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The children of George Copper, Sr (ca 1668-1754) were
William, George Jr, Rachel, Sarah, Martha,
Joseph and/or Charles, and Mary

    This list of children for George Copper and Mary Moss Copper comes from the
church records of St. Paul's Parish, Kent, Maryland.
  The church records were found at the LDS Family History Center on Film SL#14206, pages 252-263.

    Charles is an exception.  He does not appear in the church records but is named in the will and other probate papers of George Copper, Sr.
  Joseph is found in the church record but is not named in the will of George Copper, Sr. 

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01) William Copper (1702 - 1859)

02) George Copper, Jr (1704 - 1758)

03) Rachell Copper (1707 - before 1775)

04) Sarah Copper (1711 - 1714)

05) Martha Copper (1714 - before 1746)

06 / 07) Joseph / Charles Copper (ca 1716 - 1775)
Joseph was born 1718

08) Mary Copper (1722 - after Feb 1775)

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