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from: HARRISON HERITAGE. JUNE 1985 Page 586-590
(submitted by Hope Pees,11743 East Pacific Pl. Aurora, CO. 80014)

_____ m. Bef. 1770, Dorothy Clifton, d/o Thomas whose will dated 1779, Southampton Co., names "daughter Dorothy Harrison." Benjamin Harrison was witness.
_____ m. Samuel Robert
_____ m. Col. Andrew Wood
_____ m. Obed Waite.
_____ m. Priscilla Drew. Will of Nathaniel Munger, 1731, Surry Co., mentions "Priscilla Harrison, d/o William Drew."
_____ m. Bef. 1754, Martha Boulware, d/o Mark, whose will prov. 1754 Essex Co., proves it.
_____ m. Agnes Mann, d/o Robert, whose will, 14 Jul 1780, Halifax, p.. 507
_____ m. Jenny McElhany, d/o Robert, who d. 1799. Rockbridge Co. Morton, p. 507
_____ m. Bef. 1723, Elizabeth Demouvel (first husband). 34v361.
_____ m. Elizabeth Bassett. 33v313.
Abel m. 20 Dec. 1797, Mary Carpenter. Northampton Co. Mar. Record.
Abigail m Jeremiah Ragan (or Reagan)
Abigale m Alexander Herring
Agnes m James Hurt
Ainsworth m. 24 Mar 1785, Dolley Coleman Stone, d/o Joshua. Sur. Joseph Aiken. Pittsylvania Co. Mar. Bond
Alexander m 25 June 1793, Alice Nelson. Sur. Francis W. Smth, Westmoreland Co. Mar. Bond
Alice m Thomas Tod Hunter
Amadea "Amy" m James Minge
Amelia m James Campbell
Ann m Dr. John Shore
Ann m John Ware
Ann m John Christman
Ann m ____Marshall
Ann m ____Gillison
Ann m ___Copeland; (2) Darby Daniel
Ann m Craven Peyton
Ann Carter m Matthew Maury Clairborne
Ann Catherine m Francis Hereford
Ann Frances m John McMillan
Anna m William Dawley
Anne m Edward Digges
Anne m William Randolph
Anne (or Anne Randolph) m. Capt. Thomas Haynes Drew
Anne m. Richard Nottingham
Anne m. Daive Coupland
Anne (___) m. Daniel Black
Anne (___) m. Justinian Cooper
Anne Carter m Walter Cooke
Annie Patillo m Capt. Thomas Farrow
Anthony A. m 16 July 1795 Hannah Sanford. Sur. William Sanford. Westmoreland Co. Mar. Bond
Benjamin, b. 1730, Berkeley;d. there, 1791; m. Elizabeth Bassett, b. 1730. DAR No. 81 535. He b. 1726.
DAR No. 72771. Hartford B-9509. 15 Sep 1956. Signed F.J.S.
Benjamin, s/o Benjamin and Ann (Carter) m. Luci Bassett. 4V441
Benjamin, b. ca 1673; d. 10 Apr 1710; Charles City Co., s/o Benjamin and Hannah; m. bef. 1693 Elizabeth Burwell, bapt. June 1677; d. 30 Dec 1734 in her 57th year, d/o Col. Lewis and Abigal (Smith) of Gloucester Co. Her tombstone in Charles City Co. 31V181; 4W(1) 146; 7W(1)44. Bodie History V73
Benjamin of Brandon Prince George Co., b. 13 Feb 1743; d. 7 Aug 1807; m. (1) or (2) Anne Randolph, d/o William and Anne (Harrison) of "Wilton". She was called "Nancy Wilton." He m. (3) Evelyn Taylor Byrd, b. 1766. 34V386; 7W(1)196; DAR No. 84 488
Benjamin of "Berkeley" b. ca 1700; d. 1745; s/o Benjamin and Elizabeth (Burwell); m. ca 1722, Anne Carter, d/o Robert "King" and Elizabeth (Landon) of "Corotoman," Lancaster Co. 32V97; Bodie History v 74
Benjamin, b. 20 Sep 1648 d. 30 Jan, 1712; res. Surry Co., s/o Benjamin; m. Hannah Churchill, b. 13 Feb 1651; d. 16 Feb 1698. Free II:311.
Benjamin of "Wakefield," Surry Co. s/o Hon. Nathaniel; m. 23 Aug 1739, Susannah Digges, d/o Col. and Elizabeth (Power) of "Belfield," York Co. 32V398. 1W(1)152; 5W(1)244; 7W(1)39; Mar. notice in The Virginia Gazette, 25 Aug 1739; Family Bible.
Benjamin Not Burr m. Nancy Hart. A correction to 24V211. 24V314.
Benjamin m. Mary McClure. (Compilerís note: there is so much which differs in the various ref. That each one is given separately.)
  • Benjamin b. 1750, Williamsburg, VA; d. 1808, Washington Co.; Captain in Rev War. M. Mary McClure. DAR No. 83 980.
