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2005 Grass Family reunion held at O'Neill / Page, Nebraska

2005 Reunion

Descendants of Charles Arthur Grass (1873-1934) & Adah Myrtle Sarchet (1879-1943)
Descendants of Percy Anthony Grass (1881-1947) & Grace Emily Campbell (1883-1967)
Grace Emily Campbell is the daughter of Cynthia M Copper & John C Campbell

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2000 Torgerson Family reunion held at Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Wisconsin

Published in Prairie du Chien Courier Press, September 2001

By Virginia Torgerson O'Brien
        Sugar Creek Bible Camp, on County Highway C near Ferryville, is well known to many Lutheran Church members in Wisconsin for their parishes support the camp.
  But, to the Torgerson's who spent the weekend of Aug. 24-26 there, it was a historical celebration.  They were literally coming "back home".

        Part of the acreage that comprises the camp was once the 160 acre farm of Peter and N. Alice (Copper) Torgerson.
  Some of their seven children, Oscar, Alice, Ralph, Arthur, Royal, Ray and Richard were born there.  More than 100 descendants of these children came to spend the weekend...

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New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania)
15 Aug 1913 ~ Page 3, Col 1

Copper Reunion

With between 130 and 150 relatives and friends in attendance, the annual reunion of the Copper family was held,
Thursday at the home of L. J. Copper near Princeton.
The day was an ideal one with a delicious dinner at noon.

In the afternoon, there was a short business meeting at which the following officers were chosen:
President - Nathaniel Copper of Burnstown
Vice President - Leonard Bowden of New Castle, R. F. D.
Secretary - Miss Mary Copper of Harlansburg
Treasurer - George Burns of Burnstown
Historian - R. C. Copper of Princeton

The next reunion is to be held the second Thursday of August, 1914, at the same place. Relatives from this city,
Moravia, Harlansburg, and North Sewickley, were present.

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As people in the picture below can be identified their names
will be posted

ca 1938 Copper Family Reunion held at Princeton, PA
Charlie Copper Homestead on Copper Road

1938 Reunion

> Top row, on left, tall man in dark suit is Frank Edwin McELWAIN
> Second row down, in front of Frank McElwain is his wife, Anna Mabelle COPPER McELWAIN
> Same row, to the right of & next to Anna is perhaps their daughter Doris Elizabeth McELWAIN
> Same row, taller female with print dress is Frank and Anna's daughter Mildred McELWAIN
> Same row, next to Mildred is perhaps their daughter Carolyn Charlotte McELWAIN
These Copper family members have been identified by the mother of Nathaniel POCKRAS.
  Nathaniel's great-grandmother was Anna Mabelle COPPER, daughter of Clark W COPPER, son of Ralph COPPER.

> 1st row of adults (bottom) 4th and 5th from left is Leonard BOWDEN (white hair/white mustache), Mary COPPER Bowden is beside him
Leonard and Mary were identified by Dwight Edward Copper who shared the picture with us.

>  On the far right is a boy on a bicycle.  This is Jimmy SHAFFER.
The man standing behind Jimmy, with the dark shirt and white tie, is Clyde L COPPER (born 1917, son of John Charles Wilford COPPER and Fannie C JONES).
> The second female to the left of Jimmy SHAFFER, with a baby in her arms is Edna Margaret COPPER WHITE (born 1919, daughter of John Charles Wilford COPPER and Fannie C JONES).
> The girl to the left of Edna is Clara SHAFFER COPPER (born 1920, wife of Clyde L COPPER) and her daughter Clara Mae COPPER (born 1937).
> Behind and between Edna and Clara is Grace SHAFFER COPPER (born 1922).  Grace later married Gerald COPPER (born 1921, son of Ralph COPPER (1894-1964) and Martha JONES (born 1902).
> The woman to the left of Grace is unidentified - the man behind her is John Charles Wilford COPPER (1892-1955)
> The older couple next to the unidentified woman is Mr and Mrs John BAKER.
> On the left of Mr and Mrs BAKER is Pearl COPPER.
> To the left of Pearl and over two is Winnie JONES.
> To the left of Winnie and over one is Ralph COPPER (1894-1964).
> Directly below Winnie in the second row are cousins Gerald & George COPPER.  They are both wearing big hats and Gerald is on the left.  According to Edna COPPER WHITE they could pass as twins.
> Third row behind Gerald & George and over one is Ruth COPPER.
> To the left of Ruth is an older unidentified woman, and to her left is Nancy Margaret CATTERSON COPPER (1872-1948), wife of Laughlin John COPPER (1864-1945).  Laughlin is to her left with a child in his arms.

> The girl to the right of Edna is Martha STEWART.

>  Behind Martha STEWART is Catherine COPPER FREED (born 1924, daughter of Ralph COPPER (1894-1964) and  Martha JONES (born 1902)
Edna Margaret COPPER WHITE, through her granddaughter, has identified this group of family members.


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