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Dutchess Eleanor of Aquitaine1
b. circa 1122, d. 1 April 1204, #23310
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Father   Guillaume VIII-X Duke of Aquitaine2 b. circa 1099, d. 9 April 1137
Mother   Eleanor de Châtellérault2 b. circa 1103, d. after March 1130

Name Variation Dutchess Eleanor of Aquitaine was also found as Eleanor de Poitou.3 
Name Variation Dutchess Eleanor of Aquitaine was also found as Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine.2 
Birth* circa 1122 Eleanor was born circa 1122 at Gironde, Aquitaine, France. Also called Ombriere Palace.4,5,6 
Note Aquitaine is a historical region of southwest France between the Pyrenees and the Garonne River. The duchy of Aquitaine was joined with France after the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine to King Louis VII in 1137, but its possession was disputed after her subsequent marriage to Henry II of England.7 
!AInfoNew* Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine was an intelligent and emancipated woman living in the dark middle ages. Although it is a conventional rule that all ladies of high rank should be described as beautiful, all sources agree that Eleanor of Aquitaine really was beautiful. In addition, she was the richest heiress of France and became successively queen of France and England.8 
Map* A Map of an unknown place is A map of Aquitaine Maps\Aquitaine map.jpg. 
!AInfoNew 1137 Eleanor resembled both her grandfather, William IX (her father's father) and Dangereuse, (her mother's mother). She possessed the same intelligence, gaiety, restlessness and will power. The court of William IX was the centre of western European culture: the ducal family was entertained by jongleurs, storytellers and troubadours. Unlike most of her contemporaries, male and especially female, Eleanor was carefully educated and she was an excellent student. Eleanor's happy childhood ended with the subsequent deaths of her mother, her little brother and - in 1137 - her father.8 
Marriage* 22 July 1137 Dutchess Eleanor of Aquitaine married Louis VII , King of France, son of Louis VI "The Fat" King of France and Alix (Adelaide) de Maurienne, Countess of Savoy, 22 July 1137 in Bordeaux, France. The orphaned Eleanor was the richest heiress in France, thus a marriage was arranged for her to the King of France, Louis VII. She was only about 15 years old.9,5 
!AInfoNew 1147 Eleanor was eager to govern her own duchy, since she knew the troublesome Aquitainians better than anyone. However, Louis' councillor, the Abbot Sugar, resented her influence in governmental matters.

When Louis went on the Second Crusade to Palestine, Eleanor raised a company of women to join her and thus she accompanied her husband to the Holy Land. In Antioch Eleanor was warmly received by her uncle Raymond, who reminded her of her happy childhood in Poitiers. Eleanor and Raymond were of the opinion that Jerusalem could best be secured by driving back the Turks in the north, but Louis VII rejected the plan and a quarrel followed. Quietly Louis began preparations for his departure and after dark Eleanor was forcibly conducted from Antioch. Soon the crusade became a complete failure and even Louis' brother Robert quickly rushed home.

The Second Crusade assembled 500,000 men under the leadership of France's Louis VII and the German Conrad III, who took separate routes but gave the crusade no coherent command, achieved nothing, and lost most of their men to starvation, disease, and battle wounds.

On their way back to France, Louis and Eleanor visited the pope to plead for a divorce. Instead, the pope tried to reconcile them and induced them to sleep in the same bed again.8 
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!AInfoNew* It is said that is was with Raimund that Eleanor initiated an incestuous sexual relationship when she and her first husband, Louis VII, were in Antioch during the ill-fated crusade of 1147-48.10 
Divorce* March 1152 The marriage of Dutchess Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII , King of France was annuled in March 1152. In some sources, the divorce is referred to as an annulment, but not always.8,6 
Marriage* 18 May 1152 Dutchess Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry II Curtmantle , King of England, who was 19 years old, , son of Geoffrey V , Count of Anjou and Maine and Matilda The Empress, 18 May 1152 in Bordeaux, France. Eleanor was about 30 years old. This marriage may have occured in Poitiers, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France. (Himes). They had 8 children.11,6,3,5,8 
Acceded* 19 December 1154 At the death of Stephen, Dutchess Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II Curtmantle , King of England acceded the throne of at England on 19 December 1154 at London. In 1148 Matilda, The Empress and mother of Henry II left England, but Henry (II) forced Stephen to acknowledge Henry as his successor.6 
!AInfoNew April 1156 In April 1156 their baby son, William died and is buried at an unknown place . He was three years old.6 
!AInfoNew 1160 Situated 350 miles to the south-west of Paris, Bordeaux is one of the best known cities in France, thanks to its wines which are appreciated the world over by millions of connoisseurs. Bordeaux is also the Capital of one of the largest regions in France : Aquitaine. An excellent road and rail network makes it a major centre of communications between the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

