snorii Sturluson, Olav's father, King Harald I (Haarfagre/Fairhair), bestowed the title of "King" to his sons and divided the land between them to rule.

He was also called "Olav of Viken" and "Olaf Geirstatha-Alf." The name of his wife is unknown.

He, that is Olag, took over Westfold in 930 after brother Bjørn was slain by brother Erik. He raised Guthroth Bjørnsson as a foster child.
He had taken over Ranrike in about 900 after brother Guthorm was slain by Solvi Klofi.

After his father, King Harald Fairhair, died in 933 and brother Erik "Bloodaxe" took over, he and bother Sigroth agreed to meet the next spring in Tonsberg. Erik summoned a great force and sailed to Tonsberg and killed both Olaf and Sigroth in a battle in the hills east of town.1

Death* 934
Olaf died in 934 at Tonsberg, at Norway. Killed in a battle with his brother "BloodAx".1 

Child  1. Rogvolod Prince of Polotsk+ b. c 925, d. c 9781

  1. Download, Jim Weber

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