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Sir Richard Fowler1     25th great grandfather    Morin line     End of established line.
b. circa 1165, #2871

Birth circa 1165 Richard was born circa 1165.1

The Fowler report claims that "Henry,  born about 876, chosen King by the Franks and the Saxons in 919, united the Saxons, Franks, etc. into what is now modern Germany, died 936"      Is this Henry possibly a fore father of this man??????

The Fowler report says about the name:

"A Saxon Chief, fond of the chase, and being a daring hunter, was called Fowler. This Fowler, accompanied by a numerous band of retainers and followers, went to England about a hundred years before the union of all of the Kingdoms of England into one under Egbert."

We do not know if any of this is true.2      

1191 He was knighted in 1191. It was during the Third Crusade, 1191, in which Richard the Lion Hearted of England, Philip II of France, and Emperor Frederick Barbarosa took part, that Richard Fowler came into prominence. He took with him and maintained during this crusade to Palestine a body of British bowmen, all of whom were his own tenants.

The Third Crusade has been described as a "glorious but fruitless effort for the recovery of Palestine." However, Richard Fowler's services were so brilliant that King Richard bestowed upon him the crest with our family's present coat-of-arms and a grant of land in Abbey-Cwyn-Hir.

According to tradition, it was during the seige of Acre that Richard Fowler blocked an attempt of the infidels to surprise and capture the Christian camp, and that it was this brilliant stroke that brought him knighthood.1
Marriage His wife name is not known but he had at least two sons, John, who is followed further and Henry, bca 1200 about whom nothing is known.3

According to certain accounts, the family of Fowler is of Norman descent and went into England with William the Conqueror in 1066.

The earliest record of the name in England is that of Richard Fowler of Foxley, County of Buckingham, who accompanied Richard Coeur de Lion (Richard the Lionhearted) to the Holy Land in 1191. For his service he won the crest used with the family coat of arms and a a grant of lands at Abbey Cwm-Hir, County of Radnor, Wales. From Richard Fowler were descended the families of that name which were to be found at early dates in England, in the counties of Buckingham, Lancaster, Wilts, Stafford, Oxford, Gloucester, and Shrops, and also in Wales and Ireland. They appear to have been, for the most part, of the landed gentry and yeomanry of the British Isles.4

Child  1. **John Fowler+ b. c 1210

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