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George Henry Feldman     great grand uncle
b. 17 October 1866, d. 22 December 1925, #2449
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   **George Henry Feldman b. 11 May 1826, d. 27 January 1883
Mother   **Dorothea Rose Rosewag b. 25 January 1831, d. 11 December 1876

Birth 17 October 1866 George Henry was born on 17 October 1866 at Morrison, Whiteside county, Illinois. He was said to have been born over his father's grocery store in Morrison, Illinois.1,2

Cen1870 8 September 1870 George Henry Feldman appears on the 1870 census in the household of his father George Henry Feldman in Morrison, Whiteside county, Illinois where Georg Henry is a 44 years old farmer, born in Baden Germany but a citizen of the United States. Dorothea gives age as 40 years old in Sept 1870. She was born in Baden, Germany. Child Rosie is 15, born in Pennsylvania and daughter Flora is 6 and son George, 4 were born in Illinois. Therefore we can assume that they moved from Pennsylvania to Illinois between 1855 and 1866.

He has $4000 of real estate and $1500 of personal property. They are living next door to brother John.3,4,5,6

1876 In 1876 his mother died and his father remarried in 1878. George was about 10 when his mother died. His father died in 1883. After the death of his parents he lived with a family named Anderson in Morrison, Illinois.1,7

Cen1880 18 June 1880 George Henry Feldman shows in the household of his father George Henry Feldman on the 1880 census of Morrison city, Whiteside county, Illinois taken 18 June 1880, Henry is 54 years old, born in Baden, both parents were born in Baden. He Keeps a restaurant. Wife is Rose, she is 46, born in Baden and both parents were born in Baden. This residence is on Main Street in Morrison. Daughter Emma is 14, son George is 13 and daughter Augusta is 7. All children were born in Illinois. George, the younger, Emma and Augusta are in school. Brother of Henry, Jacob, is living at res 224 on Main Street. They are living at res. #233 right on Main St. in Morrison. Both George and Rose could read and write.8

1882 Information from his obituary, claims that George went to Huron, South Dakota in 1882 and opened a retail store. He would have been only about 16 years old so this date is likely early. By 1892 he is said to have been back in Mason City and we know from census data that he was in Manley, Iowa in 1900.

4 March 1884 Picture taken on 4 March 1884 of the four Feldman children of George Henry Feldman and Dorothea Rose Roseway/Roseway. Flora would have been about 20, Rosa about 29, George Henry about 18 and Augusta about 12. This photo was taken after the death of both of their parents. Picture taken 4 March 1884.9

1895 George is living in  Mason City Iowa on the 1895 Iowa census.  He is 28 year old.  There is no further information on this census.

Marriage 12 January 1896 George Henry Feldman, 29 years old, married Mary Frances Grant, who was 29 years old, daughter of Nicolas Grant and Hannora Nolan, 12 January 1896 in Mason City, Iowa. On the 1900 census they claim to have been married for 2 years. This is not consistent with other information.10

circa 1897 George Henry and wife Mary may have moved to Manley, Iowa about 1897.1,7

1899 Bonnie Feldman in her work says that George's store was burned by mercenaries in 1899. She was not yet born so this is second-hand information.7

Cen1900 6 June 1900 George Henry Feldman and Mary Frances Grant show on the 1900 U.S. census in Manly City, Lincoln township, Worth county, Iowa. George Feldman and his family are listed as "Boarders" in the household of John McCranny 150 E.....tion on page 4. George is white male, born in Oct 1866, 33 years old, married 2 years, born in Illinois, father born in Germany and mother born in PA. He is a dry goods merchant and has been employed for all the last 12 months. He can read write and speak English as can his wife. Mary G. is his wife. She was born in July of 1866, is 33 years old, married 2 years, the mother of 1 child who is living. She was born in Iowa, and both of her parents were born in Ireland. Their son, Grant, is one year old, born in Dec 1898 in Iowa. Manley is directly north of Mason City, Iowa. In 2000 it still only had about 1400 residents. (p43, ED 150).11

Daughter Bonnie says that they returned to Mason City in 1899. Since this family shows on the 1900 census in Manley, they must have moved to Mason City after June of 1900.7

Iowa 1905 George, wife Mary, her parents Nicholas and Honora Grant and the children of George and Mary, Bonnie and Grant are living at 315 Washington, in Mason City, Iowa on the Iowa census of 1905.  No other information on this census.  it appears that they have either a boarder or hired help,  Marie Strand.

In 1910 they are living at the same address.  George is 43 years old, born in Illinois.  He has been married for 12 years.  He claims that his parents were born in Illinois also.  He is in the wholesale grocery business.  Wife is Mary, 42 years old, born in Wisconsin.  She has had two children:  Grant who is 11 and Bonnie who is 5.  Her parents, Nicholas and Honora Grant are also in this household.  Nicholas is 78, married twice, this time for 49 years.  Honora is 67.  She has had 1 children.  Nicholas and Honora and their parents were born in Ireland. They have one servant girl whose name can not be read, who was born in Norway, but is a naturalized citizen.

