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Edward III , King of England
b. 13 November 1312, d. 21 June 1377, #23511
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Father   Edward II , King of England b. 25 April 1284, d. 21 September 1327
Mother   Princess Isabella of France b. 1296, d. 22 August 1358

Birth* 13 November 1312 Edward III was born on 13 November 1312 at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, Eng.1 
(Witness) !AInfoNew 1324 War broke out with France in 1324, prompting Edward to send Isabella and their son Edward (later to become Edward III ) to negotiate with her brother and French King, Charles IV. Isabella fell into an open romance with Roger Mortimer, one of the Edward's disaffected barons. The rebellious couple invaded England in 1326, capturing and imprisoning Edward on the 21st of January 1327, taking him to Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire.2 
!AInfoNew* 1325 While In France during 1325 Queen Isabella arranged the marriage of her son, Edward, then about 12 years old to Philippa of Hainault, who was then about 11 years old.3 
Acceded* circa 1327 Initially under the tutelage of his mother and her lover, Roger Mortimer of Wigmore, Edward III bided his time. In 1330 he struck, seizing Mortimer and having him executed. With this Edward re-opened the war with Scotland and then against France having realised that the defeat of Scotland was not possible whilst they received French aid. This helped start the 100 year's war which was the major feature of the reign. War of course needed money and to this end Edward reformed the coinage and came increasingly to rely on parliament to organise the economy and deal with law and order within the realm.Edward III , King of England acceded the throne of at England on circa 1327.4,5  
!AInfoNew 1328 In summary: . Edward assumed effective power in 1330 after imprisoning his mother and executing her lover Roger de Mortimer who had murdered his father; therafter his reign was dominated by military adventures. His victory in Scotland, especially at Haildon Hill 1333 encouraged him to plan by 1363 the union of England and Scotland. Through his mother he claimed the French throne thus starting in 1337, the Hundred years war. His son John of Gaunt dominated the government during his last years.6 
Marriage* 24 January 1328 Edward III , King of England, 15 years old, married Philippa of Hainault, who was 16 years old, , daughter of Guillaume III De Avesnes of Hainault and Jeanne de Valois, 24 January 1328 in York, Minster, England.7,8,1  
!AInfoNew* 1333 In 1333 Edward III , King of England provoked by French attacks on his territories in France, declared himself king of France. This was the beginning of the "Hundred Year War".9 
!AInfoNew* 1348 Half of the population of Europe died in the Black Death, which swept through England and northern Europe from 1348-1350. The plague weakened the English military and in 1375 Edward signed the Treaty of Bruges. This treaty left Edward with only England, Calais, Bordeaux, and Bayonne. This plague also killed his daughter Joan.10 
AssocWith* Edward was associated with Alice Perrers though not married.4 
HYPER* HYPERLINK this file: Pix/tx\C:\Books\PIX/Edward III.  
!AInfoNew As for the illegitimate children, they are John de Southeray,Joan Skerne,Jane Northland (identifiable) and Nicholas Litlyngton (doubtful). Mother of these children is not given in this source, but could be Alice Perrers.7 
Death* 21 June 1377
Edward III died on 21 June 1377 at Richmond, at England at age 64. The King was alone with Alice Perrer when he was stricken with an apoplexy. He died of a stroke. She had been sitting on his bed, casting dice with him, and provoking him to delighted titters with her outrageous stakes. Half of his face turned to stone. Alice jumped off the bed but quickly pulled three richly jeweled rings from the kings flaccid fingers. She ran from the room yelling for a priest, ran to the river, ferried over, secured a horse and rode to safety in Bedfordshire.4,6,1 

Family 1   Philippa of Hainault b. 24 June 1311, d. 15 August 1369
Children  1. Edward The Black Prince+ b. 15 Jun 1330, d. 8 Jun 1376
  2. Isabella Plantagenet+ b. 16 Jun 1332, d. bt 1379 - 1382
  3. Joan Joanna Plantagenet b. c Feb 1335, d. 2 Sep 1348
  4. William Plantagenet of Hatfield b. 16 Feb 1337, d. 1337
  5. Lionel Duke of Clarence+ b. 29 Nov 1338, d. 17 Oct 1368
  6. John of Gaunt Plantagenet+ b. Mar 1340, d. 3 Feb 1399
  7. Edmund Plantagenet of Langley, Duke of York+ b. 5 Jun 1341, d. 1 Aug 1402
  8. Blanche Plantagenet b. Mar 1342, d. 1342
  9. Mary Plantagenet b. 10 Oct 1344, d. bt 1361 - 1362
  10. Margaret Plantagenet b. 20 Jul 1346, d. 1361
  11. Thomas b. 1347, d. c 134811
  12. William Plantagenet , of Windsor b. 24 Jun 1348, d. 1348
  13. Thomas Plantagent , of Woodstock b. 7 Jan 1354, d. Sep 1397
  14. Joan Plantagenet b. a 1355

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