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Philip VanLandschoot, 83

Philip VanLandschoot, 83 - 59 years in fisheries

On picture: VanLandschoot Fisheries founded by Phillip VanLandschoot.

A career in commercial fishing spanning 59 years has ended for Philip VanLandschoot, 83, of Brown's Addition. who announced his retirement recently. Vanandschoot, whose name is well known to commercial fishhermen on the Great Lakes, throughout Michigan and Wisoconsin, came to the United States from Knokke, Belgium, in 1906, and settled in the Gladstone area. Paid $12 a week, He worked on the coal and flour docks there for four years, during which he recalls loading flour on package freighters that were owned and operated by the Soo Line Railroad Co. VanLandschodt turned to the lakes for his livelihood in 1910 when he accepted a job as a fisherman's helper with the Schowy Brothers Fish Co. "At that time," he said, "we had our headquarters in Garden and did a great deal of fishing around Bay de Noc." He noted that he was paid a total of $12 a week and was glad to get it. David VanLandschoot with his dad Jerome VL, son of Phillip VanLandschoot
On picture: David VanLandschoot with his dad Jerome VL, son of Phillip VanLandschoot.

"In 1914," VanLandschoot said, "my boss convinced me I should get my own boat and go into the fishing business for myself. I took his advice and for the following 30 years conducted my own commercial fishing business out of Gladstone. During the summer, I could fish with my boat and in the wintertime I fished Ithrough the ice and hauled my gear by horse and sleigh." Moved To Munising Vanlandshoot was assisted by his four sons as they grew up and became old enough to understand the business. In 1942, the family moved to Munising where they built docks and boat houses in West Munising along the shores of Munising Bay. "By that time , my sons, Paul. Joe and Jerome were seasoned fishermen and very active in the business, " VanLandschoot commented.
All passed away, except Francis the youngest boy is still alive, he's now in his 90th year

The fourth son, Francis, entered the armed services about that time. In remarking on his success as a cotmmercial fisherman, VanLandschoot said it is not a get rich quick business. "For many years. we worked long hours in all kinds of weather, with our courage catches running around 1,000 pounds. We were paid around 20 cents a pound at the dock until the start of World War 11 when the price climbed to around 35 cents on lake trout. I still contend that Lake Superior and , some of the other Great Lakes have an abundance of lake trout, but the problem as I see is that the planted trout do not spawn as frequently as the native trout did."

42 Pound Laker
At one time, during the peak of the trolling business here, the VanLandschoot family operated four fishing tugs out of Munising, with Mrs. VanLandschoot in charge of reservations. The largest trout caught during those years of trolling, according to VanLandschoot, was about 42 pounds. The elderly seaman, whose face bears a permanent sun tan from his many years of , exposure to the wind and sun, has been forced into retirement because of poor health. He was honored at a party given by his four sons and three daughters on his 83rd birthday last week.

coloured pictures taken in 2011 by Patricia (VanLandschoot) Butler of Clearwater, FL. She is listed in branche Maldegem

We have met David in june 2001 on a trip to the US: Washingon DC, VA, PA, MI,OH and Canada

Source: Escanaba Daily Press - 31-7-1969