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John of Gaunt Plantagenet
b. March 1340, d. 3 February 1399, #22286
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Father   Edward III , King of England b. 13 November 1312, d. 21 June 1377
Mother   Philippa of Hainault b. 24 June 1311, d. 15 August 1369

!AInfoNew His list of titles ran: John, Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Richmond and Derby, of Lincoln and Leicester, Duke of Aquitaine, Lord of Beaufort & Nogent.1 
Name Variation John of Gaunt Plantagenet was also found as John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster.2,3 
Birth* March 1340 John of Gaunt was born in March 1340 at Ghent, in what is now France.2,1 
Birth June 1340 John of Gaunt may have been born in June 1340. Some sources give this date.1 
AssocWith* before 1358 John was associated with Marie St. Hilaire though not married. They had at least one child.2 
Marriage* 13 May 1359 John of Gaunt Plantagenet, 19 years old, married Blanche Plantagenet, who was 14 years old, , daughter of Henry of Grosmont Plantagenet and Isabel de Beaumont, 13 May 1359 in Reading, Berkshire, England.4,1  
Note* 19 May 1359 A marriage date of 19 May 1359 is given by (Henry Soszynski).5 
HYPER* 1360 HYPERLINK this file: About 1360 the castle of Hertford was given to John of Gaunt as his primary residence C:\book\pix\\hertford.6  
Acceded* 13 November 1362 John acceded to the title of Duke of Lancaster on 13 November 1362.1 
!AInfoNew He was tall and slender, but not slight, looked the Plantagenet with a long nose, narrow cheeks and deep eye sockets. His eyes were bright blue and his hair was a tawny yellow. He was the most reserved of Edward and Philippa's children. He could inspire deep devotion among his intimates, but he did not have the gift of easy camaraderie. He knew that most people and most certainly the common folk, thought him haughty and cold.2 
!AInfoNew* In August of 1371, Hugh Swynfort died possibly of the "Bloody Flux" or by poison administered by a Garçon attached to the Duke of Lancaster without the knowledge of either Katherine or John, if the assumptions of Anya Seton are correct. Katherine was now a widow. Very soon Katherine and John of Gaunt began a protracted love affair. John married the Queen of Castile and Katherine was engaged as a governess to the children of Blanche and returned to England to that job.2 
Marriage* 18 September 1371 John of Gaunt Plantagenet, 31 years old, married Constanza Queen of Castile, daughter of Pedro III King of Castile and Maria de Padilla, 18 September 1371 in Roquefort, France.2  
!AInfoNew 20 June 1381 On the 20 of June in 1381, Katherine left on her pilgrimage to Walsingham, on foot. Before she left she entrusted her brother-in-law, Geoffrey Chaucer with a letter and a message to John, Duke of Lancaster. Geoffrey found the Duke at Newcastle on his return from the Scottish border after a run-in with Percy. The letter told John why she was going to never see him again. The Duke did not receive this message with pleasure. He felt that she had lied and deceived him, as he felt that his foster mother had, many years before. Geoffrey also told the Duke that Savoy was in ruins, but he was not as upset about that as he was about losing Katherine.2 
!AInfoNew* 1387 John of Gaunt Plantagenet gave up his claim to Castile and León in 1387, when his daughter Catalina married Henry, later Henry III, king of Castile and León.7 
Marriage* 13 January 1396 John of Gaunt Plantagenet, 55 years old, married Katherine de Roet, who was 45 years old, , daughter of Payne de Roet and Catherine d' Hainault, 13 January 1396 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. With this marriage the Duke had a decree from King Richard that their children would be legitimatized.2 
!AInfoNew* February 1397 This 3rd marriage and its issue were declared legitimate by the Pope , and the Beauforts legitimated February 1397 by Act of Parliament.8 
Death* 3 February 1399
John of Gaunt died on 3 February 1399 at England at age 58. Duke John died of natural causes. Unpon the Duke's death, King Richard wontonly confiscated all the Lancastrian estates and heritage. This was a part of the cause of John of Gaunt's son Henry to return to England to fight for his rights.2,1 
Death Burke says that he died an unknown place Holborn in England.1 
Burial* John was buried in London, England. Get story of burial.9,1 
!AInfoNew* Summary:
John of Gaunt, 1340-99, duke of Lancaster, was the fourth son of EDWARD III of England. He acquired the Lancaster holdings through marriage and became one of the most influential nobles in England. He served under his brother EDWARD THE BLACK PRINCE in the HUNDRED YEARS WAR and by his second marriage (1371) gained a claim on the throne of Castile. For a short time John, in effect, ruled England for his aging father; he remained powerful under his nephew RICHARD II. From 1386 to 1388 he fought in vain to make good his Castilian claims. Returning (1389) to England, John helped to restore peace between Richard II and the barons. In 1396 he married Catherine Swynford; they were ancestors of the TUDORS. John was the patron of CHAUCER who was married to the sister of Catherine Swynford. His eldest son, who lived, was HENRY IV. 

Family 1   Marie St. Hilaire b. circa 1335
Child  1. Blanche St. Hilaire b. c 13582

Family 2   Blanche Plantagenet b. 25 March 1345, d. 12 September 1369
Children  1. Philippa Plantagenet+ b. 31 Mar 1360, d. 19 Jul 14152
  2. John Plantagenet b. c 1362, d. c 1362
  3. Edward Plantagenet b. 1364, d. 1364
  4. Elizabeth of Lancaster+ b. 1364, d. 24 Nov 1425
  5. John two Plantagenet b. 4 May 1366, d. c 5 May 1366
  6. Henry IV King of England, Henry Bolingbroke+ b. 30 May 1367, d. 20 Mar 1413
  7. Isabel Plantagenet b. c 1368, d. 13681

Family 3   Katherine de Roet b. October 1350, d. 10 May 1403
Children  1. Sir John Beaufort Earl of Somerset+ b. c May 1371, d. 1409
  2. Henry Beaufort Cardinal Beaufort+ b. 1375, d. 11 Apr 14472
  3. Thomas Beaufort Duke of Exeter b. 1377, d. 14272
  4. Joan Beaufort+ b. 1379, d. 13 Nov 14402

Family 4   Constanza Queen of Castile b. 1354, d. 1394
Children  1. John Plantagenet b. c 1373, d. c 13732
  2. Catalina (Katherine) Plantagenet+ b. bt 1372 - 1374, d. 2 Jun 14182

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