17 July 1913 In 17 July 1913 George Henry and his family visited the Yellowstone National Park. " Saw Elk, Deer and bears in the wild and caught brook trout in the Yellowstone river." This on a post card to sister Rosa Wohrle in Fenton, Illinois.12

1918 He was living in Mason City, Iowa in 1918 when sister Augusta died and still there in 1920 when sister Rosa died.13,14

1919 George was involved in  1919 in a 'Big Land deal' in Red River Valley, Kittson co,MN near the town of Northcote. Date on the article from the Mason city Glove Gazette, is 20 Sept 1919.15

George H. Feldman was associated with several other Mason City men in a land transaction involving a large parcel of land in Minnesota's Red River Valley.
Newspaper account of this transaction.

Cen1920 5 January 1920 George Henry Feldman and Mary Frances Grant show on the 1920 U.S. census in 315 Washington Ave, Mason City, Cerro Gordo county, Iowa. This census was done on 5 January 1920. George is 53 years old, born in Illinois, parents born in US. He is a wholesale grocer. Wife is Mary, born in Wisconsin, 51 years old. Son Grant is 21, born in Iowa. Daughter Bonnie is 15, born in Iowa. Both children are in school. Mary's mother, Hannah Grant is living in this household. She is a 76 year old widow, born in Ireland.16

Death 22 Dec 1925 George Henry died on 22 December 1925 at Mason City,  Cerro Gordo,  Iowa at age 59. 
Burial George Henry Feldman was buried in B5, R4 of at Old St.Joseph Cemetery, Mason City, Cerro Gordo county, Iowa; From Cerro Gordo county Cemeteries, Vol. 1, p6. Listed as 'Old' St Joseph cemetery. B5, R4. Date of death given as 22 Dec 1925.17,2

Obituary 22 Dec 1925 The Obituary for George Henry is as follows: The following obituary is from a Mason City paper, but the name is not on this copy. The copy is very poor. There was a picture included.

In large Caps G.H.Feldman dies
unexpected heart attack early this morning is cause
Headed two wholesale firms in city during last 5 years

While apparently recovering and regaining strength from a slight illness, for which he had gone to the Mercy hospital, George H. Feldman, president and general manager of the Mason City Grocery company, died suddenly a 5 o'clock this morning. Death was said to have been due to a heart embolism. He was sick but a few minutes, nurses said, before he died. Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.

For the last 25 years Mr. Feldman has been an active member of the business life of this city. He first came in here in 1892 and opened a drygoods store. In 1897 he closed that store and moved with Mrs. Feldman, to whom he was married in Mason City, to Manly. There he opened a general store, but in 1899 disposed of it and came to Mason City.

He accepted a position with Letts, Spencer, Smith & Company His first work for the company was on the road, traveling north from this city on the Northwestern. For 10 years he carried the grips of a salesman.

Then an opening came in the administrative branch of the company and he took charge of the assistant manager's desk. In 1920 \, when Carl C. Virgil became assistant to the president of the company at Chicago, Mr. Feldman became manager in Mr. Virgil's place.

Thoughout his life in Mason City, Mr. Feldman has given his time entirely to his business and to his family. His growing influence in the wholesale field led him to server his connection with the Lets, Spencer Smith and company and organized with F. J. McNiel and J. D. Markwood, the Mason City Grocer company.

This was in 1923. Since then the new concern, under Mr. Feldman's management assisted by Mr. McNeil, has grown in size and influence. But in his busy life, Mr. Feldman found time to be vitally interested in the growth of the city. This interest he evidenced in hi work with the Chamber of Commerce.

At his death he was just completing the second year of his tern as director. As head of the subdivision on Jobbing, manufacturing and trade extension, he had been called into conference many times, and in these conferences his advice and counsel was found invaluable.

A member of the Lions, he never held office, but was always on of the men called up to ........a piece of work had to be done promptly. He was a director of the club at the time of his death. He was also a Mason and a member of the Shrine.

Mr. Feldman was born in Morrison, Illinois, Cot 17, 1866, "born' a groceryman." as he has said, for his father was a grocer, and the son was born over a grocery stone.

When he was 16 years old he went to Huron, S. Dakota, where he opened a retail grocery. In 1892 he came to Mason City, married, and the remainder of his life was spent, with the exception of two years, in this county.

Besides his wife, he leaves a son and daughter, Grant Feldman and Miss Bonnie Feldman. Both have been in the Twin Cities but Miss Bonnie came home some time ago. Grant arrived in the city this afternoon. A sister, Mrs. John C. Howard, who lives in Clinton, has been notified of the death, and is expected in the city this afternoon or Wednesday.1 
His Obituary indicates that he was a Mason, a member of the Shrine and a Lion.1 

Family Mary Frances Grant  b. 19 July 1866, d. 20 August 1950
Children  1. Grant A Feldman+ b. 11 Dec 1898, d. Sep 1978
  2. Bonnie Feldman+ b. 29 Dec 1904, d. 20 Sep 1992

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