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Smith Harrison Lineage

Smith Harrison d. 1866
- m - 1st Harriett A. Turbeville; m - 2nd, Mary Jane Epperson

  1. Marcellus Harrison b. 1839; d. 1864
  2. Martha Ann Harrison b. 1840; d. 1896
    m. - Benj. McD. Hamlet
    1. Ernest Benj. Hamlet
    2. Ida Adell Hamlet
    3. Luther W. Hamlet
    4. Wm. Marcellus Hamlet
    5. Charles R. Hamlet
    6. Lou Carter Hamlet
    7. Mattie Lee Hamlet
    8. Annie Smith Hamlet
    9. Rosa Aurelia Hamlet
    10. Geo. Turner Hamlet
    11. Mary Ada Hamlet
  3. Richard Harrison b. 1844; d. 1864
  4. Octavius Alex. Harrison b. 1848; d. 1929
    m. Martha Samford
    1. John Gregory Harrison
    2. Albertis Sidney Harrison
    3. Everett Samford Harrison
    4. Richard Marcellus Harrison
    5. Octavius Llewellyn Harrison
    6. Annie Rose Harrison
  5. Lucy Harrison
  6. Leonidas Samuel Harrison b 1850; d. 1898
    m. Emily Marg. White
    1. Samuel Joseph Harrison
    2. Ann Elizabeth Harrison
    3. Lillian Marcellus Harrison
    4. Wm. Graham Harrison
    5. Emily Margaret Harrison
  7. Rosa Geneva Harrison b. 1852; d 1921
    m. Thomas T. Elmore
    1. Thomas Milton Elmore
    2. Albert Carson Elmore
    3. Geo. Leonard Elmore
    4. Mary Octavia Elmore
    5. Alice Estelle Elmore
    6. Wm. Emory Elmore
    7. Clarence Vernon Elmore
    8. Harrison Cabell Elmore
    9. Lucille Chastine Elmore
  8. Geo. Littleton Harrison b. 1854; d. 1914
    m. 1st, Lucy Stainback (no issue)
    m. 2nd, Mary C. Peebles
    1. Susan Haskins Harrison
    2. Annie Devan Harrison
    3. Kate Watkins Harrison
    4. Charles Peebles Harrison
    5. Geo. Littleton Harrison, Jr.
    6. Octave Alexander Harrison
  9. Robert Boyd Harrison b. 1856; d. 1939
    m - Annie Myrick
    1. Cordelia Blanche Harrison
    2. Marcellus Boyd Harrison
    3. Helen Lea Harrison
    4. Martha Myrick Harrison
    5. Howard Octave Harrison
    6. William Vernon Harrison
    7. Robert Melville Harrison
    8. Annie Louise Harrison
    9. James Landon Harrison
    10. Evelyn Estelle Harrison
    11. John Turbeville Harrison
  10. Wm. Virginius Harrison b. 1858; d. 1942
    m - Lydia Curling White
    1. Richard Marcellus Harrison
    2. Annie Grey Harrison
    3. Benjamine Lemuel Harrison
    4. Leonidas Curling Harrison
    5. Francis Carpenter Harrison (twin)
    6. Mabel Virginia Harrison (twin)
    7. William Ernest Harrison
    8. Octavius Meredith Harrison (twin)
    9. Alma Rose Harrison (twin)
    10. Lloyd Meade Harrison
  11. Ida F. Harrison b. 1865; d. 1925
    m. A. B. Goodwynn
    1. (son - twin)
    2. Va. Arline
    3. Herbert H.

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17. SMITH HARRISON7 (Benj.,6 Chas., 5 Nath'1,4 Gabriel,3 Gabr'l,2 Rebecca 1), b. 1812, d. 1866, son of Charles Benjamin Harrison and Sylvia C. Bass, -m- 1st, HARRIETT ANN TURBEVILLE, daughter of Wilson Turbeville and Jane Short. 1

The name Turbeville has been spelled many different ways, such as Turberville, Turbefield, Turbyville, Turbiville, and Troublefield. Although Harriett Ann's last name was spelled Turbyfill when slit! married Smith Harrison in 1837, the family had settled on Turbeville as the correct spelling by 1850.

