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"Atheling", Edward Prince of England to (?), Franciska
(?), Freda to (?), Matilda
(?), Matilda to Adele of Normandy
Adele of Pfalzel to Alice de Toeny
Alice de Vere to Ava de Arverne
Ava de Ribagorza to Bonne of Ardennes
Bonne of Luxembourg/Bohemia to Constantia
Constantin VII Emperor of the East to Edgina II
Edgitha to Ermengarde de Beaumont
Ermengarde de Bourbon to Galindo I Aznarez Count of Aragon
Galindo II Aznar of Aragon to Gospatric II 1st Earl of Dunbar
Gospatric III 2nd Earl of Dunbar to Helena
Helena to Hugues Comte de Troyes
Hugues de Blois to John de Burgh
John de Burgh to Luitgarde
Luitgarde de Toulouse to Matilde of Vienne
Matthew de Montmorenci to Oliva II (Count) de Besalu
Oliva II (Count) de Carcassonne to Ramon II
Randlph de Briwere to Roger Richard de Clare
Roger Signeur de Mortremer to Sweyn King of Norway
Swietoslawitz to Walkelin de Ferriers, Lord of Oakham
Wallia King of the Visgoths to Éndae Niae macBressal Bélach of Ireland
?Fraser?, Cecil to Akey, James
Akey, James Bloomfield to Allen, William Jr
Allen/Allin, Elizabeth to Armstrong, Richard
Arnaud, Françoise to Bacher, Jacqueline
Bachus, Sewell to Barnhart, Nancy J
Barnwall, Jane to Beauffou, Richard de
Beaufo, Fulk de to Bergevin, Renee
Bergevin/Langevin, Francois to Black, Ann Marie
Black, Ann Marie to Black, Matthew or Mathias
Black, Meloin L to Bolington, Sibil\Rohese de
Bollinger, Adam to Boteler, Maud
Boteler, MP, John (Sir Knight) Baron Warrington to Bricquebec, Robert V Bertran
Brideau, Jean to Brockway, Jerusha
Brockway, Jerusha M to Brooke, Thomas 8th Lord of Cobham
Brooks, Anna to Bullock, Sarah Ruth
Bulmer, Bertram de Lord Brancepeth to Calkins, Ruth
Calkins, Samuel to Chadderton, William de
Chadwick, Charles to Chittenden, Sarah Sally A
Choate, Lucinda Jane to Collier, Timothy
Collingbourne, Margaret to Coté, Paméla
Coucey, Jeanne de to Curtiss, William
Curts, Mary Elizabeth to de Montmorency, Bouchard IV
de Abernathy, Alexander (Sir) to de la Guéripierre, Jean
de la Haye, Anne to de Taillebourg, Ostendus III
de Taillefer, Aymer De Valence Count of Angouleme to Descoteaux, Philippe William
DesGranges, Denis to Dixon, Thomas
Dixon/Dixson, Franklin to Dubord, Étiennette
Dubord-Clement-Lafontaine, Charles to Eadens, Nancy
Eakin, Amilia Emillia to Eastman, Deborah
Eastman, Deborah Ann to Eastman, Israel
Eastman, Ivy Helena to Eastman, Mary L
Eastman, Mary Lodusky to Eastman, Sophia
Eastman, Sophia to Elliot, Elmira
Elliot, Elva Rebecca to Englesfield, William
English, Mary W to Fehrenbach, Xavier
Feldman, (illy) to Fitts, Richard
Fitz Reginald, Ursula to Fleming, William
Flemming, Joanna or Isabel to Ford, Thomas
Ford, Thomas to Fowler, William (Sir)
Fowler, William Anderson to Furneys, Ada
Furnival, Gerard de to Gephart, Oliver Jay
Geramin, Fred to Gordon, John 3d Laird of Pitlurg
Gordon, John E to Grey, Robert
Greystoke, John de to Hale, Len
Hale, Levi to Hannold, George Jr
Hannold, George Leslie to Harcourt, Yves de
Hard, Esther to Havens, Ann
Havens, Ann to Havens, Hannah
Havens, Hannah to Havens, Mary A
Havens, Mary Anabell to Havens, William B
Havens, William Berdett to Hepperer, Hans Jacob
Hepperla, Clarence Coale to Hobbs, William Henry
Hobenbourg, Huges II de (Count) to Howse/House/Hulse, Thomas
Howtinge, Robert to Ifield, Katherine of
Ignews, Mary to Johnson, Nary Frank
Johnson, Nathaniel to Keith, John (Sir)
Keith, John (Sir) to Koontz, Viola Marie
Koop, Hans Jacob Baker and schoolmaster to Lasci, Roland de
Lasell, Achsanna to Leighton Broke, Thomas of
Leighton, Adam of to Loomis, Margaret Ellinor
Loper, Arthur to MacAlpin, Kenneth I
MacBrude, Bruithina to Marchant, Rachel
Marchante, John to McCall, Hazel
McCall, Hosea (Rev) to McKnight, Joannah
McKnight, John T to Metz, Sconehilde of
Metzar, Joseph to Montfort, Simon "le Chauve" de Comte D'Evreux
Montfort, Simon A Crusader to Mortimer, Roger 1st Earl of March
Mortimer, Roger 2nd Earl of March to Nelson, Rosamond
Nerford, Maud de to Noyes, William (Rev)
Noyon, Garnier de to Pabodie, William
Packard, Bess to Pashley, Robert III (Sir) of Smeeth & TiceHurst
Pasterska, Maggie to Pettit, William H
Peverel, Adelise to Plunkett, Walter
Poast, Alice Martha to Pynche, Agnes
Périé, Françoise to Remington, Thomas
Renard, Marguerite to Roet, Payne de of Guignies
Roeulx, Eustace II le Valet de Sire de Roeulx to Royce, William
Royse, Aaron to Savage, William
Saveur, Thurston de to Segrave, Stephen de
Sehriver, Letitia to Sibley, William
Sicily, Constanza I of to Southworth, William
Sower, John M to Stanley, Margery
Stanley, Martha to Stone, William Atte
Stoner, Elizabeth to Susa, Ulric Manfredo II of (Count) Marquis of Turin
Sutherland, Daniel to Terry, William I
Terwilliger, Barbara Ellen to Tilton, William Digby of
Timberman, Jacob to Tudenham, Robert
Tudor, Arthur Prince of Wales to van Putten, Nicholas III
Van Rennselaer, Kiliaen to Villmine, Mary Justine P.
Vincent, Mary Edith to Warren, Willis Herman
Warrene, William de to Wentworth, Richard
Wentworth, Richard of Bishop of London, Chancellor of England to Whitney, Thomas Ricards
Whittemore, Elizabeth to Wolffguber, Nicholas
Wolfratshausen, Otto III von to Youngs, Phoebe
Yvory, Catherine to Érinqué, Jacques

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