  • Benjamin, b. 1741 d. 1819, s/o Daniel and Margaret (Cravens) m. Mary McClure, Lofland p. 59.
  • Lt. Col. Benjamin, b. 1741; d. 1819; m. Mary McClure. DAR No. 28 057.
  • Lt. Col. Benjamin, b. 1740, Maryland; d. 1819 Dayton VA; in Rev. War; m. Mary McClure, b. 1745; d. 1815. DAR No. 83 120.
Benjamin m. Dec 1787, Patty Jones, Brunswick co. Mar. Record.
Benjamin m. 21 Dec 1773, Ann Osborne, Prince George co., Caneron.
Benjamin, b. 1750, Williamsburg; m. d. 1808, Washington Co., m. Elizabeth Scott, DAR No. 65 998
Benjamin, Capt. B. 1744 d. 1798 s/o Thomas and Ann (Grayson) Quarles Harrison; m. 17 Nov 1770, St. Paulís Parish, Stafford Co. Mary Short, b. there, 17 Nov 1745 d/o John and Theodosia (Matthews). 32T214.
Benjamin, Jr m. (1) 1785, Anna Mercer, d/o Judge James Mercer of the Virginia Court of Appeals; she b 9 Sep 1760; d. 28 Aug 1787. He m. (2) Susan Randolph, Jr, m d/o Richard, Jr., and Ann (Meade) Ďof "Curles Neck." 35V386; Boddie-History V74
Betsey m. Ezekel Newman
Betty m. Peyton Randolph
Burr, b. 1738; d. 1822 Chester Dist. SC, s/o Thomas of Faugguier Co.; served in Rev. War; m. Elizabeth Dargan of Sumter Dist., SC, 24V211; DAR No. 80 695
Burr of Prince William Co., b. 16 June 1734; d. 2 Aug 1790; m. 1760 Mar Ann Barnes, b. 1734; d. 2 Dec 1803; d/o Mathew. DAR No. 67 379; 24V98.
Burr of Prince William Co., b 21 May 1699; d. 18 Oct 1790; m. 31 July 1722, Ann Barnes, d/o Matthew of Maryland. 23V331.
Caddy? m. 29 Jan 1778, Elizabeth Harrison, d/o Arthur. Brunswick, Mar. Bond
Carter Bassett, d. 1804; m. Mary Howell Allen, d/o William of "Claremont," Surry Co., 35V93. She d/o John and Mary (Lightfoot). 8W(1)111.
Carter Henry b. 1732; d. 1794, s/o Benjamin and Anne (Carter); res. "Clifton," Cumberland Co.; m. 9 Nov 1760 Susannah Randolph of St. James Northam Parish, d/o Isham and Susan (Rogers). Mar. Bond 7 Nov 1760, Goochland Co. with William Meriwether, surety. 34V183, 186; 35V209; 7W(1)101; Douglas Register, p. 5; Boddie History. V 74; DAR No. 64 674.
Cary m. 29 Jan 1789, Sarah Langhorne. Sur. Joseph Michaux. Cumberland so. Mar Bond
Catherine m. George Douglas.
Chaney m. Joseph Morton.
Charles, Col. in Rev War; b. 1742, Surry Co.; d. 1794, s/o Benjamin and Anne (Carter) m. 1761, Mary Herbert Claiborne, b. 19 Jan 1744; d. 25 Jul 1775; d/o Co. Augustine of "Windsor," Sussex Co. and Mary (Herbert). 5V75. 34V386; DAR No. 27 166. He b. 1745; d. 1796. Boddie History V 74.
Cole m. 18 Feb 1775, Margaret Hay, d/o John, decíd. Signed Peter Cole Harrison. Nathaniel Harrison writes that Peter Cole Harrison is 21. Margaret, d/o John Hay and Judith, his wife, b. 5 Nov 1751. William Willis, Rectory. Sussex Co. Mar. record.
Constant m. Willis Wills
Cuthbert m. bef. 1750 ____(___) Osborn, widow of Thomas of Prince William Co.
Cuthbert m. bef. 20 Oct 1750 __(__) Randolph, widow of John. Proven by deed, Prince William Co. 9W(L)241.
Cuthbert of Prince William Co. d. 1771, s/o Thomas; m. 19 Nov 1738, Frances Osborne Barnes, d/o Matthew and Frances (Osborne) Barnes. 25V443
Cuthbert, b. 11 Aug 1749   (Family Bible); d. 1824 s/o Burr; m. (1) 7 Jan 1773 Anne Beale, d/o Taverner and Frances _____; m. (2) Frances Holt; m (3) Anne Tannehill. 23V445.
Cuthbert m. 24 Jan 1788, Fanny Holt, Chesterfield Co., Cameron.
Daniel, b. 1701 d. 19 Jul 1770, s/o of Isaiah and (2) Abigail (Smith); m. Margaret Cravens. Lofland, p. 58.
David m. 12 Sep 1797, Mary Murray. Prince George Co., Cameron.