7th Dec. 1837, SMITH HARRISON -m- HARRIETT A. TURBYFILL, Wit: Patrick H. Buckley (1st wife)

25th Jan. 1865, SMITH HARRISON -m- MARY J. EPPERSON, dau. of James and Mary Epperson2 (2nd wife)

ISSUE: From both marriages:

20. i. Marcellus W. Harrison, b. 1839, d. 1.864 (Chapter XII)

21. ii. Martha Ann Harrison, b. 1840, d. 1896 (Chapter XIII)

22. iii. Richard Smith Harrison, b. 1844, d. 1864 (Chapter XIV)

      iv. Lucy Ann Harrison, died in infancy

23. v. Octavius Alexander Harrison, b. 1848, d. 1929 (Chapter XV)

24. vi. Leonidas Samuel Harrison, b. 1850, d. 1898 (Chapter XVI)

25. vii. Rosa Geneva Harrison, b. 1852, d. 1909 (Chapter XVII)

26. viii. George Littleton Harrison, b. 1854, d. 1914 (Chapter XIII)

27. ix. Robert Boyd Harrison, b. 1856, d. 1939 (Chapter XIX)

28. x. William Virginius Harrison, b. 1858, d. 1942 (Chapter XX)

29. xi. Ida Florence Harrison, b. 1865, d. 1925 (born to Smith Harrison and Mary J. Epperson) (Chapter XXI)

Smith Harrison's father, Charles Benjamin, died in 1835 and the following year he was assigned as Guardian for his sister, Arianna, who. was called Ara in her father's will. 3 She was about seventeen years of age at this time.

Benjamin's will stated that Smith and his brother, Ben, could have


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all they could clear after supporting their brother, John, and sisters who remained single. On the 23rd of Feb. 1843, Benjamin C. Harrison sold his interest in his father's estate to his brother, Smith, who began paying taxes in 1850 on the 432 acres of land that his father owned when he died. 4

On the 25th of Nov. 1844, Smith Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, Edmund Harrison, Richard W. Turbeville and wife Ara, John, Susan, Eliza Harrison and John P. Atkinson were defendants in a Chancery suit that was brought to court by Sylvia C. Harrison. John P. Atkinson had been appointed as guardian for John, Eliza, and Susan who were "non compos mentis", and he was authorized to sell salves and pay all debts that Sylvia C. Harrison might owe. 5

Sylvia C. Harrison died intestate in 1845 and Edwin A. Morrison obtained letters of administration of her estate. 'this estate Gras returned to court several times for Inventory, Appraisement and when sales of property were recorded. In 1847 her estate was returned to court and Smith Harrison received a distributive share as did Benjamin C. Harrison, E. Harrison, William Harrison and Richard W. Turbeville and Ara, his wife. 6

Brunswick County Land Tax Records for 1844 listed Smith Harrison with 85 acres on Cool Spring. On the 3rd of April 1845, Smith and Ann Harrison sold 85 acres of land to Samuel K. Lucy who was Trustee for Margaret T. Cheeley and children. This land was bounded on the north by the land of Richard A. Howerton, on the east by the land of William H. Dameron, and on the south by the land of Matilda Turbeville and on the west by Mr. Cocke, which was formerly Bowdin's estate. This deed stated that this was the land that Smith and his wife drew in the division of land belonging to the estate of Wilson Turberville, who was deceased.7

Smith's brother, Benjamin C. Harrison, left Virginia between 1843 when he sold his interest in his father's estate and 1850 when he sent his Power of Attorney to Smith Harrison from Shelby County, Tennessee. This P.A. authorized Smith Harrison to sell, convey, or make title to any property, real or personal, that he, Benjamin, might have interest in. 8

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On the 10th of October 1850, Smith Harrison, John P. Atkinson, and Alexander Mallory are under a $2,000 bond to insure that Smith Harrison supports and maintains Susan Harrison, his sister, during her lifetime The U. S. Census for 1850 for Brunswick County, listed Susan Harrison, age 16, and described as "Idiotic", living with Smith and Harriett Harrison. She was not listed as a member of Smith Harrison's household in 1860 and there's no further information on her or her brother and sister, John and Eliza Harrison.

On the 31st of Dec. 1856, Smith Harrison-and Benjamin McDowell Hamlet, his son-in-law, bought land from George W. Feild, Executor of Richard W. Feild, deceased, and Richard Feild sole divisee. They paid $2,005.60 for 384 acres of land on the Boydton and Petersburg Plank Road in Brunswick County, Virginia. This land began at a small black jack on the mill road and ran along this road to the plank road, then along the plank road to a corner red oak on Dr. A. M. Feild's line, then along Dr. A. M. Feild's line to David R. Kirland's line to a large corner maple on Sturgeon Creek, then to a new straight line to the beginning. 10

In 1867, Smith Harrison, dec'd, is listed on Land Tax Records with 432 acres on Lloyds Run (8 mi. north of C.H.) and 384 acres on Sturgeon Creek (9 mi. north of C.H.). The 1867 tax record gave the following division of land:

