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In previous studies of the Johan George Pfaltzgraf family, the history of Jacobina, the last child born to Johan George and his wife Anna Maria Barbara, was not extended beyond her teenage years.

My purpose for this freepage is to show evidence that Jacobina Pfaltzgraf married Johannes (John) Hartman and eventually settled in Shamokin Dam, (now) Snyder Co., Pennsylvania

Chronology of Jacobina's Life

1.* Jacobina Pfaltzgraf was born in 1757, daughter of Johann George Pfaltzgraf and Anna Maria Barbara Kamp.

They lived in Hanover Township (or New Hanover), Philadelphia Co. (now Montgomery Co.), Pennsylvania.

3.* Her father died in the summer of 1757, between May 30 and August 5, but did not provide for her in his will.

4.* Jacobina was confirmed on Whitsunday, 1773 when she was 16 years old as recorded at the Falkner Swamp Church. This established her birth year.

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5. Her name is shown as "Bina Pfaltzgraf" when she witnessed a baptism June 30, 1776 at the Old Goshenhoppen Church. Note: This was four days before the adoption of the Declaration of Independance in Philadelphia.

Baptisms of Rev. Theobald Faver, Old Goshenhoppen Reformed Church:
"1776 June 30 Born Regina, daughter of George Weitman. Witnesses:
David Unterkofler and Bina Pfaltzgraf".

On May 26, 1778, a Johannes Hartman and Philippina Paltzgraf of Frederich Township, Philadelphia County, were lawfully married in Upper Hanover Township. This information was recorded at St. Michael's Evangelical Lutheran Church. Germantown, PA.

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When the marriage was transcribed recently, a minister's name (Rev. Schmidt) was inserted. He was the minister at St Michael's during this time period. A review of a film of the original record indicates that no minister's name was shown, thus he may not have been the performing minister. The implication is that the marriage took place at St. Michaels, whereas in fact it states that they were married in Upper Hanover Township, probably at the New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church, the one with which the Pfaltzgraf family was associated. Also it can be noted that the first three marriages recorded for 1778 (including the one above) all took place in Upper Hanover Township; maybe because of the war, the records of the marriages were sent to St. Michaels for preservation. Data transfer between churches had been done before (see Fritsch Freepages below).*

Church Records, St. Michael's Lutheran, Germantown, PA., 1741-1922
LDS Film # 1312443, Item 4

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I believe the bride was Jacobina, and probably gave her name as Bina, and the incorrect name was filled in later. She would have just turned 21 years old. This was also the year, according to her father's will, that her brother Henry was to begin passing out money from the estate to his siblings with the exception of Jacobina who was not mentioned in the will. However, instead of disbursing the money, which would have taken 20 years if instructions in the will were followed, the family decided to sell the estate in 1778. The income was probably divided between the family members, but it is not known if Jacobina was included.

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7. On June 6, 1778, John and Jacobina sponsored a baptism at the New Hanover Lutheran Church, This was 11 days after the marriage shown above. Jacobina's maiden name was not shown which usually indicates they were a married couple.

Pennsylvania German Church Records, Vol. II, Page 207

8. Their first child may have been born on February 17, 1779, and baptized April 4,1779 at the Old Goshenhoppen Church. Records show that on that date there was a baptism of a Jacob Hartman son of John Hartman and Sabina. The name Sabina could once again have been a replacement name for Bina. One of the sponsors was a Michael Hartman, who I believe was one of John's four younger brothers.

Old Goshenhoppen Luth.Church. Translation by Schild. LDS Film # 1312363 Item 7, Baptism # 270.

Although no later record of Jacob has been found, The 1790 and 1800 Census indicates the presence of an extra son of the right age in the family, which could be Jacob, and who may have died before reaching adulthood.

9. Two girls (probably Sally and Polly) apparently were born between the years 1779 and 1781, and a son John, Jr.was born August 15, 1782. These births took place while the family was in Montgomery County. All were named in John's will.

10. On May 27, 1784, John purchased 100 acres in Coventry Twp, Chester Co., where they had a home and sawmill.

"---whereas Phillip Hoofaker and Elizabeth his wife by Indenture bearing the date the twenty seventh day of May Anno Domini One thousand seven hundred and eighty four for the consideration therein mentioned did grant and confirm the same unto John Hartman---".

