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Margaret "Atheling" Princess of England1    27th great grandmother both Eastman and Morin lines   
b. circa 1054, d. 16 November 1093, #22256
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Father   Edward The Exile b. circa 1016, d. 1057
Mother   Agatha of Germany b. circa 1027

Name Variation Margaret Atheling Princess of England was also found as St. Margaret of Wessex.2

Name Variation Margaret Atheling Princess of England was also found as Saint Margaret.3

Birth circa 1054 Margaret was born circa 1054 possibly in at Reke Castle in Mecseknadasd, Hungary. She was likley born after 1053 even tho some sources give an earlier date. Her parents appear to have been married about 1053.3,4,5,6,7

1057 In 1057 she arrived at the English court of Edward the Confessor. Nine years later she was in exile after William the Conqueror defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings. She fled to Scotland.8

1066 In 1066 Margaret with her mother, brother and sister left England for the "safety" of Scotland when William the Conqueror invaded England. 9

Marriage circa 1068 Margaret Atheling Princess of England married Malcolm III MacDuncan Cean-mohr, son of Duncan I King of Scotland and Ælflaed Sybil of Northumbria, circa 1068 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Margaret was married against her wishes to Malcolm. This was her first marriage and Malcolm's second. Margaret was in her teens and Malcom was in his mid thirties. She bore him 6 sons and 2 daughters. Her unlearned and boorish husband grew daily more graceful and Christian under the queen's graceful influence.4,2,10

St Margaret Stained glass window image of Saint Margaret of Scotland in the small chapel at Edinburgh Castle.
Death 16 November 1093 Margaret died on 16 November 1093 at Scotland at the age of 39. The cause of death is attributed to grief over the death of her husband Malcolm and her oldest son, who were killed in battle only a few days before.10,3,2,11,12    There is also a theory that she was ill before this battle.

1250 She was Canonised in 1250 and her feast day is 16th November.12 

Family **Malcolm III MacDuncan Cean-mohr  b. circa 1031, d. 13 November 1093
Children  1. Edward Cean-Mohr b. c 1069
  2. Edmund I Cean-Mohr , King of Scotland b. c 1070
  3. Ethelred Cean-Mohr+ b. c 1072
  4. Edgar Cean-Mohr , King of Scotland b. c 1074, d. 1106
  5. Alexander I King of Scotland+ b. c 1077, d. 23 Apr 1124
  6. **Matilda Edith Cean-Mohr+ b. bt 1079 - 1080, d. 1 May 1118
  7. **David The Saint Cean-Mohr , King of Scotland+ b. c 1080, d. 24 May 1153
  8. **Mary (Marie) Princess of Scotland+ b. c 1084, d. 31 May 1116

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