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Arthur McIlvaine Sr    5th great grandfather     Morin lines
b. between 1745 and 1750, d. circa 1818, #1422

How does this man connect with all the other mcIlvanie/McIlvaine  families in this database???  HELP.

Birth between
1745 and 1750
Arthur was born between 1745 and 1750.2

Marriage #1 2 Dec 1772 Arthur McIlvaine Sr married Ann Barnes, daughter of John Barnes and Hannah Heritage, 2 December 1772 in Gloucester, Gloucester county, New Jersey. On this list he is listed as Arthur Micklevane of Gloucester.

The Marriage contract goes as follows:
          Know all men by these presents that we Arthur Micklevane of the county of Gloucester, Yoeman and Andrew Barnes of the same place, yeoman are holden and do stand fustly indebted unto his Excellency William Franklin, Esq. Captain General and Governor in Chief of New Jersey in the sum of Five Hundred Pounds of current lawful money of New Jersey, to be paid to the said Excellency, the Governor his successors & assigns for the which payment well and truly to be made and done. We do bind ourselves our heirs, executors and administrators and every of them jointly and severally & firmly by these presents------with our seals dated this second day of December, A.D. one thousand severnhundred and seventy two.

          The condition of this obligation is such that whereas the above bounded Arthur, and for Ann Barnes of the other party. Now it if shall not hereafter appear, that they the said Arthur Micklevane and Ann Barnes have any lawful------or impediment of precontract, affinity or consanquinity, to hinder their living together as Man and Wife, then this obligation to be void, or------stna d and remain in full-----------. Sealed and Delivered in the presence of James Bowman.
                                   Arthur Micklevane
                                   His + Mark
                                   Andrew Barnes.2,3

Over the years and in different recorded sources, Arthur's name was recorded in so many different ways.

In a book called Revolutionary Census of NJ, there is an Arther Mucklewain listed in Greenwich Twp, Gloucester Co. for the years 1773 and 1774.

In the tax ratables book for Gloucester Co, there is an Arther Macklewain listed in 1773 living in Greenwich Twp and in 1774 he is listed as Arther Mucklewain. In 1777 he is listed as Arthur Mucle Vain and he is being taxed on 2 horses, 4 cattle and 1 hog.

In 1780 he is listed as Arthur Mickle Wain, in 1781 he is listed as Arthur Mucklewain, in 1782 and 1783 he is listed as Arthur Mc Elwain, but in 1884 he is listed as Aurther Mc Elvain in one place but then as Auther McElvain in another. In the second place it says he has improved land 140, value of 35 and unimproved land 100 value of 10, 4 horses, and 5 cattle. I guess they ate the hog.

In 1785 and 1786 he is listed as Aurther Mc Elvain and in 1788 he is listed as Arthur McElwain. In 1789 he is listed as Arthur Mc Elwane, in 1790 he is back to Arthur McElwain, but in 1792 and 1793 he is listed as Arthur McElwane. In 1794 he is Arthur McElvane and in 1797 he is Arthur Mc Ilwane. Somehow 1795 and 1796 are missing also. I there any doubt that this family might be a bit hard to trace!!!4

Tax List from 1782 to 1797 Arthur McIlvaine Sr appears on the tax list or duplicate for Greenwich township, Gloucester county, New Jersey, for the years from 1782 to 1797.5

29 May 1790 Arthur McElwane (McElwine) and Ward Pearce were co-executors of the estate of their father-in-law John Barnes on 29 May 1790 in Gloucester county, New Jersey.6

20 March 1793 In the will of Ann's father, John Barnes of Greenwich township, Gloucester county, New Jersey, proved on 20 March 1793, Arthur McElwane and Ann received land that John Barnes purchased of Michael Harp 158 acres and the adjoining tract of 105 acres purchased of George Emlin on westerly side of the Creek. Also 2 acres of cedar swamp purchased of Thomas Denny, Esq. Arthur McElwane and Ward Pearce the husband of Ann's sister are to be the executors of the estate.6

Marriage #2 circa 1794 Arthur McIlvaine Sr married Sarah (?) circa 1794 in Gloucester county, New Jersey.7

14 Sept 1799 On 14 September 1799 he is recorded as being a bondman in the estate of John Regan of Gloucester county, New Jersey. He made the inventory of the estate with William Dilkes.8

9 Dec 1799 After the death of their father in 1797 and their mother in November of 1799 on the petition of several relatives the guardianship of Samuel and William Pearce was given to John Carter. Arthur McElwaine, husband of the sister of their father's first wife was bondsman. Is John Carter part of this family?9

25 Oct 1802 James Flicher (Flecher) of Greenwich township, Gloucester county, New Jersey died intestate ca 25 October 1802. Adm'r was Nathaniel Chew and bonsmen were John Richards and Arthur McIlvaine of Greenwich township, Gloucester county, New Jersey. Inventory done by David Eldridge and Arthur Mcilvaine.10

