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Edward IV Plantagenet King of England1    17th great grandfather   Morin line
b. 28 April 1442, d. 9 April 1483, #27452
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Father   **Richard Plantagenet 3rd Duke of York1 b. 21 September 1411, d. 30 December 1460
Mother   **Lady Cecily Neville The Rose of Raby1 b. 3 May 1415, d. 31 May 1495

Name Variation Edward IV Plantagenet King of England was also found as Edward of March.2 
Name Variation Edward IV Plantagenet King of England was also found as Edward IV King of England.1

Birth 28 April 1442 Edward IV was born on 28 April 1442 at Rouen, France. Burke say he was born 29 April 1441. Deposed 1470-1471. The Complete Peerage v.XIIpII,pp.909-910.4,3 
Baptism Edward was baptized in Rouen Cathedral, Rouen, France.3

1459 In 1459, York was defeated at Ludlow and fled to Ireland. Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, and York's eldest son, Edward, escaped to Calais in France. The Duke of York claimed the throne; and in December of 1460, York, and his seventeen year old son, Edmund, Duke of Rutland were ambushed and killed at the Battle of Wakefield. York's eldest son, Edward of March was accepted as king by the Yorkists. He cemented his title by soundly defeating the Lancastrians at Towton thus deposing Henry VI. During the struggle, Richard ( to be Richard III, King of England), along with his brother, George, were sent to the Netherlands for their safety.2

1461 King Henry VI was taken prisoner in the Yorkist victory at Northampton in 1460, and Edward IV was proclaimed king in 1461.2

Associated with Edward was associated with Eleanor Bulter though not married. Tompsett does not list any children in his work.3  

Some claim that his marriage to Elizabeth Woodville/Wydeville was not legitimate as he was bethrothed to this Eleanor.

28 June 1461 Edward IV was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey on 28 June 1461.3

Edward had numerous mistresses, the best known of whom was Elizabeth Shore, known as Jane Shore.

He reportedly had several illegitimate children:

By Lady Eleanor Talbot:
Edward de Wigmore (d. 1468). Reportedly died as an infant along with his mother.  Perkin Warbeck, an impostor claimant to the English throne, who claimed to be Edward's son Richard of Shrewsbury, reportedly resembled Edward. There is unconfirmed speculation that Warbeck could have been one of Edward's illegitimate sons.
Marriage 1 May 1464 Edward IV Plantagenet King of England, 22 years old, married Elizabeth Wydeville, daughter of Richard Wydeville 1st Earl Rivers and Jacquette de Luxemburg, 1 May 1464 in Grafton Regis, Northants. While Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick was conducting negotiations for Edward IV to marry a French princess, Edward took the unprecedented step of secretly marrying a commoner, a Lancastrian widow named Elizabeth Woodville. Elizabeth Woodville had a large family which included two sons, and twelve brothers and sisters. All of the Woodvilles were now entitled to good marriages, which in effect cornered the market on English heirs and heiresses. By elevating the queen's family, Edward IV was attempting to build a court of his own, dependent upon him, in an effort to assert his independence from Warwick. The Woodvilles were known for their greediness, snobbery and grasping ways. The result of the situation was that the only prospective bridegrooms left of sufficient rank for Warwick's two heiresses were Edward IV's young brothers, George ( to become the Duke of Clarence) and Richard (to become the duke of Gloucester). Edward, who had pulled away from Warwick, forbade the marriages. This and the secret marriage provoked the anger of the powerful Richard Neville, earl of Warwick.

Some sources consider this marriage to be illegal, as Edward IV was  betrothed/ marriage to Eleanor Butler.1,3,5

Children of Elizabeth and Edward IV were:
 Elizabeth of York, who is followed further plus
Lady Mary, b. 11 Aug 1467;
Cicely, b. 20 Mar 1469;
Edward V, King of England, b. 4 Nov 1470;
Margaret, b. 10 Apr 1472;
Richard, Duke of York, b. 17 Aug 1473;
Lady Anne, b. 2 Nov 1475;
George, Duke of Bedford, b. Mar 1477;
Catherine, b. ABT 14 Aug 1479; and
Bridget, Nun at Dartford, b. 10 Nov 1480.3

1470 Warwick and George raised a rebellion which resulted in the deaths of two of the Woodvilles - the father and brother of the Queen. In 1470, Warwick and Clarence formed an alliance with the exiled Lancastrians, including the ex-queen Margaret of Anjou. To seal the bargain, Warwick married his 14 year old daughter Anne to Margaret's son, Edward of Lancaster. The new alliance invaded England forcing Edward and Richard to flee the country.

The victorious Warwick put Henry VI back on the throne, but his success was short lived. Edward and Richard returned to England after the winter and mustered their forces. Richard persuaded George into a reconciliation, and together the three brothers defeated the Lancastrians at Barnet where Warwick and his brother, John Neville were defeated and killed. Shortly thereafter, Prince Edward of Lancaster was killed in the Battle of Tewkesbury. Though later dramatists including Shakespeare, invented theatrical scenes of Richard killing the Lancastrian prince, contemporary sources state that he was cut down by George of Clarence's men while fleeing the battlefield. Shortly after Tewkesbury, Henry VI died in the Tower of London on the orders of Edward IV leaving no Lancastrian heir.2

AssocWith Edward was associated with Elizabeth Wayte though not married. They had at least the following children: Arthur, Viscount Lisle, b. 1461; .3  b. Elizabeth Plantagenet. Born circa 1464, married Sir Thomas Lumley in 1477. and Grace.

By unknown mother. Recent speculations suggests them as children by Lucy or Waite.
Grace Plantagenet. She is known to have been present at the funeral of her stepmother Elizabeth Woodville in 1492.  
Mary Plantagenet, married Henry Harman of Ellam, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Harman and widower of Agness.
A daughter said to have been the first wife of John Tuchet, 6th Baron Audley.

Death 9 April 1483 Edward IV died on 9 April 1483 at Westminster Palace, London, England, at age 40. King of England (1461-1470 and 1471-1483) who was crowned after leading the Yorkists to a victory in the Wars of the Roses. In 1470 he was dethroned in a rebellion but won back the crown in a battle at Tewkesbury (1471).4

 He was the first Yorkist King of England. The first half of his rule was characterised by violence, but he overcame the remaining Lancastrian threat at Tewkesbury to reign in peace until his sudden death.  It is not known what actually caused Edward's death. Pneumonia and typhoid have both been conjectured, as well as poison. Some attributed his death to an unhealthy lifestyle, as he had become stout and inactive in the years before his death.

Burial Edward was buried at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, England.3 

Family 1 **Elizabeth Wayte 
Child  1. **Arthur Plantagenet 1st Viscount of Lisle+ b. 1461, d. 15426

Family 2 Elizabeth Wydeville   b. 1437, d. 7 June 1492
Children  1. Elizabeth of York+ b. 11 Feb 1464/65, d. 11 Feb 15037
  2. Edward V Plantagenet b. c 1470, d. 14835
  3. Bridget Plantagenet b. 10 Nov 1480, d. 1517

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