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Jesse Brockway
b. 11 October 1792, d. 14 October 1873, #22882
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   Moses Brockway b. 16 February 1762, d. by Nov 1805
Mother   Chloe Giddings b. 31 January 1768, d. 12 June 1826

!AInfoNew* Additional generations made available by Marjorie Blank

Azariah Moses BROCKWAY-5924 (Jesse).
Azariah married (MRIN:1772) Jane GREEN
They had the following children:
+ 10 M i. John Emory BROCKWAY
11 F ii. Alice Belinda BROCKWAY
12 F iii. Abigail Swift BROCKWAY
13 M iv. Ferris Wade BROCKWAY
14 M v. Abner Moses BROCKWAY
15 F vi. Mary BROCKWAY

Third Generation

10. John Emory BROCKWAY-10139 (Azariah Moses, Jesse).
John married (MRIN:2576) Nancy Ann CRAWFORD
They had the following children:
+ 16 F i. Jennie Porter BROCKWAY
17 M ii. Julius Writer BROCKWAY
18 F iii. Mary Florence BROCKWAY
19 F iv. Mabel Carolyn BROCKWAY.

Fourth Generation

16. Jennie Porter BROCKWAY-10146 (John Emory, Azariah Moses, Jesse).
Jennie married (MRIN:3510) Frank C. HULING Frank was born in Greenville, , PA.
They had the following children:
+ 20 F i. Margaret Louise HULING
21 F ii. Mary Florence HULING
22 M iii. Frank C. HULING Jr.
23 F iv. Helen Nancy HULING

Fifth Generation

20. Margaret Louise HULING-10151 (Jennie Porter BROCKWAY, John Emory, Azariah Moses, Jesse).
Margaret married (MRIN:3511) John C. KING
They had the following children:
24 M i. Robert Charles KING
25 M ii. Hugh Brockway KING
+ 26 F iii. Marjorie Jean KING.

Sixth Generation

26. Marjorie Jean KING-10158 (Margaret Louise HULING, Jennie Porter BROCKWAY, John Emory, Azariah Moses, Jesse).
Marjorie married (MRIN:3512) Donald E. BLANK
They had the following children:
27 M i. Lawrence D. BLANK-
28 M ii. Douglas E. BLANK-
29 M iii. Raymond W. BLANK.1
Birth* 11 October 1792 Jesse was born on 11 October 1792 in either at Litchfield, New York.1 
Birth Or at Hartland, Hartford county, Connecticut.2,3 
Marriage* 1 October 1812 Jesse Brockway, 19 years old, married Nancy Moses, who was 19 years old, 1 October 1812 in Hartford, Trumbull, Ohio.4  
Mil Info 15 October 1812 Jesse served during the War of 1812 as a Pvt. in Capt Jedediah Burnham's company of the Ohio Mil. He enlisted on 15 Oct 1812.5 
research* 1814 Find 1814 There was no will for his father, Moses Brockway's estate which included 200 acres of land in Hartford, Trumbull, OH. The estate petitioned to divide this land in 1814. Sons Jesse and Luman would be of age and Titus, Sally, Lewry and Timothy were yet minors. Moses also left a wife, Chloe. Book 2, p 60. Not sure who was living where ,but Jesse appears to have been in Hartford.6 
research 1820 Find at Hartford, Trumbull, Ohio, 1820 Seems to be there 100001 030010. Check it out. If this is correct then this family is not the family on the census as Jesse could not have been that old Another Jesse or census error.. 
!AInfoNew* Children of Jesse and Nancy were:
M i. Azariah Moses
F ii. Chloe
F iii. Fidelia.
F iv. Harriet
M v. Moses
F vi. Eliza
F vii. Betsey
F viii. Olive.
All these children were born before 1830 as Nancy claimed that she had 8 MINOR children at the time of her divorce.7,8
research 1830 Find at Trumbull or Ashtaubla county, Ohio, 1830. 
!AInfoNew* 11 February 1830 On 11 February 1830 Jesse left Nancy and her 8 children.4 
Divorce* 17 March 1830 Jesse Brockway and Nancy Moses were divorced on 17 March 1830 at Hartford, Trumbull county, Ohio. Following copied from the court records: "Your petitioner, Nancy Brockway, late Nancy Moses of Hartford, showeth that on the 1st day of Oct 1812 she was lawfully married to Jesse Brockway of said Hartford, She lived with him until 11 Feb 1830 when said Jesse Brockway absconded and went off with one Minerva Wilson alias Minerva Safford, leaving your petitioner with eight minor children--not named-- asks divorce, alimony and guardianship of the children" Divorce was granted.4 
!AInfoNew All 8 of Jesse and Nancy's children lived and went on to marry and have families. Jesse and Minerva went to La Harpe, Hancock Co., IL in 1833. No marriage record has been found and it is not known where they were after 1830. Minerva's first husband, Jesse Wilson divorced her about the same time as Nancy divorced Jesse. Minerva died about 1850. There is no record of any children for Minerva by either husband.9
!AInfoNew after 1850 After the death of Minerva, Jesse married Catherine Hutton Freeman, a widow with 5 children. Jesse and Catherine had three children, one of whom died young. These children were:
Jesse Brockway. 1860 census information indicates that he was born about 1852.
Aaron Brockway, b. 11/24/1855, LaHarpe, Hancock County, Illinois d.8/6/1857, LaHarpe, Hancock County, Illinois Burial: LaHarpe Cemetery. Died before the 1860 census.
Samuel Hutton Brockway, b.4/1/1857, LaHarpe, Hancock County, Illinois d. 10/29/1929, Laharpe, Illinois Burial in the LaHarpe Cemetery. Married Arrilla Frances Mustain, 12/18/1877, Hancock County, Illinois.9,10 
Marriage* 27 May 1851 Jesse Brockway, 58 years old, married Catherine Hutton Freeman 27 May 1851 in Hancock county, Illinois.11,5  
CEN1860* 1860 Jesse Brockway and Catherine Hutton Freeman appear on the 1860 census of Hancock county, Illinois taken on 1860 Jesse is 68 years old, born in Connecticut, occupation not legible. Catherine is 44 years old and born in New York. Jesse would therefore have been born about 1792 and Catherine about 1816. They have two children: Jesse (m) 8 years old, born in Illinois and Samuel 3, born in Illinois.12 
Death* 14 October 1873
Jesse died on 14 October 1873 at LaHarpe, at Hancock county, at Illinois at age 81.13,2 
Death 15 April 1873 Jesse may have died on 15 April 1873. His military pension record indicates that he died on 15 April 1873 in La Harpe, Hancock county, Illinois.5 
Will* 16 January 1874 Jesse Brockway left a will that was probated on 16 January 1874 in Hancock county, Illinois In this will he left $85 to graddaughter Gertrude. Whose child is she?.11  

Family 1   Nancy Moses b. 22 July 1793
Children  1. Moses Brockway b. c 1815, d. 184511
  2. Fidelia Brockway b. 16 Mar 181714
  3. Harriet Brockway b. 28 Jun 181914
  4. Harriet Brockway b. c 1822
  5. Betsey L Brockway b. 27 Sep 1827, d. 12 Jun 188615

Family 2   Catherine Hutton Freeman b. 1816, d. 5 September 1899
Children  1. Jesse Brockway Jr.+ b. c 1852, d. a 188411
  2. Samuel Brockway b. c 1857, d. a 188016

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