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Stephen George Carter1,2     1st cousin 3xR
b. 15 April 1884, #2003
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   William H Carter b. April 1849, d. 1923
Mother   Sarah Adelaide Fowler b. 25 January 1849, d. 17 April 1917

Birth 15 April 1884 Stephen George was born on 15 April 1884 at Michigan. Stephen is  on the 1910 census as Steven G. Carter, born in Michigan, 26 years old. Lizzie his wife is 19 years old. There are a child, Minnie whose age is not recorded. born in Michigan. In 1900 his birth date is given as April 1884.3,2 
circa 1890
Carter children ca 1890 This photo of Stephen, Charles and Libby Carter was taken in Whitehall Michigan. There is no date on the photo but it appears that Charles is about 2 to 3 years old. Therefore we are going to guess that it was taken about 1890.



Stephen George Carter shows on the 1900 U.S. census in the household of his father, William H Carter in Green township, Mecosta county, Michigan. William Carter is 51 years old, born in England in April of 1849. He was naturalized in 1861 after having been here for 3 years. He is renting his farm. Wife is Adalade, who is 50, born in New York in June 1849. They have been married for 21 years and have had 4 children all of whom are living. Children are:
Libbie, born Nov 1880 in Texas, 19
Stephen born April 1884 in Michigan, 16
Charlie born Dec 1886 in Michigan, 14
Lyle born June 1890 in Michigan, 9.4 

Marriage 1908 Stephen George Carter married Lizzie (?) 1908. On the 1930 census Stephen says that he was first married when he was 24 years old and that would be about 1908.5,6 

Cen1910 21 April 1910 Stephen George Carter shows on the U.S. Census for 1910 in Green township, Mecosta county, Michigan On this census Stephen appears as Stephen G, he is 26 years old, born in Michigan and a moulder in a machine shop. He is Married to Lizzie who is 19 years old. They have one daughter, Minnie who is 6/12 years old therefore born about November of 1909. They are living next door to Stephen's mother and father, Adelaide and William Carter.3,7 

1918 Stephen appears with wife Elizabeth, likely Lizzie, at Big Rapids, Mecosta county, Michigan in the Rural directory for years 1918-1923 in Mecosta county. Stephen has 4 children and is a clerk. It is possible that it took long enough to produce this directory that Stephen changed wives before it was printed. 

Marriage after 1918 Stephen George Carter married Gladys (?) after 1918. On the 1930 census she says that she was first married when she was 19 years old. She is 35 in 1930 therefore she would have been 19 years old in about 1914. It is possible that she was married before she married Stephen and that Stephen and Gladys were married later than the 1914 date. This is supported by the fact that Stephen appears in the 1918 rural directory for Mecosta could with a wife name Elizabeth which is not likely Gladys!!6 

12 Sept 1918 Stephen registed for the draft of WWI on 12 Sept 1918. He was employed as a "molder" for the "Handett Gage Works" . That may not be quite right as the writing is poor. He is of medium build and heights, with black hair and brown eyes. He is married to Gladys and gives her as next of kin. 

1919 It appears that Stephen's first wife Elizabeth or Lizzie either died or left before he registered for the draft of 12 Sept 1918 as he gives wife as Gladys. 

Note Mike Schroeder found an interesting situation in Big Rapids in 1920:.........................

To make this an even more eerie discovery is the fact that the West Ave. address where Steven Carter lived in 1920 is exactly the same property on which my step-mother lives at the present time." 

Cen1920 23 Jan 1920 Stephen George Carter shows on the 1920 U.S. census in Big Rapids, Mecosta county, Michigan. On this census Stephen's wife is Gladys who is 26 years old. Stephen is 35, born in Michigan and he is employed for wages as a moulder in a foundry. They are living in an un numbered house on West Ave that is mortgaged. They have two daughters: Minnie who is 10 and appeared on the 1910 census and Irene who is 8. These may both be children of first wife Lizzie.1 

Cen 1930 5 April 1930 Stephen George Carter and Gladys (?) were found on the 1930 US census taken on on 5 April 1930 in at Big Rapids, Mecosta, Michigan. Stephen G. Carter is 45 years old, born in Michigan and is employed as a truck driver for the county roads. He appears on one index as Stephen G. Coster. wife is Gladys, 35, born in English Canada. Stephen was first married when he was 24 and Gladys was first married when she was 19. Obviously, Stephen was not first married to Gladys. They have NO radio. Two daughters are in this household. Irene L who is 18 and has been in school during the past year and Thelma G who is 6 and has NOT been in school.6 

Note In letter from Jean Byam Carter in 1963 she shows on a chart, that Stephen was married twice and had three children. From the census information it appears that his first wife was Lizzie and his second wife was Glayds. We know that two of these children were daughters Minnie and Irene whose mother was likely Lizzie. The third child was Thelma, daughter of Gladys. Stephen was a brother to the grandfather of Jean Byam's husband, David.8,7 

Family 1  Lizzie  
Children  1. Minnie Carter 5
  2. Irene L Carter 

Family 2 Gladys  
Child  1. Thelma G Carter6

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