A visit to the Bordeaux Aquitaine region inevitably stimulates the mind with an interest in its past. With the frequency of its prehistoric sites and the variety of its artefacts, it is no wonder that the region is referred to as the cradle of the arts. The outstanding edifices of Lascaux, La Madeleine, Rouffignac, the abbeys, fortresses, castles and châteaux and the Gallo-Roman remains, will be appreciated by those interested in architecture and archaeology.

As a wine growing region of worldwide reputation, the vineyards of Bordeaux with their Margaux, Medoc, Sauternes, and Saint-Emilion wines are leaders in their field in an area where many other excellent wines are produced. In Aquitaine, time-honoured recipes and new cuisine to whet the appetite of the gourmet abound. One has the opportunity to taste truffes or foies gras with some of the best wines. In a region of wide open spaces, with Europe's largest forest, Bordeaux Aquitaine offers an authentic and healthy environment. With the number and quality of its golf courses, the area has become France's leading region for golfers. Various local and international Hôtel chains offer their guests all the necessary services to satisfy the most fastidious client. Quality, price, pleasure are the key words of promise in Bordeaux Aquitaine. (From the Tourist Bureau of France). 
!AInfoNew* 1167 Two of the Lusignan brothers attacked and killed William’s unarmed uncle, Patrick earl of Salisbury, while Patrick, Queen Eleanor of England, and William were riding near the castle of Lusignan. William was wounded and taken prisoner while defending the Queen’s retreat into the castle and trying to avenge his uncle’s murder.12 
!AInfoNew January 1168 As the children grew up and Henry openly took mistresses, the couple grew apart. Eleanor was 44 or 45 years old, when she gave birth to their youngest son, John Lackland. By then she had discovered the existence of Rosamund Clifford, the most famous of Henry's mistresses. 
!AInfoNew 1 February 1168 On 1 February 1168 daughter Matilda Maud was married in Saxony, Germany to Henry V the Lion of Saxony. She was not quite 12 years old.13 
!AInfoNew 1169 In 1169 Henry sent his queen, Eleanor to Aquitaine to restore order as its duchess. Once more the ducal palace at Poitiers became the centre of all that was civilised and refined. Troubadours, musicians and scholars were welcomed at Poitiers. There, in 1170 Eleanor reconciled with her first born daughter Marie of France, countess of Champagne. Marie's protégé, Chrétien de Troyes, composed, at Marie's suggestion, the romance of Lancelot and queen Guinevere. In addition, Marie had a "code of love" written down in thirty-one articles. They described feminist ideas far beyond the 12th century cult of chivalry. In addition, Eleanor sponsored the "courts of love" in which men having problems with the code of love could bring their questions before a tribunal of ladies for judgement.8 
!AInfoNew As the children grew up and Henry openly took mistresses, the couple grew apart. Eleanor was 44 (45) years old, when she gave birth to their youngest son, John Lackland. By then she had discovered the existence of Rosamund Clifford, the most famous of Henry's mistresses. Later Henry arranged a fiancee for his homosexual son Richard Lionheart. She was a daughter of Louis VII and his second wife. While she was educated at the English court, her fiancee ignored her and his father, Henry, seduced her.8 
!AInfoNew December 1172 At Christmas 1172 Henry summoned his wife and sons to his court.8 
Note 1173 Eleanor encouraged and abetted a revolt by Henry's three eldest surviving legitimate sons, Richard, Gregory and John, against their father. She was imprisoned for nearly 15 years (1174-1189) and released upon Henry's death.8 
HYPER* 1175 HYPERLINK this file: Picture of Eleanor of Aquitaine C:\Book\linkedpix\eleanoraquitaine2.jpg.  
!AInfoNew 11 June 1183 Second son, Henry, died in France on 11 June 1183.14 
Note* 1189 Eleanor was let out of prison when Henry died in 1189.8 
Note 28 June 1189 Daugher, Matilda Maud, died in Germany at the age of 33. She had been married about 21 years and had at least 10 children.13 
!AInfoNew* 6 July 1189 Richard father, England's Henry II died July 6, 1189 at Chinon at age 54 after doing homage to France's Philip II and surrendering the territories of Gracy and Issoudon. William Marshal, who served under Henry II and was favoured by Richard was sent to England to prepare for Richard's arrival. Queen Eleanor was freed from prison and was to reign until Richard arrived.

