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HARRISON: Prince George Co., VA

Wills and Estate Administration

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Inventory of the estate of Hannah Harrison, dec'd., taken on the 4th day of January, 1714, by Gilbert Hay and John Wilkinson. Returned to Court by William Harrison, administrator of the said estate, on February 8, 1714. DEEDS, ETC. 1713-1728, page 43, Prince George County, Virginia.

Will of Thomas Harrison of Prince George County, dated the 2nd day of April, 1720, and proved on May 10, 1720. Wife, Ellinor Harrison. Daughter, Ann Hamlin. To grandson, Thomas Hamlin, 10 pounds to be paid to him at the age of 21 years. To granddaughter, Martha Hamlin, pounds to be paid to her at the age of 18 years or marriage. Grandson, John Hall, son of Robert Hall and Elizabeth, his wife, my lease of Plantation in Martins Brandon. Thomas Hall, son of Robert Hall and Elizabeth Hall. Daughter, Ann Hamlin, and grandson, John Hall(?), son of Ann Hamlin. Granddaughter, Sarah Hall. To my other six grandchildren. Son-in-law, Robert Hall, named as executor with daughters, Ann Hamlin and Elizabeth Hall, as alternates. Witnesses were Jno. Hamersly, Tim Bridges, Thos. Read, and Richard Warthen. DEEDS, ETC. 1713-1728, page 398, Prince George County, Virginia.

Accounting of the estate of Hannah Harrison, dec'd., returned to Court by Rebecca Harrison, administrator, at Court held at Merchants Hope on the 9th day of February, 1724. Shows payment for first administration granted to Wm. Harrison. DEEDS, ETC. 1713-1728 DEEDS, ETC. 1713-1728, page 792, Prince George County, Virginia.

Account current of the estate of Nathaniel Harrison from December 30, 1785 to August 4, 1787, returned to Court by Edmund Harrison on September 10, 1787. Makes reference to property in Greenville County, Rowanty County, Brunswick County, and Amelia County. Also show disbursement for "my bro." B. Harrison "college" and for Betsy Harrison in Richmond. DEEDS, ETC. (1787-1792), page 107, Prince George County, Virginia.

"Should it so happen that the Will of my dec'd Husband, Leml. Harrison, is not proved. This will certify to the Worshipful Court of Prince George that I do not wish, nor intend to take upon myself the Administration of his Estate. Witness my hand and seal the 11th day of December, 1787." Signed by Susanna Harrison. Witnesses were Jones Harrison and William Avery. The relinquishment of right of administration from his widow and relict was presented in Court on December 11, 1787. DEEDS, ETC. (1787-1792), page 111, Prince George County, Virginia.

Will of Robert Harrison of Martin Brandon Parish, dated the 15th day of January, 1787, and proved in Court on February 10, 1789. To son, Robert Harrison, all the money that I lent him to pay for the plantation known by the name of Huntington. Son, Duke Harrison. Daughter, Sally Mattox. Daughter, Marcy Harrison. As to my daughter, Susanna, that took up with that infamous fellow, Jesse Binford, I intent no benefit of my estate. Residue to be equally divided between my four children, Robert, Sally, Marcy and Duke. William Wilkins, Senior, and son, Robert Harrison, named as Executors. Witnesses were Edward Nebleton, Susanna Harrison and Martha Neblett. DEEDS, ETC. (1787-1792), page 211, Prince George County, Virginia.

Will of Benjamin Harrison of the Parish of Martins Brandon, County of Prince George, dated the 9th day of November, 1789, and proved on December 14, 1790. To nephew, John Harrison, my Manor Plantation lying on Powells Creek and negroes, Tom, Dolly, Fanny, Bumford, Billy, Archy. To nephew, Thomas Harrison, Jr., six negroes, Will, Beck, Jenny, Elizb., and Amy. To my niece, Elizb. Stainback, two negroes, Frank and Sarah, upon the following condition, that is as my said niece is expected to marry my nephew, William Fann, and if the said Fann shall hereafter claim a mare and colt now in my possession after marrying the said Elizabeth, my will and desire is the said negroes shall be delivered to my nephew, James William Harrison, to him and his heirs forever. To nephew, James William Harrison, the Plantation whereon my father, James Harrison, formerly lived. Nephew, James William Harrison, named as executor. Witnesses were Wm. Wilkins, Wm. Poythress, and Colin Cocke. Pleasant Cocke and Colin Cocke were securities for bond of 5,000 pounds. DEEDS, ETC. (1787-1792), page 438, Prince George County, Virginia.

Will of Richard Harrison of Prince George County, dated the 27th day of March, 1781, and proved on October 11, 1791. Beloved wife, Rebecca Harrison. To son, William Harrison, the land and plantation whereon he now lives. To my sons, Alexander and Shadrack Harrison, all my lands and plantations at Black Water. To sons, Peyton and Theodorick Harrison, the land and plantation whereon I now live to be equally divided between them that is to say, Peyton Harrison is to have my Dwelling House and his proportionable part of the lands adjoining. To sons, Ishmeal and Charles Harrison, all my lands known by the name of the Wood Yard. My will is that my whole and sole estate. . . is to be equally divided amongst all my former and latter children. Son, William Harrison, and son, Alexander Harrison, named as executors. Witnesses were William Glover, Edward Darvell and Thomas Hobbs. DEEDS, ETC. (1787-1792), page 620, Prince George County, Virginia.

Will of Nathaniel Harrison of Brandon in the Parish of Martins Brandon and County of Prince George, dated the 1st day of August, 1799, and proved on March 13, 1792. I give use and occupation of my Plantation known by the name of Church Pasture Quarter to my daughter, Eliza. Fitzhugh for her life or widowhood, with remainder after her death or marriage whichever first to son, Benjamin Harrison. To son, Benjamin Harrison, all rest and residue. Son, Benjamin Harrison, named as Executor. Witnesses were William Curtis, Richardson Miller, William Milbery and Turner Jackson. DEEDS, ETC. (1787-1792), page 635, Prince George County, Virginia.


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