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Ermentrude de Orleans1
b. 27 September 830, d. 6 October 869, #24196
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Father   Eudes Comte de Orleans b. circa 800, d. circa 834
Mother   Engeltrude of Paris1 b. circa 805

Name Variation Ermentrude de Orleans was also found as Ermentrude Queen of the Franks.2 
Name Variation Ermentrude de Orleans was also found as Hermintrudis. 
Birth circa 825 Two sources only say that Ermentrude was born circa 825.3,4 
Birth* 27 September 830 And several give a date of on 27 September 830 for her birth.5,1,6 
Marriage* 14 December 842 Ermentrude de Orleans, 12 years old, married Charles II The Bald, King of France, who was 19 years old, , son of Louis I The Pious King of France, Holy Roman Emperor and Judith of Bavaria & Swabia, 14 December 842 in Quierzy-sur-Oise, Aisne, Ile-de-France, France. This was a first marriage for both parties. Other than the children listed in this data base, many sources include daughter Gisele, and two more children than are sometimes said to have been twins that died young, Pippin and Drogo.7,8,3,4 
research* 850 Find at Internet 850. 
!AInfoNew* 866 In 866 Ermentrude was crowned the Queen of France. By this time she had produced a number of children including 6 sons but none of them was satisfactory as far as Charles Le Chauve was concerned. By September 866, four of them were dead.9 
Death* 6 October 869
Ermentrude died on 6 October 869 at age 39.1,3,4 

Family   Charles II The Bald, King of France b. 13 June 823, d. 6 October 877
Children  1. Rothildis d' Aquitaine+ b. c 844, d. c 92810,11
  2. Judith Princess of the Franks+ b. 844, d. a 8702
  3. Louis II "The Stammerer", King of France+ b. 1 Nov 846, d. 10 Apr 879
  4. Charles of Aquitaine b. c 847, d. c 86612
  5. Carloman Abbott of St Médard Soiss b. 849, d. 87613
  6. Hildegarde b. c 850
  7. Ermentrude Abbess of Hasnon 14
  8. Lothar d. 86514

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