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Fulk IV the Rude Count of Anjou1  multiple relationships..Morin and Eastman lines..closest 27th great grand father
b. circa 1043, d. 14 April 1109, #23313
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Father   **Geoffrey IV "Ferreol" de Chateau-Landon b. 1000, d. 1 April 1046
Mother   **Ermengarde , Countess of Anjou b. circa 1018, d. 18 March 1075

Name Variation Fulk IV the Rude Count of Anjou was also found as Count Foulques IV of Anjou.2 
Nickname Fulk IV the Rude Count of Anjou also went by the name of Fulk "Rechin" Count of Anjou.3,4 
Name Variation Fulk IV the Rude Count of Anjou was also found as Foulques IV , of Anjou.5

Birth circa 1043 Fulk IV the Rude was born circa 1043 at Anjou, France. He may have been born as early as 1033 tho' that does not seem likely given when he married and when he died. (The 1033 date is from Bradley).5,3,6

ALERT 1050 This man may not have married these women in the order that is in here. It appears that he may have been married 5 times. Children may not be with the correct mother, also.7

Anjou is a region and former province of northwest France in the Loire River valley. Ruled by the powerful counts of Anjou in the early Middle Ages, it was annexed to the French crown lands by Louis XI in the 1480's.8

Marriage #1 circa 1063 Fulk IV the Rude Count of Anjou married Hildagarde De Baugency "Lancelote", daughter of Lancelin II S. de Baugency and Alberge, circa 1063. Maybe as late as 1068. This was a first marriage for both.9,10,11

Title 1067 Fulk IV the Rude Count of Anjou held the title of Count of Anjou which was granted about 1067. He was the 8th Count of Anjou.12,3,13

Marriage #2 circa 1070 Fulk IV the Rude Count of Anjou married Ermengarde de Bourbon circa 1070. Fulk IV of Anjou married Ermengarde de Borbon, after the death of his first wife, Hildegarde but before 1070. He reputiated Ermengarde de Borbon in 1075, possibly on grounds of consanguinity.12,14

After the death of Hildagarde, before 1070, Fulk married Ermengarde de Borbon, and then possibly Orengarde de Châtellailon. Both these were repudiated (Ermengarde de Borbon in 1075 and Orengarde de Chatellailon in 1080), possibly on grounds of consanguinity.15
Marriage #3 21 January 1087 Fulk IV the Rude Count of Anjou married Arengarde de Castellion 21 January 1087 in Saumur, Anjou, France.12  

Marriage #4 1089 Fulk IV the Rude Count of Anjou married Bertrade de Montfort-l'Amaury, daughter of Simon I Seigneur de Montfort l'Amauri and Agnes d'Evreux, 1089.3,16  Bertrade and Fulk  became the parents of a son, Fulk, but in 1092 Bertrade left her husband and took up with King Philip I of France. Philip married her on May 15, 1092, despite the fact that they both had spouses living. He was so enamoured of Bertrade that he refused to leave her even when threatened with excommunication. Pope Urban II did excommunicate him in 1095, and Philip was prevented from taking part in the First Crusade. Astonishingly, Bertrade persuaded Philip and Fulk to be friends.

Annulment 15 April 1092 The marriage of Fulk and Bertrade de Montfort-l'Amaury may have ended by divorce or annulment on on 15 April 1092. At least the Catholic church, in some ways condoned the second marriage of both parties. Pope Urban DID excommunicate Philip, King of France in 1095 for his relationship with Bertrade de Montfort.3,7,17

1105 He was a chronicler of the Counts of Anjou.7

Death 14 April 1109 Fulk IV the Rude died on 14 April 1109 at Anjou, at France.12,5,18,6,19,7 

Family 2  Ermengarde de Bourbon  b. circa 1045, d. after 1087
Child  1. Geoffroy IV Martel of Anjou b. c 1071, d. 19 May 110612

Family 1 **Hildagarde De Baugency "Lancelote"   b. circa 1056, d. circa 1070
Child  1. **Ermengarde of Anjou+ b. c 1072, d. 1 Jun 114611,20,9,12

Family 3 **Bertrade de Montfort-l'Amaury   b. circa 1060, d. circa 1117
Child  1. **Fulk V 'le Jeune' Count of Anjou and Maine+ b. c 1091/92, d. 10 Nov 11436

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