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Margaret Ellen Black
b. 5 May 1897, d. 25 August 1981, #24900
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Father   George Dow Black b. 13 July 1871, d. 5 July 1935
Mother   Nellie Louise Ellen Broad b. 20 February 1867, d. 28 February 1929

Birth* 5 May 1897 Baptismal records of St. Joseph's church in Freeport, Illinois gives a birth date of 5 May 1897.1 
Baptism 18 May 1897 Margaret was baptized on 18 May 1897 at Freeport, Stephenson, Illinois. By Rev. Kalvelage. Witness were Joannes Wall and Maria Roberts.1 
Baptism Name 18 May 1897 Her baptismal name was Margaretha Helena.1 
Census* 19 June 1900 Margaret Ellen Black appeared on the census of 19 June 1900 at Harlem twp, Stephenson, Illinois, with parents as 3 years old. res 115; family 117.2 
Confirmation* circa 1910 Margaret Ellen Black was confirmed circa 1910 No confirmation documentation has been found as of Aug 1997. 
Census 22 April 1910 Margaret Ellen Black appeared on the census of 22 April 1910 at Freeport, Stephenson, Illinois, as 11 years old; with parents and in school.3 
!AInfoNew* circa 1912 EEB claims that she had a child as an early unmarried teen and that her father would not let her see the child and put it up for adoption at once. 
!AInfoNew* 1912 About 1912 her father left the family for places unknown.4 
Marriage* circa 1913 Margaret Ellen Black married Arthur Harkins circa 1913.4  
research* 1913 Find 1913. 
(Witness) HYPER 1915 From left to Right: Margaret Black Harkins, Arthur Harkins, Marie Black, Bill Black. Baby in the middle is Arthur LaVerne Harkins. In the Front row we see Adelia Jones Black and her step daughter Margaret "Maggie" Black Coggins. Maggie is the grandmother of Marie, Margaret and Bill. This family photo was taken about 1915. George Charles Black IS NOT in this photo, which is strange as he surely was still living at home at this time.

C:\book\linkedpix\black family.5 
HYPER* 1918 HYPERLINK this file: Pix/tx\C:\Books\PIX/harkins family1918\.  
HYPER 1918 HYPERLINK this file: Pix/tx\C:\Books\PIX/Marg and Loretta1918\
Pix/tx\C:\Books\PIX/Bill and Marg\.  
Divorce* before 1920 Margaret Ellen Black and Arthur Harkins were divorced before 1920. The divorce was most likely before 1920 as Margaret appears on the 1920 census in Freeport with her mother and is listed as SINGLE??? And Arthur was married to Cora about 1920.6 
!AInfoNew 1920 Loretta Maulauder Black's info says that she had three children that were born dead, or died young. This would have to have been between 1913 and 1920. 
Census 1920 Margaret appears on the 1920 census at an unknown place in Freeport, Illinois. She is living with mother and brother, George. She gives age as 22 and single. Working as file clerk at for an insurance company. Her son Arthur LaVerne IS NOT in this household.7 
!AInfoNew after 1920 Margaret lived with a man named Harry Stover in Springfield at one time. She came to Springgfield, Ohio before her mother, Nellie, came there. George and Evelyn came from New York for a visit and ended up staying.8 
Marriage* before 1928 Margaret Ellen Black may have married (?) Stover before 1928. Gives last name of Stover in Springfield Directory information in 1928.9 
Note circa 1928 Nellie lived some where in the area in the 1920's and shows on the city directory in the same household as Margaret in 1928. EEB could not be certain just where this was. Margaret was living in a house on Limestone Street that is no longer there when George and Evelyn came to visit and Nellie was NOT living in the same household at that time. 
CityDir* 1928 Margaret and her mother Nellie L Broad show on the City Directory for 1928 of Springfield Ohio at an unknown place . Margaret gives name as Mrs. Margaret Stover, no job listed. Curious, Arthur LaVerne is not in the household. George Black, son of Nellie and his family is living in Springfield at this time also just a few blocks away.10 
CityDir* 1929 There is a Margaret Harkins who is a florist at Springfield, Ohio. This is not our Margaret.9 
Note* Son Arthur LaVerne, claims that his mother "used names as a convience" and that she was not married to Stover. EEB says that she "Chased some man to California" after George and Evelyn moved to Springfield which would have been about 1928. Could have been this Stover. 
!AInfoNew 28 February 1929 On 28 February 1929 Margaret's mother, Nellie Broad Black, died in Springfield, Ohio. She was buried in Freeport, Illinois.11 
!AInfoNew 6 April 1929 On the application for a marriage licence, done on 6 April 1929 when she and Max we married, she claims that she was married one time before and divorced.12 
Marriage* 5 May 1929 Margaret Ellen Black married Maximillian Ruch, son of William O Ruch and Melissa Motter, on 5 May 1929 at Springfield, Clark, Ohio, by Rev. Charles Ryan Adams. Marriage licence issured 6 April 1929. She was married on her birthday.12,13 
research 1930 Find 1930 Who are Joannes Wall and Maria Roberts
Memo: Witness at christening.

