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Harrison Abstracts

Westmoreland County Virginia
Court Orders 1776-1790 Microfilm

29 August 1777

On the motion of Agnes Harrison who made oath and together with John Rochester and John Bailey, her securities, entered into and acknowledged Bond with Condition, Certificate is granted to her for obtaining Letters of Administration of the estate of John Harrison, decd.

29 May 1778

An Indenture of Feoffment between Jesse Dun Harrison and Elizabeth,his wife, of the first part and James Harrison of the other part and a memorandum of Livery and Seizin and receipt therein endorsed, were acknowledged by the same Jesse Dun and together with a commission annexed to take a Privy Exam and acknowledged by said Elizabeth and a Certificate of Execution, were ordered to be recorded.

30 October 1781

Magdalen Harrison, Jeremiah Harrison, Wm Gilbert and Hannah, his wife,and Ann Shore vs. Wm Harrison, Exec of Sam'l Harrison dcsd (motion to depose the aged Ann Cole)

26 March 1782

The last will & testament of Daniel Harrison decsd was fully proved by oath of Elizabeth Williams, a witneness thereto and ordered recorded and on motion of Elenor (sic) Harrison, executrix named in will and with Stuart Redman, her security, entered into and acknowledged Bond, Certificate was granted.

26 March 1782

Ordered that William Harrison, Randal Kirk, Demsey Porter and William Middleton appraise the slaves of Daniel Harrison's estate.

30 March 1784

Jesse Harrison is guardian to the orphan of Elijah Moore, decsd. (Orphan not named)

27 April 1784

The last will and testament of Samuel Harrison decd was proved according to oath of Willoughby Williams and Peter Harrison, 2 of the witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded. Peter Harrison, the heir at law, being present... and probate ordered to be recorded.

27 April 1784

William Harrison Jun., Randal Kirk, Demsey Porter and Nicholas Brann...sworn before the Justice ...ordered to appraise the slaves (if any) and the personal estate of Samuel Harrison .

27 April 1784

Elizabeth Harrison, widow of Sam'l dcsd, came into Court and relinquishes all right and Benefits that she might claim under the Will of her deceased husband.


An account of Sam'l Harrison, executorship of estate of Jeremiah Harrison, dcsd.,was returned by the auditor appointed at a former Court to settle and the same being approved by the Court and ordered to be recorded.

20 March 1786

An Indenture of Bargain and Sale between Peter Harrison and Lucy, his wife, of the first part and Demsey Porter of the other part, together with the receipt which was acknowledged...ordered to be recorded.

2 June 1786

James Harrison and Gracy, his wife versus William Jones and John Self (on debt) Court of the Quarterly Sessions


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