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Harrison Heritage September 1986
Vol. VI ... No. 3

Ruth Harrison Jones, Editor and Publisher

Table of Contents

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 729-730

Ancestor Chart

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 731


Ancestor Chart of Jane Heckthorne Harrison

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 732-733

Family Group sheet Jane Heckthorne Harrison

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 734

Charles McDonald Chambers
-- Civil War Veteran Laid To Rest

The Funeral Of Charles Mcdonald Chambers Was Held Monday Afternoon At Two O'clock At The Union Church, The Services Being Conducted By Rev. E.R. Henderson, Assisted By Major W.S. Walker And Rev. A. H. Morton.

The church was well filled with friends of the deceased and his family, who came to pay their respects to one who had always enjoyed their confidence and respect. There were many floral tributes banked on the coffin as tokens of the esteem in which the deceased was held. Members of the union church choir sang several appropriate hymns. Interment was held in the grandview cemetery. As the casket was being lowered into the grave, 'TAPS' was sounded by CARL WALDEN, boy scout bugler.

CHARLES MCDONALD CHAMBERS, son of JOSHUA and NANCY M. CHAMBERS was born March 8, 1842, at Greencastle, North Carolina. he died saturday morning, October 21, 1922, at the age of 80 years, 8 months and 14 days, at the home of Mr. And Mrs. E.C. MAXWELL OF Bonners Ferry,Idaho.

When ten years of age he moved with his parents to LADOGA, IND. When he was 20 years of age he enlisted with Co. L, 5th Indiana Cavalry Volunteers as a private on August 22, 1862, and was honorably discharged June 16, 1865. he was with the Army Of The Cumberland under General George B. Stoneman. He was in some of the most important battles while in service and was wlth the division that captured GENERAL JOHN MORGAN, and was detailed to guard the wagon train seven miles in the rear of The Seven-Day Battle Of The Wilderness. He was in Sherman's Army on the march to the sea.

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 735

On July 29, 1864 his regiment was surrendered to General Joe Johnson At Macon, Georgia and was imprisoned at Andersonville acre pen enclosed with logs set on ends and 16 feet high. Here were held as prisoners 18,000 soldiers of the Union Army. In November of the same year, the prison was enlarged six acres and was occupied by 32,000 soldiers. After Mr. Chambers had spent nine months at Andersonville, the prisoners were taken to Florence. But the union army was so close in pursuit that the confederate officers in charge sent the prisoners to the union lines under a flag of truce. Mr. Chambers was carried on a stretcher and was taken to a hospital to recover. While in the prison he contracted eye disease and bronchial trouble. He was also wounded in the service, which made him an invalid during the later years of life.

Following the close of the war, Mr. Chambers returned to Ladoga Indiana, later moving with a brother, Nelson A. By wagon train to Des Moines, Iowa.

He was married to Jane H. Harrison on January 25, 1866. To this union were born 12 children, of which nine sons and one daughter are living. He also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Of Mc Clare, Col. and Mrs. Jane Wyarr Of Ladoga and one brother George W. Chambers Of Lebanon, Indiana.


Submitted by:
Dixie Lee Chambers Malm, 917 Barger Street, Silverton, Oregon 97381

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 736

Ancestors of James Wesley Thomason

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 737


Ancestors of Josephine Madrith Sharp

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 738

                                 King William I.      * Matilda of Flanders
                                 1066 -1087 
King William II    Adele         King Henry I         * Matilda of Scotland
1087-1100          /             1100 - 1135
                 King Stephen    /--------------------/
                 1135-1154       Matilda               * Geoffrey of Anjou
                                 King Henry II         * Eleanor of Aquitaine
                                 1154 - 1189
            King Richard I       King John             * Isabella of Angouleme
            1189-1199            1199 - 1216
                                 King Henry III        * Eleanor of Provence
                                 1216- 1272              1217 -1284
                                 Edmund Crouchback     * Blanche of Artois
                                 (1st. Earl of Lancaster)(Grand-dau of King 
                                 1245- 1296               Louis VIII of France)
                                 /--------------------/*  died 1302
                                 Henry                 * Maud de Chaworth
                                 (3rd Earl of Lancaster)  1282-1322
                                 Eleanor of Lancaster  * Richard Fitzalan
                                 1318-1372               (9th Earl of Arundel)
                                 John Fitzalan         * Eleanor Maltravers
                                 Baron of Maltravers
                                 Marshall of England)
                                 died 1379
                                 John Fitsalan         * Elizabeth le Despencer
                                 Baron of Maltravers
                                 Joan Fitzalan         * Sir William Echingham
                                 Sir Thomas Echingham
                                 Sir Thomas Echingham
                                 Margaret Echingham    * William Blount, son of 1st 
                                                         Baron Mountjoy, died 1471
                                 Elizabeth Blount      * Andrew Windsor ( 1st Baron 
                                                         of Windsor) d. 1543
                                 Edith Windsor         * George Ludlow
                                 Thomas Ludlow
                                 Gabriel Ludlow
                                 Sarah Ludlow          * Col. John Carter, arrived in 
                                                         Virginia 1643
                                 Col. Robert Carter    * Elizabeth Landon
                                 Ann Carter            * Col. Benjamin Harrison
                                                         died 1745
                                 Benjamin Harrison     * Elizabeth Bassett
                                 (The Signer),1726-1791   1730-1792
                 *NOT PROVEN     Eleanor Harrison      * James Moses Wheeler
                                 Nancy Wheeler         * Joshua R. Remy
                                 1810-1881                1804-1877
                                 Eli William Remy      * Elizabeth Crow
                                  1843-1914               1850-1927
                                 Nora Blanche Remy     * James Homer Sharp
                                 1884-1960                1873-1953
                                 Josephine Madrith Sharp * Lawrence Edward Fowler
                                 1916-                     1910-
                                 James Edward Fowler   *  Donna Lee Shaw
                                 1939-                     1938-
Blanche Lynn Fowler        Deborah Loree Fowler        James Edward Fowler Jr.
1958                       1959                        1960
m.1st Leslie Keith Love     m. John W. Goldsberry       m. Patricia Butcher
/                          /                            /
Amy Toree Love             Brandi Nicole Goldsberry     Tricia Lee Fowler
1977                       1930                         1982
M.2nd Terry Rucle
Danielle M. Rucle 1981.

