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Frank Cassius Akey      1st cousin 4xR
b. 2 June 1858, d. 5 August 1944, #1703
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   James Akey Jr1 b. 18 April 1822, d. 18 March 1901
Mother   Harriet Gregg1 b. 15 July 1835, d. 16 January 1911

Name Variation Frank C Akey was also found as Cassius Franklin   He was called Frank.

Birth 2 June 1858 Frank C was born on 2 June 1858 at Ohio or Indiana. Information from the 1870 census indicates that he was born in Ohio but the 1860 census says that he was born in Indiana. On the 1900 census he claims that he was born in Ohio.1,2,3,4   From the self written story of the life of Frank that appeared in a county History book he indicates that he was born in Zanesville.  The family lived there for a short time before moving to Allen county, indiana. Akey.1,2,3

CEN1860 29 June 1860 Frank C Akey appears on the 1860 census with James Akey Jr and Harriet Gregg taken on 29 June 1860 in Adams township, Allen county, Indiana, where James is 35 years old, a farmer with $2500 of real estate and $3500 of personal property. (I ?? those numbers). He was born in Pennsylvannia. Harriet is 24 and born in Pennsylvannia. This is not supported by other census. Two children. Casius who is 2 and born in Indiana and Henry was to 4/12, therefore born in February of 1860.2

Cen1870 24 July 1870 Frank C Akey appears on the 1870 census in the household of James Akey Jr in Adams townshiip, Allen county, Indiana . James, the father, is 45 years old, born in PA, owns $5400 of real estate and $780 of personal property. Wife is Harriet, who appears to be 26 but could be 36 or 46, born in Ohio, There are 5 children in the household. Cannot read the names but the oldest is 13 and born in Ohio and the youngest is 2. After reading the 1880 census it is established that Mary was 10 on the 1870 and born in Ohio census, George was 8, born in Indiana.  James Edward was 4 born in Indiana, and Hester ?? Ellen was 2 born in Indiana. The 13 year old was a male but name is not readible, likely Frank Cassius.5

Link to the story of the life of Frank Cassius as preserved by the family.  Some of this may have been written by Frank himself.  This is a MUST read.  

Marriage #1 14 Oct 1879 Frank C Akey married Tressie A McConaugh  on the 14th of October 1879. On the 1900 census they claim to have been married for 20 years.3 Shortly after they were married they moved to Bellefountaine, Logan county Ohio where they remained for about 2 years before moving to New Haven, Indiana.

On the 1880 census Frank  appears as Franklin.  He is 21, born in Ohio, father born in PA and mother born in Ohio.  Wife is Tresesa 19, born in Indiana and father born in PA, not known where mother was born.  They are living with Isaac Akey who is his uncle.  Isaac is a brother to Frank's father, James Akey, Jr.  They are in Lake township, Logan county, Ohio..

1884 Frank worked in a stove factory for a while while they were living in New Haven, Allen county, Indiana.  He also had a part interest in a tile factory.  In addition, he served as town marshall for a time

Frank appears in this family photo with wife Tressie.  Click on Photo
He is the second man from the right in the rear row.
1885 In 1885 Frank & his father James went west looking for land to homestead.  They found land in Wray Colorado.  Brother George and sister Mary and her husband also filed for homesteads on adjoining land.  They rented a "immigration car" from the rail road for $150 and loaded their animals and household good into this car.  2 Horses, 2 cows, 3 goats, 24 chickens, 100 bushels of potatoes, plows and harnesses.  They left Indiana on 10 Feb 1887 and were on the road for 4 days and 4 nites.  They arrived in a blizzard.  Not a good way to begin a new adventure.  He built a combination dug out and sod house and then sent for his wife and two small sons.  Read more of the trials of these first few years on the prairie here

Cen1900 13 July 1900 Frank C Akey shows on the 1900 U.S. census in Glendale township, Arapahoe county, Colorado. Cassius is 41 years old, a farmer, born in Ohio, father born in Pennsylvania and mother born in Ohio. Wife of 20 years is Tressie, who is 39 years old, born in Indiana, father born in Ireland and mother born in Pennsylvania. She has had two children and both are in this household. Cassius A is 18, born in Indiana and in school. James N. is 16 born in Indiana and in school.

Wife Tressie died in 1903.

Photo Album

early FrankCassius
Akey family Akey boys AkeyAckerca 1933 1944

Marriage #2 13 Oct 1904 Frank C Akey married Dora V Gibson 13 Oct 1904 in Wray, Colorado. Dora was from Decatur, Indiana and Frank from Wray, Colorado.   Frank and Dora claim to have been married for 6 years on the 1910 US. Census.3

marriage photo marriage certificate

The photo above and the marriage certificate were provided by Robert Acker, a grandson of Frank and Dora.

Cen1910 1910 Frank C Akey shows on the U.S. Census for 1910 in West Wray, Yuma county, Colorado Frank is 53 years old, born in Indiana. He is a Livestock dealer. Wife is Dora. This is a second marriage for Frank and a first marriage for Dora. She is 35 years old. They have two daughters. Myrtle who is 4 and Mildred who is 2.

Dora and Frank were divorced.  Dora returned to Indiana with the children.  

Marriage #3 circa 1917 Frank C Akey married Matilda Ann "Tilda" Hagler wife #3 circa 1917.3,6,10  

Cen1920 20 January 1920 Frank C Akey shows on the 1920 U.S. census in Malmberg School district, Gallatin county, Montana. Frank and his oldest son Allen C are living together on a mortgaged farm with their families. Frank is married to his 3rd wife, Tilda. Frank appears as Cassius F on this census. He is 62 years old and born in Ohio. Wife Tilda is 30 years old, born in Missouri. They have a daughter Effie who is 1 11/12 years old so it appears that she was born about Feb of 1918 in Montana. Son of Frank is Allen who is 38 years old, born in Indiana. Wife Emma B. is 37, born in Iowa. They do not have any children but Earl Alexander is 8 years old and listed as a nephew. He was born in California.

Cen 1930 1930 Frank C Akey and Tilda  Hagler were found on the 1930 US census taken on in 1930 in at Grand Junction, Mesa county, Colorado. Frank appears as Cassius F. Akey on this census. He is 71 years old, born in OHIO. He owns a $3000 house but is not employed. Wife is Tilda who is 40 years old, born in Missouri. They have two children:
Effie who is 12 and born in Montana and Harold W who is 10 and born in Missouri. These two may not be the children of Frank but the step children or grand children.

Death 5 August 1944 Frank C died on 5 August 1944 at Ft Wayne, Allen county, Indiana at age 86.1,3,7 He was back in Indiana to see his new Grandson, William Acker, son of Mildred Akey.  He decided to go fishing and suffered a heart attack and died.  His body was accompanied back to Colorado by daughter Myrtle for burial with his first wife Tressie.9

Burial Frank was buried in Grandview cemetery in West Wray, Colorado.7 

Family 1  Tressie A McConaugh  b. 19 January 1861, d. 19 May 1903
  1. Allen Cassius Akey+ b. Oct 18813
  2.. James Canova "Nova" Akey+ b. 17 Feb 1884, d. 19613

Family 2 Dora V Gibson 
Children  1. Myrtle I Akey b. 19068
  2. Mildred Akey b. c 19088

Family 3  Tilda Hagler 10
wife #3

Children  1. Effie M Akey b. 19186
  2. Harold Winfield Akey b. 23 Mar 1920, d. Feb 19823

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