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"Atheling", Edward Prince of England to (?), Francis
(?), Francis to (?), Mary E
(?), Mary Elsie or Elsie Mary to Adele de Vixen
Adele Gerloc to Alice de Lusignan
Alice de Lusignan to Aumary IV of Thouars
Aupais to Boleslav iii the Red Bohemian duke
Boleslav the Cruel to Constance of Hauteville
Constance of Sicily to Edgar , The Peaceful
Edgar Cean-Mohr King of Scotland to Ermengarde , Countess of Anjou
Ermengarde Countess of Tours to Gaius Julius Caesar Dictator of Rome
Gaius Julius Cæsar to Gonzelon II The Sluggard (Pope) of Lorraine
Goranus to Helen
Helen MacDonal of Galloway to Hugobert Count of Palatine
Hugobert van Laon to John , Lord of Campvere in Zealand
John 3rd Earl of Kent to Luitfride II (Count) de Alsace
Luitgard to Matilda Queen of England
Matilda The Empress to Olderico Manfredi Marquis of Susa
Olga (Helene) Regent of Kiev; Princess of Pskov to Ramiro Sanchez of Moncon
Ramiro the Monk King of Aragon to Roger I Duke of Apulia
Roger II de Montgomery Earl of Arundel to Swanhilda
Swanhilde to Waldren Earl of St.Clair
Waleran 1st Earl of Worcester to Éndae Niae macBressal Bélach of Ireland
?Fraser?, Cecil to Akey, James
Akey, James Bloomfield to Allen, William Jr
Allen/Allin, Elizabeth to Armstrong, Richard
Arnaud, Françoise to Babler, LeRoy T.
Bacher, Jacqeline to Barnhart, Nancy J
Barnwall, Jane to Beauffou, Richard de
Beaufo, Fulk de to Berenger, Raymond , V Count of Provence
Berford, Sarah of Moymet to Black, Alexander
Black, Alice Luella to Black, Mary Free
Black, Mary Hazel to Bold, William of Bold Hall
Bolebec, Beatrice de to Botdorf, John
Boteler, Alice de to Brewster, Wrestling
Briance or Brians, Sibille to Brockway, Ira
Brockway, Isaiah to Broodt, Sophiae
Brook, Anna to Bulkeley/Bulkelegh, Richard de
Bulkylegh, Richard de to Calkins, Hugh
Calkins, Jacob to Cay, Malyne de
Cean-Mohr, Alexander , the Fierce King to Chetham, Henry de of Chetham, Nuthurst and Chorlton
Chetwynd, Agnes Alice to Colburn, William
Colburne, Margery to Correy/Corrie/Corry, Thomas of Kelwood
Corrie, Janet to Cryderman, Elizabeth
Crèvecoeur, Jean IV to Davis, James
Davis, James to de Guernon, Ranulph 2nd/4th Earl of Chester
De Guise, Guillaume (Ancêtre) to de Savoy, Oda
de Say, Beatrice to Dennison, William
Dennys, Daughter to Dixon, Margaret
Dixon, Martha to Dubord, Jean-Henri
Dubord, Joseph to Dutton, Thomas Lord Dutton
Duvall, Elizabeth to Eastman, Cynthia
Eastman, Cyphrain to Eastman, Hiram
Eastman, Hiram to Eastman, Mary
Eastman, Mary to Eastman, Sarah
Eastman, Sarah to Elliot, Belinda
Elliot, Benjamin to Engaine, William de of Burgh-by-sands
Engern, Imhild of to Fayme, Ursula
Faynforde, Agnes to Fisher, William
Fitch, Alemede to Flanders, Stephen
Flanders, Susanna to Forbes, William of Kynaldy
Forcalquier, Bertram II of (Count) to Fowler, Theodore
Fowler, Theron Field to Fuller, Young
Fulleshurst, Isabella de to George, William H.
Gephart, Eloise Elaine to Gordon, Jean (Jane)
Gordon, Jennie May to Grey, Richard de of Condor
Grey, Robert to Hale, John B
Hale, Jonathan to Hannold, Fremont C
Hannold, Friend A to Harcourt, Yves de
Hard, Esther to Havens, Andrew Jackson
Havens, Ann to Havens, Hannah
Havens, Hannah to Havens, Mary
Havens, Mary to Havens, William
Havens, William to Henry, William
Henschel, August William John to Hobbs, William Henry
Hobenbourg, Huges II de (Count) to Howse/House/Hulse, Thomas
Howtinge, Robert to Ifield, Katherine of
Ignews, Mary to Johnson, Mattie H
Johnson, Michael Ray to Keith, Janet
Keith, Janet to Kolacmy, Anne May
Kombourg, Gertrude de (Comtessa) to Larsen, Marion Caroline
Larue, Charlotte to Leigh, Winifred
Leighe, Margaret to Longespee, Willlam I Prince of England
Longwell, Lett to M'Ilveyne, Patrick
Mabbit, Anne to Marchand, Wilfrid
Marchant, John to Mayer, Sara
Mayhew, Hannah to McKnight, Bessie
McKnight, Bessie Marie to Merrill, Phebe
Merritt, Ella S to Montagu, William Lord of Montagu
Montague, Jan to Morley, Lee
Morra, Enrico de to Nantes, Witbert of
Nantes/Brittany, Guy/Wido of (Marquis) to Norman, Willa A
Normandin, Louis to Osgood, Susan
Oskey, Eddie to Parmelee, Mary Ann
Parmenter, Annis Agnes to Perrin, Renaud
Perron, Angelique to Plantagenet, Joan (Princess)
Plantagenet, Joan Joanna to Prestwych, Thomas de
Price, Albert M to Reams, Verd
Reason, Anna to Rivard, Thomas
Rivard-Delavigne, Nicolas to Roucy, Renaud I de Comte de Rheims
Rouellé, Jeanne de to Samaton, Donon
Samon, Agnes to Scot, Sarah
Scotland, Alexander I of (King) to Shepard, William
Shepersky, Bruce Theodore to Smith, Sherri Rose
Smith, Sumner to Stade, Lothar I von
Staehle, Anna to Stewart, Joseph
Stewart, Joseph to Stuart, John , Lord of Burley
Stuart, John , Sherriff of Bute to Taylor, Ruth Jane Ann
Taylor, Samuel Outland to Throope, Elizabeth
Thrope, Joan to Trencavel, Rangearde
Trent, Isabella to Usher, William Eastman
Ussell, Richard to Vermandois, Theodoric de
Vermundsson, Olaf to Ward, Roger
Warde, Edward to Welles, William de (Sir) of Exning
Wellman, Elsa to Whitbred, Thomas
Whitchester, Joan Julianna de to Wilson, Wilson
Wilterton, Elizabeth Gregory to Wurth, Rosina
Wyatt, Adam to Érinqué, Jacques

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