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"Atheling", Edward Prince of England to (?), Francis
(?), Francis to (?), Mary E
(?), Mary Elsie or Elsie Mary to Adele Gerloc
Adele of Champagne to Alice de Lusignan
Alice de Mohun to Aupais
Auremgarde of Moulcon, de Mauleon to Boleslav the Cruel
Boleslav the Pious Bohemian duke to Constance of Sicily
Constance of Toulouse to Edgar Cean-Mohr King of Scotland
Edgar son of Æthelred to Ermengarde Countess of Tours
Ermengarde Countess of Vermandois to Gaius Julius Cæsar
Gaius Marcellus (Consul) to Goranus
Gorm "The Old" King of Denmark to Helen MacDonal of Galloway
Helen of Galloway to Hugobert van Laon
Hugues to John 3rd Earl of Kent
John 3rd Earl of Lennox to Luitgard
Luitgard to Matilda The Empress
Matilda the Saint to Olga (Helene) Regent of Kiev; Princess of Pskov
Olga Grand Duchess of Kiev to Ramiro the Monk King of Aragon
Ramnulf II Count of Poitou to Roger II de Montgomery Earl of Arundel
Roger II King of Naples and Sicily to Swanhilde
Swanhilde to Waleran 1st Earl of Worcester
Waleran I Count of Meulan to Éndae Niae macBressal Bélach of Ireland
?Fraser?, Cecil to Akey, James
Akey, James Bloomfield to Allen, William Jr
Allen/Allin, Elizabeth to Armstrong, Richard
Arnaud, Françoise to Babler, LeRoy T.
Bacher, Jacqeline to Barnhart, Nancy J
Barnwall, Jane to Beauffou, Richard de
Beaufo, Fulk de to Bergevin, Renee
Bergevin/Langevin, Francois to Black, Ann Marie
Black, Ann Marie to Black, Matthew or Mathias
Black, Meloin L to Bolington, Sibil\Rohese de
Bollinger, Adam to Boteler, Maud
Boteler, MP, John (Sir Knight) Baron Warrington to Bricquebec, Robert V Bertran
Brideau, Jean to Brockway, Jeremiah
Brockway, Jerusha to Brooke, Thomas 8th Lord of Cobham
Brooks, Anna to Bullock, Sarah Ruth
Bulmer, Bertram de Lord Brancepeth to Calkins, Richard Louis
Calkins, Ruth to Chace, Nathan
Chadderton, (?) to Chickering, Annas
Chiddocke, Catherine to Cole, Theodore R
Colebaugh, Earl Herbert to Cote, Zenophile
Cotentin, Ivo de Viscount of Cotentin to Currier, Susanna
Curtis, Arlyn Lucille to Davis, Yvonne Cozette
Davisson, Emeline to de Horbury, Ralph
de Hoten, Isabel to de St. James, Peter
de St. Père, Catherine to DeRainville, Rene
Derendinger, Maria Magdelina to Dixon, Rebecca
Dixon, Rebecca Ann to Dubord, Thomas
Dubord, Ursule to Dyer, Thomas
Dymoke, Henry to Eastman, David
Eastman, David to Eastman, Ira
Eastman, Irad to Eastman, Mary Elizabeth
Eastman, Mary Elizabeth to Eastman, Sibbel
Eastman, Sidney Palmer to Elliot, Elizabeth T
Elliot, Ella Josephine to England, William I King of
Englefield, Cicelia to Fehrenbach, Xavier
Feldman, (illy) to Fitton, Thomas of Gawsworth
Fitts, Jerusha to Fleming, William
Flemming, Joanna or Isabel to Ford, Thomas
Ford, Thomas to Fowler, William (Sir)
Fowler, William Anderson to Furneys, Ada
Furnival, Gerard de to Gephart, Oliver Jay
Geramin, Fred to Gordon, John 1st Laird of Pitlurg
Gordon, John 3d Laird of Pitlurg to Grey, Robert
Greystoke, John de to Hale, Laura
Hale, Len to Hannold, George A
Hannold, George Jr to Harcourt, Yves de
Hard, Esther to Havens, Andrew Jackson
Havens, Ann to Havens, Hannah
Havens, Hannah to Havens, Mary
Havens, Mary to Havens, William
Havens, William to Henry, William
Henschel, August William John to Hobbs, William Henry
Hobenbourg, Huges II de (Count) to Howse/House/Hulse, Thomas
Howtinge, Robert to Ifield, Katherine of
Ignews, Mary to Johnson, Michael Ray
Johnson, Nary Frank to Keith, Janet
Keith, Janet to Kombourg, Gertrude de (Comtessa)
Komnene, Theodora to Larue, Georges
Lasci, Dermang de to Leigh, Winifred
Leighe, Margaret to Longespee, Willlam I Prince of England
Longwell, Lett to M'Ilveyne, Patrick
Mabbit, Anne to Marchand, Wilfrid
Marchant, John to Mayer, Sara
Mayhew, Hannah to McKnight, Bessie Marie
McKnight, Bessie Mildred to Merrill, Phebe
Merritt, Ella S to Montagu, William Lord of Montagu
Montague, Jan to Morley, Lee
Morra, Enrico de to Nantes, Witbert of
Nantes/Brittany, Guy/Wido of (Marquis) to Norman, Willa A
Normandin, Louis to Osgood, Susan
Oskey, Eddie to Parmelee, Mary Ann
Parmenter, Annis Agnes to Perron, Monique
Perry, Charles to Plantagenet, Joan of Acre
Plantagenet, Joane to Price, William G
Prichard, Julia to Redmayne, Richard Sheriff
Redmond, Ruth M. to Roberts, Walter
Robertson, Julia Marie to Rouse, Velma Mabel
Roussel, Perrette to Sanford, Thomas
Sangbush, Mattie to Scott, William Hewitt
Scovil, Sarah to Shinn, Samuel
Shipman, (?) to Snow, William
Snyder, Adelia Phelina/Pauline to Standish, Jordon
Standish, Leising to Stirling, Katherine
Stocks, (?) to Stuteville, Robert Lord Cottingham
Stuyvesant, Letitia to Tefft, Samuel
Tefft, Sanford H to Tillman, Catherine P.
Tillotson, Dena Bertina to Trowbridge, Ida Ann
Troyes & Vermandois, Herbert II of (Comte) to Vallibus de Vaux, Beatrice de
Valognes, Cicley de to Vernon, William de
Vesci, Beatrix de to Warner, William
Warre, Clarise de la to Wells, Milton S
Wells, Mitty to Whited, William
Whitehead, Alva to Winter, Katharina Elisabeth
Winters, Catherine to Wydeville, Richard of La Mote & Grafton
Wykes, Elizabeth to Érinqué, Jacques

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