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Conrad the Pacific King of Burgundy1,2,3
b. 929, d. 19 October 993, #26817
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Father   Rudolph II of Burgundy4 b. 877, d. 11 July 937
Mother   Bertha of Swabia4 b. circa 907, d. 11 August 967

Name Variation Conrad the Pacific King of Burgundy was also found as Conrad of Burgundy.5 
Name Variation Conrad the Pacific King of Burgundy was also found as Conrad III King of Burgundy.6 
Name Variation Conrad the Pacific King of Burgundy was also found as Conrad I The peaceful King of both Burgundies.7 
Name Variation Conrad the Pacific King of Burgundy was also found as Conrad I King of the Burgundies. 
Birth between 0925 Conrad the Pacific was born between 0925 at Arles, Burgundy, Bouches-Du-Rhone, now France.8,7,2,9 
Birth* 929 And in 929 at Arles, France.10 
!AInfoNew 937 He succeeded his father as king of a reunited Burgundy in 937. In that year the Hungarians made their most destructive attack on Burgundy. The Saracens had been ravaging the Rhone valley for several years. In his book, "The Lost Kingdom of Burgundy", Christpher Cope relates the following event : "Conrad of Burgundy was named "the peaceful" but in 954 he gained victory over the Saracens and Magyars in a coup which may be unique in military history. When he learnt that the forces of both Magyars and Saracens were on the warpath, he sent envoys to tell the Magyars that the Saracens lay in wait for them and that if they would join forces with the Burgundians they would together destroy the Saracens. He then warned the Saracens of the Magyars' approach and similiary promised them his help. Both invading armies were successfully deceived; they engaged each other in battle just as the Burgundian army, with a perfect sense of timing, appeared on the field, and Conrad continued to tell each side that he would shortly come to its assistance. When he judged that the two hostile forces had sufficiently weakened each other, the Burgundians were launched against them and both were brilliantly destroyed". The next year, 955, the Emporer Otto I finaly checked the Magyars and later in Conrad's long reign, in 972, the Saracens were finally driven from Provence by the Clunac abbott, Majolus. This success inagurated an age of peace in Burgundy which brought prosperity and a remarkable outburst of cultural activity.11 
Marriage Conrad the Pacific King of Burgundy married Adelaide of Vienne, daughter of Count Charles Constantine de Vienne and Teutberge de Troyes.12,13  
Marriage* 10 August 966 Conrad the Pacific King of Burgundy married Matilda of France, daughter of Louis IV d"OutreMer , King of France and Gerberga I of Saxony, 10 August 966. There is some evidence that they had more children than those listed here.7,8 
!AInfoNew* As her dowry Matilda of France, daughter of Louis IV, was given the city of Lyons, France, before her marriage to Conrad of Burgundy. The city of Lyons had not been even feudally subject to the crown of France for more than three hundred years.14 
!AInfoNew 26 November 991 His wife, Matilda of France died before 26 November 991.11 
Death* 19 October 993
Conrad the Pacific died on 19 October 993 at Regensburg.7,10 
Burial* Conrad was buried in Vienne.7 

Family 1  
Child  1. Rudoph of Burgundy b. c 960

Family 2   Matilda of France b. 943, d. between 27 January 981 and 982
Children  1. Gerberge of Burgundy+ b. c 965, d. 10161,15,9
  2. Gisela of Burgandy+ b. c 966, d. 21 Jul 100612
  3. Bertha of Burgandy+ b. c 967, d. a 101612,5
  4. Matilde of Burgundy+ b. c 97516

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