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Timeline for the Aegender/Agner Family

This web page was created by me in an attempt to show all information we have on the Aegender family prior to 1800 in a chronological fashion.  The surname is spelled in many various ways including, but certainly not limited to:

Aegender, Ägender, Agnder, Ackender, Agener, Ageder, Agendar, Aginer, Agner, Agnor, Aigner, Aignor, Eagner, Eagoner, Egener, Egender, Egner, Egnor, Eigender, Eigenter, Eigener, Eiginer, Eygner, Igantor, Igneor, Igender, Igonter, Igonder, Igoner.

The many different spellings has made life "interesting" while researching this family.

Note:  This timeline was compiled by me, and is based on the research of many who have spent countless hours pouring over old books, squinting at microfilm, and trying to determine whether a spelling could possibly be a variant of our surname.

I do not  have copies of all the documents related herein.

c1687 or c1698
Johannes AEGENDER born -- possibly in the area of Gemeinde Boltigen in the District of Ober-Simmenthal, Canton Bern, Switzerland.  Name may have been originally AEGERTER.

Johannes Aegender married Margarita Unknown probably in Switzerland

Katherina Aegender born probably in Switzerland

Henricks Aegender born probably in Switzerland

Maria Dorothia Aegender born probably in Switzerland

Anna Kreta Aegender born probably in Switzerland

Ludwig Aegender born probably in Switzerland

Magdalena Aegender born probably in Switzerland

21 Sep 1731
Johannes Aegender, age 33, and his wife Margarita arrived in America aboard the ship "Brittania," which had sailed from Rotterdam, Holland to the Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  With them came their children Katharina, age 12; Anna Kreta, age 5; Henriks, age 10; Ludwig, age 3; Magdelena, age 2; and Dorothea, age 6.  This family, like many others of Swiss and German origin, settled in what is now Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.  They lived on a 300 acre tract of land near Bethlehem until at least 1750


6 Mar:  Eva Margaretha Zimmermann born, baptised 16 May 1742 at Jordan Lutheran in Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Valley.  Parents: Ludwig and Margretha Egender Zimmermann.  Sponsors:  Henrich Egener and Eva Ruchin

29 Aug:  Eva Dorothea Zimmermann born; baptised 16 Oct 1743 at Jordan Lutheran in Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Valley.  Parents: Ludwig and Margaretha Egnere Zimmermann.  Sponsors:  Dorothea Egender, Michael Ruch, Eva Tropffin





7 May 1750
Anton Sold marries Eva Agener at Jordan Lutheran Church, Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Valley.  We have only circumstantial evidence to say that Eva is a daughter of Johannes and Margarita Aegender:  1)  Age  2) Surname 3) Used same church and 4) Anthony Solt/Salt appears in Rowan Co, NC near Henry.   Given that most girls married at 21, that makes her about the same age as reported for Magdalena on the ship's passenger list.  Either Eva and Magdalena are the same person, or Eva was born shortly after the family's arrival in America.


early to mid-1750s
Johannes, son Henry, and daughters Dorothea and Eva move to Rowan Co, NC.  There seem to be no records showing that Johannes bought land but Henry did.  Henry settled on 320 acres in Tract #9 of the McCulloh Land Grant on the east side of the South Fork of Crane Creek.

Benedict Eigener born, probably Bucks Co, PA.  Parents: Ludwig Aegender and Christina Mahn. We have only circumstantial evidence to say that Benedict is a daughter of Ludwig and Christina Aegender:  1)  Age  2) Surname 3) Confirmed in same church they used  4) a Benedict EIGENOR (also Elginor and Igonder in military records) was enrolled in the third militia company in the Elizabeth Town District of Frederick County (now Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD).  This is same company as Henry and John were enrolled in.


23 Apr 1758
John Eckender's will is recorded.  Rowan Co, NC court records state:  "Upon motion of Mr. Dunn the Last will and Testament of John Eckender proved by the Oath of Conrad Michel and ordered to be recorded - the Exr. having before Sd. Order taken Oath as by Law Directed."

21 Sep 1759
Anna Catherine Eigener born; bapt. Nov. 4; d. Ludewig and w. Maria Christina; sponsors: Johannes Schmidt and Anna Catharina Odenwalder


21 Oct 1770
Johannes Eigender was a communicant at Williams Twp. Congregation, Lehigh Valley


Ludwig Aigner appears on a tax list in Williams Twp, Northampton (now Lehigh) Co, PA

5 Dec 1772

9 and 11 Apr 1773
Confirmed Good Friday and Communed the Following Sunday 1773 for the first time:  Henrich, son of Ludwig Eigender, at the Williams Twp. Congregation, Lehigh Valley.

Three of Ludwig's sons appear in militia companies in the Elizabeth Town District of Frederick County, MD (now Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD):  Benedict, Henry, and John.  It is assumed that Benedict and Henry died in the American Revolution, as we this is the last trace we have of them.  They are not mentioned in the 1791 deed concerning Ludwig's estate.


John Iginner appears on a tax list of Washington County, MD

David Agner listed in the Rowan Co NC Court Minutes under Old Taxables.

18 Jun 1785
David Eggender and Margaret Wise marry in Rowan Co, NC.

Within this period of time those holding property adjacent to the plantation of Henry Agender included Jacob Wervil, Anthony Salt, Jacob Frailey and the Dutch Meeting House (Pine Church) where Phillippina Eigernern and Daniel Little (Luttel) had taken their first communion.

20 January 1790
Henry Agender wrote his will.  Sometime prior to this date his son John Agendar died leaving two daughters, Catherine and Mary.  Sons David and Henry also mentioned in will.

1790 Census

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