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Wolston Brockway
b. 1638, d. 14 September 1717, #24474
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Father   William Brockway1 b. circa 1607, d. before 19 June 1641
Mother   Bridget Waller1 b. circa 1608, d. after June 1641

!AInfoNew 1200 On the original of the name Brockway here is one good theory, taken from "The Brockways of Wiltshire" by A.M.J. & J.K. Walker, 1994.This is a pamphlet found by Joe York. Mrs. Walker's mother was a Brockway.

The family name is Brockway - or Brocweie, Brockwey, Brokway, Brokwey, Brokeway, Brokewey, Brokeways, Brokeweys, de Brocweie, de Brokewey, Brookway, Brookwey - whichever happened to be the scribe's individual way of spelling the name at that moment of time. Brockway is actually a place name located close to Westbury, and it does not appear in the Domesday Book of 1086 - and not for about 125 years after that. The family took its name from the Hamlet site, as many families did in the past.................... The all powerful Lords of the Manor of Westbury resided at Brook House, to the north-west of Westbury. .......A brook (Biss) runs from the south into the River avon and gives its name to a house standing on it, called Brook House, which afforded its habitation in old times to John Pavely, Lord of Westbury Hundred.........
An ancient wool trade route, from the west, lay through Corsley and Chapmanslade, on to the market center at Westbury. From Chapmanslade, the ancient Broke way ran down the hillside, direct to Brook House, a distance of three or four miles. Where the trackway crossed the established route from Warminster to Bath, there was Brocweie. [The Hamlet.].................... It seems that the Hamlet of Brocweie was established and named by at least 1200 A.D. Our first definite mention of the place is 1210, when there is a reference to a land transaction. "Winton, on the morrow of Cinerum, 11 John, 12, Philip de Lya, pet. and Thomas de Brocweie, lands in Brocweie". Thomas of Brokway is tenant of lands held by Philip of Leigh.. Other transactions involving Walter de Brokwey appear in 1243 and 1249.2 
Birth* 1638 Wolston was born in 1638 at London, Eng. Birth dates give 1638 to 1640 with no sources.3 
Note* As far as I know, (Walter Brockway's notes) the exact date and place of birth for Wolston Brockway Senior is yet to found. One family tradition has him born at Silver Street, London. Another in the vicinity of Epping Forest. There are Christening records for three sons of William and Bridget Brockway, so it would be reasonable to assume that somewhere there is a record for Wolston.4 
HYPER HYPERLINK this file: GRFX F:\Logged Scans\Brockway crest.  
Immigrat2* 1659 Wolston Brockway immigrated in 1659 from England. Craig Brockway at www. says that Wolstan came to the colonies in 1659 and settled in when is now the Lyme, CT area, in the area known as Duck River. "He bought land with a house and barn thereon , of John Reynolds, both of Saybrook, Conn., 3 December 1659. ---. His first home in Lyme was probably on Duck River, at some distance south of the present village of Lyme, and near Long Island Sound."

Two of Wolston's maternal uncles came to the Colonies in the 1630's and both settled in Lyme. Also his maternal grandmother, Sarah Wollerton Waller, was seen in the CT colony twice by a medical doctor, John Winthrope, who kept a dairy.