Diana m. Benjamin Martin
Dolly m. Richard Harrison
Edmund m. 14 Jan 1787, Mary Murray. Prince George Co., Cameron.
Edward m. 10 Jul 1787, Frances Wilbrun. Greensville Co. Mar. record
Eleanor m. William P. Hale
Elizabeth m. Capt. James Scott
Elizabeth m. _____Combs
Elizabeth m. ______Linton.
Elizabeth m. Col John Lewis Burwell (2nd wife).
Elizabeth m. Peyton Randolph
Elizabeth m. Col. Benjaim Edwards
Elizabeth m. John Tuggle
Elizabeth m. John Brown
Elizabeth m. Weatherton Shelton
Elizabeth m. William McCoy
Elizabeth m. Maj. John Fitzhugh
Elizabeth m. Isaac Barnscomb
Elizabeth m. Jonathan Herring
Elizabeth m. Robert Dade
Elizabeth m. Peter F. Jefferson
Elizabeth m. William Edwards
Elizabeth m. Josiah Cole
Elizabeth m. William Bradley
Elizabeth m. Benjamin Bullitt
Elizabeth m. John Bradley
Elizabeth m. Lawrence Alexander
Elizabeth m. Stephen Ward
Elizabeth m. Joseph Simmons
Elizabeth m. Samuel Smith
Elizabeth m. Thomas Munday
Elizabeth m. _____Brown
Elizabeth m. John Dyce
Elizabeth m (1) Robert Dade; m. (2) Robert Martin
Elizabeth m. Caddy ? Harrison
Elizabeth m. John Cargill
Elizabeth m. Andrew Woodley
Elizabeth m. Dr. William Rickman
Elizabeth m. Gen. Daniel Clairborne Butts
Ezekiel, b. 1752,VA; d. 1838, IL; serve Rev War; m. Sarah Bryan (or OíBrien), Dar No. 64 047; b. 1757, Rockingham Co. d. 1836 IL DAR No. 28 057
Fanny m. _____Jones
Frances m. _____Short
Frances m. Thomas Short
Frances m. Valentine Peyton
Frances m. Thomas Sands
Frances m. William Richardson
Frances m. Wiley Short
Frances m. Thomas Shanes
Frances m. (____) Overstreet
Frances m. Philip Alexander
Francis m. Boaz Booth
Frankey m. Joseph Poindexter
Gabriel b. Dinwiddie Co.; d. there; serve in Rev War; m. 1768, Martha Kennon, DAR No. 84 987
George, will prov. 1713 Westmoreland Co., m. Anne rust, d/o Samuel, whose will, 1717 same county. 6T205
George d. 1748,s/o William; m. Martha Price. 23V331
George m. 26 Dec 1789, Mary Ann (___) Nappier, widow of James. City of Richmond, Mar. record
George, b. 1737, s/o of Burr m. Elizabeth Beale, d/o Tavenner; rem. to Kentucky.
Hannah m. Philip Ludwell
Hannah   Arnistead Churchill
Harriet   Capt. Samuel Earle.
Henry m. 15 Dec 1783; Mary stark Cooke by H. J. Burgess. Surry Co. Mar. Bond.
Henry of Surry Co. b. ca 1692 d. 24 Sep 1732; m. 1 Apr 1708, Elizabeth Smith, b. 25 May 1690, d/o John and Mary (Warner) of "Purton," Gloucester Co
Henry s/o Benjamin and Anne (Carter) res. "Hunting Quarter," Sussex Co.; m. Elizabeth Avery. Boddie History V 74. He prob. M. (2) Mary ____. Who m. (2) Michael Wall. 34V286. Capt. Henry m. 27 Sep 1758, Elizabeth Avery, d/o Capt. Richard. Sussex Co. Mar Record
Hiram m. 12 Sep 1786, Sally Richardson, spinster. Sur. John Jouett. Albermarle Co.
Isaiah m. (1) on 1687, Elizabeth Wright, d/o Gideon; m. (2) on 1700, Abigail Smith, Lofland, p. 58
Jael m. (1) William Williams; m (2) Richard Johnson.
James m. 13 Dec 1788, Sarah Harris, spinster. Sur. Richard Harrison. Albermarle Co.
James m. 25 Aug 1791 Anna Fentress. Princess Anne Co. Mar. Record.
James b. 1748, VA; d. 1815, SC; served Rev. War; m. Elizabeth Hampton, b. 1758; d. 1799, DAR No. 79 688; DAR No. 83 227.
James m. bef. 25 Mar 1693, Elizabeth (_____) Mott, widow of Geroge of Rappahannock, Proven by Court Record of that date, Essex Co.
James m. 14 Nov 1799, Elia Shelton by Rev. James Shelburne, Baptist. Lunenburg Co. Ministerís Returns.
James, Ensign; killed 1622 Indian Massacre; m. Anne Cliffe, natural d/o Susan Lawne, wife of Christopher, to VA 1618. She m (2) Justinian Cooper. Boddie-Isle, p. 29

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