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Eva de Boissey

research* 1060 Find at Internet 1060. 
Marriage* Eva de Boissey married William de Braose 1st Baron de Bramber, son of Robert I de Brusi and Gunnora. According to Perfect, a 13th century genealogy in the Bibliothèque de Paris gives the name of his wife as Eve de Boissey, widow of Anchetil de Harcourt. There is a lot of evidence from contemporary charters which supports this view. Philip de Harcourt refers to Philip de Braose (son of William I) as "patruus", ie uncle on the father's side, in a charter usually dated circa 1125. In the charter Philip de Harcourt bestows Shipley as a gift to the Templars. He says: Hec omnia Ricardus Frater meus a Philippo de Braosia suo et meo patruo habuit et tenuit.

Rev. L C Perfect (The de Braose Family in the 11th and 12th Centuries and Their Connection with the Conquest of the Middle Marches of Wales - Oxford, unpublished) says about William de Braose I that:
a genealogy in a thirteenth century list in the Bibliotheque de Paris gives the name of his wife as the widow, Eva de Boissey, of Anchetill d'Harcourt. She had seven children by Anchetil d'Harcourt.1 

Family   William de Braose 1st Baron de Bramber b. circa 1040, d. circa 1093
Child  1. Philip de Braose, 2nd Lord Bramber+ b. c 1073, d. bt 1134 - 11552

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