Copy Margaret and Spikes obits to file and link to print.
Memo: source 719.
Cen 1930* 19 April 1930 Margaret Ellen Black and Maximillian Ruch were found on the 1930 US census taken on on 19 April 1930 in at Springfield city, 6th Ward, Clark county, Ohio. Max is 37 born in Ohio. Margaret is 32 born in Illinois. She says that her father was born in Pennsylvania, which is not true. They are renting a house for $80 per month. Max is a conductor on the rail road. Margaret's son, Arthur L is listed as the son of Max which is not true. Arthur is 18 years old. If he was born in 1913 he should be only 16 years old.14 
!AInfoNew June 1931 On the divorce papers filed in 1942, Margaret claims that Max abandoned her in June of 1931.15 
CityDir between 1930 and 1932 Margaret does not show as Black, Stover or Ruch in the years 1930, 1931 or 1932 in the Springfield, Ohio city directories. Possibly she went to Ecorse, Michigan with Max Ruch. Somewhere in this time frame she went to California according to Evelyn Brenner and she and husband George Black cared for her son, Arther LaVerne. 
CityDir 1933 Margaret appears in the City Directory of Spring in 1933 at an unknown place with son Arthur Harkins as Mrs. Margaret Harkins, a cook. Arthur is a student. 
Telephone* January 1935 Her telephone number was Main 3774R. In January 1935 at Springfield, Clark, Ohio. This is the earliest phone listing for Margaret in Springfield.16 
CityDir 1936 Margaret Ellen Black shows on the 1936 City Directory of Springfield Ohio at an unknown place as Margaret E. Harkins, widow of Arthur Harkins with Arthur L. there also. No jobs given. 
CityDir 1938 In the 1938 City directory there is no Margaret Harkins, Black or Stover in Springfield, Ohio. 
Telephone Also, there is no telephone listed for Margaret in 1938-1940 phone books for Springfield. 
LandPur circa 1940
May have owned a house in Springfield that was build for her by a man who Les and his brother's called uncle. This man, Dave Webb, was married and Margaret and his wife were friends. This little house is East of the downtown area and south of US 40 near what was the county home. Margaret worked at the county home.17 
CityDir 1940
In the 1940 City Directory for Springfield, Ohio there is a Margaret V. Black at 814 N. Limestone, Springfield, Ohio working as a steno for the Bonded Oil company. This may not be our gal. Son Arthur L. is married and is also employed by Bonded. 
Telephone May 1940 In May of 1940 her telephone number was 5684, she is living at an unknown place in Springfield, Ohio. She is listed as Margaret E. Harkins. There is no listing for son Arthur LaVerne.16 
Divorce Filing* 10 November 1942 Margaret filed for divorce from Maximillian Ruch on 10 November 1942 at Springfield, Clark, Ohio.15  
CityDir 1943 No employment given. Our Margaret is Margaret Ellen Black Harkins. Shows on the City Directory of Springfield Ohio at an unknown place .  

Divorce 29 March 1943 Margaret Ellen Black and Maximillian Ruch were divorced on 29 March 1943 at Springfield, Clark, Ohio. Total cost of divorce to Margaret was $10.05. Her name was restored to Margaret E. Black.15 
Telephone May 1946 She is listed with a telephone number of 3-3086 at Springfield, Clark, Ohio, in May 1946. Her name is given as Margaret Black.16 
research* 1950 Find 1950 Dup pictures

Babies in Freeport
No baptisms in St Joseph's records
Get birth records from each of the children's files.
Land in Springfield off US 40 East.
Copy will

Mar to Spike 1950
Divorce from Art Harkins
Freeport, Stephenson, IL
Memo: 1915-1930