George L. Harrison - 113 A. Old Church Rd. - Smith Harrison, dec'd
Ida Harrison - 113 A. "           " "      "                 "
Leonidas Harrison - 50 A. Homestead "      "                 "
Octavius Harrison - 113 A. Lloyds Run "      "                 "
Robert B. Harrison - 112 A. "         " "      "                 "
Rosa J. Harrison - 56 A. Sturgeon Creek "      "                 "
"          " - 59 A. Lloyds Run "      "                 "
Virginia B. Harrison - 90 A. Sturgeon Creek "      "                 "

NOTE: The Brunswick County Court House is located in Lawrenceville, Virginia

NOTE: The spelling of the names, in the above division of property, are as they appear on the Land Records.

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On the 19th of Oct. 1865, a baby girl, Ida, was burn to Mary Jane who died shortly after the baby's birth. The baby was taken by horseback to her grandfather Epperson who raised her.

In the months following his wife's death, Smith became more and more depressed and in the summer of 1866 he was killed with his own gun. The story was told that he went hunting and the gun fired accidently when he climbed over a fence, but the gossip at the time was that it was no accident.

Samuel K. Lucy was appointed to administer Smith's estate and an Inventory and Appraisement of this estate, on the 23rd of Oct. 1866, was done by Lewis F. Kelly, John S. Kelly, Geo. W. Feild, and A. Y. Burge. Sales of personal property, on the 24th of Oct. 1866, amounted to $1,238.49. 1

Smith Harrison's land was divided among his children but as most were quite young at the time, no one in this family can recall that their father, or grandfather, ever owned any of the land. Some of it was acquired by Benjamin McDowell Hamlett who raised some of the smaller children. In 1881 he had 224 acres of Smith Harrison's land. The Smith Harrison home was eventually acquired by John A. Barnes whose family still owns it. In 1882, Virginius B. Harrison sold 36 acres to Jno. A. Barnes who also had 315 acres that he bought from R. U. Turnbull who was Commissioner of Brunswick County.

Some of the family feel that Smith Harrison's estate was handled badly as some of the land lay dormant for years and was finally sold for taxes.

The early Harrisons of this line were Episcopalians, but Smith Harrison's parents, Benjamin and Sylvia, were married by Rev. Aaron Brown, a Methodist minister. Several of Smith and Annie Harrison's children were members of Bethel Church as their names appear on its Roster. Octavius A. Harrison's name appears in 1870 with the notation that was added later that he married Martha Samford on the 20th of Dec. 1872. Rosa G. Harrison's name was listed for 1871 and 1872. Martha A. Hamblett (sic) was listed as a member from 1870-1873. Mr. J. W. Blinco was the preacher during this time.

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Smith and his wives were buried in the family cemetery which had several children's graves. The cemetery was neglected and fell into disrepair and the graves were finally plowed over. No Harrison grave stones remain so there is no way of knowing which Harrisons are buried there.


Smith Harrison - 38 - planter - b. Virginia  
Harriett Harrison - 23 - (33?) "  
Susan Harrison - 16   " Idiotic
Marcellus Harrison - 11   "  
Martha Harrison - 10   "  
Richard Harrison - 4   "  
Octavia Harrison - 2   "  
Leonidas Harrison - 10-1/2   "  


Smith Harrison

- 48 Planter b. Virginia

Harriett A. Harrison

- 42   "

Richard S.

- 16   "


- 12   "


- 9   "

Rosa Jane

- 7   "

Geo. L.

- 6   "

Robert B.

- 4   "

Virginis B.

- 2   "

Jane Turbeville

- 67   "

NOTE: The ages and spellings above are as they appear in the Census.


1 desk & glass $3. Books 50¢ Clock $1. 8 chairs $3.


1 Table 25¢ 1 bedstead & furniture $20.


1 Trundle bed & furniture $15. 1 bed stead & furniture


$18. 1 dining table $2. 1 chest 50¢


Cupboard $1. Parcel Earthenware $3. 1 ream & castor 50¢


Knives, forks & spoons $2.


Stone Jars & Bottles $1. Tin ware $1. 2 chests $3.


1 bed stead & furniture $12. 1 table 25¢


1 bed stead 25¢. 2 pr andirons 50¢ and tied stead &


furniture $8. 1 chest 50 ¢ 1 table trunk &c 50¢


Bread trays & water vessels $1. cooking utensils $4.


6 hill, 4 grub hoes $2.00 4 forks $1.50


3 axes & 2 wedges $2. saw drawing knife & bitts $1.



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Mississippi Marriages

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Marriage Records of Virginia


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