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Henry Black     5th great grand father
b. 1752, d. 19 April 1836, #24858
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Father   **Robert Black II1,2 b. circa 1724, d. 1799
Mother   **Ann McCall b. 1724, d. circa May 1808

Birth 1752 Henry was born about in 1752.1753 in  Straban township, York now Adams county, Pennsylvania. This part of York county became Adams county in 1818. On the 1880 census William Henry Black says that his father was born in Pennsylvania.4,5,6,7

1752 Deb Jones claims that he was born in Chester county, Pennsylvania.8

Marriage circa 1775 Henry Black married Mary Weems, daughter of Thomas Weems and Ann McIlvain, circa 1775 in likely in, York now Adams county, Pennsylvania.9  

Mil Info 1777 Held rank of Captain, PA, Rev. War; pensioned. "Henry Black (1753-1836) commanded 5th Company, 3rd battalion, Bedford County, PA Militia, 1777; He was born in Chester county, PA; died in Adams county, PA." DAR Patriot Index, 81:281. (NOTE: This source says that he was born in Chester county, PA)

"Henry Black (1752-1836) commanded a company of Rangers to guard the frontiers against the depredations of the Indians; He was stationed at Ft. Lyttleton and defended Cumberland and Juniata Valleys. He was born in York county, PA; died in Adams county, PA." DAR Patriot Index, 90:126. member # 78532

Adams county Pennsylvania was once part of York county; the split occurred about 1818.10,9

11 May 1790 On 11 May 1790 he was named co-executor of the estate of his father in law, Thomas Weems. The other executor was Jonathan Neely the husband of another daughter of Thomas Weems. This will was proved on 19 Dec 1796 in York county, Pennsylvania.11

1799 In 1799 we find a Henry Black that could be this man on the original tax list in Adams county with an evaluation of $756, p242 as a miller.

There is also Adam Black a wagon maker $664; and single men James Black weaver, Robert Black blacksmith; John Black, blacksmith and James Black blacksmith

Tax rate was 36 cents per $100 evaluation in 1799..12

1799 Both Henry and James are mentioned in the will of Robert Black in 1799 but neither are named as heirs in their mother, Ann's, will in 1804 or 1808.1

10 May 1799 Henry is mentioned in the will of his father in this way:
     FOURTHLY, I grant and bequeath to my two sons Henry Black and James Black as tenants in common and not as joint tenants and equally to be divided all and singular, the rest and reside of my estate real and personal........Lands and tenements which I hold in my own right to be holden of them and their heirs and assigns forever.
     Also I release and forever quit claim to their heirs and assigns forever all my right and title of in as far of a certain patent taken out in my name as relates or respects the land I sometime ago sold and conveyed to them on the North side of Rock Creek and in Cumberland township hereby fully and absolutely confirming the title heretofore by me to them made of said land - as if the same had been made by me since the issuant said patent, as I do not at this time consider the said land as any part of my real estate although the said patent issued in my name, they jointly contributed in paying the purchase money for as much of the said land as they hold by the aforesaid conveyance but their land lies in the same tract with a part of my land.
     LASTLY, I do hereby appoint, constitute and ordain my two sons, Henry Black and James Black, my executors of this my last will and testament in trust to execute the same according to the intent and meaning hereof.......In testimony of this being my last will and testament.13

1810  Henry appears on this census as over 45, wife is over 45.  There is one male under 10 that is not known.  There is one male 16-25 that could be Thomas Weems Black as he is said to have been born about 1790 and therefore he would be about 20 years old.   If Mary Weems died ca 1790 as many say she did, then who is the female over 45 on this census??

I believe that Mary Weems Black died later than this but I can not prove it.

