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Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications:


Name State File No. Notations
Aaron Harrison N.J. S1010 S-= survivor
Abijah Harrison N.J. S2272 S - survivor
Abraham Harrison N.J. 52273 S = survivor
Alexander Harrison VA BLWt 1884-100 Prior to March 3 1855100 Acres of Bounty land was granted ~-
Answorth Harrison VA R14755 R = rejected claim *
Anthony Alexander Harrison VA 532303 S = survivor
Barzilla Harrison N.C. R4675 R = rejected claim *
Battle Harrison VA BLWt 2374-200 Prior to March 3 1855 200 Acres of Bounty land was granted
Benjamin Harrison N.C. W5296 W = widow (see Quarterly, Sept '34,p83) w:Charity
Benjamin Harrison MD S10786 Survivor
Burditt Harrison VA S8667 Survivor
Charles Harrison -- BLWt 1063-500 Issued 8/10/1789 to Richard Platt, assignee. No papers (burned between 1801 and 1814).
Daniel Harrison Conn. S15165 Survivor
David Harrison N.J. S1011 Survivor
David Harrison VA R4677 Rejected claim *
Dempsey Harrison N.C. 541623 Survivor
Elisha Harrison MD BLWt 965-300 Surgeon Mate. Issued 5/30/1793. Also recorded as BLWt 2632. No papers.
Ezekiel Harrison VA W23211 Widow, Sarah
Gideon Harrison N.C. S2602 survivor
Hannah Harrison Conn. W23187 Former wid. of Joseph Beach
Henry Harrison VA W748 Wid. "Charlotte"
Isaac Harrison N.J. W98 Wid. "Mary"
Ichabod Harrison N.J. NJ BLWt 48620-160-55 (Land after 1855) Not Rev. War, Whiskey Insurrection Elizabeth, O.W. Wid. Rej File 20140
Isham Harrison NC W10089 Wid. "Amy"
Jairua Harrison CT 537081 Survivor
James Harrison N.C. R1653 Winny Campbell, former widow *
James Harrison VA BLWt 2355-200 Prior to 1855, 200 acres of bounty land granted
James Harrison VA S4309 b. in Md.
James Harrison VA S5496 Survivor
James Harrison VA W548 Wid. "Mary"
Jesse NC S41620 Survivor
Job Harrison NJ W4690 BLWt 26423-160-55 Wid "Lydia" After 1855, 160 A. bounty land granted
John Harrison GA W3988 Wid. "Rosanna"
John Harrison N.J. R4679 Rejected claim *
John Harrison N.C. S41601 Survivor
John Harrison PA R4682 "Rachel" *
John Harrison VA BLWts 12182 and 13241-100-Sergt. Issued 3/19/1790. No papers.  
John Harrison VA BLWt 1075-200 Prior to 1855, 200 A. bounty land granted  
John Harrison VA S5471 Survivor
Joseph Harrison MD S38818 Survivor
Joseph Harrison N.J. S2275 Survivor
Joseph Harrison N.C. R4676 "Mary Ann" *
Joseph Harrison VA W8917 BLWt 34539-160-55 "Mary" After 1855, 160 A. of bounty land granted
Justus Harrison CT W19742 "Sarah" Continental Line, Sea Service
Kinsey Harrison MD W9053 "Sarah"
Lawrence Harrison VA W4223 BLWt 1074-200-Lt. "Mary" Issued 4/30/1793
Lemuel Harrison CT R4680; BLWt 31644-160-55 After 1855, 160 A. bounty land granted
Matthew Harrison N.J. W19695 "Sarah" (see Quarterly Sept '42 p. 113)
Moses Harrison N.J. S657 Survivor
Nathan Harrison CT S13343 Survivor
Nathaniel Harrison N.C. S1667 Survivor
Nathaniel Harrison N.C. R4678 Rejected *
Newbegin Harrison N.C. W16412 Catherine Smith, former widow
Reuben Harrison N.C. R4687 Rejected *
Reuben Harrison VA W7689 Wid: Mary
Richard Harrison GA, NC, VA W3807 Wid: Mary (see Quarterly, Sept. "49, p. 90)
Richard Harrison VA R14762 Half pay (see Acc #874, No 050086)
Robert Harrison R.I. BLWt 3220-100-Pvt Issued 5/28/1792 to Israel Angell, assignee. No papers
Robert Harrison R.I. W17056 Wid: Betsey or Elizabeth
Robert Hanson Harrison VA BLWt 1700-450 Continental Line 450 Acres bounty land grant after 1855.
Silas Harrison CT S13281 Survivor, Continental Line
Sarah Harrison N.J. W853 former wid. of Matthias
Solomon Harrison CT S16137 Survivor
Stephen Harrison CT, MA, NH, VT S18433 see Quarterly, Mar '39 p. 24
Theodore Harrison CT S13251 Continental Line
Thomas Harrison MD BLWt 11288-100-Pvt. Issued 3/11/1791 No papers  
Thomas Harrison NJ S883 Survivor
Thomas Harrison NJ 513264 Survivor
Thomas "Harrisson" NY S8646 Survivor
Thomas Harrison NC W360 Wid. Nancy (b. in Maryland)
William Harrison MD S38782 Survivor
William Harrison NJ W4449 Wid: Martha
William Harrison NC S41599 Survivor
William Harrison NC W463 BLWt 507-200 Wid: Elvira Prior to 1855, 200 A. of bounty land granted
William Harrison PA, VA R10017 Sarah Springer, former widow. See papers inclaim of Uriah Springer S40490
William Harrison SC R4688 Rejected *
William Harrison VA W657 BLWt 34543-160-55 After 1855, 160 A bounty land granted
William Harrison VA W4481 BLWt 3977-160-55 Wid: Sina or Lina After 1855, 160 A. bounty land granted
William B. Harrison VA B.L.1091-150-Ensign Issued 6/18/1793 no papers. Claim rejected.
Zephaniah Harrison VA R4689 Rejected *
Zepheniah Harrison VA R4690 Rejected *
* When a veteran and his widow both applied for pension all papers pertaining to both claims are filed together. When a veteran's claim was admitted and his widow's claim was rejected an R precedes the file number, her application being the last adjudicat
Papers on the above veterans may be ordered from the General Services Administration, by first requesting form NATF #26, Military Service Records, from:

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