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Rupert I of the Wormsgau1
b. 689, d. before 765, #31468
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Father   Lambert II von Palatine2 b. circa 670, d. 742
Mother   Chortlind de Neustria2 b. circa 670

Name Variation Rupert I of the Wormsgau was also found as Robert I Count of Wormgau. 
Name Variation Rupert I of the Wormsgau was also found as Robert de Hesbaye.3 
Name Variation Rupert I of the Wormsgau was also found as Robert I von Wormsgau. 
Name Variation Rupert I of the Wormsgau was also found as Rupert I von Wormsgou.4 
Name Variation Rupert I of the Wormsgau was also found as Rutbert I von Wormsgau.2 
!AInfoNew Duke in Haspengau, Ct in Oberrheinsgau and Wormsgau.5 
Birth* 689 Rupert I of the was born in 689 at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.2,3 
!AInfoNew* He was Duke In The Haspengau, Count In Wormsgau & Upper Rhine.6 
Marriage* circa 720 Rupert I of the Wormsgau married Williswint de Wormsgau, daughter of Count Adelheim de Wormsgau, likely before circa 720. They had at least three sons: Robert Cancor, Guerin, and Thuringbert. Stuart claims that she married Robert in 730. Which may or may not be so. Thuringbert's birth is often given as 710 but that could be ca 710. Cancor became the Count of Worms. It appears that Robert is Rupert. It is not known who Guerin is and by what other name he was known or is known by historians.2,7,4 
research* 720 Find at Internet 720. 
!AInfoNew 725 Much confusion regarding this family. It has been discussed at length on Medieval-L:
ES II:10.
Stuart's "Royalty For Commoners" (53:43) has Robert, Count of Hesbaye; b. c700; liv. 750; md. WILLISWINDA, dau ALLEAUME. This entry calls Robert the son of LAMBERT.

Inconsistently, Stuart's "Royalty For Commoners" (169:42) has Rutpert (Robert) I, Duke in the Haspengau, Count in the upper Rhine and Wormsgau, royal missus in Italy; b. 689; d. by 764; md. 730, WILLISWINT, occ. 768; heiress of lands in the Wormsgau . . . WILLISWINT was dau. of COUNT ADELHEIM, a widower in 764. This entry has Robert as the son of another LAMBERT, with a different ancestry.

Weis' "Ancestral Roots. . ." (48:13) has Rutepert II, Count in the upper Rhine and Wormgau, seen 722-757; m. WILLISWINT, dau. COUNT ADELHELM, wid. 764. This source gives Rutperet's father as LANSBERTUS (LAMBERT) II

"Todd A. Farmerie" posted to soc.genealogy.medieval
on 14 Dec 1996 (in part):
Subject: Re: Lamberts and Roberts and Williswints, Oh My !
"The big problem is that there are conflicting schools regarding the origins of these families. The problems focus on the descent of the Capets. The germans give them a different descent than the french.
They all agree that Robert and WILLISWINT are the ancestors, but drasticly disagree about the connection, and somewhat regarding the ancestry of Robert (the questions are linked somewhat, being based on different interpretations of the power base of the family). Most sources accept one or the other, rather than making any attempt to harmonize them. This becomes a problem when an author (such as Stuart) doesn't recognize that he has two different versions of the same thing, and uses both, making no attempt to either harmonize or pick one. (The same mistake was made in Weis/Sheppard, where a switch from french to german was made for the Capet line, with no realization that this would affect a branch.) So, basically, yes, Robert and WILLISWINT are the same people. Yes, RFC has contradictory descents. No, I am not familiar enough with the sources to tell you which is righter."7 
Death after 757
Rupert I of the died after 757 but.  
Death* before 765 Before 765 at Worms, at Rheinland-Pfalz, at Germany.2,3 

Family   Williswint de Wormsgau b. circa 698, d. circa 767
Children  1. Guerin II Count of Thurgovie+ b. c 720, d. 20 May 772
  2. Rupert Thorgua von Wormsgau Count of Oberrheingau+ b. c 725, d. c 7821
  3. Turincbertus/Thuringbert von Wormsgau+ b. a 735, d. 1 Jun 7702

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