1805 On 8 June 1805 Arthur McIlvaine sold for $500 to Thomas Casperson a piece of Land in Gloucester county, amounting to about 105 acres: It was Butted and bounded as follows: Beginning at a stake standing by the water course of a branch called Nohoncy and in the line of Samuel Paul's land and runs thence North 52 degrees, East fifty eight chains and seventy links to a corner, thence north 49 degrees West 18 chains and ninety links to a corner then south 54 degrees and 30 minutes, West 49 chains and 35 links to the water course of the said Nohoncy Branch and the up the same bounding thereon by the several courses thereof to the place of beginning. This land had been purchased by Edward Toms, dec'd of Ephraim Bels on 26 February 1794. The guardian of Edward Toms two children (Edward and John) was Arthur McIlvaine. Arthur had been ordered ordered by the Orphans Court to sell this land on the 18 June 1804.11

9 Nov 1811 It is possible that the land transaction for land that was sold in 1805 and consumated on 9 Nov 1811 and recorded on 26 Nov 1812 in Deed Book Q, page 455 could have been son Arthur McIlvaine and not father Arthur McIlvaine.11

1812 A Document questioning the right of Arthur McIlvaine to mortgage land without the consent of his wife was found in the Court House in a file marked 1812 and brought to the Gloucester county Historical Library on 13 July 1983. This document also contains a partial "Family Tree" possibly to assertain who were in heirs of Ann Barnes and who had rights to the Land of Ann Barnes and Arthur McIlvaine. On this paper it indicates that Arthur and wife Ann are Dead, but there is NO DATE.
     The transcript of the paper is as follows: as written
          The above represents a geneoligical table of the descendts of Arthur McLvain and Ann his wife as named above.
 appears that John Barns' daughter left 8 children, his grandson Arthur left 6, his daughter Sarah left 4. (The first sheet shows 4 children for the granddaughter of John Barnes, named Sarah.

          John Barns by his will bequested to Arthur McLvain, his son in law and Ann his wife^and their heirs forever, a certain tract of land and premisy situated in Gloucester County, NJersey containing two hundred and sixty or seventy acres or upwards. Said Arthur McLvain without the consent of his wife, Ann, Mortgaged said premises to a certain Joseph Cook, who has since had the Mortgaged premises sold and purchased the same himself and become .................of princepal part thereof ....................continuing to hold it ................. Notwithstanding Arthur McIlvain, the Mortgagor is dead.

          Query whether Arthur McLvain had it in his power to Mortgage said premises without his wife Ann becoming a party to the Mortgage so as to prevent the Fee Simple of Said premises desending to the heirs of Arthur McLvain and Ann his wife according to the will of John Barns, the Testator and whether the heirs of Arthur McLvain and Ann his wife to the premises.......bequetherd to them by their grandfather, John Barns as aforementioned.12

! 10 April 1817 On 10 April 1817 Arthur McIlvaine sold to son-in-law Jesse Hoffman, husband of daughter Jane, about 25 acres of the Land that he and wife Ann had received from the estate of her father, John Barnes. This parcel abuts the land of the late Ward Pierce, husband of a sister of Ann Barnes McIlvaine. On the land transfer the description says "on the road leading from Bainsborough to Glassborough in the line of Ann and late Ward Pierce." The wife of Ward Pierce was not Ann but Rachel(Sarah) and she died in 1799. Possibly the land reverted to Ann Barnes McIlvaine in some way.13

Death circa 1818 Arthur died circa 1818 at Gloucester county, at New Jersey. Arthur may have died after 1818 or about that time. See land transaction that was signed by Arthur on 9 Nov 1811. Again, on 10 April 1817 he sold land to son in law, Jesse Hoffman. Therefore he must have still been living.

In Dec of 1818 Arthur McIlvaine is forced by debt to sell two parcels of land received from the father of his wife Ann. These two parcels amount to about 105 and 158 acres. His debt was $1040 plus $3 costs to Jesse C. Chew and Joseph Cook and $386.28 plus $3 costs to Jacob Timberman (son in law) and James Day. The Land was sold to Joseph Cook for $840 and delivered on 9 December 1818. This may have occurred after his death. This debt appears to be the mortgage on this land that is questioned in a separate paper filed as B3006, N40-14. This paper was found in a file in the Court House of Gloucester county in a file labeled "1812". This paper could not have been written in 1812 as the land had not yet been sold to Joseph Cook. This sale occurred in December of 1818, therefore this paper had to have been written after that. By this time Arthur was dead, as indicated on this "Question" paper.11,14 

Family 1 Ann Barnes   b. circa 1752, d. before 1795
Children  1. John McIlvaine b. c 1774, d. a 179515
  2. Jane McIlvaine+ b. c 17762
  3. Hannah McIlvaine+ b. 19 Jul 1779, d. 19 Jan 18252
  4. William McIlvanine b. c 17805,2
  5. Rachel McIlvanine+ b. c 1782, d. bt 1836 - 1839
  6. Mary McIlvanine b. c 17832
  7. Sarah McIlvanine b. c 17842
  8. Arthur McIlvanine Jr.+ b. c 17862

Family 2 Sarah (?)  b. before 1780
Child  1. Isaac McIlvain b. 22 May 1795, d. 20 Aug 18707

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