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A parish of the Diocese of Easton, it is the oldest Episcopal church in the state having continuous services.
The present church is the second building on the site and was built in 1713.
George Copper Sr & Mary Moss were married in the original church building 31 Dec 1700.
The Church is surrounded by a beautiful churchyard which includes, among other things,
an eighteenth century Vestry House and the Bicentennial Oak.

St Paul's East side
View of East side of St. Paul's Church

St Paul Interior
Interior of St. Paul's Church

Vestry House
Vestry House

Oak Tree
A Swamp Chestnut Oak - designated a Kent County Bicentennial Tree in July, 1976, by the
Maryland Bicentennial Commission. It stands near the main entrance to the Church yard,
116 feet high, 10 feet thick and over 400 years old.
(Also shown to the right)

Oak Marker
Plaque at the foot of the tree:
It has stood its ground
Survived the American Revolution and
Continues to serve an appreciative nation
JULY 1976
American                                          American
Bicentennial Committee               Forest Service

Photos have been shared by 
Craig & Marcia Copper and Linda Hunley

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