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"Atheling", Edward Prince of England to (?), Franciska
(?), Freda to (?), Matilda
(?), Matilda to Adele of Ghent (Holland)
Adele of Louvain to Alice de Rethel
Alice de Toeni to Austrigusa (Ostrogotha) of Gepidae
Ava Countess of Alsace to Boleslaw III Wrymouth of Poland Duke of Poland
Boltorn to Constance Velasquita of Besalu
Constanine to Edgifu
Edgifu to Ermengarde de Ampurias
Ermengarde de Auvergne to Galeazzo Visconti Duke of Milan
Galeran IV Comte de Meulan-sur-Seine to Gornflaeth Macheth
Gorr to Helen of the Cross
Helen of Wales to Hugues 8 1/2 de Lusignan
Hugues Capet (King) de France to John de Beauchamp
John de Braose to Luitgarde
Luitgarde to Matilde of Burgundy
Matilde of Chateau du Loire to Oliva de Albini
Oliva I (Count) de Carcassonne to Ramon de Bourgogne
Ramon I Dato de Bigorre to Roger IV de Toeni
Roger of Ponthieu to Sweyn Forkbeard
Sweyn I of Denmark to Walern a count
Walkelin de Ferrieres to Éndae Niae macBressal Bélach of Ireland
?Fraser?, Cecil to Akey, James Edward
Akey, James Lester to Allen, William Jr
Allen/Allin, Elizabeth to Arnold, Viola
Arnt, (?) to Bacon, Ruth Ann
Badailla, Marie to Barré, Catherine
Bartelt, Clarence Orland to Beaumont, Yves III Count of Beaumont-sur-Oise
Beaumont-au-Maine, Agnes de to Berkeley, William de
Berkerolles, Gwenlian to Black, Donald Keith
Black, Doris to Black, Sarah M
Black, Sarah M to Booth, William (Sir) Sheriff of Cheshire
Boothe, Anne to Bourchier, William Count of Eu
Bourdon, Francis to Brittany, Stephen I of (Count)
Brittles, Christian to Brockway, Lyman
Brockway, Lyman to Brown, Jane Lyde
Brown, Janet to Burlingame, Thomas
Burlingham, Agnes to Capel, Julien
Capello, Eudo de Viscomte de Contantin to Chapin, Owin M
Chapman, (?) to Cleaver, Elsie
Clegg, Edmund to Conversano, Isabel Comtessa de Brienne
Convin, Margaret Elizabeth to Crane, Vivian Jean
Crang, Nora to Damois, Pierre
Damoys, Marie to de Comminges, Roger III
de Conigburg, William Dominus de Stapilgorton to de Mortimer, Roger
de Mortimore, Blanche to DeJeantille, Charlotte Valin
del Ard, Christian (possibly) to Diehl, William F
Dietsch, Mary Barbara to Douglas, William of Nithsdale
Douglass, Amanda to Dunsmore, Janis Lea
Dunsmore, John Harold to Eastman, Benjamin
Eastman, Benjamin to Eastman, George
Eastman, George E to Eastman, Lucy
Eastman, Lucy to Eastman, Robert Lovell
Eastman, Robert Lovell to Egerton, Ralph
Egerton, Urian de to Elliott, Mary Rosille
Elliott, Mary V to Falaise, William de
Falardeau, Guillaume to Finch, Orson Edmund
Fincham, Beatrix to FitzWilliam, William Lord of Emley
FitzWimarc, Robert to Fones, Thomas
Fonvene, Gerard I de (Comte) to Fowler, Mary
Fowler, Mary Alice to Frewinesdottir, Name not known
Frichle, Margaret to Geary, Nathaniel Arthur
Gee, A. J. to Goldberg, Leah
Goldington, Matilda de to Greene, Walter de de Boketon
Greenhill, Rebecca to Haggerty, Mott
Hagler, Matidla Ann "Tilda" wife #3 to Hannold, Davenport Clover
Hannold, David D. to Hannold, Winifred Margaret
Hannold/Hanhold, Clarissa "Carrie" to Haven, Hannah
Haven, Harold Glen to Havens, Francis ((f))
Havens, Franciska to Havens, Margot
Havens, Margurete Jane to Havens, Thomas Robert Rowlin
Havens, Thomas Sr #1 to Henderson, Rosetta B
Hendley, Alice to Hitchcock, Thomas Jeremiah
Hitchins, Hannah to Howell, William Eastman
Howeth, Lennie to Igorevich, Svyatoslav
Ildenden, Mary to Johnson, Talitha Ann
Johnson, Theodore Parker to Keith, Robert de Marischal
Keith, Robert Edward (Sir) Marischal of Scotland to Kramer, Veta
Krause, "Pete" to Latham, Thomas
Lathom, Dora to Leonard, Sarah
LePelle, Alexis to Lousche, Thomas
Louvain, Adelheid de to Macon, Stephen I of (Count)
Macrory, Angus to Marshall, William "The Younger" 5th Earl of Pembroke
Marshall, William 4th Earl of Pembroke to McConaugh, Treresa "Tressie" A
McConaughy, Isabelle to McNitt, Mildred Alene
McNitt, Nellie B to Million, Sarah
Millom, Adam de to Morgan, Vinson
Morham, Eupheme to Mountfort, William of Coleshill
Mountjoy, Hepzibah to Newby, William
Newell, Ann to Olbricht, Vernie Ruth
Oldcastle, Alice to Panter, Patrick of Newmanswalls
Panther or Paniter, Elizabeth to Pecker, Parker, Sarah
Pecknam, Margaret to Pinel, Nicholas dit la France
Pinel_Lachesnaye, Marie to Porter, William H
Porthyer, Toussaint to Randerath, Daughter of
Randolph, Agnes "BlackAnges" to Rickard, Tuke
Rickford, Alexander to Rosey, Lillian Annabell
Rosny, Gui IV to Salerno, Teodora di
Salesse, Marie to Schroeder, Michael Edward
Schrum, Sarah Alice to Shepard, Mary P
Shepard, Mary Philanda to Smith, Minnie
Smith, NFN to St. Valery, Walter (Gauthier) de of Tetbury
St. Venant, Name not known of to Stewart, Marjorie
Stewart, Marjory (Lady) of Albany to Stuart, Robert
Stuart, Robert III (John) King of Scotland to Taylor, William F
Teachout, Catherine to Thurston, John (Col)
Thériot, Claude to Trowbridge, Ida Ann
Troyes & Vermandois, Herbert II of (Comte) to Van Blaricom, Nancy Ann
Van Brugh, Catherine to Villehardouin dit de Lisignes, Isabeau
Villehardouin, Isabel de to Warren, Willis Herman
Warrene, William de to Wentworth, William
Wentworth, William (Sir Knight) to Wigton, Odard of Norwoods
Wilbanks, Jeanie Louise to Woodbridge, Jerusha P
Woodcock, Alice to Érinqué, Jacques

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