"He was frequently elected to some office in the town. As Hayward, 13 Feb. 1676 - 77: fence-viewer, 24 Sept. 1677 and 79; Hayward, 29 Dec. 1684; and pound keeper on the same date; surveyor, 27 Nov. 1689 and 16 Dec. 1690; fence-viewer, Dec. 1690, 14 Dec. 1697, 15 Dec. 1698 and 15 Dec. 1701. He was elected constable 18 Dec. 1699, but refused to serve." ("The Brockway Family")..5 
research 1659 Find 1659 On what boat did he come to colonies? 
!AInfoNew 3 December 1659 The earliest known mention of this doubtless first representative of this family in America, and the ancestral head of all bearing it here prior to 1800, is found in the Town Records of Lyme, CT where it is stated that Dec 3 1659 he bought "housing and land of John Reynolds of Norwich, formerly of Lyme, on the East side of the river, over against the town of Saybrook." No prior notice of him has yet been found in either Lyme, Saybrook, or the Hartford State Records. In the 1887 Brockway Genealogy, p. 6. he is named as "Cooper of Black Hall".6 
!AInfoNew 1662 In 1682 he sold land in Lyme, Connecticut to Mr. Christopher Christophers, of New London.7 
Marriage* circa 1663 Wolston Brockway married Hannah Briggs, daughter of William Bridges and Mary (?), circa 1663 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut. Sometimes this marriage is said to have occurred in "Saybrook colony".8,9,10,11 
research* after 1666 Find at Connecticut after 1666 Wolston and his oldest son, William are mentioned in the will of Gregory Wolterton, Wolston's grand uncle. Gregory would be a brother of Wolston's mother.1 
!AInfoNew 1672 Wolston Brockway was a respectable and early settler at Lyme. He deeded lands in Lyme to John Robins in 1672 signed by himself and his wife Hannah.7 
Note 1671/72 Woolson Brockway on the 12 day of March 1671-2, was one of the Saybrook and Lyme men, against whom John Prentice of New London, complained for "riotous practices and assaults on New London people, &ect." The Saybrook people had also complained to the County Court in Hartford that same year against the people of New London for similiar complaints. The controversy between the towns was a strip of land which included Black Point in Lyme.6 
Land* 1680 Wolston Brockway I, deeded a piece of land in Lyme to his father in law William Briggs, the deed entered for record in 1680. Sometimes this name is recorded as Bridges.7 
!AInfoNew* 10 May 1686 When the Lyme meeting house was first staked out, the bounds impinged on the land of Wolstone Brockway. "Uncle Wm Waler" went to him and informed him of this, and Brockway had the stakes moved. Wolstone Brockway Sr. of Lyme deposed of this 10 May 1686.12 
!AInfoNew 1697 In 1697 Wolston devised land to his eldest son William "according to God's command to provide for my children".6 
research Find Burr, Jean Chandler (compiler & editor); Lyme Records 1667-1730: A Literal Transcription of the Minutes of the Town Meetings with Marginal Notations, to which hath been Appended Land Grants and Ear Marks; Stonington, CT; The Pequot Press, Inc, 1968. 
(Witness) !AInfoNew 23 November 1704 (an unknown value)On 23 November 1704 Wolston gave land to his ' well beloved son-in-law, Nathaniel Beckwith of Hadam, on the east side of the river.' This from East Haddam records.11 
Death* 14 September 1717
Wolston died on 14 September 1717 at Lyme or Joshuatown, at Connecticut. Are Joshuatown and Lyme the same place with two names? Wolston, without doubt, died at his son William's house in Joshuatown, near Brockway's Ferry and was interred in the first burying ground of the family on the hillside in the rear of Mr. Warner's home, but no mark or stone remains. Many of the next generation were buried there, also. Of the sons, William, the eldest, succeeded to his father's homestead, and his descendants were still living on Brockway property in 1887. Other sons scattered, settling along the shore of the Sound, and thus were separated from the later branch, their descendants have been thought to be of a separate family.13,6 
Death November 1717
It is also sometime said that Wolston died in November 1717 at Lyme/ Joshuatown, at Connecticut. This may be when his will was proved or estate settled.6 
research 1717 Find at Lyme, Connecticut, 1717. 
research* Find Matthew Waller of New London had two daughters, Rebecca and Sarah, who were baptized there as adults in 1671. They were legatees in the Wolterton will. Rebecca is said to have married first, William Collins, from whom she was divorced; and she married second, Thomas Bolles, and died without issue 10 Feb. 1711/12. Sarah Waller, born ca. 1646 (Winthrop’s statement of age), died unmarried 28 Mar. 1719 aged 60 to 70 according to Hempstead [Diary, p. 86]. Sarah’s will, which was dated 13 Mar. 1718 and proved 7 Apr. 1719 [New London Probate, File 5513], gave to her three cousins, William Brockway, Richard Brockway and John Brockway, all money; [ITAL:]to her cousin Deborah Elderkin, all wearing Clothes; to her cousin Leech, "Daughter to Woolston Brockway Deceased," her bed with all beading; her cousin Hannah Wade, specified articles; to her brother. in-law Thomas Bolles, a pot and kettle; Wm. Timothy Green, Executor.. Witnesses: John Bolles, Prudence Plumbe, Robert Jacklin negro (his mark). The inventory states that she died 26 Mar. 1719.

Thus there is evidence that William Waller was uncle of Wolstone Brockway and that Matthew Waller’s daughter Sarah called Wolstone Brockway’s children her cousins. It is a fair conclusion that a sister of Matthew and William Waller married a Brockway and became the mother of Wolstone Brockway. The will of Gregory Wolterton remembered not only the two Wallers, Matthew of New London and William of Lyme, and most of their children, but also Wolstone Brockway and his eldest son William. ‘The suggestions made In the former article as to how these people were related to Gregory Wolterton are very greatly strengthened by the additional evidence cited above.14
research Find From May Brockway Bent1ey:
Between 1600 and 1700 (plus a few years), the following were recorded at St. Gi1es Cripplegate Church in, London: Note the different spellings of the name.)
Samuel Wolleston, bpt. 22 Aug 1614, s/o Thomas and ? Wolleston.
Hannah Wollistone m. James Holt on, 17 Aug 1646
Bridget Wollaston, bpt. 19 Sep 1700, dau/o Wm, and Eliz. Woollastone Bridget m. Wm. Watkins 2 Apr 1716.
Lucy, dau/o Wm. and Eliz Wooliston bpt. 8 Jul 1707

William Brockway m. Bridget Waller 28 Jan, 1628. I believe Wm. is related to’ the Wollastons and that accounts for the name "Wolston". Does anyone else have an educated guess in, this matter?

Editor’s comment: Wolston and Hannah named their first son, William, probably for Hannah’s father, William Briggs. Could it also have been, for Wolston’s father?? They probably named their second daughter, Mary, for Hannah’ s mother. Could they have named their third daughter, Bridget, for Wolston’s mother??14
research 1999 Find at MFHC 1999 The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 153, October 1999 (Whole Number 612) was recently published by the New England Genealogical Society. The second part of the article authored by Mary Banning Friedlander, Block Island Settlers of Joshua's Town, Lyme Connecticut, 1701-1800: Banning, Niles, and Tiffany Families on the Tiffany Family is in this volume.

Get both volumes 152 and 153.

Family   Hannah Briggs b. 28 August 1642, d. 6 February 1687/88
Children  1. Hannah Brockway+ b. 14 Sep 1664, d. 2 May 175015
  2. William Brockway+ b. 25 Jul 1666, d. 29 Mar 1755
  3. Wolston Brockway II+ b. 7 Feb 1667/68, d. 15 May 1707
  4. Mary Brockway b. 16 Jan 1669/70, d. 17 Apr 1719
  5. Bridget Brockway+ b. 9 Jan 1671/72, d. 5 Apr 1756
  6. Richard Brockway II+ b. 30 Sep 1673, d. 16 Mar 1761
  7. Elizabeth Brockway b. 24 May 1676, d. Jul 1729
  8. Sarah Brockway b. 23 Sep 1679, d. a 23 Nov 1704
  9. Deborah Brockway b. 1 May 1682
  10. John Brockway+ b. fr 1680 - 1684, d. 24 Nov 1764

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