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Terry L and B Ann Gilmore
Prineville, Oregon

Hobbies and Interests
For Terry (retired Residential General Contractor/Commercial Superintendent) it's Pigeon Racing ~
Owns a small computer software business to keep him busy
For Ann (retired Staff Accountant) it's Family History ~
Some very amateur photography to keep her busy

Birds on Line

Some things we see from our back porch/deck

Rainbows Pigeons

Lazuli Bunting Quail & Flowers

Yellow Headed Blackbird Rock Chuck

Feb 2011 Fox Buck Deer

Lesser Goldfinch Rose




WinCompanion LogoActivities and Plans for Terry:
Terry is flying his pigeons with the Central Oregon Racing Pigeon Club.
The web site for CORPC can be found at
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What keeps Terry the busiest these days is his pigeon race database software (Internet based complete race management system). Terry handles the support for the software. The development & updates is a project that both he and his son, Greg, work on. He has customers all across the US (including The Phillipines), Mexico and Canada.
If you would like to check it out visit
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Sterchi Tree Activities and Plans for Ann:
Still working on the HARTFORD family research. I have a book beginning with Matthew Hartford and Ann Harvye in the works but still do not have the Hartford side back farther than Matthew or into an 'old country'.

I’m still working on Terry's family ~ GILMORE / WILLIS / BREWER / BUSH. Starting in 2011 the focus has been on his SMITH / ROGERS family. In April of 2011 Terry petitioned the Gooding County Idaho Family Court to open the adoption file of his father who was adopted in 1936. In August the Judge gave Terry access to the file. That led to being able to obtain a copy of the adoption file from the orphanage. So now we know that his grandfather was a Smith and his grandmother was a Rogers.

Currently I'm putting together a McKINGSTRY family book. This book will finish what I had planned for my mother's paternal lines (GRASS / NOBLET and McKINGSTRY / BAYARD). Next book projects will be her maternal lines of CAMPBELL / BROWN and COPPER / JOHNSON.

HARTFORD web site:

CAMPBELL web site:

COPPER web site:

DAVIS web site:
This is the Davis family who married into the Copper family.

JOHNSON web site:
This is the Johnson family who married into the Copper family.



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