Land: Mercer, OH St Henry
Memo: after 1950

Stover in Ohio
OH, Il, Freeport.
Marriage* 7 October 1950 Margaret Ellen Black, 53 years old, married Othmer Spike Staughler, who was 49 years old, , son of Philip Staughler and Rose Knapke, 7 October 1950.4,18  
LandPur* 1951
Owned a house in St. Henry, Oh. This house was on land that had been in the Staughler family for some number of years. When "Spike" died it became hers. She sold it with the right to live in it until she died but received the cash to live on, in the mean time.19 
!AInfoNew 3 November 1979 Husband, Othmer "Spike" Staughler, committed suicide in their home at 582 Main St., in St. Henry OH on 3 November 1979.18 
Will* 30 September 1980 Margaret Ellen Black left a will that was written and signed 30 September 1980 in Celina, Ohio. giving $5000 to George Charles Black, her brother and remainder of estate to son, Arthur Laverne Harkins, of Newport News, Virginia. Nothing to indicate that the estate was of sufficient size to allow for $5000 to go to George. In his papers is a receipt for $1000 drawn on the estate and paid 11 Dec 1981 from the St. Henry Bank. See Copy of Last Will following this text.20 
Death* 25 August 1981
Margaret Ellen died on 25 August 1981 at St. Henry, at Mercer, at Ohio at age 84.18 
Burial* 28 August 1981 Margaret Ellen Black was buried on Saturday, on 28 August 1981 at St. Henry, Mercer, Ohio, It was a misty, rainy day. Services were held in the church and at the cemetery by Rev Raymond Bauer. The family and friends came to the house after the services.19,18 
Obituary* 29 August 1981 The Obituary for Margaret Ellen, is as follows: Pix/tx\C:\Books\PIX/Marg Obit\. 
Church* She was baptized in the Catholic Church in Freeport, Ill as a baby, attended Catholic Church in St. Henry and was buried in a Catholic ceremony from the church in St. Henry, OH. 
!AInfoNew 1982 Arthur LaVerne Harkins says that he does not have the bible that was in the possession of his mother. It was sold at an auction of her things after she died. 
Occupation* During her life time she held a variety of jobs. On the 1920 census she reports that she is working as a file clerk in an insurance office. On various City Directory records in Springfield she says that she is working as a cook and then as office worker. We also know that she worked as a practical nurse. During the second world war she drove some sort of vehicle for the military ( in a motor pool, test papers are in GCB scrapbook ) tho' she was not actually in the military service. Do not know where she did this. After her marriage to Spike she would work in various homes in the St. Henry area that were in need of non-skilled medical assistance. 
research Find List of photos to be copied and attached to this file:
1965-73 6 photos, taken at various times, of Spike on his birthday, and of house, area, cows, etc.(B1598, A1-27 6 photos of Spike and Margaret Staughler's house in St. Henry, OH)

Photo taken about 1915. Margaret would have been about 18 years old. Photo includes Marie Black, Margaret Black Harkins, Arthur Harkins, Arthur LaVerne Harkins, Bill Black, Grandma Black( Adelia) and Margaret Coggins. (B1901, E962 Photo copied from those in the possession of Marguerite Hille Black Erwin in Red Oak Texas, summer of 1995.)

Photo of a house in Freeport, Ill where they lived at one time. She shared a bedroom with Marie and the window of this bedroom is marked in the photo. The building is on Adams street and was the Lachmacker grocery store and was a plumbing shop at the time that Margaret took the picuture.

Birth place of Marie, Margaret and Bill Black in Freeport Il. Margaret gives the address as 105 Benton, now 451 Benton Ave. In 1996 we were unable to find this house.

Group picture. B1901, E962 Photo copied from those in the possession of Marguerite Hille Black Erwin in Red Oak Texas, summer of 1995. Must have been taken about 1915 as Arthur Laverne Harkins appears to be about 2.

Photo of one of the places that they lived when Margaret was a girl is B1601, A1-20.

Photo of a house on Adams Street in Freeport, Ill where George Dow and family lived at one time. Taken by Margaret Staughler. An X marks the window of the bedroom of Marie and Margaret.

Family 1   Arthur Harkins b. circa 1894, d. 23 October 1937
Children  1. Hazel Marcella Harkins
  2. Arthur LaVerne Harkins+ b. 20 Dec 1913, d. 21 Apr 2000
  3. (?) Harkins b. c 1914
  4. (?) Harkins b. c 1915, d. 1 May 1916
  5. Alberta Marie Harkins b. b Jul 1917, d. 18 Jul 191721
  6. LaVaughn Arleta Harkins b. b 192022

Family 2  
Child  1. Elmore Marie Black b. 12 Jul 1918

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