Kings and Queens of England 1066 - 1952

William I 1066-1087
William II 1087-1100
Henry I 1100-1135
Stephen 1135-1154
Henry II 1154-1189
Richard I 1189-1199
John 1199-1216
Henry III 1217-1272
Edward I 1272-1307
Edward II 1307-1327
Edward III 1327-1377
Richard II 1377-1399
Henry IV 1399-1413
Henry V 1413-1422
Henry VI 1422-1461
Edward IV 1461-1483
Edward V 1483
Richard III 1483-1485
Henry VII 1485-1509
Henry VIII 1509-1547
Edward VI 1547-1553
Mary 1553-1554
Elizabeth I 1554-1603
James I 1603-1625
Charles I 1625-1649
Charles II 1660-1685
James II 1685-1688
William III 1688-1702
Anne 1702-1714
George I 1714-1727
George II 1727-1760
George III 1760-1820
George IV 1820-1830
William IV 1830-1837
Victoria 1837-1901
Edward VII 1901-1910
George V 1910-1936
Edward VII 1936
George VI 1936-1952
Elizabeth II 1952


Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 739




6.3-197 Wish to exchange Information with others searching Thomas Harrison, Sr (the Weaver) b. ca 175O in VA; died 1815. married (1.) Hannah Jones d/o John Jones(w/p July 1773, Botetourt Co, VA). Their children were John, Elizabeth, Edea, Mary, Hannah. Thomas married (2) Hannah Dennis (d/o Joseph Dennis) on 7 March 1779, Botetourt Co, VA. Children of second marriage were: Joseph, Thomas, James, Samuel, Elenor, Edley, Nancy and Alexander.

Thomas Harrison, Jr. married Rebecca Peery 8 May 1802, Tazwell County, VA He died 1828.

LINDA LA FORCE, 8161 Morokal Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628



6.3 - 198 Seek information on E1eanor Harrison, daughter of Gov. Benjamin Harrison, sister of President William Henry Harrison, who married James Moses Wheeler. Wheeler Family History states that this information is factual. Harrison Family Histories do not name an "E1eanor" as being the sister of the President. Can anyone help with this problem?

DONNA L. F0WLER, 12701 l26th Ave., North #52, Largo, FL 33544



6.3- 199 My ancestor is Thomas HarrIson probably born 1778 and lived in Caswell Co., NC 1780 - 1820, after which he moved to Fayette Co., IN where he died ca 1843. He was married to Mildred Johnston, daughter of Dr. Lancelot Johnston of Caswell County, NC. I am happy to share information.

Betty NUSS, Box 342 Weatherford, Texas 76086



6.- 200 My third great grandmother was Elizabeth Harrison. She married Isaac Branscowe, 25 Oct 1787, probably in Greensville, County, VA. She was the first wife; Branscome married again in 1804; so assume Elizabeth died ca 1803. Would appreciate any information.

SABINE WHEELER HAYES Rt 1, Box 45A, Eagle Springs; NC 27242

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 740



6.3-201 Who are the parents of Mary Harrison (1762?-1843?)? She married Tlomas Preston (1754-1836). Their son Archiebald Preston b 13 Mar 1794 Brunswick Co., VA., married Nancy Hill (1798-1877). Archlebald and Nancy had ten children: Francis M. Benjainin F., Montgomery, James A., Wil1iam, Harrison, Joel, Elizabeth, Leonidas and Sarah (l834-1850, married 13 Jan 1850, George Washington Malcom, Jr.).

....Joseph Adams Malcom, 5037 Sa1em Ct. , Colonial Heights,VA 23834


George H.

6.3 - 202 Who were the parents of George H. Harrison, b. VA? He was one of five sons of a Virginia so1dier of the American Revolution. One son went to Texas, another to Tennessee and two went to Missouri. George went to Southern Illinois and settled in Williamson County. He participated in the Blackhawk War as a volunteer. Who were George's four brothers?

I continue to search for the parents of Jeremiah Harrison born in Tennessee but pioneered in Williamson County, Ill. in the 1830's.

....Marian M. Harrison. 815l S. Oak Creek Dr., Sandy, Utah 94092



6.3 - 203 Searching for parents, siblings and ancestors of Mary Harrison (1814-1846). Was she born in KY? She married 29 April 1833, Isaac Craig (1812-1898). They resided in Overton Co., TN, where she died in 1846. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Faye W. Smith, 6994 Devotion Lane, Sacrament, CA 95823



6.3 - 204 I am tryinq to locate my ancestor, Martha Harrison who married Jesse Robard or Roberts. They lived in Buncombe Co., NC; which later became Haywood County. Martha was the daughter of Lydia ___Harrison. First name of Martha's father is unknown.

Bette I. Gable, 5611 Gladewood Dr., Jackson, Miss. 39211

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 3
Sept 1986 p. 741

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HARRISON HERITAGE (ISSN 0740-9001) was a family genealogical quarterly.
Published in March, June, September and December 1981-1986.
RUTH HARRISON JONES, Editor and Publisher. Reprinted here with permission from the author.

Many thanks to Cathy Cadd for transcribing this issue for us.

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