Connnect with William Marshal also.

Richard as the new king, quickly ended his friendship with France's Philip by continuing his father's policy of territorial aggrandizement and refusing to honor his contract to marry Philip's sister Alais, daughter of Louis VII, to whom he has been betrothed since age 3, but at year's end Richard and Philip exchange pledges of mutual good faith and fellowship as they prepare to join the Third Crusade.7 
!AInfoNew By 1189 three of their sons had already died and Henry's successor was Eleanor's favourite son, Richard I Lionheart, who appreciated his mother's advice. When he went on crusade, Eleanor became regent. Although Richard was a homosexual, he was supposed to provide England with heirs, so Eleanor escorted his bride-to-be to Sicily. When Richard was killed in 1199, he was succeeded by his youngest brother, John Lackland.8 
!AInfoNew 1199 By 1199, Eleanor had returned to Aquitaine and retired in the abbey of Fontevraud. She remained busy and active and personally arranged the marriage of her Castilian granddaughter to the grandson of Louis VII. She lived to be about 82, an extraordinary age in the middle ages.8 
Death 31 March 1204
Eleanor died on 31 March 1204 at Maine-et-Loire, at Pays de la Loire, at France.5 
Death* 1 April 1204 Dutchess Eleanor of Aquitaine may have died on 1 April 1204 at the Maine-et-Loire, Aquitaine, France. Tompsett gives 1 April 1204 as date of death. Both sources say that she died at the Abbey. Tompsett says "Other sources say she died 26 Jun 1202 and she was born Chateau de Belin", but does not name this source. Burke thinks she died 1162. Burke seems to be in error. 31 March 1204 is the date given by van de Pas.8,15,3 
Note 1205 Other sources say she died 26 Jun 1202 and she was born Chateau de Belin. Burke thinks she died 1162. Burke also says that she was the Countess of Saintonge, Angoumois, Limousin, Auvergne, Bordeaux, and Agen.16 
research Find Need good map of Old France. 

Family 1   Louis VII , King of France b. 1120, d. 18 September 1180
Children  1. Princess Marie , of France+ b. 1145, d. 11 Mar 11989
  2. Alisa de France+ b. 1150, d. c 11986

Family 2   Henry II Curtmantle , King of England b. 5 March 1133, d. 6 July 1189
Children  1. William Plantagent b. 17 Aug 1152, d. Apr 1156
  2. Henry The Young King of England+ b. 28 Feb 1155
  3. Matilda Maud of England+ b. Jun 1156, d. 28 Jun 1189
  4. Richard I The LionHearted+ b. 8 Sep 1157, d. 6 Apr 1199
  5. Geoffrey II Plantagenet+ b. 23 Sep 1158, d. 19 Aug 1186
  6. Eleanor Plantagenet+ b. 13 Oct 1162, d. 25 Oct 1214
  7. Joan Plantagenet+ b. Oct 1165, d. 4 Sep 1199
  8. John Lackland Plantagenet+ b. 24 Dec 1167, d. 19 Oct 1216

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