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"Atheling", Edward Prince of England to (?), Freelove
(?), Ganna to (?), Matilda
(?), Matilda to Adele of Normandy
Adele of Pfalzel to Alice de Toeny
Alice de Vere to Ava de Arverne
Ava de Ribagorza to Bonne of Ardennes
Bonne of Luxembourg/Bohemia to Constantia
Constantin VII Emperor of the East to Edgina II
Edgitha to Ermengarde de Beaumont
Ermengarde de Bourbon to Galindo I Aznarez Count of Aragon
Galindo II Aznar of Aragon to Gospatric II 1st Earl of Dunbar
Gospatric III 2nd Earl of Dunbar to Helena
Helena to Hugues Comte de Troyes
Hugues de Blois to John de Burgh
John de Burgh to Luitgarde
Luitgarde de Toulouse to Matilde of Vienne
Matthew de Montmorenci to Oliva II (Count) de Besalu
Oliva II (Count) de Carcassonne to Ramon II
Randlph de Briwere to Roger Richard de Clare
Roger Signeur de Mortremer to Sweyn King of Norway
Swietoslawitz to Walkelin de Ferriers, Lord of Oakham
Wallia King of the Visgoths to Éndae Niae macBressal Bélach of Ireland
?Fraser?, Cecil to Akey, James Canova "Nova"
Akey, James Edward to Allen, William Jr
Allen/Allin, Elizabeth to Arnaud, Françoise
Arnold, Ada J to Backus, Sewell W
Bacon, Adolphus to Barre, Mautherin
Barret, Harriet to Beaufort, Thomasina
Beaugency, Agnes de to Berkeley, Maurice "the PeaceMaker" de
Berkeley, Maurice "the Valiant" de 4th Lord Berkeley to Black, Cathline
Black, Charles Franklin to Black, Robert
Black, Robert to Bonin, Nicole fille du roi
Bonine, Mary to Boteler, William le (Sir) of Bewsey
Boteller, Theobald le to Brienne, Louis de Viscount of Beaumont
Brienne-Rameru, Jeanne de to Brockway, Jonathan (Captain)
Brockway, Joseph to Broughton, William de the elder
Brounflete, Henry 1st Baron de Vesci to Bunnell, William
Buntinge, Ellen to Calkins, Wilma Frances
Calstone, Elizabeth Heiress of Littlecote to Chadwick, Hannah
Chaffee, Atherton to Choate, Philander
Choke, Marjorie to Collier, Timothy
Collingbourne, Margaret to Coté, Paméla
Coucey, Jeanne de to Curtiss, William
Curts, Mary Elizabeth to de Montmorency, Bouchard IV
de Abernathy, Alexander (Sir) to de la Guéripierre, Jean
de la Haye, Anne to de Taillebourg, Ostendus III
de Taillefer, Aymer De Valence Count of Angouleme to Descoteaux, Philippe William
DesGranges, Denis to Dixon, Thomas
Dixon/Dixson, Franklin to Dubord, Étiennette
Dubord-Clement-Lafontaine, Charles to Eadens, Nancy
Eakin, Amilia Emillia to Eastman, Deborah
Eastman, Deborah Ann to Eastman, Israel
Eastman, Ivy Helena to Eastman, Mary L
Eastman, Mary L to Eastman, Son
Eastman, Sophia to Elliot, Elmer Willis
Elliot, Elmira to Englesfield, William
English, Mary W to Feldman, Dorothea Catherine
Feldman, Dorothy Jane to FitzAlan, Margaret
FitzAlan, Margaret to Floyer, Richard
Floyre, Elizabeth to Forester, Ann
Forez, Artald IV de to Fowler, Zisetta
Fox, Abigail to Furthmiller, William
Fychan, (?) to Gernon, Roger de III
Gerow, De Witt Alonzo to Goshert, Ella
Gosnell, Bertha to Greystroke, William de (Sir)
Gridley, (?) to Hale, Octavia
Hale, Polly to Hannold, Gertrude Ora
Hannold, Gill M to Harder, George L or S
Hardi, Philip III , of France to Havens, Anna C
Havens, Anna Claudia to Havens, Hannah
Havens, Hannah B to Havens, Mary Elizabeth
Havens, Mary G to Havens, William Harrison
Havens, William Henry to Herdman, William Suffern
Heristal, Dode Clothide to Hoese, John de la
Hoff/Huff, Harriet to Hubbard, Stephen (Rev.)
Hubbard, Sydney to Ingalls, Lydia
Ingalls, Mable Ames to Jone, Linda A
Jones, (?) to Keith, William Marischal of Scotland
Keith, William of Galstoun to Kreiger, Stanton
Krenz, Alice to Latham, Thomas
Lathom, Ciclia de to Lens, Maud de
Lenthall, Katherine Baroness Zouche to Lothrop, Jane
Lott, Ann to MacDuff, Malcolm 7th Earl of Fife
MacDuncan Cean-mohr, Donald to Margerum, Ralph Lloyd
Marguot, Marie Angelique to McCall, Possibly William
McCall, Robert to McKnight, Robert
McKnight, Robert to Michel, Pierre
Mickey, Mary to Montmirail, Marie de de Montmirel-En-Brie
Montmorcency, Isabeau de to Morville, William de of Wraxall
Moses, Isabell to Netterville, Richard de (Sir)
Neuchatel, Agnes to O'Brien, Teige (Terence)
O'Byrne, Inghin to Page, Sarah
Page, Thomas to Patten, Martha Ann
Patterson, Marilla to Peyton, Thomas of Cathorpe
Pfaus, Donna E to Poitiers, Raimond Rugen
Poitou, Agnes of to Quiggle, Mariam "Myra"
Quilly, Dorothy to Replogh, Hannah
Replougher, Hannah to Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Thomas Jr. to Rudolph, Margaretha
Rue, Eliza Martha to Savoy, Umberto II of (Count)
Sawdey, Alonzo Clark to Serjeant, Robert (Sir) of Castleknock
Servey, Elizabeth to Simes, Elizabeth Pauline
Simmons, Audrey to Spencer, Thomas
Spense, Lucretia of Wolmerston, of Fife to Stark, Sarah
Starkes, Katherine to Stourton, Robert
Stover, (?) to Swale, Joanna
Swall, (?) to Tesson, Robert I baron de La Motte-Cesny et de Grimbosq
Tesson, Robert II baron de La Motte-Cesny et de Grimbosq to Toeni, Roger VI de Lord of Flamstead
Toeny, Robert de of Belvoir to Turner, William Clark
Turnham, Isabel de to Van Valkenburg, Stella
Van Wely, Ann to von Lenzburg, Auxilia
von Luxembourg, Guy to Washburn, Rachel Belle
Washburn, Richard to Westcott, Thomas of Littleton
Westerbourg, Hildegarde von to Wightman, Sarah
Wignacourt, Isabelle de to Wood, William
Woodard, Ephraim to Érinqué, Jacques

Main Page - Surname Index

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