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"Atheling", Edward Prince of England to (?), Francis
(?), Francis M to (?), Mary_Ann
(?), Mathilda Queen of Germany to Adele of Champagne
Adele of Dagsbourg to Alice de Mohun
Alice de Montacute to Auremgarde of Moulcon, de Mauleon
Ausbert de Moselle to Boleslav the Pious Bohemian duke
Boleslav V of Poland to Constance of Toulouse
Constance of Toulouse to Edgar son of Æthelred
Edgar the Atheling ,King of England to Ermengarde Countess of Vermandois
Ermengarde d'Anjou to Gaius Marcellus (Consul)
Gaius Octavius to Gorm "The Old" King of Denmark
Gormflhaith of Leinster to Helen of Galloway
Helen of Hungary to Hugues
Hugues to John 3rd Earl of Lennox
John Botetourt Lord of Mendlesham to Luitgard de Tries
Luitgard of Chiny & Tries Countess of Luxemburg to Matilda von Ringelheim
Matilde to Olga Malusha of Lubeck
Olioll to Ramon Berenger "Cabeza de Estope"
Ramon Borel I Count of Barcelona to Roger III (Count) de Foix
Roger III de Montgomery "the Poiteven" to Swegde
Swein to Waleran II (Count) de Meulan
Waleran III Count of Meulan to Éndae Niae macBressal Bélach of Ireland
?Fraser?, Cecil to Akey, Jane
Akey, Jane to Allen, William Jr
Allen/Allin, Elizabeth to Arnold, Viola
Arnt, (?) to Bacon, Ruth Ann
Badailla, Marie to Barré, Catherine
Bartelt, Clarence Orland to Beaumont, Yves III Count of Beaumont-sur-Oise
Beaumont-au-Maine, Agnes de to Berkeley, William de
Berkerolles, Gwenlian to Black, Donald Keith
Black, Doris to Black, Sarah M
Black, Sarah M to Booth, William (Sir) Sheriff of Cheshire
Boothe, Anne to Bourchier, William Count of Eu
Bourdon, Francis to Brittany, Stephen I of (Count)
Brittles, Christian to Brockway, Lyman
Brockway, Lyman to Brown, Jane Lyde
Brown, Janet to Burlingame, Thomas
Burlingham, Agnes to Capet, Hugh of France
Cappelle, Françoise to Chapman, William Black
Chappell, Christian to Clerk, William
Clerke, Cicely to Cook, Martha
Cook, Mary to Credonia, Isabelle de
Creel, Elizabeth to Dangremond, Norman/Hermanes
Daniel, Elizabeth to de Crépon, Herfastus forrester of Arque "not"
de Dampierre, Guilluame I to de Percy, William 3rd Baron de Percy
de Peresby, Adam to Deligny, Robert
DeLisle, Antoine to Dinst, Leha
Dinwiddie, Anna Marie to Doyson-Larose-Lacroix, Sébastien
Dozon dit laRose, Marguerite to Dunsmore, Viola
Dunsmore, William Clayton to Eastman, Caleb
Eastman, Calvin to Eastman, Guy A.
Eastman, H. Seymour to Eastman, Mahlon
Eastman, Malissa to Eastman, Ruth
Eastman, Ruth to Egisheim, Hugo Vi
Eglinton, Hugh (Sir) of that Ilk to Elliott, Susanna
Elliott, Ulysses Sylvester to Fargo, Sarah C
Faribault, Jean Baptist to Fincham, Thomas (Sir)
Finck, Margaretha to FitzWimarc, Robert
Fitz_Benedict, Maud (Joane) to Fonvene, Judith de
Forbes of Campbell, Duncan to Fowler, Mary Amelia
Fowler, Mary Ann to Fridleifsson, Havar King of Danes
Frigon, Jeanne to Gee, Wayne
Gehring, Catherine to Good(e), Hannah
Gooddell, Hannah to Greenhill, Samuel
Greeno, RoseMarie to Hahn, John G
Haie, Jean to Hannold, Della
Hannold, Della to Hannold/Hanhold, Clarissa "Carrie"
Hanold, Alvernan L to Haven, Harold Glen
Haven, Harrison to Havens, Franciska
Havens, Frank to Havens, Margurete Jane
Havens, Margut to Havens, Thomas Sr #1
Havens, Thomas W to Henderson, Rosetta B
Hendley, Alice to Hitchcock, Thomas Jeremiah
Hitchins, Hannah to Howell, William Eastman
Howeth, Lennie to Igorevich, Svyatoslav
Ildenden, Mary to Johnson, Talitha Ann
Johnson, Theodore Parker to Keith, Robert Edward (Sir) Marischal of Scotland
Keith, Robert Lord Keith, Master Marischal to Kramer, Veta
Krause, "Pete" to Latham, Thomas
Lathom, Dora to Leonard, Sarah
LePelle, Alexis to Lousche, Thomas
Louvain, Adelheid de to Macon, Stephen I of (Count)
Macrory, Angus to Marshall, William "The Younger" 5th Earl of Pembroke
Marshall, William 4th Earl of Pembroke to McConaugh, Treresa "Tressie" A
McConaughy, Isabelle to McNitt, Mildred Alene
McNitt, Nellie B to Million, Sarah
Millom, Adam de to Morgan, Vinson
Morham, Eupheme to Mountfort, William of Coleshill
Mountjoy, Hepzibah to Newby, William
Newell, Ann to Olbricht, Vernie Ruth
Oldcastle, Alice to Panter, Patrick of Newmanswalls
Panther or Paniter, Elizabeth to Pecknam, Robert of Lenham, a weaver
Pecquigny, Beatrice to Pinel, Nicholas dit la France
Pinel_Lachesnaye, Marie to Porter, William H
Porthyer, Toussaint to Randerath, Daughter of
Randolph, Agnes "BlackAnges" to Rickard, Tuke
Rickford, Alexander to Rosey, Lillian Annabell
Rosny, Gui IV to Salerno, Teodora di
Salesse, Marie to Schroeder, Michael Edward
Schrum, Sarah Alice to Shepard, Mary P
Shepard, Mary Philanda to Smith, NFN
Smith, Obadiah iii "Bull" family to St. Valery, Walter (Gauthier) de of Tetbury
St. Venant, Name not known of to Stewart, Marjorie
Stewart, Marjory (Lady) of Albany to Stuart, Robert III (John) King of Scotland
Stuart, Robert of Orkney to Teachout, Polly
Teano, Astrude de to Thériot, Marie-Françoise
Tibbitts, Martha to Truesdale, William P Jr.
Trumbull, Mary to Van Dusen, Levinus Wysandt II
Van Goodenhauser, Mary to Vipont, William de of Appleby
Vipount, John to Washburn, Gertrude
Washburn, Harley Solomon to Wessex, Godwin (Earl)
West, Egbert Newton to Wilhelm, Sussanna Catherine
Wilkerson, Mitty to Woodmansee, Penelope
Woodrow, Charles to Érinqué, Jacques

Main Page - Surname Index

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