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Germain Doucet1     10th great grandfather
b. circa 1595, d. after 1654, #15808

His father MAY have been Pierre Doucet, born ca 1757 in France.3  (No documentation.)

He was also found as Germain Doucet dit Laverdure.4

Birth circa 1595 Germain was born circa 1595 at Parish Conflans, Byre, France1  or Conflans-en-Brye, Charenton, France3.  Likely two ways of saying the same place.

Marriage circa 1620 Germain Doucet married Marie Bourgeois, daughter of Nicholas  Grandjean and Marguerite Bourgeois, circa 1620 in France. They had at least three children:
Germain Doucet, born 1641; died Bef. 1699.
Pierre Doucet, born 1621 in Sedan, France; died June 02, 1713 in Port Royal, Acadia.
Marguerite Louise Doucet, born Abt 1625 in Port Royal, Acadia; died Aft 1686 in Port Royal, Acadia.1

According to Stephen White of the Acadian Studies Centre out of Moncton, New Brunswick, his research, based on a dispensation given for the marriage of Claude Trahan to Anne LeBlanc, leads him to believe that the wife of Pierre Lejeune was a daughter of Germain Doucet and a wife whose name is unknown.

If this is true, and I see no reason why it isn’t, then we also have to conclude that Germain Doucet had at least two wives and not one, since some of the descendants of his daughter, Marguerite, have tested for the non-Native American Haplogroup T2, yet Jeanne Lejeune dit Briart, who would also be his grand-daughter based on the dispensation, had the Native American Haplogroup “A”, indicating that her mother and Marguerite Doucet were half-sisters with different mothers.
He came to Arcadia about 1639. (Acadian Descendants, Vol I, by Janet Jehn)

But other sources say that (and what appears to be the most likely)
Germain Doucet came to Acadia in 1632 with Commander Isaac de Razilly by order of Cardinal Richelieu (Minister of State to King Louis XIII). They came to re-occupy the colony after the St. Germain-en-Laye Treaty of March 29, 1632.

According to author Andrew Hill Clark re ACADIA: THE GEOGRAPHY OF EARLY NOVA SCOTIA TO 1760 (page 91): "Razilly ... sailed from France on July 4, 1632 in L'Espérance à Dieu, shepherding two transports, and disembarked some three hundred people (mostly men) and a variety of livestock, seeds, tools, implements, arms, munitions, and other supplies at La Have (LaHève, at the mouth of La Have River in present Lunenburg County) on September 8."

Razilly was a cousin of Richelieu and a royal councillor. One of the leaders of The Company of New France, he was designated Lieutenant-General of all the parts of New France called "Canada" and the Governor of "Acadia."

According to authors Sally Ross and Alphonse Deveau re THE ACADIANS OF NOVA SCOTIA ~ PAST AND PRESENT (page 16): "In September Isaac de Razilly arrived in Acadia with three sailing vessels, 300 hand-picked men, three Capuchin Fathers and a few women and children."

On a document signed July 14, 1640, Germain Doucet was at Port Royal and Captain of the Army of Pentagoët as well as the right-hand man of the Governor of Acadia (Charles de menou d'Aulnay de Charnizay).

After the death of the Governor in 1650, Germain was the Commander at the fort of Port Royal and Deputy Guardian of the Governor's children.

On August 16, 1654, when 500 Bostonian soldiers under the command of Robert Sedgewick attacked the fort of Port Royal, Germain found it wise to give up without a struggle as he had only 100 men to oppose them. All military personnel were then repatriated back to FRANCE.

Germain left his brother-in-law, Jacques Bourgeois, surgeon, as Lieutenant of Port Royal and as a witness to see that the conditions of the treaty were carried out. Germain and his wife returned to FRANCE in 1654.

Adjutant of Governor D'Aulnay. Was Port Royal Commandant at time of surrender to Robert Sedgwick on 16 Aug 1654. Following the terms of the act of capitulation, he returned to France where he died. He was "beau-frere" of Jacques Bourgeois. (brother-in-law or step-brother).1  
Micmac Indian girl and Germain Doucet were associated in some way.  There is no proof that Germain had a liason with an Indian girl, but it seems highly probable. His UNKNOWN daughter married Pierre LeJeune the second and Pierre's wife is said to have been a Micmac Indian.2   It appears that Germain's descendents by this MicMac maiden were NOT deported because they disappeared into the woods with their Mi’kmaq cousins

Death after 1654 Germain died after 1654 in France.1 
Additional resources

1.  link to excellent maps  
2.  Provided by Dean W. Doucet on Doucet  sketch of this man

Family 1  **Marie Bourgeois  b. circa 1598
Child  1. **Marguerite Louise Doucet+ b. c 1625, d. 20 Dec 17071
2. Pierre Doucet  bca1621 d 1 July 1713
3 Germain Doucet II  bca1641 dca 1699

Family 2 Micmac Indian girl 
Child  1. Name not known daughter of Doucet b. c 16352

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