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Agatha Ferrers       25th great grand aunt...NOT likely a grandmother!!!!!    
b. 1168, #23509
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   **William I de Ferrers 3rd Earl of Derby1 b. 1136, d. before 21 October 1190
Mother   **Sybil de Braose, Countess of Derby2 b. circa 1150, d. 5 February 1227

Name Variation Agatha Ferrers was also found as Agatha de Ferrers.3

Birth 1168 Agatha was born in 1168 at Charltey, Staffordshire, England.3,4

AssocWith before 1187 Agatha was associated with **John Lackland Plantagenet though not married. This liason is not mentioned by Denis Reed in his work. She has been put forth by many as the mother of Joan of England the illigitimate dau. of King John "Lackland" but Joan's maternity is a matter of heated debate to this day.5,6,7

Quote from a discussion of the Joan of England on Soc.Medieval-L.  The identity of Joan's mother is unknown. Agatha Ferrers is a nice guess, but is unsupported by contemporary evidence. The only time Joan's mother is mentioned by name is in the Tewkesbury Annals, where she is called "Queen Clementia". Is this a different name for Agatha Ferrers? Possibly, but not likely.

Should you take "Agatha Ferrers" out of your charts? Probably. What I would do is replace her with "Clementia, otherwise unidentified", and include a large footnote with all of the speculative identities for her, including Agatha Ferrers. Doug Richardson, taking "Clementia" as a name and not an epithet, has come up with some plausible, but not conclusive, evidence of who she might be (see other recent threads in this group). 

Family **John Lackland Plantagenet  b. 24 December 1167, d. 19 October 1216
Child  1. **Joan of England+ b. c 1187, d. 2 Feb 1237

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