11. The Hartman family attended the Emmanuel Lutheran Church located in Pottstown where four additional children were baptised: Magdalena born November 20, 1784, Anna Maria born October 4 1786, Hanna born September 1, 1789, and Henrich born January 8, 1795 (the latter being my great-grandfather). The mother's name for the three girls was shown as Jacobine or Jacobina, but for Henrich she was shown as "Pilbina". Strangely, the two baptisms that preceded Henrich's that year had mothers named Philibina and Philbina. Again it appears to be another mistake in recording the correct name for Jacobina. Mary and Henry were in John's will, but Magdalena and Hanna were not. They probably died young.

Records of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Pottstown, PA. LDS Film # 0021717

12. Two more daughters, Elizabeth and Catherine were born before 1800 while in Chester County, but no baptismal records have been found. They were also named in John's will.

13 .On April 4, 1801 the family sold their farm and sawmill.

" In this Indenture made the fourth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and one between John Hartman of Coventry Township, Chester County, State of Pennsylvania, Carpenter, and Beana his wife of the one part and Frederick Bingeman of the township of aforesaid, carpenter of the other part---"

14. Two months later on June 8, 1801, John purchased 205 acres in the small fishing village of Shamokin Dam along the west bank of the Susquehanna River. This would later become a part of Snyder Co.

" This indenture made the eighth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and one between Peter Himmelreich of the Township of Penns in the County of Northumberland and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Mary his wife of the one part, and John Hartman of the Township of Penns in the County of (Northumberland) in the Commonwealth aforesaid---".

15. The last child, a son George, was born about 1803.

16. The children of John Hartman and Jacobine were:

I. Jacob ? b.1779. Appeared to be on 1790 and 1800 census, but probably did not reach adulthood as neither he nor his heirs were mentioned in John's will.

II. Sally b.1779-81. Married Jacob Conrad. Died before 1833

III. Polly b. 1779-81. Married Daniel Machemer. Probably died bet. 1830-40.

IV. John b. 15 Aug.,1782, d. 31 July, 1854. Married Mary --?--. Had three children.

V. Magdalena b. 20 Nov., 1784. Probably died early.

VI. Anna Maria b.4 Oct., 1786. Probably Mary. She married Henry Burkhart, but d. bef. 1833.

VII. Hanna b. 1 Sep., 1789. Probably died early.

VIII. Henrich b. 8/9 Jan., 1795, d. 9 Oct., 1870. Married 1) Anna Sterner. Had 4 children. Married 2) Mary Fried. Had 9 children.

IX. Elizabeth b. Bet. 1795-1800, d.Aft. 1833. Married John Slotterbeck.

X. Catherine b. Bet. 1795-1800, d. Bef. 1833. Married William Keller.

XI. George b. Abt. 1803, d. Bet. 1870-1880. Married 1) Polly, had 3 children. Married 2) Elizabeth, had 4 children.

17. John and Jacobine remained in Shamokin Dam for the rest of their lives. John died 25 April, 1833, and Jacobine died 4 March, 1836. They are buried in Penn's Cemetery in Sunbury, PA, next to other family members. The only recorded dates have been found for their births were on the tombstones. For John it showed November 4, 1754, and for Jacobine, March 12, 1757.

A Genealogist's Guide to Burials In Northumberland County, Pennsylvania
Vol. I Compiled by Joseph A. Meiser Jr. and Sarah Roadarmel Meiser
(Published by the Authors; Elysburg, Penn., 1985), p. 35.

Although the evidence presented above may in some cases be considered circumstantial, it seems probable that the "Philippina" who married Johannes Hartman in Upper Hanover Tnp. was Jacobina Paltzgraf, and is also the Mrs. Jacobina Hartman who settled in Shamokin Dam, PA. If she is not, then who is this Philippina Paltzgraf from Friedrich Township, Philadelphia Co.? As far as I know, no one by that given name has ever been connected to the surname of Paltzgraf.

There also is the problem of having two Johannes (John) Hartmans married to daughters of George Pfaltzgraf. From what I gather, the idea that Margaret Pfaltzgraf married a John Hartman came from a Philadelphia Deed (see below).* But there doesn't appear to be any corroborating evidence of this marriage. It seems more reasonable that this was a mistake by the party who drew up the deed, and that it was actually her sister Jacobina who married John.

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I welcome any comments on this subject and encourage them to be directed to the Polsgrove Family Genealogical Forum where much has already been discussed about this family.

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Jim Hartman
March 11, 2007

* Numerous references were obtained from freepages by John Bristow.