1805 In 1805 Rock Creek Rd was rebuilt in Cumberland twp. A Henry Black was one that helped this project.

Quote from Adams county History
The first road repairing work done in the township after the organization of the
county, was in November, 1802, when a small bridge was built over the creek on
the Baltimore road near the mill known as “McAllister’s Mill.” The first road
built after the establishment of the county was that from Isaac Deardorff’s mill
to Gettysburgh, viewed in 1800 by Thomas Cochran, Alexander Irvine, Francis
Knouse, Alexander Lecky, James Horner and Samuel Smith of Mountpleasant. The
Rock Creek road, otherwise the Baltimore road, an old highway, was repaired for
the first time within the bounds of Adams County in June, 1805. During that
month William McPherson and Reynolds Ramsey, the road supervisors of Cumberland
Township, called on the residents for help. This call was responded to as
follows: Rev. Alex Doblin, James McClure, Andrew Bushman, Quintin Armstrong,
Robert McCurday, David Horner, Henry Black and Conrad Hoke sent each a wagon and
team with one man. Jacob Sharfey, Phoutz J. Armstrong, Jacob Bushman, Robert
Works, Hugh Dunwoody, Robert Thompson, Gabriel Walker, Robert McCreary, Henry
Black, Michael Miller and Conrad Hoke appeared on the ground themselves, or sent
their men to assist in repairing this road.12,3
1816 In 1816 Henry is named as brother of James Black in the will of James Black. Henry's children are heirs in this will and Henry's sons Thomas Weems Black and James Black are the executors of the estate of the deceased James Black.14

31 January 1833 Henry was placed on the Pennsylvania pension rolls for this service during the Revolutionary War on 31 Jan 1833 with pension beginning on 4 March 1831. The record is as follows:
County: Adams Co.
Name: Henry Black
Rank: Captain
Annual Allowance: 180 00
Sums Received: 540 00
Description of service: Pennsylvania continental troops
When placed on the pension roll: Jan. 31, 1833
Commencement of pension: March 4, 1831
Age: 80 (this was his approximate age in 1833).15

Will 11 March 1834 Henry Black left a will dated 11 March 1834 that was written at Mt Joy township, Adams county, Pennsylvania, In this will he names his sons and daughters; gives each $5 and they are to divide the residue of the estate after the other bequests are fulfilled.
James, John, Robert, Thomas W.
Ann wife of Robert McCreary
Sarah widow of Hugh Dinwiddie
Rachael wife of Philip Heagy
Elizabeth wife of George Heagy

Daughter in law Sarah, wife of son Robert to receive books, easy chair and $40 for clothing for herself.

Robert and Sarah's children are listed as:
Mary $100
Elizabeth $100
William $100
Henry $100
Robert $100
Theodore??(Anodon??) $100

Henry signed his will. Hugh Dinwiddie, son of daughter Sarah was to be the executor..16  

Death 19 April 1836 Henry died on 19 April 1836 at Mount Joy, Adams county,  Pennsylvania. Probate is #1921 Adams county which was begun on 24 April 1836. Henry was about 83 years old.17,10 18

r 1803 Additional children:   Lucy Bellville gives these additional children for Henry Black. Dates do not seem to be correct. Contact her and discuss this. They were:
> Mary b. WFT Est 1775-1803; d. 1851; m. Robert Cook
> Joseph b. WFT Est 1775-1803; d WFT Est. 1775-1803; d. WFT Est.
>1782-1883; m. Elizabeth Crouse
> Martha b. WFT. Est. 1775-1803; d. WFT Est. 1782-1886
> Elizabeth b. March 29, 1787; d. WFT Est. 1788-1881; m. James Porter
>My g-g-grandfather was John Porter Black, b. Oct. 19, 1813 in Dillsburg, PA

These people do not seem to be the children of THIS Henry.19

2002 Don Black say that Ann McCall and Robert Black are the parents of this Henry. This appears to be correct. Quote from Don Black:

I think this. Robert Black-Ann McCall......... due to dates, county and township connections and historical ethnic migrations......... Robert Black was either close to eighty years old and immigrated to Colonial US and joined his country men in southern rural PA. If incorrect, his father was probably also Robert Black the immigrant coming to America in Massachusetts and related to the JOHN BLACK family dating back to Inverness, Mid Lothian Scotland. I got the Irish connection from my Aunt and think Ann McCall's family lived in the Irish township of Donegal of York County. I hope I am remembering this accurately. I can go back and dig out my materials.20

Family  **Mary Weems  b. before 1755, d. before 1834
Children  1. Robert Black+ b. bt 1775 - 1790, d. b 1834
  2. Anna Black+ b. 19 Mar 1775, d. 24 Mar 1858
  3. Sarah Jane Weems Black+ b. 18 Aug 1779, d. 13 May 18609
  4. Rachael Black+ b. bt 1780 - 1790, d. a 1834
  5. **James Black 18,1
  6. John Black b. c 1782, d. a 1834
  7. Elizabeth Black b. b 1790, d. c 15 Nov 1838
  8. Thomas Weems Black b. 1790, d. a 1834

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