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Who was 
George Copper (ca 1668-1754)?


At this time (2016 ) we do not know who the parents of George Copper Sr were.
We do not know his exact birth date and
we do not know his birth place.

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For many years we thought that the parents of George Copper Sr were possibly Thomas Copper of Southwark, London, England & Elizabeth Coxe of Fletching, Sussex, England. We have now corresponded with a descendant of this Thomas & Elizabeth. They are his 7th great grandparents. Thomas & Elizabeth were married in Eastbourne, Sussex, England ca 1716. This 1716 date is after our George Copper & Mary Moss were married and had children of their own. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely that there is a family connection ~ certainly not a parental connection.

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There is family history that states that George Copper had arrived in Maryland with a land grant from Lord Baltimore for 360 acres, which was called "Lords Gift".

There are several lists of adult white male colonists in the Kent County area during the land grant period of time.  The name "Copper" does not appear on any of the lists.  The land grants were given to Catholics so that they could escape from religious persecution to a new life.  At this time I do not find any reference to even a possibility of the Copper family being Catholic.  The land grant period of time was 1634, some 30+ years before the birth of our George Sr.  My guess is that it is even before the birth of the father of George.

"Lords Gift" was 300 acres (not 360 acres) and was originally patented by John Hinson (Hyson) in 1695.  John and Ann Hyson conveyed the land to William and Mary Glanville (daughter of John & Ann Hyson) and then William and Mary Glanville conveyed the same land to George Copper of Kent County on 27 Nov 1701.

In 1706 George Copper was granted 100 acres known as "Williams Lott", bordering his plantation, "Lords Gift".

These 2 family properties are off Hwy 20 just South and East of Edesville.  While on a visit to Kent County in May 2001, Craig & Marcia Copper took some pictures of this area that can be viewed on the "Plantation" page.

The marriage of George Copper and Mary Moss, 31 Dec 1700, is found in the church records at St Paul's Parish, Kent, Maryland.

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There is a theory that Mary Moss was a widow of James Moss, who died and was buried from St. Paul's in 1698 and that her parents were William and Mary Glanville.  This may be so -- I have no evidence to support it.  In the will of William Glanville, written 1718, he names two daughters (Rachel & Martha), four sons (John, William, Nathaniel & Stephen), and then he states he has 6 children.  No room for a daughter Mary unless she died prior to 1718 - but our Mary Moss had at least 3 children after the 1718 date.  Also my research would indicate that William Glanville and Mary Hynson Glanville were possibly younger than George Copper and Mary Moss Copper.

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I have copies of 6 depositions given by George Copper Sr that put his birth date at 1668-1670.

01)  03 Mar 1725/26, aged c56 years, regarding the bounds of a tract called 'Langfords Neck'.  George gives a statement regarding his activity in Kent County 37 years previously (@ the age of 19 years).

02)  17 Oct 1745, aged 77 years, regarding the bounds of 'Tolchester'.  George gives a statement saying that he was overseer for Col Hanse Hanson and preparing to fence in a point between the bay and a pond.

03)   26 Feb 1746, age c78, regarding the bounds of the tract 'Bounty'.  George gives a statement regarding his activity in Kent County 14 years previously (@ the age of 64 years).

04)  25 Aug 1746, age c 77 years, regarding the bounds of 'Fair Harbor'.  George declares that about 14 years previously he was requested by some persons to come to an old field...

05)  25 Aug 1746, age c77, regarding the bounds of a tract called 'Providence'.  George gives a statement regarding his activity in Kent County 54 years previously (@ the age of 23 years).

06)   31 Jul 1753, age 87, Matthias Harris Ejectment Papers.

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 George Copper Sr.   ( Probate:  09 Nov 1754 )

Will  ( 3 pp 248-250 )
* Kent County, MD
* Dated 07 Jan 1746
* 01)  Son William Copper:  100 acres of land on the West side of "Lord's Gift";  one Negro man;  Ten head of sheep;  two cows & calves;  NO MORE.
* 02)  Son Charles Copper:  50 acres of land on the East end of "Williams Lott";  50 acres on East end of "Lord's Gift" with dwelling;  one Negro boy.
* 03)  son George Copper:  remainder parts of lands;  one Negro man;  Five head sheep;  One cow & calf;  One four or five year old steer;  NO MORE
* 04)  daughter Rachel Glenn:  One Negro man;  One featherbed & furniture;  Two iron pots;  One Holland Table;  1,000 pounds tobacco;  NO MORE
* 05)  daughter Mary Gleaves;  One Negro woman;  One Negro boy
* 06)  granddaughter Sarah Gleaves:  One Negro boy to remain in the possession of her mother until Sarah arrives at the age of 16 or marries
* 07)  grandson Joseph:  One 3 year old horse;  3 pounds current money to be paid to Joseph at the age of 18
* 08)  son Charles Copper and daughter Mary Gleaves:  The remainder of the personal estate to be divided equally between them.

* Executors:  Son Charles Copper and Daughter Mary Gleaves
* Signed:  with a mark
* Witness:  Vincent Hatcheson, William Hyland, Charles Hynson Jr.

Bond  ( 5  p 89 )
* Dated 09 Nov 1754
* 2,000 pounds sterling money
* Charles Copper, planter;  Jonathan Leatherbury, bricklayer;  John Hurt, planter;  James Claypool, tanner.
* Witness:  Charles Leatherbury, James Calder

Inventory  ( 4  pp 389-392 )
* Dated 05 May 1755
* States Jonathan Leatherbury married Mary Gleaves
* Kindred:  George Copper  and  William Copper
* Creditors:  John Williamson  and  Rachel Bennet
* Appraisers:  RA Page  and  Samuel Miller

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